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(generated from captions) Plane scary - blows two front tyres as it lands. passengers watch as their Qantas jet The sparks and flames all caught on camera and we have the tape. Sweet relief? The Government plan to help diabetics and free up our hospitals. But will the $400 million program work? And American invasion - the radical plan to turn this statue of Captain Cook into George Washington. It's Thursday 1 April, 2010. Right across Australia, this is Sunrise on Seven. From Brekky Central, here's Kochie and Mel. Hello and thanks for joining us. That idea to makeover a tribute to Captain Cook in Cairns is raising a few eyebrows. We'll seek some views later this morning. Also coming up, scientists reveal the best breakfast to start your day. And it might just surprise, even please you.

Let's hope it's chocolate and

strawberries and things, it could be great. But right now it's news time with Nat. Good morning. Qantas admits it doesn't know what sparked a tyre blow-out during an A380 landing in Sydney last night but denies safety fears. More than 240 passengers saw sparks flying from the landing gear on the in-flight screen as they arrived from Singapore last night. At no stage were any passengers on board QF32 in any danger. The pilot at all stages had the aircraft under control. It's the second Qantas plane grounded in as many days after a 747's engine failed midair en route to Singapore. Police are searching for a gunman after a drive-by shooting at a family home in Sydney's south overnight.

Residents inside called police after hearing shots outside their Bardwell Valley home.

Officers found bullet holes in the front door. All of a sudden just sort of heard this bang, bang, bang, bang, like 5 or 6 shots or something. Police are investigating whether the house was targeted in a case of mistaken identity. They're urging anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers. The boyfriend of murdered Brisbane mother Bianca Adams will be questioned by police again today. Ms Adams died yesterday after being strangled at the base of the Mt Gravatt lookout on Brisbane's southside on Tuesday night. She'd been on a date with 21-year-old Rhys Austin. He's told police men wearing balaclavas bashed him and strangled his girlfriend. He's been attacked and it's a shocking thing to have occur in Brisbane. We did not hear a thing.

Even the neighbours either side of

me, we had a talk about it and we

never heard a thing. Mr Austin has told police the attackers were in a white van. Russia has been rocked by another suicide bombing, killing at least 12 people. Two suicide bombers detonated their explosives

near a school and a police station in southern Russia near the Chechen border. Witnesses say one of the bombers was dressed in a police uniform. Nine officers are among the dead. 18 people have been injured, many seriously. It comes only three days after two female suicide bombers attacked the Moscow train system, killing at least 39 people and injuring more than 70. The Liberal Party has apparently turned to

Lara Bingle's acting coach in a bid to clean up Tony Abbott's aggressive image. Marcus West has coached Bingle, Jennifer Hawkins and Wally Lewis. Now, his newest client is the Opposition Leader. An advisor has told News Limited Mr West will help sharpen Mr Abbott's straight-talking style. It follows claims an abrasive attack on the Prime Minister during their recent health debate turned off voters, sparking this week's slump in the opinion polls. Carlton is doing its best to play down the Fevola factor, heading into tonight's clash with Brisbane at the 'Gabba. As the hype builds around Fevola's first encounter against his old club, Blues coach Brett Ratten made it painfully clear that Fev's a forgotten man at Carlton. Look, Brown and his team-mate down there, they're dangerous. Lions vice-captain Jed Adcock is a certain starter after overcoming an ankle injury. The AFL's push to increase its international popularity is gaining momentum. The league will switch to a round ball from 2013 to close the gap between Aussie Rules and Gaelic Football and allow players to switch codes more easily. Meantime, Brad Johnson will lead the Bulldogs against Richmond despite a bizarre injury scare where he was hit by a motorised drinks cart.

Ouch! Exactly! Ricky Ponting believes there's no excuse for another Ashes failure following yesterday's 176-run thumping of the Kiwis in Hamilton. Australia now has seven Test wins and a draw since handing back the urn last year. There'll be no excuses from where we're sitting.

We can look forward to the Ashes

knowing we've done most things as well as we can. Mitchell Johnson bagged six second-innings wickets, finishing with 10 for the match.

Incumbent New South Wales skipper Kurt Gildey has declared he's determined to lead the Blues into battle in this year's State of Origin series. Gidley is yet to play an NRL game this year because of injury and also has to contend with Parramatta superstar Jarryd Hayne for his favoured full-back spot.

Melbourne has kept its Asian Champions League campaign alive overnight with a 1-0 win over Japan's Kawasaki Frontale at Etihad Stadium. A penalty from skipper Kevin Muscat and some heroics from goalkeeper Mitch Langerak sealed the win for the Victory.

Sealing all this morning's weather,

James Tobin is with us from another

beautiful spot in Australia. All

smiles? And having a great time,

Westmead Children's Hospital today

because April first is national

smile day! Yeah! It is going to be a

very serious morning this morning, I

want to make the point, a very

serious morning indeed, these are

clown doctors. I am a bit scared to

go and chat with them. Dr

SillyBernie. Dr B. I am Dr Bulk

Bill. I am going to take you down a

peg. Leave that alone, it is not

going to work. The point is to make

the kids smile, it is a very

important message but now for the

first time, let's look at aero's Morning fog in Warrnambool. Morning cloud in Melbourne. Showers developing for Strahan. Evening showers in Hobart. Afternoon showers in Katherine. Late shower in Darwin. And around Western Australia - drizzle periods for Albany. A possible storm in Broome.

Now, the clown doctors are from the

Humour Foundation. Now, they

Humour Foundation. Now, they their

key message is to make people smile.

They will have a big smile on their

face today because Sunny Queen Eggs has face today because Sunny Queen Eggs

has kicked the ball roleing and donated $

donated $10,000 to help the Humour

Foundation do what they do. These

guys rely on donations. They get no

money from the Government so they

are hoping you

are hoping you can donate today. You

can do it at the Commonwealth Bank

or online, if you get the chance, it

is for a great cause, they help kids

get through what could be the

toughest time with their life. I

will spend the entire day with them,

see you in half an hour. Look

forward to it. See you then. Still to come - doctors pass judgment on the Government's multimillion-dollar diabetes plan. And Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg on their wartime epic 'The Pacific'. But straight ahead, a mixed night for Wall Street. And Jesse James enters rehab in Arizona. His fight to save his marriage to Sandra Bullock is next on Sunrise. As a busy mum, it's tricky finding a snack your kids enjoy

and one that's good for them too. Now there's Uncle Tobys Fruit Fix made from 99% fruit ingredients and my kids just love them. When we need a car, we call Thrifty - Australia's best-valued car and truck rental. In finance news:

All red ink in our region, right

across the board. Commodities a bit

of action there, particularly oil.

Oil price up a bit, President Obama

said he is opening up a whole new

area of the Gulf of Mexico and also

the coast off Virginia to new oil drilling. New figures show home prices are up 12.7% compared to a year ago. That's the fastest rate in more than two years.

Remember in the US and Europe,

they've had property prices dropping

by 25 to 30 per cent, we are up. Craig James is at CommSec. Morning. Take us through what this means.

Well, what it means is the one

potential trigger for a rate hike

next week. We do know also

yesterday, figures on retail

spending fell in

spending fell in the month. Building

approvals fell in the latest month.

Our economy, with the latest

economic indicators is in okay shape

but hardly deserving of a rate hike

but looking at home prices they are

seemingly going through the roof.

The Reserve Bank will be tempted to

put up interest rates next week

enresponse to that. The Reserve Bank

knows it can only go so far in

lifting interest rates but the

greatest problem is supply, we not

building enough housing to house the

population. The immigration is

growing at the fastest rate in 40

years. Your new best mate, Glenn

Stevens, I didn't even get an Easter

egg you have had an interview. I am

upset? No. We have got similar hair

cuts, we are okay. We have

cuts, we are okay. We have got that

in common. Very true. Thank you,

mate, have a great Easter. It is

what the B could be for in the BFF.

Best bald friend. Alright. Just

because we are folicly challenged,

we have emotions. Just lovely

the-free of you can bond. Time to check entertainment news. The Sunrise Showbiz Report brought to you by 'New Idea'. For all the latest celebrity news and more. Showbiz editor Nelson Aspen is in Hollywood with the latest on the Sandra Bullock saga. Morning. We hear Jesse James is seeking professional help?

What for? Soundr sounding more and

more like Tiger Woods every day. His

representative has conrememberfirmed

Jesse checked himself, 100 per cent

his decision to deal with " his decision to deal with "personal

issues." If it is a sex addiction

like we talked about previously with

Tiger Woods remains to be seen. But

a source close to him said he is

desperate to clean-up his act and

save his marriage. It would be a

very interesting thing if he can

pull that off. Meanwhile a lot of

tongues are wagging about Jesse's

six your year daughter, Sunny,

he had with his second wife a porn six your year daughter, Sunny, whom

star and people are wondering if

Sandra will try to legally adopt her

or have a role in her life, she has

been a hands-on mum to her for the

last six years of her life. I would

like him to mend his ways and get

help and we all agree with that but

you can't help but think, whenever

anybody is found out now they go

into rehab. You almost ski it as a

publicity stunt now The thing that

bothers me, they are trying to

absolve themself. I am a fan of

rehabilitation for people with

addiction problems, that is for

sure. I don't know, I am not a

sicritrust, is sexual addiction a

viable addiction? But you are right,

people may be sue happy, a lot of

celebrities caught with their pants

down, so to speak, go into

thiking it somehow excuses their down, so to speak, go into rehab

behaviour. Exactly right. You are a

dirty dog, you are a dirty dog, you

don't go into rehab and claim a

medical problem. You clean up. Yes,

but sometimes they need it as an

excuse. We need more personal

responsibility, Popy, I am with you.

I didn't know he had a child waporn

star? I think he has got three kids

history. or something. He has got a colourful

Later this morning - for Fifi. Steve Carell's dating advice for their new slogan And tourism bosses come under fire to sell our country to the world. "There's nothing like Australia" So does, do the place justice?

I like it. There is nothing like

Australia. No. But next on Sunrise - for your body. scientists reveal the best breakfast Their findings might surprise you. And by James, it's George! to turn this statue of Captain Cook The radical plan into George Washington. for the perfect cappuccino A rich, smooth espresso and a freshly-baked choc croissant. cappuccino for just $4.95. This delicious pastry and a small For a limited time only. why there's more to McCafe. Come in and see at Sunrise books online Enjoy a choice. Enjoy your stay. been looking at on the internet. Let's see what news stories you've is causing a stir A Cairns businessman a local tourism icon. with his plan to overhaul a statue of Captain Cook The bar owner wants to repaint first president, George Washington. to look like America's really one of our founding fathers He says Washington's the English out of the US, because if he hadn't kicked have become a penal colony. Australia would never

Hu? Work that out. That is unique. But a local pollie reckons hung, drawn and quartered. the bar owner should be Do you agree?

Apparently it's had a few coats of

pain in its life, since it was it

was built in 1973 and had several

different colours but it will now be

George Washington. I reckon a viking

you see the vikings invaded England.

Start would the Norseman. It is part

of a plan to promote his bar. It is

Washington there with working very well. You see George

Star-Spangled Banner? Strange. You Washington there with the

would wonder where you are. Also making news today, to take the game global. the AFL's plan switching to a round ball It involves in Gaelic Football. like the one used The league hopes the change in 2013

to come here will encourage more foreign players the chance to play overseas. and give Aussie-born stars later in Sunrise We'll have more on this joins us. when AFL champion Tom Harley

I don't know. It is pretty radical

thinking. You can see where they are

going, 50 years down the road, they

want it to be the new world game but

hard to get your head around.

Traditions, it is our game, do we

want to exPort it around the world.

Share the love. More players, you

could draw on soccer. Immediately

there is the Asian market, players,

jegraph clee nearby and red tee

play, in Europe it is watched by a

lot of people and the US and

is a lot of people who watch. I lot of people and the US and there don't know. And new American research suggests could be good for you. a breakfast of bacon and eggs You beauty! Scientists say the high-fat feed for the rest of the day. kick-starts your metabolism Which got us thinking - in Australia? who makes the best bacon and eggs a wrap. Give your favourite breakfast place

What is their little secret. You

often hear there are different

ingredients. Your favourite has

avocado. The

avocado. The healthy chef, Teresa

Cutter she does bacon and eggs on

avocado with feta. It sound

metrosexual. You laugh at woks on

barbecues. You are softening in

barbecues. You are softening in your

old age. With a drizzle of olive

oil. In contrast to that, the good

old egg and bacon role. Egg, bit

runny, grilled mushrooms. Tomato or

barbecue sauce. Neither. Tomato.

Barbecue. A bit of... Spice. Let us

know the secret to bacon and eggs,

hungry. there you go. Hands up for you are

for the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Coming up, the Gold Coast bids

Queensland will compete against We'll reveal the cities to host the event. And a former prosecutor explains why in criminal cases. the Crown often seeks plea bargains

That has us always baffled. news and weather. But in a moment on Sunrise, tells the world And comedian Robin Williams

A friend of mine down there said they have flying

they have flying snakes. They have

funnel web spiders, a box jellyfish

that is like hitting with a blow

torch and they go, "

torch and they go, "Go in the but

water it is great. And the fences?

It is like a petting zoo for the

great white shark, going, " great white shark, going, "Look at

that one, go for the woman in the thong." (GENTLE MUSIC INTRO) with Kellogg's Just Right's VOICEOVER: Start your day with iron and B vitamins nutritious energy blend the balanced energy you need to help you get for whatever the day throws at you. (UPBEAT MUSIC) If you're caught speeding these Easter holidays, your way to losing your licence. you're on

Or if you and just one of your passengers

are caught not wearing their seatbelt, your licence will be gone. Remember - double demerit points this long weekend. Just ahead -

the big name brought in to repair Rio Tinto's relations with China. And Nuala meets the stars of the wartime epic 'The Pacific'. But now, Nat's here with the news. Good morning. A Melbourne man has been charged with 44 offences, including raping underaged girls. 24-year-old John Raymond Zimmerman faced an out of sessions court hearing last night

accused of stalking young girls on the internet.

He's been refused bail to face court again later today. Federal Police are red faced this morning after letting go an accused Australian war criminal who's wanted in Croatia. Dragan Vasiljkovic has vanished after a High Court ruling on Monday paved the way for his extradition. He was in court for the hearing and was being monitored by Federal Police. But he reportedly walked out without being challenged moments before the court reinstated a 4-year-old warrant for his arrest. Captain Dragan, known in Australia as Daniel Sneddon, is accused of ordering the abuse of prisoners during the bloody Balkans war. A Chechen militant has claimed responsibility for the double suicide bombings in Moscow, which killed at least 39 people. The insurgent leader posted a message on a pro-rebel website, saying the attack was revenge for the deaths of Chechen civilians killed by Russian security forces. The video warns of more attacks. In a fresh attack, two suicide bombers have targeted an area in northern Russia on the Chechen border, killing at least 12 people. The parents of a 17-year-old Scottish girl killed on a school excursion are demanding to know why the trip went ahead in dangerous weather. The girl was travelling to a theme park with classmates when their schoolbus crashed into a bridge, then plunged into a river. 12 students have been injured, 4 seriously. Some of them were in the water and some of them sustained some injuries and it's obviously a tragic end to what should have been a very good day out. Police say the accident may have been caused by the icy road conditions. Secret fees paid to construction companies have added tens of thousands of dollars to the cost of school buildings built under the Rudd Government's economic stimulus plan. The New South Wales Education Department has confirmed it pays fees of between 11% and 15% for site supervision and incentive. One contractor has told News Limited more than 20% was levied in some cases. 260 shade structures installed in New South Wales schools are being reviewed after claims of cost blow-outs. Melbourne police say they're aware of plans for more riots this weekend after an angry mob attacked a tyre shop almost two weeks ago. The group was upset that

the Easternats car race scheduled for this weekend has been cancelled. Several people are facing charges and a Melbourne court's been told more riots are planned at Bob Jane T-Marts this Easter. In finance news:

Wall Street is taking a breather. It

is currently 48 points weaker. Would

you believe, last day of the trading

month of course, for March, for Wall

Street, up 5.

Street, up 5.7 per cent for March,

23 of the 25 trading days have all

been positive. They had a great

month for investors over there. Time for sport. Tensions are building ahead of tonight's blockbuster between Brisbane and Carlton with suggestions Brendan Fevola is at loggerheads with Lions coach Michael Voss over his media ban. told News Limited Fevola's manager, Alastair Lynch, speaking to the media, his client had no worries the forward wanted to stay silent contradicting Voss's claim nude photo scandal. following the Lara Bingle match against the Blues It's Fevola's first competitive last year. since he was sacked by the club have received a boost The controversy-plagued Titans re-signing until the end of 2012. with back rower Mark Minichiello to the Gold Coast today NRL officials are travelling the club rorted the salary cap to investigate allegations

to keep skipper Scott Prince. today The battle-weary Broncos head south with the Roosters. for their Good Friday clash are desperate to atone Brisbane players by the Warriors. for Sunday's mauling of his missed penalty Kevin Muscat has buried the demons in the A-League final, nailing a spot kick over Kawasaki Frontale to give Melbourne a 1-0 win

overnight. in the Asian Champions League are breathing a sigh of relief Meantime, English football fans with early reports suggesting won't rule him out of the World Cup. Wayne Rooney's ankle injury And the AFL players and coaches say about plans by the league they still have some reservations to adopt a round ball from 2013. international appeal of the game The move is designed to increase the into overseas markets. as the AFL continues its push

James Tobin is in a special spot

this morning, bringing smiles to

plenty of young faces. See that? It

is an invisible egg. Now, watch

this. Hey! Hang on, I have got

another one.

Hey! One more, one more.

the weather. Um, sorry, the weather, let's go to

causing heavy rain and storms Ex-tropical cyclone Paul is still around the Gulf Country. are generating over Queensland Showers and storms and the New South Wales coast. over south-west Western Australia. And light showers are heading and 27 in Brisbane. Early rain with a late storm Mostly fine tomorrow. and Monday. Remaining fine over the weekend

Mostly fine and 24 in Sydney. Fine tomorrow. and the start of next week. A shower or two over the weekend Sunny and 24 in Canberra.

Mostly sunny tomorrow. and Monday. Partly cloudy over the weekend Morning cloud and 22 in Melbourne. Possible shower tomorrow.

A few showers over the weekend. Becoming cloudy on Monday. Evening showers and 20 in Hobart. tomorrow. Cooler with a morning shower or two and Monday. Mainly fine over the weekend Fine and 27 in Adelaide. Sunny tomorrow. Mostly sunny over the weekend. Possible shower on Monday.

Sunny and 29 in Perth. and over the weekend. Partly cloudy tomorrow Warmer with sunshine on Monday. Afternoon shower and 33 in Darwin. and over the weekend. Late showers tomorrow on Monday. Partly cloudy with some wind

Today is all about kids and making

them smile. April first, or national

smile day. Now, one of the big

support rsz of the Humour Foundation

and the Clown doctors

Queen Eggs. This is Sunny I know and the Clown doctors are Sunny

what the parents out there are

thinking e where is the walrus? Well

today just Sunny From Sunny Queen

Eggs. I have got great egg jokes and

I want to tell you but I am worried

I will crack him up so I'll keep

them to myself. And my other

concern, I could teg tell you, but

you will just poach them. Leave it

to the eggs Perts.

Joke of the day is from Daniel

Williamson from Milanda in

Queensland, he is nine years of age.

I bet he would love a Snuggie or

TVy. If Nat scores you less than

three, you win this a Sunrise

designed Snuggie, 3 and over you win

a TiVo. Good luck. Daniel, aged nine

from Miland in

from Miland in a in Queensland. What

smells funny? A clown's fart. smells funny? A clown's fart. I couldn't smells funny? A clown's fart. I

think he would rather have a

Snuggie. It is a fart joke. I hate

them. A bit over rated I think. A

tradition. Doesn't mean I like them.

He is nine. Gosh. Sorry, can you

look at the graphic, I keep trying

it put it up. Judge's decision

final. Somebody came up to me and

said they thought you were a bit

harsh with the ninety-year-old lady'

joke but I defended you and said you

were the judge. Snuggie, coming your

way, you can give it to your mum or

nana. It would swamp a nine-year-old

on. in that, suffocate him. Shoo Moving

to take Aussie Rules to the world. Next hour, how the AFL plans from funnyman Steve Carell. And Fifi gets some dating tips

Not sure about that either. But straight ahead - its tarnished image in China can Rio Tinto repair after the conviction of Stern Hu? of wartime epic 'The Pacific'. And the Melbourne premiere when we return. Nuala catches up with the stars firmer-feeling skin? JANE FONDA: The secret behind Nourish it every day. Intense Nutrition. VOICEOVER: New Age Re-Perfect and nourishing formula, L'Oreal's first rich enriched with patented Pro-Calcium and royal jelly, which melts into your skin. Intensely nourished with moisture, feels more toned and resilient. my skin looks less crinkled, for mature skin like ours. It's tailor-made Intense Nutrition, from L'Oreal Paris. Because we're worth it. You're going to love it. Like, "Go home." So annoying. GIRL: I realised something today. It just came to me. I want to play guitar. Hmm. Guitar? We'll see. a new McDonald's Family Dinner Box. Take the night off and grab with all this There's the Value Dinner for just $19.95, with the food everyone loves, the Favourites Dinner packed the Selections Dinner. or for something a bit fancy, stories begin. and let the So tuck in put a value on your health." There's an old saying - "You can't MAN: Huh? Or can you? We have what we believe for young singles. is the best value health cover

Hospital cover. (SIREN WAILS) Ambulance cover. Extras you'll actually use. From: out there... If there's better value MAN: (ECHOES) Hello! ..give us a call. We'd like to know about it. Mostly fine and 24 today. Mining giant Rio Tinto has brought out a big gun of diplomacy to heal its rift with China. Four employees of the company, including Stern Hu, have been convicted of taking bribes and stealing Chinese secrets. So, Rio has called on former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to help. So what can Henry do? Let's ask our foreign affairs editor, Dr Keith Suter. Good morning. Keith, is this a smart move by Rio?

Very smart move. Obviously, Rio is

looking to repair its image and cis

ks, he retired from the US

government well over three decades

ago is well informed and well

connected. If you want

negotiationwise the government you

still go to

still go to Henry Kissinger. One of

the commitments in the contract is

to say you have not employed Henry

Kissinger. So Rio are behaving by

saying we will make no comment on

this. Why

this. Why? Because he operates in

the cor dors of power and will not

publish the list of clients. He was

the person who opened up China to

the world. Think back to 1971, the

secret negotiations with China,

no-one knew they were taking place,

we thought he was over the border in

Pakistan, he nipped over to China,

the secret negotiations is enableled

96 toon go to China. He has been --

enabled Nixon to go to China. He is

well regarded. He is aged only 86,

by Chinese standards he is till

fully functioning. In Chinese terms

you don't hit your traps until you

are 60 so he is still powering ahead

by Chinese standards. Pleased to

know that, thank you, Keith. Why is

Rio doing this? China is obviously a

big customer but if China said no,

we don't want your iron ore plenty

of other people will buy it? One of

the rewarding things for Rio,

particularly if you are a share

holder it shows Rio had contingency

plans in place, namely they got

themselves understand to trouble

with their employees and they are

looking to refurnish their

reputation in China and Henry

Kissinger is the one to do that. If

you are a share holder you say

congratulations for the out of left

field thinking, coming up with the

fantastic ideas. I don't always

agree with what Henry Kissinger is

about so I am not endorse aglat of

his views but when it comes

his views but when it comes to negotiating with the Government, he

is still one of the masters. Thank

you for explaining it. Here's proof Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks are talented storytellers.

The gripping war series 'The Pacific' is their latest venture - and it's good. The film-makers went "under the helmet" to tell the story of young US Marines during the famous World War II battle of the Pacific. Some of the stars were on hand last night to launch the series in Melbourne. Sunrise correspondent Nuala Hafner was there. Nuala, this film has a very special link with Australia, doesn't it?

Yes, that's right. I mean, 70 per

cent of this mammoth production was

filmed in Australia, in Queensland,

here in Victoria so we can expect to

see Australian and Australia. One

whole part of the 10-part series is

based here in Melbourne so fiting to

have the launch here in the retro

glory. The same team that

glory. The same team that made 'Saving Private Ryan' and 'Band of

Brothers' so they know what they are doing. With Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg at the helm, 'The Pacific' was always going to be big. The epic war drama is based on the real-life stories of three young marines. The war in 'The Pacific' was a very different perspective. We have three main characters, two of which wrote books about their experience. The question we ask in 'The Pacific' is how were they able to go through all of this and just get on with their lives? Our show may be about a handful of marines but it's also about the millions that we don't get to see. We were surviving an enemy that fought by rules we had never encountered before. Part 3 follows the boys to Melbourne. It's 1943 and thousands of American soldiers have flooded our shores. 'THE PACIFIC': The smell of my wife's hair. The laughter of my children. The pride of my mum as she waved me goodbye. that I fight for. I would die for. These are the things that will keep me alive. Fast forward to 2010 and things aren't looking too different at the Railway Hotel. This was one of many locations in Melbourne and around Victoria used for the big-budget shoot. Claire van der Boom is an Aussie actor on the way up. She's just moved to LA so this role is a big deal. Stella...she's a lover. It's 1943, January. I think the boys have been away at war for years. It's, you know, the stories are starting to come back to Australia so these Americans arrive and they're really saviours and there's a bit of pashing that went on and a little bit of nookie here and there. So, fun to film, then? Yes and no. I mean, partly terrifying 'cause you have to be a little bit brave with it. I guess, I mean, all of us want to know what it's like working on a Hank-Spielberg production. You have a really snazzy trailer and everything's kind of... really catered to make sure that it's the best that it can be but at the end of the day, it's you and your other actors and the director and if you think about Hanks and Spielberg too much, you just freak out.

Watch out for some other familiar faces too. I play a gunny sergeant called Elmo Haney and he's from Little Rock in Arkansas. And I hear they really put you through your paces for preparation? Boot camp was... it was brutal. I think it taught us a lot about camaraderie and, I guess, military precision. It was a long time without a shower. Just like during the filming,

they've gone all out with the transformation of the Railway Hotel tonight, complete with period hors d'oeuvres. So curried egg, devils on horse back. And what is this? Spam skewers? You know what? I think some things are best left in the past.

I don't know if you could see but

they also the Glace cherries and

pickles with the Spam, yuck. Filming

began in August 2007 so it has been

a long wait but we are finally going

to see the incredible production in

a couple of weeks, premiers on the

14th of April, Sounds fantastic.

10-part series. Yes, it's going to

be big. Thanks, Nuala, see you soon. Robin Williams is back on the US talk-show circuit after his visit to Australia. And he's been telling Americans about us and our country. The comedian has laughed about our Prime Minister, deadly animals and English heritage.

Hello. I realise if Darwin landsed

in Australia he would have gone, " in Australia he would have gone,

"I'm wrong." I don't know what I was

thinking. You look at

thinking. You look at some of these animals and rethere was an open bar

in heaven on the last day, what

in heaven on the last day, what -c

have I got a duck bill, beaver tail,

good luck, go on. Spare parts. Spare

parts. They are rough. Rough and

tumble, come on, we have a couple of

beers and go out back and drink urine. A friend of mine who was down there said they have flying snakes - snakes just shoot through the air and get you. Oh, they have funnel web spiders, they have a box jellyfish that's like hitting with a blowtorch and I love the Australians - they're going, "No, go in the water, it's great." (LAUGHTER) And beaches have enormous - they have big shark fences out in the... Yeah, it's kind of like a petting zoo for the great white shark. I can see the sharks going, "Oh, look at that fat one, go for the woman in the thong."

beers and go out back and drink urine. I went down in the club down

there and it is pretty fun. To go in

a club and get heck lds in Australia

is wonderful, kind of mand

dourratory, get on with it! Really.

Yes, and that was the Prime

Minister. Oh my God. Robin Williams on Letterman. The Prime Minister has hit back. Kevin Rudd says the comedian should spend a bit of time in Alabama before talking about rednecks. But is what Williams said really that bad? Email or SMS us.

No. Are we getting a little over

sensitive, should we laugh at

ourselves. One of the great things

about us we can laugh at ourselves.

We should never lose that. He is the

funniest bloke in the world. He is

funny. Nat make as good point, is

there an actor or actress that can

do the Aussie accent. Even he didn't

touch it. They try hard. The

soapbox. A lot of talk about the AFL

plant for a round ball. Maria plant for a round ball. Maria said, " plant for a round ball. Maria said,

"I live said in Kentucky, I met a

woman who

woman who so loved the game.

woman who so loved the game.." Shane

says if players from other countries

want to play AFL they should play it

with the ball we use now. If Aussie

rulesise to go global and change the

ball it won't be Aussie rules. Keep

it purely Australian. The rules will

change, it is just the ball so

players from other codes will be

able to handle it a bit better. We

have got the blue print if the ball,

Sherrin are doing some prototypes

for it. I got to tell you, imagine

how fast the game will be with a

ball that has a truer bounce as

well. It will be lightning fast and

at least the umpies will be able to

get it right with the bounce. The

old bug bear, the umpires will be

spot on. That call that R 1, the

round one, prototype. Tom Harley.

And bacon and eggs, the ideal

breakfast. Who knew? Just ahead - are victims of crime getting justice when criminals do plea bargains? And Tony Abbott signs up with an acting coach

to try to improve his image. Then "Who the bloody hell are you?" The tourism plan to use unknown, everyday Aussies

to sell Australia to world.

Therecould be a box jellyfish in there! Live reaction when Sunrise continues. You don't need to rinse all day to keep your mouth fresh and protected. Colgate Plax mouthwash helps reduce bacteria accumulation for a full 12 hours and gives you long-lasting fresh breath. While you're doing your bit to save water, we're also doing our bit to ensure that water will always be just a turn of the tap away.

We're getting on with the job of enlarging the Cotter Dam. Construction is well underway.

And we're working hard to retain the heritage of the Cotter area and to protect the environment. To keep up to date with the progress of the Enlarged Cotter Dam and our other water security projects, visit our website.

ACTEW Corporation - working with our partners to secure water for life. The Sunrise Showbiz Report brought to you by 'New Idea'. For all the latest celebrity news and more. Showbiz editor Nelson Aspen is in Hollywood. Morning. A 'Dancing with the Stars' contestant in the US is apparently a little hard to handle. Who?

It's not Pamela Anderson, someone

else whose behaviour has been

consistent for decades. I am talking

about Shannon doerhy tee. She had An

issue -- Shannen Doherty. Her car

spot was further away from the stage

door than Kate Gosselin. She went in

and had a talk with producers and producers said, "

producers said, "Well, it is a

random choice and Kate is on more

magazine covers than you are." She

hasn't changed at all, I have had

altercations with her. But if karma

counts for anything, she was voted

off last night. Goodness me. For all

of us who loved 'Avatar' you have

got news for us some Well, Sam

Worthington had said he made a deal

with director James Cameron if the

movie took in a $

movie took in a $1 billion he would

be in if a sequel. Well, it is

closing in on $

closing in on $3 billion. So yes,

they will make a sequel, no specific

time line but the go ahead will make

fans happy. If you want to see Sam

in three dimensions. He was an

unknown in making 'Avatar'. Did he

have a percentage? I seriously doubt

it, it may change for it second one

and of course, 'Clash of the Titans'

coming out. He is officially an A

lister. If they could just work out

how to make a sequel of 'Titanic'.

No, one was enough. Sam would be

happy about his profile right now,

money aside. Thank you, Nelson. Now, still to come on Sunrise this morning - Plane scary - passengers watch as their Qantas jet blows two front tyres as it lands. The sparks and flames all caught on camera

and we have the tape. Sweet relief? The Government plan to help diabetics and free up our hospitals. But will the $400 million program work?

And American invasion - the radical plan

to turn this statue of Captain Cook into George Washington. Right across Australia, this is Sunrise on Seven. From Brekky Central, here's Kochie and Mel. Right now, it's time for the news of the day. Here's Nat. Good morning. Qantas has rejected safety fears

despite the second aircraft incident in two days at Sydney Airport. Sunrise correspondent Simon Reeve joins us with more. Simon, what went wrong overnight?

Nat, this was a air bus A 380 that

had flown from London via Singapore,

QF 32, it touched down just after

QF 32, it touched down just after 8 p.m. Last night. It is believed the

tyres on the left-hand side p.m. Last night. It is believed the tyres on the left-hand side , there

are reports it was two. I have read

around aviation web sites, that

there may be more than two. That was

the view of the sky cam on board. It

must have been fright frng the

passengers watch the sparks fly off

as the wheels made contact, once the

tyres blew, the wheels made contact

with the tarmac. Some on board

didn't know the was a problem, it

didn't deviate off course. Here is

what some of the passengers said.

Just heard a loud bang, looked out

of the window and sparks flying out.

A lot of smoke and sparks we could

actually see it from the tail. Very

relieve said to be alive. Another

plane was grounded on Tuesday night,

what is Qantas saying? A Boeing rr

747 bound for Singapore that

returned to Sydney to land

747 bound for Singapore that returned to Sydney to land after an

engine problem. Qantas said it is a

very rare occurrence, not an emergency

very rare occurrence, not an emergency and the crew were fully in

control of the aircraft. They pulled

up far from the tarmac, did

up far from the tarmac, did what they had to do. Called fire crews to

the scene. Engineers were looking at

it for some time after the landed.

Passengers had to stay on board for

about an hour but no problem for the

roughly 250 people on board. Qantas

engineers are threatening strike

action over the Easter we could but

the airline says, for its

the airline says, for its part there, will be no disruption to

flights. Thank you, Simon. A Brisbane man will be interviewed by police for the second time today after his girlfriend's death yesterday. Bianca Adams was strangled at the base of the Mt Gravatt lookout on Brisbane's southside on Tuesday night. She'd been on a date with 21-year-old Rhys Austin who says two masked men attacked the pair. He's been attacked and it's a shocking thing to have occur in Brisbane. Mr Austin says the attackers were in a white van. Sydney police are searching for a gunman after a drive-by shooting at a family home in the city's south overnight. Residents inside called police after hearing shots outside their Bardwell Valley home. Officers found bullet holes in the front door. All of a sudden just sort of heard this bang, bang, bang, bang, like 5 or 6 shots or something. Police are investigating whether the house was targeted in a case of mistaken identity.

At least 12 people have been killed in a second suicide bombing in Russia. Two bombers detonated explosives outside a school and a police station on the Chechen border. 18 people have been injured. Meanwhile, a Chechen militant has claimed responsibility for the double suicide bombings in Moscow, which killed at least 39 people. And Tony Abbott is trying to tone down his image by hiring Lara Bingle's acting coach. Marcus West has trained Bingle, Jennifer Hawkins and Wally Lewis. Now, his newest client is the Opposition Leader. An advisor has told News Limited Mr West will help sharpen Mr Abbott's straight-talking style. In finance news:

Just before the close, the Dow Jones

was 51 points beaker, which is

unusual in March. Would you believe

the American market up before today

was up 5.

was up 5.7 per cent in March and 23

of the 25 trading day were higher.

It has been a remarkable run.

The resource companies that boosted

the market the day before came back

with a bit of profit-taking there. Time for sport. Carlton is doing its best to play down the Fevola factor heading into tonight's clash with Brisbane at the 'Gabba. As the hype builds around Fevola's first encounter against his old club, Blues coach Brett Ratten made it painfully clear that Fev's a forgotten man at Carlton. Brown and his team-mate down there, they're dangerous.

Lions vice-captain Jed Adcock is a certain starter after overcoming an ankle injury. Ricky Ponting says there's no excuses for another Ashes flop following yesterday's 176-run thumping of the Kiwis in Hamilton. The skipper believes Australia's 8-Test unbeaten run since surrendering the urn last year has answered any lingering questions about the toughness of his team.

Mitchell Johnson put the exclamation mark on Australia's unbeaten summer, snaring the second 10-wicket haul of his career. Incumbent New South Wales skipper Kurt Gildey has declared he's determined to lead the Blues into battle in this year's State of Origin series. Gidley is yet to play an NRL game this year because of injury and also has to contend with Parramatta superstar Jarryd Hayne for his favoured full-back spot. And umpires and junior coaches have welcomed AFL plans to adopt a round ball for all levels of the game from 2013. The AFL's prototype round ball or R1 is currently being sent to clubs to evaluate with some teams already beginning goal-kicking skill sessions. The move to the round ball is expected to spark a flood of European, South American and Asian players to AFL football.

See how that goes. Now, in the

meantime, James has the weather from

a very special place this morning.

Scrooyes, I am at the Children's

Hospital at Westmead and today,

April first is national smile day.

We are talking about clown doctors,

for parents, there is nothing more

scary than ending up in a hospital

with your child. You are one of the

cofounders of the clown doctors.

cofounders of the clown doctors. You have been operateing for many years,

56 clown doctors? Yes, in 18

hospitals around Australia. The bad

news is you have had to pull back on

how many days you visit hospitals.

So we need people to donate money

today. What is it like to have the

clown doctors come in for parents

and children? It makes a big

difference because we put the

difference because we put the smiles on the dials of kids. They need a

good dose of laughter, it is not

just the individual child but the

family, often the parents feel the

stress more than the child. The

child is quite happy being around

the family but the parents are the

one who carry the stress. We are

holisitc, like to get the in the

entire room laughing, including the

staff. They have been doing it with

us here this morning. Sunny Queen

Eggs have kick-started today's

donation with a huge cheque, Julie

from Sunny Queen Eggs, $

from Sunny Queen Eggs, $10,000, why

are Sunny Queen Eggs involved. We

are big on smiles, we put smiles on

our eggs so when you open the fridge

door the eggs smile. The clown

doctors do a fantastic job of

putting smiles on the faces of

children in hnts around Australia.

We thought it would be a fantastic

thing to do that and spread the word

and raise money. Well done, we will

try and donate heaps more today and now the weather. Possible storm for Bundaberg.

Afternoon shower with the chance of a storm in Brisbane. Morning fog in Warrnambool. Morning cloud in Melbourne. Showers developing for Strahan. Evening showers in Hobart. Afternoon showers in Katherine.

Late shower in Darwin. And around Western Australia - drizzle periods for Albany. A possible storm in Broome.

Now, Sunny the egg, what is tiz he

is favourite sport? Running, he is

also big on Eggercise and I will be

back with more terrible egg jokes.

You crack us up. Diabetes is one of the major health issues affecting not only our population, but also our economy.

But the Government has a plan. It'll help close to a million Australians with the chronic disease who cost our health system over a billion dollars a year. Doctors will soon be paid a cash bonus to co-ordinate personalised care. They'll bring in dieticians, podiatrists and physiotherapists, to prevent diabetics ending up in hospital. So can this strategy work? Sunrise GP Ginni Mansberg is here.

And so is diabetes sufferer Bruce Hayman, who also works with Diabetes Australia, New South Wales. Ginni, let's start with you. Why is diabetes such an expensive problem?

Tell us first up, why diabetes is

such an expensive problem? Yes, it

is because it is not just the

diabetes, it is the complications of

the diabetes. We know diabetic have

more heart attacks, more problems

with their feet and kidneys,

dialysis is really expensive. They

can get blindness, so it is the

complications that makes it

expensive. What do you think of the

plan by the government? Give details

and how you think it can work. When

you go to the GP you pay and the

more you go, the more you have the

more you pay. They will chuck

more you pay. They will chuck that in the in the bin, put your Medicare

government in your pocket and leave

it there. The Government will

contract with a single practice,

look after all the care for the

patient for a year. $

patient for a year. $1200 per year

instead of pay per visit. Say I have

gaout the diabetes, I pay the GP.

The government will. I don't pay

anything. Any time you go to the GP

it is free and a cash bonus system up to $

up to $8,400 so if the patient stays

weller you get bonuses. So the idea

is to keep them out of hospital as much as payable

much as payable. They already go to

the GP. If they have a heart attack,

the GP won't be able to do anything

or if the foot is dropping off the

GP won't be able to do anything. At

the moment we are not getting great

care for diabetes. And the ally said

health specialists, the podiatrists

and dietitians are thin on the

ground. I am trying to be open and

see the best thing in the plan and I

am not seeing it. I don't see how it

will help people get access to the

whole team we need, the podiatrists.

Shoo Bruce you were diagnosed ten

years ago, is it a strategy that can

help you am? Is in I don't know

enough about it but any money that

goes towards to looking after people

with diabetes to manage their

diabetes has got to be a good thing.

We, with diabetes, have certain

resources available at the moment,

local state-based membership

organisations, diabetes Australia,

New South Wales, Victoria, etc.

Across the country. It is all about

communication. It is all about

understanding what you have to do

and then taking responsibility

yourself. Is that the key? Taking a

bit of it yourself. There are the

services out there, the podiatrists,

clinicians, are there

clinicians, are there but jow got to

put the work in? Haven't we all got

to manage our lives? It is the key.

There are the diabetes Channel, diabetes Australia New South Wales

has its own network channel on the

Internet. Anybody can go in and look

at that. That is available with the

latest information, we have health

professionals on there. And so

people if they take the care can do

it. If doctors actually understand

that such things as the diabetes

channel exists, it is going to be

good for communication. They have

heard it this morning. As we are

saying we want them to think outside

the square with our health care

the square with our health care so it is one option. Thank you both. Thank you, Mel, thank you. Does this sound like justice? The father of a teenage sex assault victim punched one of his daughter's attackers. But the dad has been given a longer good behaviour bond than the two alleged rapists. The two men had their charges downgraded from rape to aggravated indecent assault following a plea bargain. So are plea deals undermining real justice? I'm joined by barrister Nick Harrison. And Nanette May who's a victim of plea bargaining. Thanks for your time. Nick, let's start with you. How common are plea bargains?

Well, Kochie, there are three types

I suppose of plea bargain. The one

where the charges are reduced. One

where the facts may be reduced or a

combination of both. Probably,

combination of both. Probably, 50 per cent of cases going through the

criminal justice system would be

pleaded out on the basis of one or

two of those happenings. Why are

they offered? Is it just easy

justice, saves lawyers money or the

state money? Well the system

wouldn't operate if everybody

pleaded not guilty. Ninety per cent

of criminal charges are disposed of

by plea of guilty and 10 per cent go

to hearing. If everyone pleaded

guilty the system would fall into

chaos. There is an incentive to

plead guilty at the earliest

possible time which means they goat

a discount and the victims know very

early on the problem is resolved so

there is encouragement across the

board to make sure it doesn't go to

a full hearing. So victims are

consulted? Each DPP and state and

territory has guidelinechise are

meant to be applied. The guidelines

say the victims and police should be

consulted in every ace case. It Does

seem plain wrong to a community

someone can get a vastly redeesed

sentence because someone has done a

deal ntd underthe table. Nan tet,

you were basically bashed to within

an inch of your life. Yes, that is

true. In my case, is sort of a

complex case because I was, as you

say, bashed within an inch of my

life. It was when I returned home

from work and just getting out of my

car sw the person ran into the

garage and attacked me for quite a

long time. Leaving me for dead. But

that person was a person who I had

dated years before. And seen and was

scared by his behaviour shortly

after I knew him. And he had

stalked, harassed and terrorised me

for years. I had to take out an AVO

on his p him and I had literally not

seen him for two years when this

happened. But that attacker got a

reduced sentence due to plea

bargaining. In fact, the plea

bargain almost reduced his sentence

from 25 to 7 years. Do you recon the

justice system that done the right

thing by you? Absolutely not. Were

you consulted? Yes, I was consulted

but I wasn't consulted about what

actually happened nor the agreed

statement of

statement of facts. It was only

after the consultation I was to find

out there was a document called the

agreed statement of fact, which is

the most important document in a

plea garg sqn it lays out what

actually happened in the crime. Mine

was extremely watered down. I would

never have agreed to it, had I seen

it. This is what makes us mad, Nick,

that, you know, evidence is

basically sanitised to try kw get a

plea bargain through and in

Nanette's case, this mongrel, who

really did throttle her within an

inch of her life, into

unconsciousness and then for the

next hour and a half half bashed and

mutilates her and gets off with a

vastly reduced sentence. Justice is

not done. But every case that goes

to sentence has an agreed statement

of facts and it is what the

prosecution it prove. They have

certain guidelines. One is whether

there is

there is alternate charge. But they

are fiddling with the facts of the

plea bargain am But the facts are

not the facts the victims believes.

There is more than one

There is more than one person contributing to the total scenario

as to what happened. It is not done

under the table, it is done

under the table, it is done in writing, confirmed in writing, the

proposals are certainly in sweeulz,

the police officer and the victim

sign the fact before it goes to

court so everyone knows what they

agreed to. Nanet tg eplg it didn't

happen your case. You must be angry.

I was more than angry. After the

fact, I was near suicidal. It was

fact, I was near suicidal. Injustice

upon injustice, it was

traumatiseization upon

traumatiseization. Thank you. Kochie

can Just say one thing about

Nanette's case it was changed from

wound with intent to murder with

wounding to do grievous bodily harm,

they carry the same penalty. If it

went to trial, the jury would have

said he had her at his mercy for an

hour, he had a knife, didn't kill

her, where is the intent to kill

her, you would have ended up with

guilty after an hour. You are

seething there. Yes, I am, first of

all, the charge was attempted

murder, not grievous bodily harm or

wounding. That was the second

charge. And on top of that, this

plea bargain happened two year three

months and 34 schedule court dates

after the actual crime. I was ready

to go to trial. And I believe that

in a trial, with the evidence that

we have, much of what was not in the

aagreed statement of facts

aagreed statement of facts would have been heard by a jury and that

would have been a far better outcome

for me and many other people who are

victims of violent crime. When you

talk about what I wept through and

rape and those types of things I

think it is very important for it to

go to trial. I agree. We have got to

have confidence in the justice

system, which I think this points

system, which I think this points to has been there is a disconnect.

Thank you both for your time this

morning, appreciate it. You are

welcome. Appreciate it. Gosh you

can't understand. You read the

facts. It is awful. Horrific. Drop

us an SMS or mail and let us know

your thoughts. Let's change subjects this morning. The AFL is stepping up its push for international recognition. The League will change its football to a round design, starting in the 2013 season. AFL bosses hope the ball change will increase the game's popularity overseas where Gaelic Football is played. The move will also give Aussie players the chance to move overseas and entice more foreign stars to come here. It's understood some clubs have already begun secret skill sessions

with the round design. So, is this the future for Aussie Rules? I got to say the soapbox has gone into melt down. Dianne from melton Sugt said, " Sugt said, "The AFL should be

disgusted they would consider this. It wouldn't be AFL it would be IFL for international football and Janine from the Victoria said what would they say in the US if they came up with the idea of making their footy round, leave it as it is. We're joined by AFL legend Tom Harley and Beretts, as well. Tom, do you agree with changing the shape of the ball? Absolutely not. The game is built on

150 years of tradition. The viewers

are right, it is an indigenous game,

popular in Australia and I don't see

the point of it at all. One of the

great things is the unique shape of

the ball, you are awarded for

missing the goals. It has got

complexties, to change the shape is

outrageous. One of the points is it

could expand the game. We have seen


a lot of games amend rules to make

it more international, would it not

be a more valuable thing to get

players overseas. You go and

players overseas. You go and play with a round ball against the Irish

every so often? It has a little bit

of merit, 1 per cent of merit. Let's

focus on expanding the game in

places like Gold Coast and Sydney a

second team in Sydney, I believe the

Irish players who come and play are

atraktded to the oval-shaped ball,

if they want round, they can play

soccer or basketball. Does it come

down to money Is in to get the big

television money. The V8sise going

to around the world. And

to around the world. And they changed the grid girls' outfits. It

is big-picture thinking, 50 years

down the track, Andrew Demetriou has

got the brains trust and thinking

about it. It

about it. It is awkward. It is a

bitter pill to swaul l swallow but I

think it might be a good thing long

term. Like when the team came to Sydney and the

Sydney and the teams going around

the nation that develop the game, I

wonder if it is not a good idea to

grab the round ball, put it in place

so kids