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(generated from captions) Thunderstruck - a monster storm sweeps across Perth. Hail, floods, blackouts. We're live to the clean-up. Tiger talks - since his downfall. the golf star's first interviews or another Tiger tale? But was it the truth And kitchen king and queen - whose kitchen rules. the Queensland couple It's Tuesday 23 March, 2010. this is Sunrise on Seven. Right across Australia, here's Kochie and Mel. From Brekky Central, Hello and thanks for joining us. are very happy cooks this morning. Veronica and Shadi We'll catch up with them later what they plan to do next and find out after winning 'My Kitchen Rules'.

Gee, it was tense night, that's for sure. we're keeping an eye on the clean-up But, of course, after Perth's big storm.

Gee, you guys know how to break a

dry spell, do it with a bang, what

was it, Nat, 120 days with no rain

and then this? Amazing. Thousands of homes have no power after hail and flash flooding. and water damage from the newsroom. Nat has the latest Good morning. its worst storm in decades, Perth has shivered through whipping up 140km/h winds in the city. and causing a dangerous mudslide struggling to stay dry. Reporter Ray Kuka is in the city, Ray, how much damage is there?

Well, Nat, it just stopped raining

for a minute, thank goodness. The

daj has been so intense, the winds

reached 140km/h and in some parts of

Perth, especially up north, they

recorded 50mm of rain within 4

minutes. It doesn't sown like

compared to Queensland's flooding minutes. It doesn't sown like much

but as Kochie mentioned in the

opener we haven't had rain for 100

days. A record dry spell. When the

rain comes down, when it rains, it

pours, it caused chaos on the roads,

hailstones 6 cm in diameter crashed

into the roads, cars were damaged,

wind screens blew up and triggered a

mud slide in Kings Park. Two cars

were kochbered and a building behind

moo, the Adelphi apartments had to

be evacuate whd ground floor

apartments started to fill up with

mud and silt. 100 people were

cleared out of theer apartments.

Here is what they said. with all the mud. It was just snow, like fully filled as quickly as possible. We were just told to get out

The unitd right beside mine was

fully snowed with the mud. Tolgd to

get out as quickly as possible. There are still more storms today?

Yes, I can see lightening in the

skies. It has stopped raining but it

is not good news with the storms

forecast because more than 140,000

homes remain without power. There

are a number of changes for schools,

seven remain closed today,

especially ocean reif, 70 per cent

of schools were damaged. Sir Charles

Gairdner hospital, e lebive

has been cancelled for the day. Gairdner hospital, e lebive surgery has turned himself in to police A Melbourne man taking part in a violent rampage. after being caught on camera 21-year-old Maxwell Lawson yesterday afternoon handed himself in to police and made full admissions court hearing last night. during an out-of-sessions over Friday night's mob attack He'll face court again today on a Bob Jane tyre centre. in Melbourne's north-east A police officer has been found dead after apparently shooting himself. inside Healesville police station His body was found about 9:30 last night by his side. with a police-issued revolver is under way An internal investigation no suspicious circumstances. but police say there are Stern Hu Australian Rio Tinto executive in China. has pleaded guilty to taking bribes Stern Hu client has admitted Australian officials in China say in bribes. to receiving more than $900,000

The court is closed to reporters in Shanghai was allowed in. but the Australian Consul General During the course of the trail, concerning those two bribery amounts Mr Hu made some admissions

of some of those bribery amounts. so he did acknowledge the truth in jail if he's found guilty. Stern Hu faces up to seven years And a review of superannuation to find lost super money. could make it easier a change to privacy laws A Government inquiry has suggested to link lost accounts. so tax file numbers can be used also recommends The super system review if they use non-electronic means charging employers a fee like cheques to transfer super contributions. their first win of the NRL season, The Raiders have notched up at Canberra Stadium overnight. defeating Brisbane 22-14 The home side led 18-0 at the break fight-back in the second half. but had to withstand a Broncos sealed victory Raiders half-back Josh McCrone much to the delight with a try in the closing seconds and Queanbeyan product Mark Webber. of Aussie F1 star Daniel Motlop Port Adelaide superstar the Power's Round 1 clash is almost certain to miss with North Melbourne because of hamstring trouble. There's better news for the Crows and Bernie Vince with Nathan Van Berlo after overcoming injuries. both set to take on Fremantle for none of the wild winds Australia will be hoping that lashed Wellington yesterday of the first Test against the Kiwis when the final day gets under way this morning. on day 4 The visitors only took one wicket removing Daniel Vettori for 77. with Nathan Hauritz 67 runs in front. The Kiwis will resume at 6/369, Brendon McCullum is on 94. Tiger Woods admits he's nervous at next month's US Masters. ahead of his return to golf the first interviews yesterday The fallen superstar gave since his sex scandal broke more carefully. but could have chosen his words Now, after treatment, I'm getting back to my old roots.

Oaky dokey. Grant has gone to new

heights to bring us today's worgt.

Snogood morning, maestro, hope it is

all going well back there. We are

celebrating an icon, on Friday, our

wonderful Sydney Harbour bridge on

which we are atop this morning,

celebrated its 78th birthday. The

world's largest-span steel arch

bridge is a beauty. Does anyone know

if it is mail male or female. Do

they have sexes like ships? It is

big? Must be a bloke if it's big.

Any bloke that says it's big, it

must be female gender is in trouble.

Let's go with male. It does hold up

a lot of men, maybe it is female.

Man of steel. I reckon it is female.

We asked around the boys, with 80

staff and $

staff and $millions o f to maintain

it, it is the Lara Bingle of bridges. a possible morning storm in Perth. Possible storm in Geraldton.

Breath taking morning, I got to do

this. Good morning Sydney!

You've stopped traffic on the main

level on the bridge, perfect. Three

accidents underneath us in the last

10 seconds. See you in half an hour. Coming up on Sunrise - why police feel they need a new uniform to earn respect. And straight ahead, will Sandra Bullock forgive her husband for cheating? Then at 6:40, the woman who took on Tiger.

For a man who is so disciplined

physically and psychologically why

couldn't you say no? I tont know, now I

now I I know but I learned it in

treatment. If you father were here

today and look back on the last four

month what would he say? He would be

disappointed in me. We would have

numerous long talks and I miss his guidance. She asked the tough questions but what did think of his answers? We'll hear from her in our next half hour. (FLY BUZZES) (TOOTS HORN) (HORN ECHOES) (GRUNTS) (GRUNTS) VOICE-OVER: Some people will do almost anything to get their hands on the new look Corolla hatch. Sporty on the outside and smart on the inside with a Bluetooth-compatible audio system, vehicle stability and traction control all standard. No wonder Corolla is still the world's most popular small car. (ACOUSTIC 'TOYOTA' THEME PLAYS) When we need a car, we call Thrifty -

Australia's best-valued car and truck rental. In finance news:

Lead by health care stocks,

following Obama's healthcare reform

package that got through their

parliament. European market were

down urier in the day because of the

spat between Germany and Greece, the

slanging match. There is

slanging match. There is a rumour

Germany may block any European Union

rescue package for Greece. To our

region yesterday, region yesterday,:

In Australia, Westpac has come out

and said interest rates will rise

for the next five years, even if

for the next five years, even if the Reserve Bank changes official rates

or not, that is because of internals

whole sale money markets where they

get their funding now. To the

commodities. Mptd

Now, remember yesterday I was telling you about

telling you about the International Monetary Fund warning developed

tphaegs about their budget deficits,

winding back stimuluss, they face

big challenges, well our update of

the budget came out yesterday, the

rolling seven months to the end of

January showing the deficit is

falling. It looks like we have got

our deficit under control, coming in

lower than expected? Certainly it is

what the figures show, as you say,

we are doing it on a rolling basis,

if it had been one month figures we

you would say we are celebrating too

early but for the last few

early but for the last few month the

rolling deficit has improved. It

sits at $

sits at $46 billion, it sound like a

lot of money but the point is it is

moving in

moving in the right direction from

deficit to surplus. The treasury was

expect agdeficit of $

expect agdeficit of $57 billion. It

is nowhere near that, $

is nowhere near that, $11 billion

below that. Important things in

Australia, both sides of the

equation working. The economy is

growing and higher tax revenues

growing and higher tax revenues from companies and individuals. But the

other side of thequation, the

government is commited to keeping

expenses down, at 2 per cent per

year. If we keep on that pagtd,

probably over the next two or three

years we will be back in surplus

again and looking back and saying, " again and looking back and saying,

"Global financial crisis? Ened

there, something did. But it doesn't

look too bad for our."

look too bad for our."." Thank you.

Last year, the prediction, $

Last year, the prediction, $57

billion, currently running way below

that so that is good on the down

side. Scare us, prepare for the

worst? No, they started to wind back

the stimulus a bit, as they should.

We talked about it a couple of month

ago, saying we didn't need as big a

stimulus and they are fiddling with

it and we will get back into surMrs

Quicker. That can you The Sunrise Showbiz Report brought to you by 'New Idea'. For all the latest celebrity news and more. Showbiz editor Nelson Aspen is in Hollywood. Morning. We hear Sandra Bullock's husband is back at work following reports the couple have split?

Yes, work is the best therapy I

suppose. Yes, Jesse James is seen at

the west coast cycle shop, fixing

Choppers and quiet ununenthusiastic.

He has left his ring off and Sandra

Bullock has taken off. A smart thing

to do. In his public apology, he did

say he deserves everything bad

coming his way. As my mother said,

if you lie down with dogs you get up

with flees. It seems like a lot of

bad things will come his wife. His

first ex wife, he has two ex wives,

stopped by to see the children, she

had with Jesse and the second ex

wife is going to sue for custody of

their daughter. He currently has

dust custody but with the mess, she

thinks it is her opportunity to get

little Sonny back. What about the

other current woman, the tattoo

lady. We heard anything about her?

Yes, mushawl Bombshell McGee is

seizing here fame and has made a

spoof video of Jesse and Sandra,

poking fun, hopefully it won't be

released. She has released quotes

and happy to talk to interviewers

and refers to him as a gentle guy.

Her pet name of him was the Vanilla

Guerilla. If she likes him so much,

I don't know why she is doing this

to him. But that is Hollywood. Coming up - jeers for the PM.

Lovely, hands down, the p.m.

Lovely, hands down, the p.m. Things it is pretty good well. Don't have

to go to the polls to know know

where he is in the voters' eyes. You might not like his politics but does our Prime Minister deserve more respect? We'll seek some views. But next - move over, Lara.

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Being clicked are the police officers who want a makeover to command more respect. Victoria cops feel sky blue is "soft" - their words, not ours. They reckon dark blue, like that worn by New York police, has a harder edge.

Especially when you stand like that.

Absolutely. So would a new uniform - something in navy, for example - earn officers more respect? And is sky blue soft?

Well, look on the footy field. There

is Simon over land. Go the whole hog

and go black, like the All Blacks or

the Port away strip. It looks mean.

It does look tough. What about the

carky they have in regional WA. Then

you look like a park ranger. With

the safari suit. Nice epilets. What

about shorts and long socks.

Alright, we are being silly now. I

am just throwing it out there. Do

they have a point. Drop us an e-mail. Also being read online is the research that says money can buy happiness. But there's a catch - you'll only be more happy if you earn more than your friends, neighbours and workmates. So earning $1 million might not be enough if your best mate brings home $2 million.

Oh no! What do you think about this

study? Is money own lane important

if it improves your social rank.

No-one really knows and secondly, we

were talking about this, no-one

thought it was more important.

No-one thought that. Who did they

survey. We just poo, pooed that one.

Getting plenty of clicks. Racy new pictures of Haley Bracken. has posed for a magazine. The wife of cricketer Nathan Bracken is raising some eyebrows The timing of the photo shoot

Probably not all... Melissa! Timing

is not the only thing raising

eyebrows, I meant. It's just days to Michael Clarke ended. since Lara Bingle's engagement is making a play And some are saying Haley as the queen of the WAGs. to position herself by the suggestion. But Haley's not phased

gets tossed around She says that title who is the flavour of the month. and it just depends on

She said it is important to support

98 sqn keep in the media to keep his

name out there. She is doing it for

him. That is a nice thing in

partnership. I said to Lib, you

know, no, you can't do that but

maybe I should rethink. It would be

good for you. Do we pay a little too

much attention to the wives and

girlfriends of the sportman. Got

beautiful eyes, hasn't she? We might

want to be a model. I think she

wants to be a designer, she wore the

dress with the flag and said she

quasi-was quite interested in

fashion. We were paying attention

because she is posing for a

magazine, not ganging up on her,

baby. Good on her. She is supporting

her husband, doing it all for

right reasons. her husband, doing it all for the Coming up - the first interview with Tiger Woods the reporter granted since his affairs became public. of his answers to her questions. Find out what she really thought Straight ahead, though - the latest on Perth's big storms news and weather. and the rest of this morning's of the day. Plus, the first Cash Cow winners OF 'WHAT ABOUT ME') (SINGS TO THE TUNE I crashed into the corner shop # I was twittering away before # I was fiddling with my chair # I was trying to dry my hair # I just didn't see the lorry # What about me? # I never claim # They get the same as I did (CRASH!) # What about me? # AAMI's Safe Driver Rewards. VOICEOVER: For drivers who don't claim. SONG: # Lucky you're with AAMI. # Good morning. of a powerful storm Perth is counting the cost late yesterday afternoon. which swept across the city

The front rolled in from the north, and wind gusts of more than 120km/h. bringing heavy rain, hail as hail stones pelted the city. People ran for cover and part of an apartment building. A landslide hit cars there was like a landslide. In the car park, right up to half its wheels. And we saw a van that was covered out of our building We've just been evacuated 'cause there's a mudslide. No-one was hurt. Seven schools will be closed today has cancelled surgery. and Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital is defending its handling The Federal Government secret trial in China. of Australian Stern Hu's Consular officials say who's been detained for nine months, the Rio Tinto executive, of accepting bribes. yesterday made some admissions The Opposition says at the mercy of a ruthless system. the Government has left Hu I think the Government was slow

and they did give the appearance of weakness. I do think that sold out the interests of an Australian citizen when it most counted. A lot of action that Governments need to conduct in these cases is by necessity, behind closed doors. Australian officials are only allowed to monitor part of Hu's trial, which continues today. Day two of the trial of Bundaberg doctor Jayant Patel gets under way in Brisbane later this morning. A barrage of media greeted Patel when he arrived at court for the start of the trial. He's charged with unlawfully killing three patients - Gerry Kemps, James Phillips and Mervyn Morris - and harming Ian Vowles. Other former patients are watching the case closely. Been a long haul, so very relieved that this day has come. This is the start of the closure and the rest of my life.

The case is being telecast live to the Bundaberg courthouse. Patel has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Air safety investigators have arrived in Darwin to begin piecing together the final moments of yesterday's deadly plane crash. Two pilots were killed instantly when the Air North commuter plane banked sharply during take-off and crashed on the nearby RAAF base. When the plane did go to ground, there was an explosion and quite a fireball. Most of the people in Darwin would've been able to see the plume of smoke that was generated from that crash. The experienced pilots were on a routine training flight. Westpac is moving to charge interest on interest, sparking claims of double dipping by the big banks. Customers have been sent a notice that from June interest will also apply to interest charges and fees on Westpac credit cards. Consumer group Choice says the bank is being "sneaky". But CEO Gail Kelly has reportedly told shareholders she's worried about a political backlash following the decision to hike rates further than the RBA increase in December and the infamous banana ad explaining that rise.

Don't forget, most other banks

charge interest on the interest as

well with credit cards, no-one

charges interest on the fees though,

it is what it -s making Westpac a

bit different.

What is leading the charge?

Healthcare companies. Following

Obama getting through his healthcare

reforms this time yesterday through

his parliament. European markets are

a bit softer because there is a

whisper the Germans may oppose

whisper the Germans may oppose to European Union coming to bail out

Greece. The spat between those two

countries, continues. It is a

classic, isn't it?

Here is Beretts with the sport. Thank you. Mick Malthouse is talking up Collingwood's premiership credentials ahead of their Round 1 blockbuster against the Western Bulldogs. The Magpies coach believes his current playing group

could be better than the side that almost won the 2002 flag. This team, potentially, is better than that So we will see over the next marathon season. In Brisbane, Michael Voss wants his players to embrace the high expectations on them this season and make the top 4. The Raiders have survived a spirited second-half fight-back to down Brisbane 22-14 in the NRL overnight. The Broncos ran in three unanswered tries in the second stanza at Canberra Stadium to get to within four points. But the home side survived a frantic final few minutes to hang on for their first win of the season.

Australia will be desperate for quick wickets when the final day of the first Test gets under way in Wellington this morning. The Black Caps put on 182 runs for the loss of just one wicket yesterday, building a 67-run lead. New Zealand will resume at 6/369 with Brendon McCullum on 94. Now to Grant and today's weather.

From probably one of the best

vantage spots in Australia, the top

of the Sydney Harbour bridge. 134

metre above, on a beautiful crystal

clear morning as the sun comes in

Sydney as we stand atop the

beautiful Sydney Harbour bridge

which last Friday celebrated its

birthday. What a maval. Just a

gorgeous-looking girl. You probably

wouldn't get this type of thing

built, when it was made it was 4

million pounds to build, which is in

this environment, nearly $

this environment, nearly $3 quarters

of a billion. We still pay a toll

and it only cost

and it only cost $

and it only cost $4 million. The tol

was supposed to be cut many decades

ago, don't bring it up with me, it

is not my fault fault. If you want

to experience, it you got to get up

here. If you have done the climb

before, reunite yourself. They do an

express version done in two hours,

straight up, the great view, or you

can do the dawn version, which we

are doing, the first Saturday of every month. A weakening low over the Queensland interior is generating rain and thunderstorms, potentially severe.

Falls around Townsville of 150mm of

the last day or so and good falls of

200mm just we west of Mackay. Showers and storms are heading over Western Australia with severe storms reaching Perth.

It will clear to a nice week, you

don't need more severe storms for sure. A little drizzle tomorrow, then clearing. Fog clearing on Thursday. Showers developing on Friday. Morning showers on Friday. Possible morning storm and 31 in Perth. Afternoon storm and 33 in Darwin. Afternoon showers tomorrow and until the end of the week. Morning thunder, then cloudy on Saturday.

Check that view out, folks, we got a

group up that just came up behind

us. What is the verdict, everyone? I

can smell toast, we are 134 metres

up and I can smell toast. That's

weird. Thank you. (LAUGHS) The Sunrise Cash Cow.

Guess what? You've each won $1,000.

Fantastic.. What a way to start your

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We are going to throw in a

We are going to throw in a lettuce as well. Something to munch on in

the Snuggie on your couch. Thank

you, back here. Now, health debate

on today between Tony Abbott

on today between Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd. This joke sent in by

Tony, not Abbott, no last name, from

Banks in the ACT. A very tired nurse

walks into a bank, totally exhausted

after an 18-hour shift, preparing to

write out a cheque, she pull as

rectal thunommometer out of rectal thunommometer out of her

purse and tries to write with it.

When she realises her mistake, looks

flabbergasted at the teller and said, "

said, "That is great, that is just

great, some bum has got my pen." I

like that. Alright, Tony a TiVo is

coming your way, plus+ a lettuce.

You can cut it three times. On the

way, speaking of lettuces, the

cooking secrets of 'My Kitchen Rules'. They

Rules'. They will join us live, such

a good final. Can't wait to chat. But next, one of Melbourne's rioters caught on camera hands himself in. And the woman who took on Tiger.

For a man so disciplined physically

and psychologically why couldn't you

say no? I don't know, now I I know

but it is part of the treatment. If

your father were here today and

looked back on the last four month,

what would he say to you? He would

be disappointed with me. We would

have numerous long talks and that is

one of the things I miss, his

guidance. He, she was tough.

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Extended for a limited time. Go better. A view of Sydney through the Jetstar skycam. Mostly sunny and 26 degrees today. Tiger Woods has given his first TV interview

since his very public meltdown. He didn't answer all the questions, including what really happened on the night he ploughed his car into a tree outside his home. But Woods was still quite candid with the Golf Channel's Kelly Tilghman. Tiger, you've been a master of control your entire life. How did things get so out of control? Going against your core values, losing sight of them. I quit meditating, I quit being a Buddhist and my life changed upside down. I felt I was entitled, which I never had felt before and, consequently, I hurt so many people by my own, you know, reckless attitude and behaviour. For a man who's so disciplined, physically and psychologically,

why couldn't you say no? I don't know. Now I know. But at the time, that's part of what I learned in treatment. Being there for 45 days, you learn a lot. You strip away the denial, the rationalisation and you come to the truth and the truth is very painful at times and to start at yourself and look at the person you've become, you become disgusted. What is the state of your marriage with Elin right now? We're working on it and it's a process that will remain private between her and I. I'm trying to become a better person each and every day and the proof in the pudding is over time and that's what I'm trying to do. I will continue to do that. Tiger Woods speaking with Golf Channel's Kelly Tilghman.

I reckon she did a great job. She

has known him for many years and

followed his career closely. So what did she really think of Tiger's answers? Kelly Tilghman spoke to NBC's Meredith Vieira.

You have covered Tiger woods for

years. How would you describe his

demeanour? Different? Very

demeanour? Different? Very similar from the competitive stand point

when we discussed the topic of golf

and his return to the game. A

genuine fire lit up in his belly

genuine fire lit up in his belly and you can see the spark in his eyes

but on personal notes, I sensed he

had a gentler naich

had a gentler nature. He was

had a gentler nature. He was wary from the road he was traveling with

late and he was genuinely excited

about getting inside the golf and

the ropes, one of the few sank

youaries on life. There was one

restriction, the time of five

minutes but you could ask any

question you wanted. What struck you

am thoest most and stood out? The

fact he was taking full ownership of

the mistakes he made. He wanted the

world to know he only blamed

himself. And I was struck the

thought of the absence of his father

in recent years, since 2006 and his

passing was an area he wished would

be different. In an area he thought

with the proper guidance with his

dad he would have

dad he would have found the right

path sooner and avoided the major

mistakes. Did you get the sense he

was saying it because

was saying it because it was the

right thing to say or because he was

contrite. He has always relied on

his father and you can trace it back

to when he was 12 years old. I know

him to be consistent and I know

Tiger Woods when he sets his mind to

something, I know it on a

competitive level, covering him for

the last 15 years, he tends to get

had job done. If he has genuinely

come to the conclusion his life was

headed down the wrong path and he

wants to make a change, spiritually,

psychologically, if he puts his

psychologically, if he puts his mind

to it he will get it done. Do you

think he will recover? I think

signs are pointing in

think he will recover? I think all signs are pointing in the right

direction I do. Is he at all nervous

about the Masters? He is nervous

about the fact he will take on

galleries, not just at the Masters,

which will be very well

which will be very well controlled by the tournament of the Augusta

National Tournament, who run a great

show, but down the road, a major

championship like the where it is

get rowdy, he has brought it all on

himself, he did say that but

competeing and vieing for Ws as

competeing and vieing for Ws as he likes to call them, victories he

will be ready. Speaking well.

will be ready. Speaking well. What do you think? Did you expect more

emotion from him? You know? It seems

he seems so rehearsed when he

speaks. We were talking about it

before and he has had a life time,

did you expect him to show more. You

want him to break down in tears.

Squirm. He

Squirm. He seems to be so incred Squirm. He seems to be so

incredibly: snaompt zen. Controlled

and rehearsed. You get a sense it

and rehearsed. You get a sense it is from the hartd. -- from the heart. He from the hartd. -- from the heart.

He stops and thinks about it, given

he answers in typical Tiger style,

obviously thought a lot about it.

Give us your view. There's been a breakthrough in the hunt by Melbourne police for those involved in a weekend riot which saw a suburban tyre business trashed. A 21-year-old man will face court today after he handed himself in.

Melbourne correspondent Nuala Hafner has more. Nuala, what were the circumstances surrounding the arrest?

Good morning, it was only this time

yesterday we were discussing the

police appeal for offend taorz turn

themselves in or run the risk of

being dobbed in by friends orfamily,

21-year-old Maxwell Lawson said he

was packing bricks and destood hand

himself in. He appeared in an ourt

of sessions hearing, police have

charged him with criminal affray,

riotous behaviour and they say he

through a tyre rim into the window

of the tyre mart and raised his arms

which police say helps insight the

crowd, part of a mob mentality, he

thrust a street sign into window and

helped over turn a ute. He said he

was fuelled by alcohol and anger but

knew it was no excuse. In coming

forward he wanted to she he wasn't a

heartless person and didn't care and

is willing it take it on the chin.

We learned he is of no 96ed address

but hehas two-year-old daughter and

a Fiance. He will stay with his dad

squ and and appear in court today.

Is it the end of the investigation

or are police tracking down others

involved. No, I think it is going to

get momentum actually. Lawson is

helping them with the

investigations, the police and the

photographer, Wayne hawken

photographer, Wayne hawken attacked during the riot has been helping

police with their investigations.

They say they identified a number of

people, 10 or so people and arrests

will follow in the very near future.

Okay, keep us posted on that. Thank

you for your time. Ahead this morning - a new plan to hit vandals where it hurts. But will taking their driver's licence stop them drawing on walls and trashing buildings?

But after the break, we'll call today's major Cash Cow winner. And we're live to Perth after last night's monster storm brought hail, flash flooding and blackouts. The latest on the clean-up next on Sunrise.

The Sunrise Showbiz Report brought to you by 'New Idea'.

For all the latest celebrity news and more. Showbiz editor Nelson Aspen is in Hollywood. Morning again. Singing sensation Susan Boyle is about to receive a big bonus? Said

Just in time for the April first

birthday. A significant amount of

money to play with and help

celebrate her day of birth, courtesy

of Simon Cowell. She is set to goat

a 4 million pound royalty cheque.

She hasn't received money from the

She hasn't received money from the debut album and has been living off

an allowance from Simon Cowell

an allowance from Simon Cowell but it is on the way and she is going o

buy a house. Remember all the security buy a house. Remember all the

security problems. A house is a wise

investment. And happy birthday.

investment. And happy birthday. She has been receiving an allowance? It

is all she gets. They had to wait for it to come

for it to come through. What is

interesting if she is getting 4

million pounds, what is he getting?

He is getting commissions off all

the people he has discovered and

brought into the public eye. He must

be the biggest mogul right now. He

does ildevo and Susan Boyle. Leona

Lewis. The X fact rr and idea idea. He Lewis. The X fact rr and idea idea. Lewis. The X fact rr and idea

the F fact rr rr and 'American Idol'.

We don't talk about Paris, she has

been rumoured to be engaged to her

boyfriend, Doug Reinhardt for a

while, but the word is she is trying

to shop around a reality. They don't

want to plan and record the wedding

unless there are cameras there to

document it. Her publicist denyatize

but nob has interest. We may have

finally reached the Paris Hilton

shacheration point. Without a show,

we don't know if she will have an

engagement. Nice. Can never get too

much Paris. Tell her to ring Jessica

Simpson. I will quote you on that, Kochie. Moving on, and Naomi Campbell has spoken out about her past.

What's she said?

The last time I counted, six, the

personal assistants and police

officer, she was up to six alleged

assault. But she is coming clean.

Maybe because her 4thth birthday is

on the horizon in May and she feels

pangs of adulthood coming on but she

said he has learned and has pangs of

regret. You always grow up when you

turn 40. I'll let you know. That was

a bit below the belt. Good one. Now, still to come on Sunrise this morning - Thunderstruck - a monster storm sweeps across Perth. Hail, floods, blackouts.

We're live to the clean-up. Tiger talks - the golf star's first interviews since his downfall. But was it the truth or another Tiger tale? And kitchen king and queen - the Queensland couple whose kitchen rules. Right across Australia, this is Sunrise on Seven.

From Brekky Central, here's Kochie and Mel. If you've just tuned in, Perth is waking up battered and bruised this morning.

We have comprehensive coverage of the big storm that trashed the city late yesterday, starting with Nat and the latest from the newsroom. Good morning. Perth's 100-day drought has broken with a severe storm that caused peak-hour traffic chaos, sparked mudslides and left a trail of damage.

Reporter Ray Kuka joins us from Perth with more. Good morning again, Ray. This thunderstorm hit hard and fast?

That's right. Hard and fast indeed.

Causing millions of dollar damage

and this is what it looked like from

Perth's city sky cam, went to pitch

black within minutes. One of

black within minutes. One of the Weather Bureau saying it was one of

the biggest storms in decades.

140km/h winds knock down fences,

35mm of rain within 40 minutes

caused roads to flood from as far

north affJune lp to the city's Routh

in Rockingham. A bit of breaking

news, in west Perth, just at the

base of Kings Park, where the rain

caused a mud slide, burying too cars

and smashing into the back of the

adifficulta apartments. Structural

engineers have come out and said it

is safe. The 100 residents should be

able too to return midmorning.

Advice for perron and schools.

Closeier. Shenton call nl, done

Craig hi and Heathridge primary will

be closed today. Parents should

expect an SMS if their school is

closed. It might sound like good

news but the students will be

helping mum and dad in what is

helping mum and dad in what is going to be one of the biggest clean-ups in history. Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott will go head to head today in their first nationally televised debate as the unofficial election campaign heats up. The Prime Minister was booed at a Canberra rugby league match last night but Health Minister Nicola Roxon is confident he'll emerge victorious this afternoon. It's good for the public to be able to be in the debate. And people can say "Look, let's do more and let's do them at night as well." But the fact that we're doing it is actually a sign of a very mature democracy. And you can watch the great health debate live on Seven from 12:25 eastern daylight time. A 21-year-old has been charged after confessing he was part of the violent rampage, targeting a Melbourne tyre dealership on Friday night. Maxwell Lawson handed himself in last night and faced an out-of-sessions court hearing, charged with riotous behaviour, affray and criminal damage. Another man filmed as the violence erupted at the Oakleigh Bob Jane T-Mart. He doesn't want to be identified and says police were outnumbered. Cops just sat in their cars and just watched everything happen. Police are checking other video footage and social networking websites

to identify others involved. Australian Rio Tinto executive Stern Hu has admitted taking bribes in China. Australian officials watching the trial say he's admitted accepting some money. During the course of the trial, Mr Hu made some admissions concerning those two bribery counts. We did acknowledge the truth of some of those bribery amounts. The trial is being held in secret but the Australian Government insists they're monitoring it closely. An internal investigation is under way An elderly man is recovering in a Melbourne hospital after being mauled by a dog. The 90-year-old was cycling outside his Thomastown home last night when he was bitten on the leg.

As a result of the attack, he's been

thrown off his bike and he actually

came to the ground, hitting his head

on the ground as well. So he's

suffered a mild head injury. The dog has been seized. In finance news:

The Dow Jones is driven by

healthcare stocks because of the

boost from Barack Obama getting low

his new healthcare reforms through

Congress and the House on Receive

reps. European market were down

because there was talk Germany may

seek to block the European bailing

out Greece and its financial problems.

One of the bosses of Westpac has

come out and said be prepared for

another five years worth of interest

rate increases because of the

increasing cost of funding from

overseas, no matter whether

overseas, no matter whether the Reserve Bank puts up official rates

or not.

Here is Beretts with sport. Thank

you, Kochie. The Raiders have notched up their first win of the NRL season, defeating Brisbane 22-14 at Canberra Stadium overnight. The home side led 18-0 at the break but had to withstand a Broncos' fight-back in the second half. Raiders half-back Josh McCrone sealed victory with a try in the closing seconds

much to the delight of Aussie F1 star and Queanbeyan's favourite son Mark Webber. Port Adelaide superstar Daniel Motlop is almost certain to miss the Power's Round 1 clash with North Melbourne because of hamstring trouble. There's better news for the Crows

with Nathan Van Berlo and Bernie Vince both set to take on Fremantle after overcoming injuries. Australia will be hoping "Windy Wellington"

doesn't live up to its reputation when the final day of the first Test gets under way there this morning. The visitors only managed one wicket on day 4

with Nathan Hauritz removing Kiwi skipper Daniel Vettori for 77. New Zealand will resume at 6/369, 67 runs in front. Football Federation Australia has pledged to search every corner of the world to find a replacement for Pim Verbeek. The Dutchman is quitting as Socceroos boss at the end of the World Cup. FFA wants to appoint a full-time replacement before next year's Asian Cup.

Done a great job, Pim, one great

mission ahead of him, we will miss

him but you won't miss Grant. I

don't like it when the trains go

over the bridge, it shakes. We are

at the top, 134 metres up in the

narrow bit, Oh! Look at that M. narrow bit, Oh! Look at that narrow bit, Oh! Look at that. I will

just do traffic report for you, yes,

there is some. There definitely is,

no doubt about it. We are on top of

an icon, not talking about Paris

Hilton, talks about the Harbour

Bridge. 78 years of age, underneath

Blinky Bill, the light and beacon

that flashes on top so the

that flashes on top so the planes

don't fly ino it. Completely over

engineered, much stronger than it

needed to be. They put Nicks

full-size locomotives to put on the

deck to test the

deck to test the strength when it

was made. Can you imagine being the

96th guy going kwaebgs please,

please... 96th guy going kwaebgs please,

please...." Such a fantastic view sw

they get a lot of marriage propose

lgz. 2,000 of them, because you are

tethered on with the beautiful

suits, they have a process with the

little boxes and they are tethered

and they have only had a couple of

noes, which is very fortunate,

imagine the long walk down if she

said no.

Look at the traffic choppers

overhead, a beautiful sunrise, 134

metres but when the sun hits it, the

bridge can grow up to two feet

higher than the normal height as the

heat gets into the metal and

expands, it is a living, breathing

organism. Good to know how strong it

is. Handy. Thank you, catch you in

half an hour because we've got to

give away some cash. (LAUGHS) The Sunrise Cash Cow. It's time to call today's major Cash Cow winner who'll pick up $15,000!

Lib said not to be as excited as

yesterday because she said if you

are on other end. No, you are

winning a lot of money. Hello? Is

that Zo Elliott from the Northern

Territory? Yes, it is. My name is

Dave Territory? Yes, it is. My name is

Dave Koch, tall, balding big nose.

High, it's Mel. We would like to

offer you $

offer you $15 thoup rr, would you

like to accept it? Yes, definitely.

Kochie was trying to be cool, calm

and collected but stuff that.

Congratulations. Thalgts rr

fantastic. My gosh. Thank you. You

can go and sit down and have a cup

of tea now, a lot of money. Any

first thoughts of what to do with

it? My gosh, I might go and buy a

bottle of champagne. Well done,

congratulations. Thank you so much.

What a lovely lady. We've got more cash winners at 7:30. And to enter today's draw, you need today's codeword: WEALTH. Now that you have it, call: Perth has been hit by a freak storm not seen in over 50 years. 98,000 homes remain without power. Some of Perth's largest hospitals have also been damaged while at least half-a-dozen schools will be closed today. Let's go to those trying to pick up the pieces. Joining me is Don Fazio from the Fire and Emergency Services Authority. And Ken Brown is in charge of restoring electricity to thousands of Western Power customers. Good morning. Don, what can you tell us about the damage this storm has caused?

Give thus latest on the damage the

storm has caused? Good morning,

basically the damage is widespread

throughout the metropolitan area.

Suburbs as far north affJoondalup,

the western suburbs and all the way

down to Cannington have received

widespread storm damage. An incident

occurring behind us where we had an

inunidation of mud and water into

two apartments units. And so

two apartments units. And so there is a fair bit of damage that has

been occurring. We have got crews

working throughout the night, SES

crews are out there trying to pick

up those pieces. You guys are doing

an amazing job, just seeing the

vision of of the storm hitting. That

is some way to break a dry spell?

Shoo Sorry, I missed that? That is

some way to break a dry spell. A

record dry spell ends with this?

Yes, it certainly was. Everyone has Yes, it certainly was. Everyone

hanging out for a bit of rain and

they certainly got their wish. Ken,

how many of your customers remain

without power and how long will it

take to restore it? Yes,

approximately 100,000 are still off

from 160,000 last night. There is

lightning around and we lost a

substation 20 minutes ago and lost

more. So you still battling the

elements, even now? Yes, it is

actually still rain agbit here but

there is quite a lot of

there is quite a lot of lightening in the northern suburbs. Does it

mean work comes to a stand still

when there is litheening We

certainly hold off on switching and

getting on the wires for safety

reasons but we are actually doing as

much restoration as we can in areas

where there is no lightening. Don,

when it last time you got hit by

something like this? Kochie, I can't

remember, actually. We had fairly

major storms in the 'nikets that

caused a fair bit -- '90s that

caused a fair bit of damage but

nothing like this in the memory. I

would like to you to know we have

got a number of SES crews through

the night, they are doing the best,

and we need the public to be

patient. The whole of FEES is

working on it. Thank you. For your time. Is the worst over for Perth or is there more storms yet to come?

Let's go to Tom Saunders from the Weather Channel. Good morning, Tom. Was there any warning this storm was going to hit?

I was in fact watching you guys a

bit yesterday, you were predict

agbit of rain but nothing like this?

Good morning, actually there was

some warning issued a few hours

before the storms hit purgtd. It was

pretty much the ideal set up for

thunderstorms to develop. Very warm

humid air on the surface of Western

Australia but cold air aloft. It was

the contrast between the two that

led to the violent thunderstorms.

They were forecast since last

Friday. But nothing this big. When

is the last time something like this

happened for Perth? It is a good

question. It

question. It is hard to get back

through the record books but they

don't get a lot of storms in Perth.

The ones they get through are in

winter but large hail and torrential

flood sg rare. Some of the northern

subers had 60mm of rain in an hour

or two, four times the average

average mism And storms around so

hampering the clean up operation?

Yes, there are a few storms around

purgtd this morning, the cold dry

air aloft, the whole mass is

weakening and heading south so the

storms won't be as severe as

yesterday. We might leave you, we

have got a problem with your Mic, so

thank you for the updates, still

unsettled weather for Perth residents today. Coming up on Sunrise, hitting them where it hurts - we've got the call for vandals to have their driving licences taken away.

But would it stop them? We'll seek some views. Right now, though, here's Mel. Tiger Woods' fall from grace shocked the world. After his string of affairs became public, the world number one golfer suddenly became the butt of jokes. Now for the first time since his meltdown, Tiger has given two separate interviews. He concedes he's been living a lie and must now fight to win back the love of his wife, family and fans. Tiger, you've been a master of control your entire life.

How did things get so out of control?

Going against your core values, losing sight of them. I quit meditating, I quit being a Buddhist and my life changed upside down. I felt I was entitled, which I never had felt before and, consequently, I hurt so many people by my own, you know, reckless attitude and behaviour. Were there moments you thought you should stop, but didn't? Yeah. I tried to stop and I couldn't stop and it was just - it was horrific. What I know I have to do is become a better person and that begins with going to more treatment. You went from being recognised as the greatest golfer in the world to becoming a punchline. How did that make you feel? Ah, it was hurtful but then again, you know what? I did it.

I'm the one who did those things. What is the state of your marriage with Elin right now? We're working on it and it's a process that will remain private between her and I. How will you explain this to your children one day when they're old enough to understand? Yeah, we'll have that sit-down talk. It won't be just one time, I know that. It will be numerous times and I take full ownership of it. I did it, no-one else did it, it was just me and that's the responsibility that I will have. I will talk to my kids for however long they want to talk about it. That is a conversation that will need to be had. You said you've made transgressions.

How would you, in your own words, describe the depth of your infidelity?

Well, just one is enough and, obviously, that wasn't the case and I made my mistakes and, as I said, I've hurt so many people and so many people I have to make an amends to and that's living a life of amends. Given all that's happened, what's your measure of success at Augusta? Well, playing is one thing. I'm excited to get back in play, I'm excited to see the guys again. I really missed a lot of my friends out there. I miss competing. But still, I still have a lot more treatment to do and just because I'm playing doesn't mean I'm going to stop going to treatment. What reception are you expecting from fans? I don't know. I don't know. Um...I'm a little nervous about that and to be honest with you, it's... How much do you care? It would be nice to hear a couple of claps here and there! But I also hope there's claps for birdies too! 11 months ago, what was your wife's reaction when you sat down and had that first conversation? She was hurt. She was hurt - very hurt. Shocked, angry and, you know, she had every right to be and I'm as disappointed as everyone else in my own behaviour because I can't believe I actually did that to the people I loved.

How do you reconcile what you've done with that love? We work at it. So is Tiger back on track? And will his family and his fans forgive him? We're joined now by Gloria Allred who represented Joslyn James, one of the women Tiger was allegedly linked to,

plus Allan Pease, body language expert, is also here to give us his take on the Tiger interview. Gloria, let's start with you. What did you think of Tiger's two interviews?

Given they were basically the jurnos

could ask whatever they wanted, as

long as it was within five minutes?

Interesting, I do represent Joslyn

James, who had a three-year romantic

intensive relationship with Tiger

Woods and we called on him to

specifically apologise to her but he

has not. Now, in the interview

yesterday on the Golf Channel and

ESPN he mouthed the words he was

take responsibility but where are

those actions to support the word?

There are are none. He, in the

alcoholics 12-step recovery program,

Mel, it says, numbers 8 and 9 steps

are that it is important to make

direct amendments to the persons you

have harmed, essentially to all of

them. But he has not

them. But he has not specifically apologised to lying to Jocelyn, for

telling her he loved her, for

telling her she was the only one and

they would have a lifetime of this,

why has he not

why has he not specifically apologised to her and until he has,

I cannot believe the apology is

sincere. Taking the Jocelyn

situation away, if I can ask you,

you have seen a lot of high-rofile

cases and heard high-profile people

talk, do you think Tiger is talking

the truth or commreeltly briefed and

advised on what to say? Well,

advised on what to say? Well, 100 per cent he has a high-profile

public relations firm preparing him

for these kinds of interviews,

carefully selected golf channel,

ESPN. Obviously they want more

interviews with him. They didn't

even ask him about the specifics of

the Jocelyn, a woman who

the Jocelyn, a woman who obviously he had a relationship with. She has

released a lot of evidence of thet,

and yet, so I am saying he was

prepared for all of these questions.

He had been criticised before for

looking too robotic, now he is

supposedly looking more sincere but

he wants to make amendments to his

fans and colleagues, what about the

woman he has hurt. Alan, what are

your views, pardon me, on how he

spoke, what he said? Was he telling

the truth I watched the interviews

three time, if thirst time with the

sound off so you can see the

emotion. And the interview is very

different. With the woman, she

different. With the woman, she was taking the role of the mother saying, " saying, taking the role of the mother Saying, "

Saying, "You have been a very

naughty boy." And he had his hands

behind him, with the woman and the

hands in front, in the man, Showing

he is open to her and not

threatened. He has got a thing about

women. You can say that. But with

the guy he was talking to his

father, telling him off. Saying,

this is the way it is. He was saying

Yugoslavia don't do this with your

core values but apart from the woman

he owned the core values and said he

did a bad thing, you can hear the

therapy of 45 days coming in there.

It is obvious he has been media

trained since day dot, it is what he

is, a professional sportsman, was

there any naturalness coming through

or just rehearsed and trained?

or just rehearsed and trained? Do you think? Well, you got to remember

also he was raid in a very strict

family as a Buddhist which has a

very strong code of how they think

and behave. Therapy give use another

code of behaviour. He wants to

code of behaviour. He wants to repeat the code of behaviour, he

wants to live to that because he

can't sigh a way out of the problem.

You get a lot of interviewing him,

women are chasing his this is guy's

tail hard, the testosterone has

driven had him. It is not like the

wife discovered, this guy has high

testosterone. When you marry a guy,

you know what it is like, it doesn't

appear after a couple of years and

that still has to be addressed. We

have covered it all. Thank you for

your time. Back to Kochie. It's time now for another AFL season preview. Today, Tom Harley is taking a look at the Crows, the Lions and the Magpies. Well, the Magpies were firmly in the top 4 last year but are Malthouse's men a chance of taking out this year's premiership? Collingwood genuinely believe they're a premiership chance this year and rightly so - they've played in two of the last three preliminary finals and very close to getting to that last day in September. They've also recruited for the now with Luke Ball from St Kilda and probably, more importantly, Darren Jolly who will, in my opinion, end up being the recruit of the year. A top 4 finish awaits for the Pies in 2010. They finished fifth in 2009. So, can the Crows soar back to the top? The Adelaide Crows will be thereabouts against in 2010. They had a good finish to the end of last year and finished fifth. I think they'll probably drop down a couple of spots. Playing 12 or so games at home, they could probably win 10 of them. Sneak a couple in Melbourne and all of a sudden, they're knocking on the top 4. Brisbane has one of the most formidable forward line-ups

in the game. But can the Lions bring back the glory days? Brisbane Lions have been a huge player in the off season with their recruitment with the likes of Fevola, obviously. The big talking point's obviously the Brown and Fevola combination whether they'll be as big a combo as the game's seen in recent history. So I'm tipping them to be just on the edge of the top 4

and probably finish about fifth or sixth. Tom Harley with Beretts. In rugby league, Round 2 of the NRL wrapped up last night. Canberra posted a 22-14 win over Brisbane. That's given the boys a much-needed early boost.

Remember the girls were chortling

this time last week? You think I

called it too early? You did. The

boys picked the perfect round. It

husband put them one point ahead.

Enjoy it while you can. Game on. Straight ahead on Sunrise - electricity companies work hard to restore power to thousands of homes hit by Perth's storm. We'll tell you how they're going. And later, the cooking secrets of the couple who won 'My Kitchen Rules'. Then, jeers for the PM.

(booing. Lovely, hands down the

right-hand side, the PM things it

was pretty good as well. Don't have

to go to the polls to know where he

is at the moment in the voters' eyes. You might not like his politics,

but does our Prime