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(generated from captions) I'm going to go with A, 'Dr No'. Yeah. 'Dr No'?

Yep - lock it in, please, Eddie. That's your final answer? Yes, please. Lock it in? It's in. 'Dr No' is locked in. (GROANS) No? No. No to the doctor. 'Casino Royale'. 'Dr No' was the first film. You were close, Jacinta. Published in 1953. but 'Casino Royale', 'Dr No', the first film recently, was the first book. which we saw Daniel Craig $1,000 - how about that? Sorry about that, but you do win for Jacinta. Give a big round of applause $1,000. Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight. See you next time in the Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by up These four teenagers were rounded afternoon. Today they appeared at 13 who on the Rockdale. on the bus between the city and 13-year-old son cigarette lighter and then 13-year-old son allegedly punched

and that the injuries. Police say that it gave found out before Mr Willis was -, the 13- they took armed -- held up at knifepoint and

been refused bail and the twins there. Powers and Mr Willis doing His tonight? He is in an induced coma. side. stable. His girlfriend is by his country life. showcase the best in Australian and has shifted even further ahead, The Nissan Murano on the Ti model. with a new dual-panel moon roof of the world will have to catch up. It's so far ahead that the rest Shift the way you move. Mighty McMuffin, Introducing McDonald's with two slices of rasher bacon, spicy sausage and cheese, a freshly cracked egg, all on a toasted English muffin, and all for just $3.95. only at Maccas. Mighty breakfast, mighty value,

Coming up on WIN News... The new

controversy surrounding deer hunting controversy surrounding

in New South Wales. And, Capitals

star Abby Bishop leaving town. and bag huge savings. Hop into Target and kids' clothing and footwear. Like 25% off women's, men's socks and hosiery. Excludes underwear, Target's Mid-season Sale. It's bursting with value. Hurry - sale ends Wednesday. housing stimulus package VOICEOVER: The NSW Government's has been extended! of up to $600,000 All buyers of newly-built homes can still get 50% off stamp duty. But hurry! June 30! It's only until

Tonight ... Another young life lost Tonight ... Another young

on the notorious Kings Highway

Fears small business will Fears small business will suffer, as

a major bank turns its back on a major bank turns its back on

Curtin. And, release the hounds.

Meet the Territory' s top dogs. Meet the Territory' s top dogs. Good

evening, I' m Lachlan Kennedy. evening, I' m Lachlan Kennedy. A

Canberra family has been left

devastated after losing their son Canberra family has been left

devastated after losing their son in

a fatal crash east of Braidwood.

New South Wales Police believe a New South Wales Police believe a

lapse in concentration may have

caused the teenager to lose control. caused the teenager to

Police say it' s a tragic incident

that proves it can happen to

that proves it can happen to anyone.

cla notorious Kings Highway has The notorious Kings Highway

claimed the life of another young claimed the life of another The notorious Kings Highway has