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Weekend Sunrise -

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one a flat screen TV. Thank you.. one a flat screen TV. Thank you.

much of Australia this morning. Daylight saving ended across New South Wales, the ACT, Clocks went back an hour at 2am in and South Australia. Victoria, Tasmania, is still not observed Daylight saving and the Northern Territory. in Queensland, Western Australia

But should it be? Joining me now is Jason Furze for South East Queensland Party. from the Daylight Saving Bob Katter. And Independent Member for Kennedy Good morning to you both. Jason, we'll start with you. introduced in Queensland? Why do you want daylight saving

Well, we actually advocate daylight

saving for south-east Queensland

only. We understand we recognise

that those who live in like Mr

Katter who live in the north and

west of St Kilda, do not want

daylight safing but what he also has

to understand, is that the

residents, the majority of residents

in south-east in south-east St

in south-east Queensland would love

the south-east St daylight saving tflt comes down to

the south-east

Brisbane but the Gold Coast, the south-east quflders, not only

Sunshine Coast, that's been proven Brisbane but the Gold Coast, the

time and time again, there has been

one refer dumb on daylight saifgt in

Queensland. That's 18 years ago.

That's a result from 18 years ago.

That's a long time. Bob, you are

opposed to daylight saving in

Queensland, why do you not want it

The refer dumb was lost in both

Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast if The refer dumb was lost in both the

my memory serves me correctly. If it

wasn't loss, it was nearly lost. We

don't have the numbers in north St

Kilda to be able to influence that

refer um. I know it, it had to have

quold e treatmently well. But if you

are asking me, I mean, have you ever

tried to put children and n my case

now grandchildren to bed at 7

eight o'clock, at night when the sun now grandchildren to bed at 7 or

is still shining? Then,

is still shining? Then of course the

kids are going to wake up in the

mornings as soon as that heat comes

on, so they are going to be very

short of sleep time during the day.

Now, it is to give us extra daylight time.

Well, the last thing in the world time. That's the whole idea of this.

that people north of Byron Bay,

never mind about people in North

Queensland, people north of Byron

Bay should be worried about

sunshine. We don't want to go out in

the sun. We have the highest cancer

rates in the world. The centre of

south, south of Sydney but there is

a million of us that live north of

Rockhampton. But, give us a separate

state but if you don't give us a

separate state, we will suffer the

same problems that you suffer down

there if Queensland was to go it

alone. OK. Sorry, to join the

southern states. We do have this

debate every 6 months, so, I am

it will continue. Jason, Bob, thank debate every 6 months, so, I am sure

you very much for talking to us.