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(generated from captions) suburban homes to apartments,

developers couldn't be happier, but

what about homeowners?

It's set to be a key election issue

as the 100th boat carrying illegal

immigrants and asylum seekers

reaches our shores since ke

individual Rudd became Prime

Minister. As agencies struggle to

cope and authorities are under

pressure, the asylum seekers are

flown to Australia for processing

but critics claim this is making the problem worse.

People are getting the message

we're a soft touch.

The message is clear, get to

Australia, will cost you a bit but

your chances of stay ring pretty

good. The battle of our borders,

wave after wave of asylum seekers, destination - Australia.

Immediately, this is Australian

warships. I spent time with the

navy off the north coast last year,

patrolling Australian waters, they

jammed as many people as humanly

possible, we can see the vessel

taking on water.

Since then the trickle of asylum

seekers has become a deluge, now an

embarrassing milestone for Kevin

Rudd t 100th veing sell intercepted

since he became Prime Minister.

You want to stop your vessel

immediately. The detention facility

on Christmas Island is close to

bursting point, with 75 new

arrivals yesterday t total detained

is now 1986. That's perilously

close to the total capacity of 2040.

Why didn't we send a plane to the

Christmas Island air strip and fly

them back to the countries they

came from? Howard Sadler says we're

soft on asylum seekers. In the wake

of Tampa there was a crack down,

John Howard's so-called Pacific

solution, and like it or not, it

drastically cut the number of votes

come - boats coming here. But ke

individual Rudd relaxed the laws

when he came to power, the results

speak for themselves. Last week he

bagged John Howard's government for

break the records they are supposed

to have broken, he's broken one,

and he's heading for gold. There

are constantly ebbs and flows in

the over all number of people who

seek to come to this country and

international security that is driven by and large by

circumstances. And that continues

to be the case now.

Now as Christmas Island fills up,

high-risk detainees are being flown

to the mainland, in what critics

say is a desperate effort to make

space. The as - asylum seekers

deemed unfit to enter Australia but

hundreds are in our big cities,

normally they're processed on

Christmas island, but now they're

at Villa wood detention centre and

a number of similar facilities, all

of a sudden the asylum seeker issue

is right in our back yard.

We've got more boats arriving

faster than any time before; more

people out at sea, more people in

compassionate these policies are. detention, I'm wondering how

Columnist Andrew Bolt believes our

immigration policy is a disaster.

He says sending detainees set for

deportation to mainland Australia

opens a Pandora's box of potential

legal problems. Bringing people

over from Christmas Island to the

mainland already opens the

possibility of them challenging for

extra rights once they get here. On

top of the possible courtroom

challenges there's the issue of

security. I don't know mate. I

couldn't comnt even if I did mate.

No worries thrbgs side of the fence

would be great. Ten guards have

been sacked from Villawood after 7

detainees escaped this month, much

to the concern of locals. Get home

from work, and I asked the missus,

back door locked? It scares the

begebers out of you. How did they

escape? Straight over the fence.

But I thought it was high security,

that's why they said in yesterday's

paper, they says it's high security,

so I don't think it is, is it?

The boat people issue is set to be

a major factor in the up coming

election, but there are those who

say it shouldn't be an issue at all.

Far more people arrive every day by

aeroplane and seek asylum in raus

trail ya than come by boat. Refugee

advocate Marion says everyone needs

to take a deep breath and put the

whole issue into perspective. 2% of

the refugees of the world actually

ever make it to Australia, that's

not a very big number. And another

large group of detainees was due to

be transfered to the mainland today,