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(generated from captions) The money man - first TV interview. Reserve Bank Governor Glenn Stevens' He takes Kochie inside the boardroom are heading. and reveals where interest rates Nanny state? Grand Prix ace Mark Webber says too many road rules. Australia now has And Ironman Abbott - completes his triathlon the Opposition Leader win the real race? but will it help him this is Sunrise on Seven. Right across Australia, From Bundaberg, it's Kochie and Mel. Botanical Gardens here in Bundaberg. Hello and welcome to the

What a beautiful morning. For the next three hours, meet some locals we're going to show you around, they call Bundy. and learn more about the place

There is a lot to learn, for

example, right here, Burt Hinkler's

house, on the porch, look at that.

Brick by brick, it was brought out

here. He was born here and became

the first person to fly from England

to Australia. Years later they moved

the house, brick by brick from South

Hampton in the United Kingdom and

just to the right is the Hinkler

museum, that is his bedroom, that

window there. Would you believe...

Okay, a lot of time this morning rb do Okay, a lot of time this morning rb

do you mind, save something, it is

called a tease mism Burt Hinkler and

the space shuttle 'Challenger" you

won't believe it, it is spooky.

Between that and Glenn Stevens this

yourselves. morning, my gosh, you are beside

a pretty important presentation We're also going to make while we're here - to the local surf club from Bega Cheese. a cheque for $50,000 so please come along and join us. a free breakfast Bega is also putting on

on the news of the day. We're also keeping an eye Nat is here with us. Good morning. a surprise visit to Afghanistan. US President Barack Obama has made this morning The President touched down in Kabul after a secretive overnight flight. was the presidential palace His first stop Hamid Karzai. where he met with leader at Bagram Airbase. The President also met with troops our coalition partners here. We're so proud to have

Thank you very much if the great

work you do, we salute you and

honour you for the sacrifices you

make and you are a true friend of

the US. Thanking you very much. as Commander-in-Chief. It's his first visit to Afghanistan road safety operation this Easter Victoria Police will launch a major State's roads over the weekend. after five fatal crashes on the A 19-year-old man died instantly slammed into a pole. when the car he was driving are seriously injured, His three passengers including a 14-year-old girl. at double the speed limit It's believed he was driving is fed up. and Victoria's top road cop it isn't Victoria Police's problem. This isn't Ken Lay's problem, It's every road user's problem. of drivers over the Easter Weekend, Police will target a record number starting on Thursday. are appealing for public help New South Wales detectives

of a 19-year-old woman in solving the murder in the State's central west. found her body in the family home Michelle Morrissey's boyfriend at Mudgee on Saturday night. when the attack happened. She was home alone that knew Michelle You couldn't imagine anyone to her at all. would want to do anything untoward whether an intruder broke in. Police are investigating later this week. A post-mortem will be held A search is under way in England of the notorious Moors Murderers. for one of the victims Keith Bennett was only 12 Ian Brady and Myra Hindley in 1964. when he was kidnapped and killed by in Greater Manchester He was buried in the Penine Moors but his body has never been found. never in a month from Sunday. I will never give up, I'll carry on til then. If it takes me to my grave, by private donations and volunteers. The search is being funded

killed and buried in the moors. Keith was 1 of 5 children has become an ironman And Tony Abbott 226km triathlon in under 14 hours. after completing a gruelling

Nothing to laugh about. swam 3.8km, cycled 180km, The fit Opposition Leader with a 42km run. then finished late last night as a "man of steel" by George Bush. John Howard was described

in my own way? Why shouldn't I be an ironman the Opposition Leader's priorities, The Government has criticised the Coalition's policy commitments. arguing he's distracted from

Pretty incredible performance. to wrap up Round 1 of the AFL, Fremantle has sprung an upset overnight. belting Adelaide by 56 points Earlier yesterday, registered wins. Collingwood and Port Adelaide the Dockers broke the game open After a tight opening quarter, in the second term. with six straight majors killed off a brief Crows fight-back Rookie Anthony Morabito with a brilliant third quarter goal.

What it clear? It does? Morabito in

the first game with a bomb! on debut, Michael Barlow was unstoppable and kicking 2 goals. collecting 33 possessions in his home Grand Prix Mark Webber's dreams of victory have ended in heartache. Pushing hard for a podium finish, a late tangle with Lewis Hamilton to ninth place. relegated the Red Bull Racing star

Yes, I went down fighting anyway, I

wanted the podium and get through. wasn't interested in 6th place, I

Jenson Button Reigning world champion for the second straight year. took the chequered flag sidelined for at least a month Brisbane centre Israel Folau will be after undergoing surgery of his ring finger for a compound fracture 48-16 loss to the Warriors. suffered in yesterday's a month out with broken a ribs. Winger Denan Kemp also faces The Warriors didn't escape unscathed and captain Simon Mannering with Manu Vatuvei

both suffering hamstring injuries. at 0/35 in their second innings Australia will return to the crease with an overall lead of two runs against the Kiwis when the second Test resumes in Hamilton this morning. who smashed an 81-ball century - Day 2 belonged to Ross Taylor

in New Zealand Test history. the fastest

off a Nathan Hauritz over, Taylor thumped 25 in Test cricket. the most off an Aussie bowler ,

Dubious honour to have. Grant is at

an important place in television

history this morning, what is

happening with the weather 72 yes, I

am at a bar, a special place this

morning for a very important reason

but I want to say I am sorry I am

not up there in bundy, would have

loved to be there. Had a lot of

e-mails from everyone who wanted to

catch up and talk V8 supercars, the

V8 heart land but I am in Sydney

because we will reveal the 2010

Logie nominees. Today is the day

they are being released. At 8

o'clock, we have got a sneak preview

on who is in contention, the names

and also the great memories of the

Logies over the

Logies over the past, popular votes

and industry voted. But let's take a

look at the weather forecast this morning first.

Now, before we go to discuss Logie

at the moment, we want to show you a

fascinating picture sent to us

yesterday from Mildura, sent by a

photographer called Evan meeds. It

is a big dust storm, 2.

is a big dust storm, 2.30 yesterday,

rith on the edge of the Mallee,

surrounded by bull dust, lifted off

the ground. They get a few dust

storm year but this one one was

different, it came on quick, clear

skies one minute and the next minute

a big dust cloud which lasted 15

minutes, and then followed by a rain

cloud, so it rained mud for 15

minutes. I love my weather and all

the shapes, forms and sizes. The

only thing foggier than those

pictures is the heads after the

Logies after party on May two. All

the names of the nominees soon.

the names of the nominees soon.. A

beautiful morning in bund bund, the

steam train is

steam train is steaming. I was

wondering what that was. During the

news. Somewhere in the dark.

news. Somewhere in the dark. There it is. Just clearing the tracks, the

Boys there. The engineers at work.

Just keep the moths away. Had a bit

of trouble. That dive bomb into my

lip was hard but we got it through

that. I had one go down my shirt,

Oh! Anyway, On the way - what the Stern Hu sentence will mean for Aussie business with China. And the United States takes a swipe at Kevin Rudd's plans for the internet. But straight ahead, Kochie's exclusive chat with the Money Man - Reserve Bank Governor Glenn Stevens is next. these Easter holidays, your licence will be gone. When we need a car, we call Thrifty - Australia's best-valued car and truck rental. In finance news:

Our region finished up 85 points. What would you ask the bloke who's charged with safeguarding your wealth and that of the country?

That's one of the three pillars rr

of the Reserve Bank. I sat down with Reserve Bank Governor Glenn Stevens for his first ever TV interview. I asked him about interest rates, inflation and what we can expect in the future. Explain a couple of things for us - first of all, you keep talking about a normal interest rate is about 4.5-5% so what does that mean? Well, if you look back over the period, we've had a pretty stable economy and low inflation.

We're talking there since the early '90s. Um...on the cash rate - the rate that we set - the average over that whole period is in the 5s. In trying to gauge what's normal, of course, we've got to take account of the fact that the relationship between that rate and the rates that people actually pay on their mortgage or their business loan or whatever, can shift. We think it was useful to try to make clear to people that it isn't normal for rates to be as low as they were and you shouldn't assume they'll stay that low because that assumption will prove to be, you know, unfortunate. The other thing you talk about a lot is the inflation band - the inflation target that you set - 2-3%. What about when some people say things are different now, we've had a global financial crisis, maybe that band isn't relevant? Well, I don't agree with that because I think the lesson of history is that you allow a bit more inflation now and then pretty soon it's a bit more and then more and that actually is a big part of the story of how we got from the 2 or 3% that we had in the 1950s and '60s to the 15% or 18% we had at the peak and the 8% average we had for 20 years that I think we all regard as not acceptable. When you look at things at the moment, is there anything that we should be... ..thinking about, concerned about? I think it is a mistake to assume that a... ..a, you know, riskless, easy, guaranteed way to prosperity is just to be leveraged up into property, you know, it isn't going to be that easy.

Absolutely. Hmm M. Absolutely. Hmm

Absolutely. Hmm. Frmgt Couple of

really important things there, first

of all, the inflation band. A lot of

debate in financial markets at the

moment why the Reserve Bank needs to

keep between 2 per cent and 3 per

cent inflation band. A lot of people saying, "

saying, "It should be a lot higher,

things have changed." Glenn Stevens

is saying not on your nelly, he is

going to stick to 2 per cent to

going to stick to 2 per cent to 3 per cent, he doesn't care what

anybody says. Just after 7, and two

parts tomorrow and Wednesday. Hat is

great. The most powerful financial

guy in the country. No doubt.

guy in the country. No doubt.. He

will explain what the Reserve Bank

does, you will be amazed. Yes, I will. Time to check entertainment news. The Sunrise Showbiz Report brought to you by 'New Idea'. For all the latest celebrity news and more. Showbiz editor Nelson Aspen is in Hollywood. Morning. The cast of 'Friends' are no longer mates. What happened?

Well, you would say they sl gone

from friends to fremanys. Davidtia

wimer and Jennifer anster, David

announced his engagement to his much

younger feai Joe swroey earlier this

month and Jennifer was an a chat

show, trying to promote

show, trying to promote the hit Mann, she has got to do press.

Someone ked her about David and the

engagement and she said she had no

idea who the Fiancee was. They have

been together for a few years. David

was very actively involved when Jen

married Brad Pitt, all the 'Friends'

cast was there at the wedding so a

bit of a rift between the former

Ross and Rachel. That wasn't very

tactful of her, no, she should find

out. Not that she cares what we

think but I thought I would sair it

-- share it. Lovely to talk to you,

check in on you soon. Later this morning, Brian McFadden on his partnership with Delta. He talks to Sunrise in our next hour. And the call for planes to have kid-free zones. But next - should Tony Abbott's exercise routine be a political issue? You're watching Sunrise, live this morning from Bundaberg. buses, trams, ferries, or riding bikes, even skateboards. affects how much you pay. It's smarter and it could save you lots. Call 13-YOUI or go to Trust Mersyndol Day Strength to help clear pain... Sunrise books online at Enjoy a choice. Enjoy your stay.

Yes, we are on the porch of Burt

Hinkler's house here in Bundaberg,

we are here to give $

we are here to give $50,000 away to

Bundaberg with thanks to Bega. What

is your town famous for? There is

brecky. So much here, a beautiful

town. We are in the Botanic Gardens, town. We are in the Botanic

Gardens,efeen though it was started

in 1880, it was only gazetteed a

in 1880, it was only gazetteed a few years ago. Looking gorgeous. Let's see what you've been been looking at on news sites on the web. John Howard was dubbed a "man of steel" by George W. Bush. Tony Abbott says he wants to be known as the 'Ironman' after a grueling 14-hour event yesterday.

You got to be a human being

You got to be a human being before you can be an effective politician

and I think that even though this

was a pretty extreme way of being a

human being, nevertheless

human being, nevertheless, there are

few things more exhilarating than it

the kind of crowd support you get on

day like this. I must say, amazingly

fit, but should we be subject to

every sporting event he takes part

in? A lot of people have said he

shouldn't spend so much time doing

that and he should be working. I am

not an athlete, as you can tell, but

when you are running for how many

kilometres, waontd you have lot of

time to think? He has come out with

a lot of policymize. What else do

you think when you are rideing for

35 kilometres? He wants to have a

crack at iron man. But wouldn't he

be knackered for the next couple of

days. It is all shut down. Would he?

I would think he would be so

exhausted. There were a few doctors

quoted in the paper over the weekend

saying he is doing 10 hours of train

agweek, that is not much and it does

have a huge wear and tear on your

bod a. But it is an amazing effort,

it is not just a triathlon, it is a

mega event. A marathon on the end

end of it

end of it after he has done it, good

on him, there is obesity. He is out

there and fit, good on him. What if

heerp Prime Minister and still doing

it? A great role model. Look at the

Obamas, they were praised for being

fit and healthy, Michelle talks

about getting up at fiveam to go to

the gym?

the gym? He was training five hours

a day but it sounds like he is

fitting it in around other things. the new allegations facing the star of 'Hey Dad..!' They've hit the news stands this morning but has anyone told police? Plus, some of the community projects needing a helping hand here in Bundaberg. But straight ahead - Monday's news and weather. And the first Cash Cow winners for the morning. At Subaru, we're all for amazing March deals with incredible offers across the range. There's our amazing Liberty, Outback and Liberty Exiga demonstrator sale. The 7-seat Tribeca at an incredible $58,990 drive away and the Forester X is now even better value with $1,500 of must-have accessories free. Visit or see your local Subaru retailer to discover exactly why we're all for amazing March deals. with a double bacon McMuffin. cheese and barbecue sauce, all on a toasted English muffin. (LAUGHS) The Sunrise Cash Cow. Let's give away some more money thanks to the Cash Cow.

Thanks, Lisa, the Cash Cow. Congratulations to our three half-hourly winners. You've each won $1,000!

We have got more winners later. Do

you wear it a lot that outfit.

you wear it a lot that outfit. It has been on a cruise twice. Quite a

collection of costumes. Always wear

the pink pearls? Fantastic, lovely.

P. And the rings. A cow can't not

have rings. Good morning. US President Barack Obama has made a surprise visit to Afghanistan. The President touched down in Kabul this morning after a secretive overnight flight and met with leader Hamid Karzai. He also met with troops at Bagram Airbase where he received a hero's welcome. (CROWD CHEERS)

It is a privilege to look out and

see the extraordinary efforts of

American's sons and daughters here

in Afghanistan. So my main job here

today is to say thank you on bethank

you on behalf of the entire American people. It's Barack Obama's first visit to Afghanistan as Commander-in-Chief.

The Federal Government has denied asylum seekers flown to the mainland were transferred because of overcrowding on Christmas Island. 98 men are being held at Sydney's Villawood detention centre where they'll have one last chance to stay. If they do not pass the test of being legitimate asylum seekers, then they are sent home. It's understood ASIO considers some of the men to be a security risk. The Christmas Island centre is close to full with nearly 2,000 asylum seekers. A wharf worker has been crushed to death while unloading shipping containers in Sydney. The 49-year-old man died around 7:30 last night when he was crushed between two shipping containers. A crime scene's been established and WorkCover is investigating. A female pilot is fighting for life after crashing her light plane in a paddock west of Brisbane. The 59-year-old suffered two broken ankles and a severe head wound in the crash yesterday afternoon.

Witnesses say the aircraft fell quickly without warning. Me and Mum jumped in the car and came down to see if she was OK and she was pretty messed up, like she had a big gash out of her face. The Recreational Aviation Authority is trying to find out what caused the pilot to crash. Engine failure has been rulled out. Tony Abbott has defended his participation in an ironman competition on the weekend. The 52-year-old fitness fanatic completed the 226km triathlon in just under 14 hours. The Government had criticised the Opposition Leader for spending too much time exercising and not forming policies. I've often said that you've got to be a human being before you can be an effective politician. Tony Abbott kept his trademark Speedos under a wetsuit. This year's Melbourne Grand Prix has attracted the highest crowd figures in years. At least 100,000 people were at Albert Park yesterday to see Jenson Button win. Over the 4 days, more than 300,000 people attended, breaking the record set in 2005. It's a clear rebuff to critics of the race and deals a body blow to Sydney's prospects of stealing the event. With everything else that's going on in Melbourne at the moment - the Flower and Garden Show and Fashion Festival, Comedy Festival and the start of the AFL season, it's just an extraordinary events extravaganza and the amazing thing is we just keep pulling people into Melbourne. We'll have all the action from the racetrack coming up in sport. In finance news: Fremantle has recorded its first opening round win in five years, disposing of Adelaide by 56 points at Subiaco Oval overnight. Veteran Dockers Matthew Pavlich and Des Headland kicked three goals each but Michael Barlow was the name on everyone's lips post-match. The mature-age rookie kicked two goals

and tallied 33 possessions in a remarkable debut performance. Reigning world champion Jenson Button spent the night partying with his legion of fans after piloting his McLaren to victory in the Australian Formula One Grand Prix at Albert Park. A mistake-riddled performance from Aussie hope Mark Webber resigned the Red Bull Racing star to a disappointing ninth place finish. Australia has added to its impressive medal haul at the world track cycling championships

in Copenhagen overnight.

Shane Perkins claimed silver in the men's sprint and Leigh Howard followed up his gold in the madison with silver in the men's omnium. A double from Spanish international Fernando Torres has powered Liverpool to a 3-0 win over Sunderland

at Anfield this morning. The win keeps the Reds in the hunt for fourth spot in the Premier League and an automatic berth in the Champions League.

Well done too to the 3,500 cyclists

who beat the great Ohway and Great

Ocean Road bike race on the weekend. Ocean Road bike race on the Ocean Road bike race on theWeekend.

One man who is going to the Logies

is gracht Denyer. The nominees are

being announced this mrn

being announced this mrn morning.

Burt Newton returns as the most host

this morning. In the stkpwebd year.

Last night a great year for packed

to the rafters. Six Logies in total.

This year the trend is slightly

different. We will talk about that

after the latest look at the weather. Showers and storms in the south-east are spreading over New South Wales. Cooler southerlies will develop in Tasmania, Victoria and South Australia. Meanwhile, easterlies will cause showers over Queensland. Late shower with a possible storm and 28 in Sydney.

We have the editor of TV Week with

us right now, just ahead of the

official announcement of the

nominees. It was a very family year

last year with 'Packed To The

Rafters' just cleaning up. What are

the trends this year? The big trendr

trend in gold is comedy. Four

comedians out of the 8. A tough year

last year. GFC bushfires so you

think people might have been looking

for light relief. We all wanted a

laugh. The one thing that is skewed

is the men, women ratio. Only two

out of the 8. Women

out of the 8. Women have a good

history in winning the gold Logies,

Rebecca Gibney, a strong favourite.

So they will do okay. Entertain

mentd a travelling guest who comes

over and mispronounceathize name,

who have we got this year? Susan

Boyle and John Marey. The winner of

Britain's got talent? Yes, of

course, Burt as host a great year.

Mr TV, very entertaining. Sunrise

has done okay. Our

has done okay. Our little small family we have pitched in two

nominees. Mel, congratulations,

great achievement and well done

Sunrise. Congratulations phoel, up

for best presenter and the show for

best light entertainment as well.

Good luck. I missed it. I was

focusing on my Snuggie. My God! You

weren't even listening to the

weren't even listening to the fact you were nominated. My God. Do we

get to go as well. As your handbag.

Good do I get to choose my dates.

Absolutely. You have always been

very attractive. Especially dressed

like this. Congratulations. You can

wear the Snuggie to the Logies, how

nice. Brings out your eyes. Don't

turn around. Sorry. Joke of the day

of course you can win a Snuggie, do

a twirl. There we go, or a TiVo.

Joke of the day, now, remember,

Pauline and we have Ray and Ron l

from Bega. Bega farm sqrz Paulineeen

and Ray, we saw you a couple of

month ago? No, James was there. He

was doing something bet, he got

married. James showed us around your

farm, terrific. Joke of the day?

farm, terrific. Joke of the day? If I can tell a blonde joke. Of

I can tell a blonde joke. Of course you can tell a blaunde joke. Recent

storms down in Melbourne, a young

blonde lady got damage done to the

roof of her

roof of her car and pestered the

panel beater until he got sick of it

and he said you might be able to fix it yourself. He

it yourself. He said, "

it yourself. He said, "Take it home

and blow up the exhaust pipe and the

bumps might pop out." She took it

home, down behind the car, blowing

as hard as she could and wasn't

doing any good. The sister came out,

blonde too and she said, "

blonde too and she said, "Silly

girl, that will never work. You

still got the windows wound down." still got the windows wound down."?

Sorry. 2. The Snuggie! You still won

the Snuggie. Is there a joke you are

enjoying. No, his brother. See if it

fits you, it is very toasty. And you

get a hat too. You put it around the

front way. Yes, like a hospital

gown. When you millthic cows aio will

gown. When you millthic cows aio

will -- when you are milking the

cows you will look very attractive. Like a monk. Next hour on Sunrise - has Australia become a nanny state? Mark Webber's swipe at our increasing number of road rules.

Plus, Brian McFadden talks frankly to Sunrise about his relationship with Delta. But next, why America isn't happy with Canberra's plans for the internet. And we'll show you how Bundy plans to spend its $50,000. We're on location to make a difference. These are Uncle Tobys Oats. Yep. Just oats. So they're the natural way to lower cholesterol reabsorption. And they taste great. Meet McDonald's Mighty McMuffin. Oh, yes, please. Make that two.

# If I had one night

# Where sunshine can break through

# And show you everything # You fell in love with Newton Faulkner's song when we used it for our new year launch. Tomorrow, you can watch him perform it live. Plus, the special project for TV legend Jana Wendt. She'll drop by to tell us about it as we continue our Week of Stars. Plans by the Rudd Government to introduce an internet filter have raised a red flag in Washington. It comes as the Obama Administration increases its attack on China for its censorship of the internet. The Australian filter is aimed at stopping child porn. But the US has greater concerns. Let's bring in Sunrise foreign editor, Keith Suter. Keith, what are the American concerns?

Well,y the basic American concern?

Whole issue of Internet censorship.

The Americans are also concerned

about child pornography but it is

very difficult on the one hand to be

crizsets theing the Chinese for

their censorship of Google when one

of your own allysise conducting

censorship. It would may pai the

Australian government to be part of

an international effort against

child pornography instead of acting

uni laterally. It is a bit rough on

the American's part, you can't argue

against censorship against

pornography. I am not an expert on

IT but I am told it can slow down

the Internet access for Australians.

So there are technical issues

involved. Even some of the people in

the IT industry that share the

Australian government's concern

don't think it is necessarily the

right way foogo did you right way foogo about it. Moving on, and Aussie businessman Stern Hu is due to be sentenced in a Shanghai court this afternoon. He last week pleaded guilty to accepting bribes from small steel companies which wanted access to Rio Tinto's iron ore. How much international interest will there be on this verdict?

Considerable international interest

because obviously there are a lot of

foreign firms worried if they employ

Chinese people who do the Chinese

people really work for? Are they

work trg the companies or ultimately

supporting the Chinese government?

There is considerable international

attention given. It means the

Chinese legal system is on trial,

the way it handles these types of

cases. Bearing in mind, this is a

guy in

guy in jail for 200 days, solitary

confinement so it is difficult for

the individual to get a fair trial.

Yes, we will watch the outsidecome

closely this afternoon. Here is Mel. , I Just over two weeks ago, Bundaberg was named the winner of our Bega competition. People around Australia were asked what is your town famous for. Bundaberg won the major prize of $50,000. To present the cheque we have Bega CEO, Barry Irvin. And to tell us where the money will go we have Bundaberg mayor Lorraine Pyefinch. Leigh Schuch from the Moore Park Surf Lifesaving Club, and Les Riley from Variety Queensland. Good morning to you all. Barry, would you like to present the cheque?

Good -d liteed. Absolutely fan fast

took -- delighted. Bega cheese is

terribly proud of its town and

product and farmers delighted to

support regional communities across

Australia. Thank you to Sunrise and

delighted to hand the cheque to the

people of Bundaberg. Well done,

Lorraine, tell us what difference

the money will make? Every community

group right across Australia does

such a wonderful job. I know this

money will by really well spent by

the Variety Club and the Moore

the Variety Club and the Moore Park surf lifesaving club. Lee will tell

us how the money will benefit the

club? We are

club? We are going to use the fund

to help build temporary structures

that were damaged prior with the

weather earlier this year. It will

see us over for a short term and

contribute greatly towards that.

That will be wonderful. Thank you to

Bega. And also the money for

'Variety', tell us how it is used? A

liberty swing placed here 12 month

ago but was damaged. This is

fantastic. The community is

brilliant. Bundaberg Motor Group and

broadcasters have put a lot of

broadcasters have put a lot of money in the community and it will top it

up to allow us to get CCTV and

lights. The swing is built for

children who are in wheelchairs and

enjoy the freedomm of a swing.

Callum was the one who got behind

and put in for the Liberty swing a

brilliant contraption. You have got

a lovely town with a lot of pride,

the first thing we noticed when we

came in, congratulations. A special

thing. Yfrngts ch I would like to

thank the Sunrise town and the

wonderful opportunity, we are as

proud as Bega are of their town.

Congratulations and enjoy spendsing

it, is it what you say too for a

check for there are 50,000. And

thank you, Bundaberg. Just ahead,

the fallout from the the fallout from the 'Hey Dad..! scandal. The cast is now re-uniting, albeit without the main character. Plus, our exclusive with the Reserve Bank Governor Glenn Stevens. Where does he think interest rates are heading? But after the break, Monday's news. And Grant live from the Logies nominations. (GENTLE MUSIC) the NAB Choice Package home loan

can help you through life's ups and downs. Everyone needs a more accommodating home loan. The Sunrise Showbiz Report brought to you by 'New Idea'.

For all the latest celebrity news and more. Showbiz Editor Nelson Aspen is in Hollywood. Morning. Miley Cyrus is calling it quits - not from her Aussie boyfriend, we hope.

Nope, just from her music career.

She said the album coming out in

June will be the last, she wants to

concentrate full time on her movie

career and last night gave her

encouragement when at the kids's

choice awards she won best actress

for the Hannah Montana movie. I

spent most of yesterday on the

orange carpet and Miley was absent

from walking the red carpet. Jonas

Brothers, Snoop Dogg came out and

had fun with the journalists, but

not Miley, she went straight into

the auditorium but we congratulate

her anyway. I am a finance bloke but

losing count now, tell us the Sandra

Bullock saga? How many? We is not

changed since Friday, still stands

at 4 for Jesse James's alleged dalliances outside his

dalliances outside his marriage but

Sandra is keep aglow profile

continuously but we know where she

is. She sin her own home in the

Hollywoodhills as opposed to the

beach-front home she shared

beach-front home she shared with Jesse James. That is the good thing

about multiple homes you don't have

to move out to move out. Conspicuous

activity, a lot of people coming and

going and putting out the trash

bins. But she has not emerged. We

just hope she is staying far

just hope she is staying far away from the media. Thank you, keep us

up to date, what is Nat, everyone saying. up to date, what is Nat, everyone

saying The Olympic marathon, the

swim and run, incredible am. Can he

keep his mind on the job. Sandra, " keep his mind on the job. Sandra, "I

have one word for people complaining

about continuey Abbott enjoying

sport and that is pathetic.

Australians are a nation of knockers

if they sink to the labour's." Those

that criticise a leader for

maintaining a healthy life must have

a sad and unhealthy existence.

Healthy body, healthy mind. It

Healthy body, healthy mind. It is Tony Abbott to a T. Is They tell you

to inkrperate exercise into every

day to inkrperate exercise into every

day life. He has been an exercise

fanatic for years. He has brought

back the budgie smuggler. Hail the

middle-aged bloke. It is cool. Not

every middle-aged bloke, if you are

fit enough

fit enough do a triathlon, great. If

not... If you have a verandah, it

doesn't matter. We are in Bundaberg,

the salad bowl of Queensland. One of

the districts here, four

the districts here, four councils have been amalgamated, it covers

6,000 square kilometre but it is the

home of Burt Hinkler, the great

aviator who flew solo from England

to Australia and the first to fly

solo across the Atlantic, died in a

crash, buried in Florence, a state

funeral in Italy. World war one hero

for the RAAF. Next door is the

Hinkler museum. You can see the

re-creation of his first glider

where he used his mother's ironing

board to lie on. If you go into the

museum you can lie on something

similar to get the feel for it.

Which is amazing. Here is a bit of

trivia, what does Burt Hinkler

trivia, what does Burt Hinkler's

plane and the space shuttle

'Challenger" have in common? It it

is crashed and burn. The only thing

they found in the wreckage was a

built of his plane that went up in

the shuttle. They recovered it from the sea after "

the sea after "Challenger" eploded.

It was meant to be. More facts like

that coming up. Still to come on Sunrise this morning: The money man - Reserve Bank Governor Glenn Stevens' first TV interview. He takes Sunrise inside the boardroom and reveals where interest rates are heading. Nanny state? Grand Prix ace Mark Webber says Australia now has too many road rules. And Ironman Abbott - the Opposition Leader completes his triathlon but will it help him win the real race? VOICEOVER: Right across Australia, this is Sunrise on Seven. From Bundaberg, Kochie and Mel.

So much more coming up. Also coming up - the one and only Goldie Hawn. It's an exclusive interview you won't soon forget. And we'll make another $15,000 phone call.

But right now, here's Nat. Good morning.

US President Barack Obama has made an unannounced visit to Afghanistan overnight to boost troop morale. Angela Cox joins us now from our LA bureau. Angela, this trip's come out of the blue?

Nat, President Obama flew out of

Washington last night but the trip

was kept secret until he landed in

Afghanistan for security reasons. It

is the first time he has visited the

country. Met with President Hamid

Karzai since he was elected.

President Obama also addressed some

of the US troops who were serving in

Afghanistan. Let's have a listen.

This is not simply an American

mission, or even just a NATO

mission, al-Qaeda and their

extremist allies are a threat to the

people of Afghanistan and the

people of Afghanistan and the threat to the people of America but also a

threat to people all around the

world and that is why we are so

proud to have our coalition partners

here with us. Thank you very much

for the great work you do, we salute

you and honour you for all the

sacrifices you make and you are a

true friend of the US, thank you

very much. Do we know what was on

the table when the two Presidents

met? Yes, earlier President Obama

and President Hamid Karzai met at

the presidential pal taos discuss

the 8-year-old war. It is understood

the US leader pressed Hamid Karzai

on the need to crack down on Poppy

growers who are funding the insurge

sqnts almost to work harder to stamp

out corruption within Karzai's

government. Thank you, Angela, from

LA, thank you. Tony Abbott is feeling a little sore this morning after completing his gruelling ironman challenge in just under 14 hours last night.

The Opposition leader went the distance despite the Government's criticism that Mr Abbott spends too much time exercising. (CROWD CHEERS) ANNOUNCER: What a great effort. The action man ended his endurance effort late last night with a rock-star welcome. I just feel incredibly honoured and privileged to have been part of a remarkable event. The 52-year-old fitness fanatic completed the 226km race in 14 hours. Those Speedos were replaced with a body suit for the 3.8km swim. Then he was sitting pretty in pink lycra for the 180km ride. The ironman effort capped off with a 42km run. But the Government's concerned his extra activities

are distracting from the Coalition's policy commitment. I've often said that you've got to be a human being before you can be an effective politician. And it could be the start of a new campaign theme. John Howard was described as a "man of steel" by George Bush. Why shouldn't I be an ironman in my own way? Police in New South Wales are hunting for a killer who stabbed to death a 19-year-old woman in Mudgee in the State's central west. Michelle Morrissey's boyfriend found her body in the family home on Saturday night. She was home alone when the attack happened. Police are investigating whether an intruder broke in and have appealed for help from the public to solve the crime. And Victoria Police will target a record number of drivers this Easter weekend after five fatal crashes in 24 hours on the State's roads. A 19-year-old man died instantly when the car he was driving slammed into a pole. His three passengers are seriously injured, including a 14-year-old girl. It's believed he was driving at double the speed limit. The police road safety crackdown starts on Thursday.

In finance news:

In our region, the end of the week,

All Ords and the ASX up. Time for sport. Fremantle has won its first Round 1 match since 2005, battering Adelaide by 56 points at Subiaco Oval. A 7-goal second quarter set up the win for the Dockers who unearthed a future star in rookie Michael Barlow. The 22-year-old earned 33 possessions and kicked two goals in a memorable debut. COMMENTATOR: I am telling you, this man is unbelievable. In yesterday's other matches, Collingwood recorded a comfortable 36-point win over the Western Bulldogs despite three goals from Barry Hall.

And Port Adelaide held off a second-half surge from North Melbourne to get home by 14 points. Mark Webber's dreams of victory in his home Grand Prix have ended in heartache. Pushing hard for a podium finish, a late tangle with Lewis Hamilton relegated the Red Bull Racing star to ninth place. I went down fighting anyway.

I wasn't interested in sixth place. I wanted to try and get on the podium and get through. Reigning world champion Jenson Button

took the chequered flag for the second straight year. Brisbane centre Israel Folau will be sidelined for at least a month after undergoing surgery for a broken ring finger suffered in yesterday's 48-16 loss to the Warriors. Winger Denan Kemp also faces a month out with broken ribs. In yesterday's other match, the Roosters' bubble burst in dramatic fashion.

The tri-colours suffered their biggest-ever loss against the Bulldogs -

a 60-14 annihilation at ANZ Stadium. Australia will return to the crease at 0/35 in their second innings with an overall lead of two runs when the second Test against the Kiwis resumes in Hamilton this morning. Day 2 belonged to Ross Taylor who smashed an 81-ball century - the fastest in New Zealand Test history.

Speaking of fast operators, Grant

Denyer is at the Logie nominations

where it is all happening It is,

today TV Week is announcing the 2010

Logie nominees. We are here at the

launch this morning and starting to

get a bit of news leaking through,

who is coming through and who is

nominated. Our very own mulis ow awe

Doyle, God love her, best presenter,

well deserveed. Very exciting.

Fingers crossed for you and also the

Sunrise program going for best light

entertainment program. A really big

one for Channel 7, the best actor

category and best actress category

are all channel Seven stars so very

happy. So after a great year

happy. So after a great year with 'Packed To The Rafters' taking out

the most amount, this year we have

got all the contenders in the actors

categories and you can vote for the

gold Logie nomination so you can

have a part in decide whaog takes

the big one. Let's look at the


Ladies and gentlemen, Hugh Sheridan

from Packed to the Rafters' and Luke

Mitchell from 'Home and Away', best

new talent last year, you have just

been announceed for best actor. Very

exciting. It is awesome. It is huge.

Amazing year for the show? Last year

was huge. It was Amazing. One after

the other and ran back into the room

after the announcement of my Logie

and Jess got up and got one and

Rebecca, and the show, it was

incredible. I hope we can match it

this year. 11 amazing nominations

last year, you did take six, the

highest. What was the moment,

personally, in your life, just

to the game, in there and

personally, in your life, just fresh to the game, in there and grabbing

one on the way? So weird, I kept thinking, "

thinking, "My goodness, I was a uni

student last year. No-one knao who I

was and I had up there getting an

award I have been watching since I

was a kid." You will pass the batten

hopefully this year. Any words of

advice? Thank you mum. Or no

Christmas presents for the next 10

years. How did you

years. How did you feel this

morning? Ridiculously exciting. A

new talent. I am very new to this. I

don't know how I am

don't know how I am going to cope on

the night. In a room full of people

like this and it will be mind

boggling. You will be fine. A great

pedtry, 'Home and Away' has produced

a lot over the years. All the very

best, more weather details in half

an hour from the Logie nominations.

Well done, a Port Adelaide boy,

Hugh, good going. Time to give away

for the last time smrx cash -- the

last time, some cash. Time to call

today and the last time to call a

major Cash Cow winner, the last time to give away $

to give away $15,000, is it going to

be your lucky day. Hello? Would that

be Angela Batteis of New South

Wales? Yes. It is David Koch and

Logie nominee Mel Doyle ringing to

say congratulations you have won $ say congratulations you have won

$15,000. You are kiding? Yes. Nope,

we are not kidding. We are not

kidding. It is really us. I don't

believe it! You have won $

believe it! You have won $15,000.

Well done. Just snuck in. I am so. Had Well done. Just snuck in. I am so. Well done. Just snuck in. I am so

happy for you. Thank you, I can't

believe it! I watch you every

morning and I heard the phone ring and thought, "

and thought, "No, it couldn't be."

How is that for a start to your

week. You have a lovely day and a

lovely week. So nice to talk to you.

Angela from New South Wales and she

is excited. Thank you to all the

people who brought in their own Cash

Cows. We have quite a herd. We have

got a paddock. Part two? Yes, part

two. Two of Kochie's special project. He's managed to score an in-depth interview with Reserve Bank Governor Glenn Stevens. He's never done a TV interview of this depth before. Find out about the future of interest rates in just a few minutes. But first, the 'Hey Dad..!' saga has intensified. There are reports police will investigate at least eight new allegations

against actor Robert Hughes. Former actress Angela Keep who replaced Sarah Monahan as Jenny aged 12 says she detailed her experiences with her on-screen father to 'Woman's Day'. But today's magazine doesn't mention Keep. It instead focuses on the reunion of Monahan and other cast members. Sarah, who claims Hughes inappropriately touched her chest and exposed himself to her over several years says she's been bombarded with hate mail from doubters. And she says fellow cast members have given her their unconditional support. Showbiz commentator Peter Ford joins us now. Welcome, Peter. Peter, do we know what's happened with Angela Keep's claims?

They don't seem to have appeared

this morning. We were teased

this morning. We were teased kwrefrd in the Sunday papers she had spoken,

she also said she had no intention

of talking to the police, but there

is nothing in today's magazine. I

sume they have held it over until

next week. Today's magazine does

focus on the reunion, if you like,

between the former cast members. I

have got to say, the story is a very

sad story and has also been in a

sense, macabrely entertaining to

find out the behind

find out the behind- scenes stuff,

sad as it is. But it is treading

water. Increasingly, there is a

feeling amongathist public it is one

thing to talk to the media and

reveal this stuff but it has got to

move to the next level now. There

are accusations that are increasing

that some of these people are

playing it for the media. We know

there is money changing hands but it

is beside the points. The point is yous is beside the points. The point is

you choose to go public or you don't

and if you do, your next step is to

go to the pleats. I don't understand

why the major players haven't

fronted to the cops. Do you know

where we are at with regards to the

police investigation? I think Sarah

Monahan is going today. It begs the

question, she has been back in the

country since last Wednesday so why

hasn't she been until this morning?

It is an unnecessary delay in the

process. You hope it is not because

of media deals she has in place. I

hope there is a better explanation

than that. The

than that. The irony is once and if

charges get laid, the name that is

bandied about for the last fiveo six

days won't be bandied about more.

The whole nature of the game and the

way the media cover it will change.

Robert Hughes is the name that is

mentioned, as we say, allegations of

this stage, innocent until proven

guilty, obviously. Have we heard

anything more because it has been a

trial by media for him? There are

media outlets trying to get to him

and talk to him. There are steakout

in Singapore, he has said nothing,

his wife, Robin Gardener has said

nothing. He said it is in the handsf

defamation lawyers, watch and see.

The story will go on?

The story will go on for some time.

Flr key players in the 'Hey Dad...!'

Past cast who have utnot gone. Maybe

they have nothing to offer, but

there still legs in the story but at

the same time, hait has begun to

tread water to the point where the

public has said crudely, it is time

to peat people or get off the pot,

it is He's the bloke charged with safeguarding your wealth and that of the country. Reserve Bank Governor Glenn Stevens is a bright, unassuming character who saved this country from the worst of the Global Financial Crisis.

You don't know much about him because he's never done an in-depth TV interview before. To mark the 50th birthday of the RBA, he sat down with Sunrise to talk about a range of things, including how he sets interest rates and where they're likely to go. The first Tuesday of every month at 9:00 on the dot, The Reserve Bank of Australia Board sits down to talk money and interest rates.

It's a big decision with even bigger consequences for all of us. This is where it all happens? This is where it all happens. THE boardroom. This is the boardroom. So where does everyone sit?

Well, I sit here... Right. the uncomfortable spot where tables join and... (LAUGHS)

..Deputy Governor typically sits to my left. We have a couple of senior members of staff who sit to the right. Does it get pretty feisty around here when you're discussing - particularly, whether to move interest rates? Or do they generally take your advice? Feisty isn't the word I'd use to describe the discussion. It's very well-mannered but it's certainly intense.

They're not here to be a rubber stamp. They're here to test our arguments

and to make sure that we're on the right track. Because I suppose a lot of people,

particularly small businesspeople and mums and dads would say, "OK, these are all pretty hifaluting people, you know, "they're all in the top corporate world - "what would they really know about my experiences?" The board members are very experienced people - they get out a lot. They're only here one day a month. The rest of the time they're undertaking their regular activities and a couple of them are actually small, in that sense, businesspeople themselves. This is... Trading room. Yep.

Before making its decision, the RBA also checks in with 100 small businesses each month to gauge the real economic health of the nation at the coal face. effect so many people. 'Cause the decisions made here affect so many people. Does that weigh heavily on the decision-making? The thing they're also weighing is if we wait too long, do we end up having to do more than that and those people would actually end in more pain. Rates have already jumped a fair bit from the lows so how much higher are they likely to go? We cut interest rates to what we call emergency settings when we had an emergency, when we thought, really, we were going to face a big downturn and we wanted to try to get ahead of that. Once the emergency's passed and things gradually look more normal, then it's not wise to leave interest rates right down at rock bottom any longer than you need and you shouldn't assume they'll stay low because that assumption will prove to be, you know, unfortunate. So, you're sort of preparing us that interest rates are going to go up? I think it would be... not doing people any favours to have a prolonged period of very low rates and then hammer them unexpectedly and, of course, the banks that are lending the money should be - and I'm sure are - testing the potential borrower, can you handle some rise in interest rates? When you look at things at the moment, is there anything that we should be... ..thinking about, concerned about? I think it is a mistake to assume that a... ..a, you know, riskless, easy, guaranteed way to prosperity is just to be leveraged up into property. You know, it isn't going to be that easy. And I think if we think about property prices as parents -

you're a parent, as am I - I've got kids that within not too many more years are going to want somewhere of their own to live and you wonder, you know, how is that going to be afforded because the prices are getting quite high. Thanks for joining us. Pleasure. Thank you.

Wow! You even wore your best

pin-striped suit. And a tie. I was

so nervous with that. Did you get a

photo. No I was a bit embarrassed to

get a photo. Look what he was

saying, inside the board room, how

cool is that? First Tuesday of every

month, look at that, where he sets,

he sits where the leg is so has the

most uncomfortable seat on the

table. That is noble. Interest rates

will go up and be careful about over

extending yourself into property.

Take the advice, he is the guy who

sets it. More to come tomorrow?

Yesest yes, more to come tomorrow,

we will know more about tkpwhrefb

Stephens and a surprise for you.

Talk about show me the money, I will

show you the money. The footy tips? Rch Beretts is here at Bundaberg and he's talking sport. Fremantle has thumped Adelaide by 56 points

And eighty-two an important win over

the Bulldogs and the Roost rbz?

Let's pick apart the weekend. You

are not big on talking up

Collingwood but an important sfwhin

It was in front of an unbelieve

crowd. An opening round. The Dogs

looked like thait thai might get

back inthe game and the pies ran

away with it.

Seriously domindependent in the

fourth quarter and went to the very

early lead, which did sort of, you

know, to have a real impact on the

Dogs at the begining and their

morale and they tried to get

morale and they tried to get in Barry Hall's face, which was pretty

successful, I think a lot of teams

will take the lead and do it

will take the lead and do it with Barry Hall. If you can snap

Barry Hall. If you can snap Barry you can snap the Dogs. But what

about Freo? Yes, Adelaide is a side

every season we talk up this is

going to be their year but boy, Freo

just tore them apart? I was

absolutely blown away by Freo. Some

of their trial form was patchy. Some promising signs

promising sign but to watch the game

last night. It was a comprehensive

flogging of a team that has been

picked as top four, top six. It is

very early on for very long

suffering Freo fans but you might

wear your purple scarf quore -e o

morethen you thought at last. Good

to see.

What do you do if you are Brian

smith? How do they sort it out?

Massive issues in defence. It was a

real flogging too. The Dogs had a

very ordinary start to the season

and starting to tip against them

have come out and floged the

Roosters, who had a great start to

the season. This was a drubbing.

the season. This was a drubbing. And I think they really got to go back

to basics with their defence.

Something like 100 point have been

scored against the Roosters in two

weeks. Brian Smith has genuine work

to do there. They have been talking

up Mitchell pierce and some of the Roosters' forwards.

Roosters' forwards. They were

missing in action yesterday. You

don't win State of Origin jerseys

playing like that. You got to go

back to your defensive basics I

think. Yes, now, huge

think. Yes, now, huge weekend in

Melbourne. You revved him upen

Melbourne. You revved him upen and Jenson Button got the job done. Mark

Webber couldn't deliver? As I said

last week and you saw it first hand

at the function on Wednesday night,

Jenson Button is the real deal. He

carries himself so well. Mark

Webber, the wait goes on. But Mark

will win races this year. A great

car. Let's give Mark a chance, he

won twice last year, he can

won twice last year, he can win grand prixs, fingers crossed. I did

not think I was going to get a word

in a record for my sister mrp

in a record for my sister mrp. I

Didn't know you were dollar. Sorry.

We lost power, live television,

before they

before they came to me, it wasn't

Rebecca's fault everyone. Thank you

very much, Jamesy. Yes, righto. A

consession on my behalf. The

Bundaberg women's Rugby League are

signing on for this year. If you

can't joined on, thank you,

Laughlin, get your ginger beer in

and sign up. I love it. That's

delicious, beautiful. Love it. Thank

you for that. You've heard of greatest hits in music

but what about in paint?

No, I haven't heard of it? Dulux have released their Greatest Hits - three of their most popular colours. They're Antique White USA, Whisper White and Hog Bristle. To celebrate, this week you can win 1 of 5 prize packages,

Have no idea what the colour is A

bristle on a hog. A bony colour. Who

would have known a Bristol is that

colour on a hug. including 150 litres of Dulux paint and a colour consultant! They'll even throw in $2,000 cash to spend on a painter. To enter, head to the Sunrise website

and tell us your favourite song title that has a colour in it. 'Little Red Corvette' perhaps?

"Yellow Submarine" "

"Yellow Submarine" "Blue Suede "Yellow Submarine" "Blue Suede Shoes "Yellow Submarine" "Blue Suede Shoes

"need I go on? Coming up - should Tony Abbott's fitness routine be a political issue? And do planes need kid free zones?

Plus, only Sunrise is on set for the filming of Brian McFadden's new video clip. We'll chat to him shortly. But straight ahead, Monday's news and weather. This is Sunrise live from Bundaberg. VOICEOVER: Give and take doesn't necessarily come naturally. And for banking it's no different. But at NAB we've been making changes - fees abolished, service improved, a sense of fairness. Good morning. The Reserve Bank boss has warned Australians against relying solely on property investment for financial security. In an exclusive interview, Glenn Stevens has told Kochie some investors mistakenly believe interest rates will continue to stay low after the global financial crisis. I think it is a mistake to assume that a riskless, easy way to prosperity is just to be leveraged up into property, you know,

it isn't going to be that easy. Interest rates are tipped to rise again when the RBA board meets next month. Australian businessman Stern Hu is due to be sentenced in a Shanghai court this afternoon after pleading guilty to accepting bribes. The Rio Tinto executive is also accused of stealing commercial secrets. China has faced international criticism for its handling of the trial which has been held mostly in secret. This is a guy who's been in jail now for 200 days, solitary confinement so it's very difficult for this government, this individual to get a fair trial. If he's convicted, Stern Hu faces up to 12 years in jail. Former US vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin has told off a heckler at a rally in Nevada. Palin was speaking to conservative activists at a Tea Party rally against the US Government's new healthcare bill. She was heckled throughout her speech and several people were forcibly removed. Young man, stick around and listen to what we're gonna say, Sir, maybe you'll learn something! (CROWD CHEERS) It's the first time Palin and John McCain have appeared together since the 2008 campaign.

And Easter must be just around the corner because a giant chocolate rabbit has been spotted in South Africa. Chocolate sculptors have broken the world record for the largest choc bunny. It stands 4m tall and weighs nearly 3,000kg. 250 orphans are being treated to large chunks o