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(generated from captions) Final answer? Final answer. Cantaro? That's it? Want me to lock it in? Say, "Lock it in, Eddie!" Lock it in, Eddie. It's locked in. Leon, what would you have picked? B, coloratura. You'd have gone B? (GROANS) Megan... ..Leon would've been right. B. Oh, I'm sorry about that. That's OK.

You miss the $20,000 but you win $1,000. Thanks, Eddie. Leon, at least you know that you sat there and got the right answer and you said it before I gave it away. Documentary proof. Congratulations. Thanks, Eddie. Well done, though, Megan! You won $1,000 tonight. Congratulations. I'll see you next time in the Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight! Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia Who no details were released place and a 19-year-old Michelle went to school here an where 18-year-old Luca control went to to high school. They weren't in the same said they didn't but they were aware of device can managed well and the experts dealt with the situation with the situation and the item was rendered danger of spinning out of control - Figures out today have risen a Figures out today show house prices have risen a whopping past year, increasing 3.9% the last three months. prices are less in less in the shops. There was a 1.4% fall in retail sales country last decision is will it view these mixed signals? has warned excited. These signals in will learn the the property market could get too hot. things down. Economists things down. Economists think that interest rates Even 2% higher by this time next year. up for those Turning 15 years of Labor's incompetence around ticket and the NL West, perhaps this one the suburbs someone in the NL West - printed on if those numbers aren't on At Franklins, it's Easter time so hop in and save big-time. Save on 250g Cadbury Roses or 300g Favourites chocolate varieties: 30-pack 375ml Coca-Cola soft drink can varieties: 400ml Sunsilk shampoo and conditioner varieties: So at Easter time save big-time. SONG: # Franklins Look at us now. # SONG: # Look at us now... # With Franklins' Loyalty Card, earn points on all your purchases,

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Coming up on WIN News... A warning Coming up on WIN News... A warning

to brace for a tough ACT budget,

Encouraging businesses to go green,

And, the big event attracting And, the big event attracting almost

one thousand athletes to Canberra.

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WOMAN: Capital Chemist is proud to support

the Snowy Hydro SouthCare helicopter. It's another way we give something back to the community. Without them, a lot of people like Jase here mightn't be around. At your Capital Chemist we know what matters. was hit over the head with a Tonight

... ACT public school ... ACT public school enrolments on

the rise after years of decline,

The one that got away - the

remaining Ned Kelly painting remaining Ned Kelly painting goes to

Sydney,And, a welcome boost for Sydney,And, a welcome boost for

preschool services in Queanbeyan.

Good evening, I' m Jessica Good, Good evening, I' m Jessica Good, ACT

public school enrolments are

bouncing back after nearly a

bouncing back after nearly a decade

of decline. While pleased with the of decline. While pleased with the

latest Census results, the latest Census results, the Education

Minister admits the government

still has work to do, attracting

students from the booming private

students from the booming private

sector. The ACT School Census

sector. The ACT School Census shows

there' s been a one point five per

cent increase in students cent increase in students enrolled

in public schools since 2009.