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(generated from captions) Battered and bruised - after Cyclone Ului. North Queensland cleans up We're live to the damage zone. Rudd referendum - voters in two States smash Labor. Should the PM be worried? And pop star's past life - I was a very successful young man, He told me that in my past life that I was a dude. which makes perfect sense and what she wants to be. Kesha on who she used to be this is Sunrise on Seven. Right across Australia, here's Kochie and Mel. From Brekky Central, and welcome to a new week. Good morning around right now Kesha is one of the biggest stars and as you'll find out, than catchy tunes. there's a lot more to her

She seems very deep, doesn't she?

Past lives and stuff like that. She

was a dude. Fascinating. more money from the Cash Cow. Also coming up today, with another $100,000 to give away! She's back for another week But now it's news time with Nat. Good morning. north Queensland coast Locals along the storm-ravaged of Cyclone Ului. are counting the cost Many homes are still blacked out hit early on Sunday morning. after the Category 3 storm has received The State Emergency Service more than 750 calls for help as it begins the mammoth clean-up. to take to the dumps, There'll be a lot of rubbish so we'll be all hands on deck. a lot of green waste, 3 Catholic schools are closed today. Around Mackay, 18 State schools and

emergency food and accommodation Payments to cover from the Queensland Government. are available for Canberra's deadly weekend crash It's claimed the driver blamed only 10 months ago. was involved in a similar crash of a stolen car Justin Williams was behind the wheel being chased by police on Saturday night. when it slammed into another car He died in hospital. In the other car, partner Samantha Ford, Scott Oppelaar, were all killed. and their baby son, Brodie, I purely blame police for it you know, even if the driver was still alive, and that's what young people do. he's gettin' chased who was also in the stolen car, Skye Webbe, is critical in hospital. Juston Williams ended up in a coma News Limited reports last May. after crashing a stolen car over the death of her child A mother has been arrested in Sydney's inner west. to the Dulwich Hill home last night Police were called of a 2-year-old girl. where they found the body how the girl died Detectives aren't saying today. but a post-mortem will be held against the 28-year-old woman Charges are expected to be laid later this morning. Kevin Rudd has pushed back with the premiers by a week a crucial health meeting remain in doubt. as election results in two States In South Australia, Labor leader Mike Rann a huge swing against his party looks to have survived to remain in power. But in Tasmania, to form a minority Government, the Liberals are likely for the first time in 12 years. defeating Labor he'll push ahead The Prime Minister insists with his health reform package. from any State, Labor or Liberal, I'll be working with any premier to bring that about. to agree to the reforms Mr Rudd's expected to ask the States when he meets leaders on April 19. Stern Hu Australian Rio Tinto executive today. is due to go on trial in China He and three colleagues are accused and taking bribes. of infringing commercial secrets has warned Australian officials The Prime Minister Kevin Rudd closely, will be monitoring the trial will be held in secret. even though much of it since July last year. Stern Hu has been in custody most popular cereals and breads Soon, will have less added salt. to cut the amount of salt in cereals The major food companies have agreed by 15% over the next 4 years. Bread will be salt-reduced by 2013. between industry and Government. It's part of a healthy-living pact Melbourne NRL superstar Billy Slater Cory Paterson has apologised to Newcastle's the back rower after allegedly taunting over his battle with depression. during Saturday night's match The pair clashed angrily won 20-14 by the Storm. In yesterday's games, a 20-point deficit Parramatta overturned 24-20 win over Manly. on the way to a controversial The Roosters also came from behind 44 points to 32. to down the Wests Tigers of asthma coupled with a virus Jess Schipper has overcome a bout to the Delhi Commonwealth Games to book her ticket in the 200m butterfly overnight. with a gutsy win to her eighth national title Stephanie Rice cruised in the 400m medley, Ashley Callus while evergreen sprinter

Commonwealth Games qualified for his fourth with victory in the 50m freestyle. from victory Australia is just five wickets of the first Test heading into day four

against the Kiwis in Wellington. in its second innings, The home side is 5/187 from making Australia bat again. still 115 runs has seven wickets for the match Doug Bollinger was so excited, and, at one stage yesterday, instead of the coat of arms. he kissed the VB logo on his shirt

That's excitement for you. Grant is

up north today with all the weather.

Beretts a bit of a mess, we are up

towards Prosperpine, just north of

Mackay after Ului came on through.

It is a fair bit of destruction

around this particular way but we

have got to be honest and say the

town has dodged a bullet. After what

was a category five tropical

cyclone, thank goodness reduced to a

category 3. A lot less wind, but

trees down, 12 roofs down or so in

the process but rain fall was the

most significant thing, 450mm in

nine hours is an extraordinary

amount of rain, pushing the Bowen

River up 12 neaters in River up 12 neaters in tree

River up 12 neaters in 3 hours.

Extraordinary. Responsible for

bringing down a lot of the bigger

treewise the ground being water

logged -- trees with the ground

being water logged. So let's take a

lock at the forecast this morning. Increasing sunshine in Canberra. Shower or two in Warrnambool.

Morning shower in Melbourne. And around Western Australia, chance of a shower in Albany. Chance of a storm in Geraldton. Partly cloudy in Karratha and Broome.

Now, please excuse me this morning,

we will

we will be a bet wet, the umbrellas

blew out yesterday in the strong

rain and wind conditions which

measured as high as 204km/h so more from a

from a very black Prosperpine this

morning. There's a lot more to Kesha than just the music. She reckons she's in touch with her past life. See why, later this Sunrise.

She was a dude. Well, let us know if

you've had any signals of what you

were in a past life. It might be

other Kesha-type people out there.

Nelson reckons he was on the 'Titanic' in a

'Titanic' in a past life. Have you

had those predictions too? But next, Jessica Biel keeps a close eye on boyfriend Justin Timberlake. So does she have reason to be worried? The answer is straight ahead on Sunrise. All over again. Maybelline redefines red.

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VOICEOVER: AAMI's Safe Driver Rewards. For drivers who don't claim. SONG: # Lucky you're with AAMI. # When we need a car, we call Thrifty - Australia's best-valued car and truck rental. In finance news: The Dow Jones closed down on Friday.

We had a pretty strong end to the

week. It is expected kohl seam gas

company Arrow Energy will today

accept a $ accept a $3.

accept a $3.4 billion takeover bid

from Shell and Petro China,

from Shell and Petro China, they have been negotiating for two weeks. Australia's economic performance has reached record heights.

I don't know if you were like me

I don't know if you were like me but I was reading so many stories over

the weekend bagging China's economic

growth. All the doom and gloomers

come out at once saying they are

fudging economic figures, the

currency is way too low, they are

headed for a crash. So it is my big

question to Craig James of comshould

we be worried about the reports? I

don't think we should be worried.

The Chinese authorities are

determined to make sure the Chinese

economy grows over time. They want

their people to enjoy the standard

of living we are enjoying in

Australia. It gets down topolitics.

The Americans think the Chinese

currency is too low and it is the

cause of their trade problems but

this month, it is likely the trade

situation in China will move into

deficit because the economy is

growing so fast, which is sucking in

imports. It is

imports. It is good for us here in

Australia. We released an index out

today called the xfrn national

Performance Gauge, the measure of

prosperity and we came up with the

view we have never had it so good in

Australia and partly is because of

the strength of China, the gauge

covers GDP or economic growth per

person, retail spending, consumer

confidence, unemployment, the number

of weekatize takes to buy a house or

car and it it is shows it is an

all-time high. We are off the

sheep's back, rideing the rickshaw

but will it last. China is at the

earliest stages of development,

China is like Japan. We think of

Japan back in the 1970s and the

1980s, our largest trading partner

and very good for Australia. China

is at the same point, where Japan

was at. Big difference, China has

got 1.

got 1.3 billion people who want

got 1.3 billion people who want to get First Word standard of living,

Japan at the time had 100 million.

It will mean a boom for the

Australian economy over the next

decade. I feel better. You look very

businessny in your pin stripe?

Anything important? Just putting my

finance nerd hat on. Go on, tell

everyone. It is a secret. Meant to

be. You gave it away weeks ago. No.

I will tell you later, just you and

I. Showbiz editor Nelson Aspen is in Hollywood. Morning. Jessica Biel is keeping a close eye on boyfriend Justin Timberlake.

She is playing it very cool and

probably a smart idea because Justin

is doing a movie called bad teachers

rr with his exgirlfriend Cameron

Diaz and Jessica was concerned bow

hot and sexy she looked at the

Oscars, and worried about working

with her boyfriend, you know how it

goes, steamy love scenes. Cameron

hand picked her over Bradley cooper and Ryan

and Ryan Reynolds. When Cameron made

the call, she also called Jessica

Biel to thank her for allowing her

to do it. Everything is on board

right now, but I don't think it is

imprudent for Jess to keep a

watchful eye during the shoot. And a

magazine has apologised to Beyonce. Why? magazine has apologised to Beyonce.

Why?? They wrote a defamatory

article and owned up. It is a German

article, newspaper called' neon" and

the whole thing was fabricated

saying she had a $

saying she had a $10 million

contract with Jay-Z. The magazine

blamed down and blamed it on the

writer, saying they had nothing to

do with it. The writer's fault and

apologised and immediately fireed

the writer. They may want to vet the

staff in the future. Good on her for

fighting and winning. Yes, doing

something about it. See you. On the way - the Melbourne riot caught on camera, yet no-one's been arrested. Then, what the State election results

in South Australia and Tassie mean for Kevin Rudd. But next, who's to blame for deaths during high-speed pursuits? The drivers trying to avoid arrest? Or the police chasing them? How well do you know the people in your phonebook? Did you know 1 in 7 has worn their partner's underwear? Or that 1 in 5 can open a bottle without an opener? 1 in 28 has spent the night in jail. 1 in 3 has peed in a pool. Well, we all know who that is! And 1 in 55 actually believes in unicorns. With millions of customers across Australia, you'll be surprised how many of your mates are with Vodafone. Call them all day every day with Unlimited Vodafone to Vodafone calling when you join on our new $29 Cap Contract or above. (GENTLE, DREAMY MUSIC) VOICEOVER: Give and take doesn't necessarily come naturally. And for banking it's no different. But at NAB we've been making changes - fees abolished, service improved, a sense of fairness. With millions of customers across Australia, you'll be surprised how many of your mates are with Vodafone. So grab the Samsung Jet on our new $29 Cap

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We have gone away from the lemon

grass to lettuces.

grass to lettuces.

which you can harvest up to three times before they grow back. They're called Multi-Cut Lettuces and you can buy them now as advanced seedlings. They'll also be given out in the Children's Garden at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. That starts on Wednesday at the Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens. There'll be over 500 exhibitors there this year.

Look out for our Sunrise multi cut

lettuce. A great idea. In fact, for

joke of the day, we might have a

Snuggie and and a multi cut lettuce

to send to the joke of the day

winner. Shoo a great idea. Who

wouldn't want a multdy cut. The

loser or the winner? I wouldn't call

them losers. People who don't get a

high score doesn't make you a loser.

There is no loser in joke of the

day. Although some days... Now to what you're reading on the web. Relatives of a family killed when a stolen vehicle struck their car are blaming police for not calling off the pursuit. By now, you've probably seen video from the crash in Canberra where four people died. A stolen car which had been chased by police smashed into a Mazda 626 being driven by a father-of-five. His surviving children say officers should have stopped the pursuit. Justin Williams was driving the stolen car when he ran a red light. His girlfriend, Skye Webb, was also in the vehicle. Her mum wants the police to pay for what has happened. Her words, not ours. Police say they'd called off the pursuit two minutes before the crash.

They saw the vehicle run the red

light and they stopped it,

light and they stopped it, decided it was getting dangerous. It is a

really, really volatile situation

but what do we do about high-speed

chases? Hang on, this bloke didn't

have a licence, disqualified, he's

got, he's done stuff like this

before, what is the mum blaming the

police for? One of his mate, we

would have seen in the news grab

where he said something like, " where he said something like, "Young

people do this and we shouldn't

chase them." Give them a clip around

the ear. He was chased over the border the ear. He was chased over the

border. As tragic as it is you can

nut blame the police for the

criminal act of the individual, if

the car wasn't stolen he wouldn't

have sped away, criminals need to be

held accountable, not found excuses

for their actions. Exactly right. We'll seek some views later this Sunrise. Also being clicked this morning, the plans for a national Aussie Rules competition for women. AFL chiefs are looking into it. And supporters say female players could be playing in sister sides of the league's teams within a decade. There are already State and regional competitions for women. But should it go national?

And would you watch it?

Aid as youd play and boys, would you

watch it? A lot of girls I know are

great kicks of the football and

enjoy the game. There is a great

national competition. Would you

watch it? I reckon so. Constantly to

sustain St. It is? It is up to the

sisterhood to get behind it, don't

put the pressure on us. Basketball

has a very successful women's

bosketball league. But do they watch

it on air, I know they have trouble

in the ABC. What about women's golf.

It is a different story if people

would watch it it takes time, it has

got a found

got a foundation, if the competition

is good and it is level, people

would watch it Would you watch it? I

wouldn't be interested myself. Mel?

I don't know, I am not a huge footy

watcherer. You are not a huge

watcher of the male virg. No, there

is only so many things I can watch during my day. Ahead on Sunrise, the Facebook farce - why the social networking site asked two proud parents to take down a photo of their 3-week-old baby. And where to start with the clean-up in North Queensland. We'll head back to the cyclone damage zone. But in a moment, all the news and weather details. Plus, the first Cash Cow hourly winners. There's breakfast, then there's the champion of breakfasts. Meet McDonald's Mighty McMuffin. With delicious Don rasher bacon - that's bacon at its best - a freshly cracked egg, spicy sausage, cheese and one of those proper English muffins. Did I mention delicious rasher bacon? Oh, yes, please. Make that two. McDonald's new Mighty McMuffin, for just $3.95.

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was so lame, wasn't it? And congratulations to our three hourly winners: You've each won $1,000! We've got more hourly winners this morning. And at 7:10, we'll call the major winner. He or she will win $15,000! To enter, you need today's codeword: TREASURE. Now that you have it, call: Time for the news. Here's Nat. Good morning.

Grieving relatives of a young family killed in Canberra's weekend crash have blamed police for the tragedy. Scott Oppelaar, partner Samantha Ford and their baby son, Brodie, were all killed in Saturday's crash. A stolen car, driven by 23-year-old Justin Williams,

slammed into theirs in southern Canberra. He was also killed, while his girlfriend was critically injured. Police had been chasing Williams from over the border in New South Wales. Police are expected to lay charges against the mother of a 2-year-old Sydney girl found dead last night.

Officers were called to the house in Dulwich Hill in the inner-west at about 9:30. Detectives won't say how the little girl died but a post-mortem examination will be held later today. The child's 28-year-old mother is in police custody. More than 20 schools around Mackay in northern Queensland are closed today in the wake of Cyclone Ului. The Category 3 system tore through the region early yesterday morning, ripping down trees and knocking out powerlines. Lot of people, lot of friends have come from everywhere to help us. People just can't be more helpful. The State Emergency Service has taken more than 750 calls for help. A conference next month will look at the need for a national plan to stop children being bullied. Figures show 1-in-4 students is targeted in the playground, while another 10% are bullied online. Experts are urging parents to take a greater role

in protecting their children. What should be a fundamental skill that you teach your children? Help them make friends, invite children over to the house, help them make friends and connect with lots of different friendship groups, not just one best friend. A cyber-safety program is now running in 164 schools across Australia to help teachers deal with bullies and their victims. British Airways has reinstated some of its flights during day two of a strike by cabin crew. Airline management says more staff than expected turned up for work, allowing it to operate several flights it planned to cancel. But the union says the strike has hit BA hard. The facts are, far as United are concerned, are visible and that's the planes sitting at the side of the runway at Heathrow which should normally be flying. The British Government has demanded a swift end to the industrial dispute. UN chief Ban Ki-moon has slammed Israel In finance news:

The Dow Jones closed down on

Saturday morning. The IMF, Saturday morning. The IMF, the International Monetary Fund has put

out a warning to developed nations

they face acute challenges reigning

in debt and winding back stimulus

packages. Baseline Western Bulldogs forward Barry Hall has told Gary Ablett to grab the cash from the incoming Gold Coast franchise. Hall says the reported $1.5 million-a-year deal

is simply too good to refuse. It far outweighs what he is going to get at Geelong so if it was me, I know what I'd do. The midfielder is expected to make a decision in the next three months. Australia will be out for a quick kill when the first Test against New Zealand resumes this morning in Wellington. The Black Caps are 5/187 in their seconds innings, still 115 runs behind Australia's first innings. Doug Bollinger has seven wickets for the match. Jessicah Schipper has defied illness to win the 200m butterfly at Commonwealth Games trials overnight. Stephanie Rice capped off an impressive week with a win in the 400m medley. Veteran sprinter Ashley Callus qualified for his fourth Games with victory in the 50m freestyle. Manchester United has returned to the top of the English Premier League with a 2-1 win over Liverpool at Old Trafford this morning. Park Ji-Sung broke a 1-1 deadlock just prior to the hour mark. Chelsea is now four points behind United after being held to a 1-1 draw by Blackburn.

Grant Denyer has got all the morning

weather now at Prosperpine this

morning, up north. We do. All The

Good morning to you. We are in the

cyclone-ravaged area of Prosperpine,

just south of Airlie Beach, a lot of

residents waking up relieved it

residents waking up relieved it is over. It was a hairy couple of days,

many describeing the experience as

the scariest of their lives and the

sound was the most phenomenal things

as it passed over their heads,

as it passed over their heads, like having a 48 train over the house,

watching the windows bow in and out

for a long period of time. But they

are waking up to complete blackness,

50,000 homes are without power. A

lot of mixed information how long it

will take to get on, whether a day

or a week. But here asthe

Prosperpine School, a lots of

debris, a lot of debris. In the wake

of Ului. A lot of structural

of Ului. A lot of structural stuff has been avoided, which is good

apart from level homes or so that

have lost part of their roofs. There

will be heavy rain for central

Queensland and flooding but it the

rain hawse baited, the intensity as

we look at the weather this morning. Cool south-easterlies will spread scattered showers along the New South Wales coast, while a high clears southern Australia.

So, as we edz, Ului has now

So, as we edz, Ului has now reduced to a tropical low, it will drop down

another phase this afternoon to just

a rain depression, which is good

news. Terrific, catch you in half an

hour. How was the girls' weekend in

Melbourne Great, it was magic

weather. What did you get up to?

Lots of restaurants, eating, coffee,

lots of shopping. Being a bit cagey

about it all. That is sl I can tell

you. I know, we just want to know

the truth. I can tell you some great

restaurants. Thank you very much for

asking. If you saw Mel and the girls

out and you would like to file a

report. Maybe you were a bouncer at

a nightclub. Didn't go to a

nightclub, not like that or you

might want to maintain the silence

thank you very much. Joke of the

day. Hang on, can I hold this up for

him. Gary Welsh, he prefaces is by saying, "

saying, "Much Indian and white man

wisdom here, Tonto." If the nat

later scores you 3 or above you win

a TiVo and a multi cut lettuce. 1 or

2, you get a Snuggie and a multi cut

lettuce. Nice. According to Gary,

this is mystical deep and truly

beautiful. A man asked an American

Indian what was his wife's name and

he replied, " She called five

horses." And the man said, " horses." And the man said, "That is

a very unusual name for your wife.

What does it mean."

What does it mean." And the, " What does it mean." And the, "Indian

replied, it old Indian name, it

mean, nag nag, naing, nag, nag."

mean, nag nag, naing, nag, nag." A

TiVo and a multi cut lettuce coming

your way, congratulations! Next hour - rising music star Kesha talks to Fifi about her past life as a man. And we'll catch up with the final two teams in 'My Kitchen Rules'. But straight ahead - President Obama's massive healthcare reforms hangs in the balance. And catch us if you can -

the riot caught on camera, yet no-one's been arrested. What's wrong, love? My cholesterol results. Great! It's better than last time. All the oats in Oat Crisp must be helping. Yeah, great. Now I don't need to eat it anymore. (REO SPEEDWAGON'S 'KEEP ON LOVING' YOU PLAYS) SONG: # And I'm gonna keep on loving you # 'Cause it's the only... # David! David! You can still eat Oat Crisp even if your cholesterol's better, you know. VOICEOVER: Uncle Toby's Oat Crisp: Good morning, Melbourne.

That's a view through the Jetstar skycam. A morning shower and 22 today.

Good to see it is still in one

piece, after your girls' weekend

down there. Do enjoy your day today. Israel has been criticised by UN chief Ban Ki-moon for continuing to blockade the Gaza Strip. Mr Ban has accused the Jewish state of causing unacceptable suffering. But will the Israeli Government end the blockade? Let's ask our foreign editor, Dr Keith Suter.

Keith, how likely is it that Gaza's crossing points will be opened up?

Binyamin Netanyahu is a tough,

hornry old bloke, is he going to

take any notice of this? I don't

think he will take much notds what

the United Nations has to say but it

means there is continue pressure on

the Israeli government, particularly

not only over Gaza but the building

of the homes in the occupied

territories as well. The whole issue

aue has put the Middle East on the

front page. It slip said off in

terms of Afghanistan but the

Americans are realising they have

got to give far more attention to

Israel and Palestine. Israel is a

law to itself, it takes no notice of

anyone, not even the US these days.

You got to bear in mind Israel plfs

back is against the walls. They

cannot afford to lose the struggles.

The last time they lost a major

conflict was AD 70 and they lost

control of the land for 100 years.

They have got to play tough and win

every time. The most recent

every time. The most recent conflict they were held to a draw with Hamas.

So it was very traumatic for the

Israelies. They have got to keep the

pressure up with a view to never

losing a major view of a conflict in

the Middle East. That is

the Middle East. That isanning view.

Thank you. Moving on, and the US House of Representatives is voting today on President Barack Obama's healthcare reforms. How important is this vote to his presidency?

And are they sort of bringing in

their version of our Medicare, are

they? Well, it is the most important

point in the President's term in

office. He's had a bad first year,

he can redeem it all in the next few

hours if they are successful with

this vote. What they will end

this vote. What they will end up doing so providing health cover for

about 30 million Americans. It is

nowhere near as extensive here in

Australia or the Western world.

America is the only country in the

Western world without an adequate

national health care system. They

are moving closely slowly to it, he

will do something to the today, all

previous Presidents for the last 70

years have failed to do. If he can

score, it means he is a in good

position to be re-elected in

three-years. We will watch it

closely, these were live pictures of

the first step of the resolution of

the voting in the chamber. Thank you

for your time. Thank you. Victoria Police are yet to make any arrests

over a violent riot in suburban Melbourne. The whole thing was caught on camera. The main offenders are seen throwing flares and smashing a shop front and the video has been posted on the web. The 'Herald Sun' front page today urges people to dob them in. Our Melbourne correspondent, Nuala Hafner, joins us. Nuala, the video is there for everyone to see. What are police doing to track down those responsible?

That's right. 41

That's right. 41 of the paper That's right. 41 of the paper today, " That's right. 41 of the paper today,

"Catch these thugs." That is the

appeal, the police want to put the

message out, we have seen you and

you will be caught. On the front

page of the paper, the individual

whose took part of the trashing of

the front of the Bob Jane, one man

using his foot, another with a

street sign and a one with a

baseball bat, police are urging

culprits and their family and

friends to turn them in. It start said friends to turn them in. It start

said as a peaceful protest but it

turned nasty with a flare.

turned nasty with a flare. Some tried to cover their faceies with

hoodies and scarfs and caps but with

Facebook and YouTube and everyone

touting their own mobile phone and

camera, it is going to be a lot

easier for police to catch these

people. You would hope, it is

horrific vision. That is amazing.

Because you can see them plain as day there. Have you ever wanted to get fit, as well as make a difference? For a group of Australians, this is exactly what they aim to achieve. CanToo is a non-profit program that matches fitness incentives with fundraising for cancer research. Our very own Natalie Barr took a look at it. 7:00 Saturday morning. 75 men and women set off on an 8km training run. They're doing it for CanToo - a charity that does much more than raise money. Someone will come along that never imagines that they could achieve this goal, they move beyond their comfort zone, they meet a whole lot of like-minded people, they're given professional coaching and then they have the sort of pure joy and elation of crossing the finish line. Annie Crawford started the group five years ago. They train you for ocean swims or runs of 9km, half marathons or marathons. No more than two abreast! For Heath, life had got in the way of fitness when he joined CanToo. There's this incredible camaraderie that they develop almost the minute you walk through the gate on the first day. Actually, even before that - there's emails and notices and newsletters. The high five-ing, running around the track screaming at each other, shouting at each other "Go, CanToo!" Clare joined up for a very different reason. Unfortunately, it was quite tragic circumstances. My 37-year-old sister-in-law

was in her final stages of her fight with cancer and I felt really helpless just standing by watching her. Christine died, leaving a husband and 3 children, aged 7, 5 and 2. In five years, nearly 3,500 runners and swimmers have raised more than $4 million

funding researchers trying to find a cure for cancer - the disease that took Annie's father at the age of 51, leaving her mum with seven kids. I guess you never imagine that your father's gonna die and I can't really describe how devastating it was to our family. And amongst the physical transformations... Go, Dave - good finish! ..something else. Clare met Bradley during the marathon training last year. They get married next week.

Oh! It is a remarkable program, that

woman, Any Crawford does an amazing

thing. She wanted to raise money for

cancer and get people fit, not just

a dinner. So many people who have

done nothing in their lives are off

the couch. Eight groups in Brisbane,

three in Melbourne, Brisbane is

about to launch on 31 March, in a

week and they want to go nagz

national in three weeks. A win/ national in three weeks. A win/win.

We wul put the information on the

web site if you are interest said. I want to tell you about a story doing the rounds of the internet about the woman who went everywhere in her pyjamas for a day. 'That's Life' conducted the social experiement after a British supermarket chain banned people from shopping in their PJs. The magazine sent a reader out on the town in her pyjamas. She bought milk at the store, went to the chemist, dropped her kids at school. The reaction was mixed. Her daughter's teacher asked her if she'd slept in. Some shoppers stared and workers on a building site wolf-whistled. Would you go everywhere in your PJs? Nat would.

She does love putting them on

She does love putting them on early in the afternoon. I got a lot of

support can I just say last week. 4

o'clock in the middle of winter. I

have never worn them out. But what

are p JAMAs? A lot of people sleep

in an old T-shirt and trackies. So

what is that? Flan let pyjamas are

quite modest but you wouldn't go

unyour nighty sore something. Our

your tracky all day in the middle of

winter, is it okay.

winter, is it okay? Your Snuggie.

Trackies are okay. Would you wear

your PJs out and about, share your

views. On On other matters, female

footy comps. Being looked at

seriously. AFL looking a it mism

being kicked around for a while,

carry Ann said, "

carry Ann said, "I am female Male

and love my footy but it is male

sport on TV and I wouldn't watch

it." Whether you like it, it

different to if you would watch it.

I love netball but I wouldn't watch

it on TV. I wouldn't watch it on TV. it on TV. I wouldn't watch it on

TV.. Have you seen the males. It is

so aerobatic. Is it supposed to be

aerobatic? Netball? They jump. Yes.

Aerobatics is not a word you put

with netball. We playing the right

game? Just joking. Guys if you play

netball, not just mixed netball,

Alexander plays mixed netball with

Georgie but if you play on a blokes

team. Blokes on blokes. I have seen

the New South Wales' blokes team

play the New South Wales netball

squad. There is a serious men's

competition. And they are really

good. Just ahead - we're live to the cyclone damage zone in North Queensland. Plus, we'll ask whether the weekend State elections should worry Kevin Rudd.

Next up, though, this morning's major Cash Cow winner. Plus, news and weather details. With the rich, smooth blend of 100% Arabica beans... ..and milk expertly frothed by a barista, you'd expect nothing less than the perfect cappuccino. What you might not expect... (LAUGHS) where you'll find it. Kochie,, "

Kochie,, "Get a clue, Mel does not

want you talking about her girl's

weekend and any decent woman would

not write in to tell you, even if

they did see Mel and her friends on

the grog." She didn't say that! E

every decent woman would know,

without men, woult children, Kochie,

get over it. It was a mental health

break. She still loves you. Gees,

that is good for John, good morning.

I never meant it that way. Gosh! See

I shouldn't tell you anything about

my life. Help me out, change the

subject, movie producers have just

signed up the next Bond girl, who is

it An awesome choice if we are to

believe the reports, 'Slumdog

Millionaire' star, Freida Pinto

signed to costar in the next Bond

movie set in Afghanistan and

directed by Sam phepdies who

promises to reinvent the entire

genre. How many times can they

reinven Bond? He has got to keep

changing with the times. He is beautiful. Moving on, and why is Lady Gaga being sued?

You probably heard about this,

towards the end of last week, her ex

boyfriend is suing her for $

boyfriend is suing her for $30

million claiming he came up with the

stage name, Lady Gaga and cowrote

the material. You

the material. You don't mess with the Gaga, she has filed back with

her own counter suit, saying he

tricked her into signing the tract,

her lawyers are calling him

predatory and financially abusive.

So mun my money is on Lady Gaga. She

looks tough, you wouldn't want to

mix with her. Thank you, Nelson. Still to come: Battered and bruised - North Queensland cleans up after Cyclone Ului. We're live to the damage zone. Rudd Referendum - voters in two States smash Labor. Should the PM be worried? And pop star's past life - He told me that in my past life I was a very successful young man, which makes perfect sense that I was a dude. Kesha on who she used to be and what she wants to be. It's Monday 22 March, 2010. Right across Australia, this is Sunrise on Seven. From Brekky Central, here's Kochie and Mel. We're also about the giveaway more money from the Sunrise Cash Cow.

And soon, the push for a national Aussie Rules competition for women. Right now, though, it's time for the news of the day. Here's Nat. Good morning. Residents along the North Queensland coast are assessing the damage this morning in the wake of Cyclone Ului. Schools are closed and power remains out in some parts. The storm has caused millions of dollars' damage but locals say it could have been much worse. Many families are counting themselves lucky after the Category 3 cyclone tore limbs from trees and ripped roofs from homes. We survived, that's the main thing. Power is being restored to tens of thousands of homes.

But where trees have damaged the lines, it's going to take time. All we need now is a bit of power to keep the fridges cold, not get drinking warm beer. The State Emergency Service has received more than 750 calls for help and there's a big clean-up job ahead. There'll be a lot of rubbish to take to the dumps, a lot of green waste, so we'll be all hands on deck. Around Mackay, 18 State schools and three Catholic schools are closed today. The State Government is giving $170 per person or up to $780 per family

for emergency accommodation and food. The economic damage to the region's sugar cane, coal and tourism industries is still unknown. It's claimed the driver blamed for Canberra's deadly weekend crash was involved in a similar crash only ten 10 months ago. Justin Williams was behind the wheel of a stolen car being chased by police when it slammed into another car on Saturday night. He died in hospital. In the other car, Scott Oppelaar, partner Samantha Ford, and their baby son, Brodie were all killed. I purely blame police for it even if the driver was still alive,

you know, he's gettin' chased and that's what young people do. Skye Webbe, who was also in the stolen car, is critical in hospital. News Limited reports Juston Williams ended up in a coma after crashing a stolen car last May. Three cars have crashed in Melbourne right outside an ambulance base. The crash happened around 11:00 in Dandenong to Melbourne's south-east. Paramedics eating dinner heard it happen and ran outside. An elderly man was injured and taken to hospital. While another man has been questioned by police on possible drink-driving charges. Surgeon Jayant Patel will face a Brisbane court today charged with manslaughter. The 59-year-old is accused of three counts of manslaughter

and one of grievous bodily harm. All charges relate to Patel's time at Queensland's Bundaberg Hospital between 2003 and 2005. Up to 90 witnesses could be called during the trial. A volcano has erupted in southern Iceland, forcing hundreds of people to flee their homes.

Huge plumes of smoke are being fired into the air while lava pours from several craters. Hundreds are staying in refuge shelters. The area is on high alert for flash floods if surrounding glaciers melt. It's the first time the volcano's erupted in nearly 190 years. In finance news - the Dow Jones closed down on Friday.

Our markets finished stronger on

Friday. Talk to Friday. Talk

Friday. Talk today Arrow Energy is

going to accept the $

going to accept the $3.

going to accept the $3.4 billion

take yov from Royal Dutch Shell and

Petro China, around $ Petro China, around $4.

Petro China, around $4.70 a share. Time for sport. Manly coach Des Hasler has attacked NRL match officials following his side's dramatic 24-20 loss to Parramatta yesterday. The Sea Eagles coach was fuming at an Eels try awarded to Kris Keating that he says featured two forward passes. I'll personally pay for those two touchies to visit OPSM. In yesterday's other match, the Roosters ran in eight tries on the way to a 44-32 win over the Wests Tigers. Melbourne Victory's worst fears have been realised with scans confirming Archie Thompson will need a full knee reconstruction following his injury in the A-League Grand Final. The striker will be out of action for the rest of the year. Champions Sydney FC spent yesterday celebrating with their fans at the Domain. It's the Sky Blues' second A-League title.

Jess Schipper has overcome a bout of asthma coupled with a virus to book her ticket to the Delhi Commonwealth Games with a gutsy win in the 200m butterfly overnight. Stephanie Rice cruised to her eighth national title in the 400m medley, while evergreen sprinter Ashley Callus qualified for his fourth Commonwealth Games with victory in the 50m freestyle. Australia is just five wickets from victory heading into day four of the first Test against the Kiwis in Wellington. The home side is 5/187 in its second innings, still 115 runs from making Australia bat again. Doug Bollinger has seven wickets for the match and at one stage yesterday was so excited he kissed the VB logo on his shirt instead of the coat of arms.

But he loves them both, had is

great. Big news in the racing world,

race 9 as Bunbury paid $ race 9 as Bunbury paid $7. race 9 as Bunbury paid $7.80 with

the winner, Ride With Synchronise. A

little eerie driving into a very

black Prosperpine just south

black Prosperpine just south of Airlie Beach in the wake of Ului

which came through. It was kind of

eerie driving through the streets,

the lights down, complete silence,

the only noise was the coke of a

cane toad in the streets. There were

kids running around with torches,

relieved it is all over. Families

forced to spend the night indoors,

sharing stories over the night the

tropdle cyclone passed over the top

of their heads. We are waking up to

the greenery and shubry down. This

tree fell in the car park, rather

than the admin

than the admin building add the

school. So it might be closed down

for a week or so. A wild night,

farmers' crops have been flattened

but let's look at the forecast for

the rest of the country too. Increasing sunshine in Canberra. Shower or two in Warrnambool. Morning shower in Melbourne. And around Western Australia, chance of a shower in Albany. Chance of a storm in Geraldton.

Here is a couple of local terrors

who have come out to say G'day. The

family ran out on the phone to say

Sunrise is on. I was going to ask

what the experience was going

through the tropical cyclone went as

it went over their house and they

slept through it, so they have

slept through it, so they have have

nothing to tell us, 200km/h winds,

but they slept through it. Wave. See

you, Grant in the next half hour.

Time to give away cash? Yes. Why not. (LAUGHS) The Sunrise Cash Cow. The Cash Cow is about to be very generous. It's time to call today's major winner who'll pick up $15,000!

We are calling somebody in New South

Wales. Got them on the line yet?

Hello? Is that Shannon Hills? Yes it

is. My name is Kochie and Mel Doyle

would you like $

would you like $15,000 on this

Monday morning. You got it. 72

hello. You just won $

hello. You just won $15,000. Thank

you! $

you! $15,000. Wow. Here is $ you! $15,000. Wow. Here is $20 of

it. Good. Okay. He is excited. Took

a little while for the penny to drop

but it got there. Hopefully. We've got more cash winners at 7:30.

Thank you, Cow, we appreciate it. And to enter today's draw, you need today's codeword: TREASURE. Now that you have it, call: Thousands of Queensland homes are still without power and running water this morning after Cyclone Ului. The storm crossed the Queensland coast near Airlie Beach early yesterday, causing damage from the Whitsundays to Bowen. The region now faces a multimillion-dollar clean-up bill. Sunrise correspondent Michell Tapper has this special report. By the time Ului crossed the coast, it was a Category 3 system. 60,000 homes from the Whitsundays to Bowen were left without power after being lashed by 200km/h winds and battered by intense rainfall. The cyclone ripped up heavy trees. One narrowly missed the Singh's home. Oh, I was shocked about the tree, Like, I didn't think it'd go over because it's so big. We were sort of a bit excited at first but then when the wind started really howling before the power went out, it was a bit, a bit scary. The Pryor family lost almost everything. Big gum's cleaned up garage, boat, car. On the roads, motorists were forced to dodge fallen trees and snakes. While on the seas, dozens of yachts,

including Sydney-to-Hobart veteran 'Ragamuffin' were pummelled against rocks. Where was it moored? Ah...about 2km that way. We lost our shed and, yeah, the waves were pretty rough and stuff. Communities are now picking up the pieces and starting the multimillion-dollar clean-up. Michelle joins us now from Airlie Beach. That's the area that copped the most damage. Michelle, talk us through the aftermath.

And what everyone is waking up to

this Monday morning? Good morning,

Mel, everywhere you go you can see

the damage and destruction caused

the damage and destruction caused by Cyclone Ului. There are trues down

all over the place, some have been

ripped up from the roots, branches

strewn across the road. They

strewn across the road. They are doing a good job cleaning them up. I

at the water front in Airlie Beach

and two dozens yachts have been

washed up on shore, pretty badly

damaged, most are unigible. Some

roofs have been torn off by the

sheer force of the winds. Damage to

fences, walls and some windows have

shattered because of the strength of

the wind, which reached up to

200km/h early Sunday morning. It

destroyed a number of sugar.

destroyed a number of sugarcane

crops so hundreds of thousands of

dollars damage. Yesterday, 60,000

people were without power, today the

figure stands at 34,000 people.

Ergon Energy say they are doing the

best they can to restore leckticity

but they are concentrate ogthen

important facilities, police,

hospitals and fire brigades and then

the residents. Hopefully people

should have electricity later today

or early tomorrow. While the damage

is extense sqv quite severe,

emergency services minister Neil

Roberts said it is not as cat

trophic as he expected and he

trophic as he expected and he said it isargically a testament to the

community who prepared very well in

advance. What about the bill? We are

talking in the millions? Yes, and

the clean-up has well and truly

began but it is raining, hampering

the clean-up. Joining me is the

mayor, Mike Rbunker w-p sut is the

priority. Shoo we need power

priority. Shoo we need power to Airlie Beach and rospros. We have

possibility of running out of water

so we need people to conserve water.

At the present time, we with

At the present time, we with working

to make sure if they can't supply

power we will put on on on

generators. It is early to say but

any idea of the extent of the cost

and how long it will take to clean

up? We are straight into it. We were

at the airport last night, it looked

like a disaster zone so we had to

get the airport own open. With power

to the businesses they will be back

in action. Business will be open and

our staff will bout bee out and

about to help clean up. A lot of the

residents are into it now. It

residents are into it now. It is shoulder to the wheel, rubbish

dumperize open and people are taking

action. Okay, thank you, very much,

Mike, the Whitsundays mayor joining

us this morning. Back to you. So

much ahead, thank you very much for the update. State elections have seen a voter backlash in both Tasmania and South Australia. There were big swings away from Labor, making the results of both polls too close to call. So is this a sign of things to come on the national scene? Should Kevin Rudd be concerned? Chief political correspondent Mark Riley joins us now. Firstly, Mark, what's the latest from South Australia? Is Mike Rann officially the Labor premier for a third term?

He is thought there yet. Good

morning. The count I was looking at

has Labor projected to win 25 seats.

Two seats are too close to call, if

the Libs pick them up with will be

2320 with a hung parlment. The

recriminationerize beginning. The

environment minister saying he will

challenge the deppry premier for the

leadership, saying there is a

message from the electorate and they

want change and he is ilwithing to

bring that, positioning himself to

take over from Mike Rann if and when

he falls over. Very close in South

Australia and the squirrel griping

and head but sg beginning within

Labor. Do you reckon Mike Rann will

stay the term or he wanted to win

this and get out for a rush cushy

job in the diplomatic corps? I don't

know what sin his head but political

history will tell us it will be very

difficult for him to survive this

term with a very nary victory. To

political preservers here, he was

talking about the sweetest victory

of all, which is what Paul Keatinged

in 1973 and it was anything but and

the same. What about Tasmania, one

vote in five went to the Greens. Who

will get up? Will the Greens hold

the power. A strong vote for the

Greens, yfgs talking to Bob Brown

about the prepolling last week and

it has come through. It is, 10, 10

5, the Labor has had a massive swing

against it and towards the

and the Liberals. Both

against it and towards the Greens and the Liberals. David Bartlett and

the premier and Will Hodgman said

before the election they wouldn't

negotiate with the Greens but

negotiate with the Greens but now Will Hodgman is saying he will to do

a deal to take over government in

Tasmania. Because of the

complexities of the Hair Clarke

cysttime will take a while. There is

horse trading and the power of the

Greens are sign of things to come

federally. Speaking of the tpedz,

what message does it send? A strong

message. The culture is the winners

claim there is a strong message

frady and the losers say there isn't

but the truth is in but the truth is

but the truth is in the middle. The

consistent haemois the Labor brand

is on the decline nationally. We had

wall to waul Labor governments for a

while and now people are turning

against Labor, in South Australia,

personal issuewise the premier, but

an economy doing well, in Tasmania,

there was a stench about the

government there but the Labor

strategists federally are concerned

about damage to the brand. Vote rrz

smart, they knew when they smart, they knew when

smart, they knew when they went to

the ballot box knew they were

electing state governments but tlr

issues that transcend the borders

and I think Kevin Rudd will be

concerned about it. Bob Brown will

be thrilled what it says for the

greens and there are concerns in

some inner city seats, say,

Marrickville in Sydney where

Marrickville in Sydney where the Greens are strong and local

governments there and for the Libs,

encouraging for Tony Abbott people

are turning back to the Liberal

party in the states and he may

communicate federally but it will be

a different animal for the election

this year, the signs though, for

Labor are not good. Thank you. The wait for the 2010 AFL season is nearly over.

How will each team do this year? 2-time premiership captain, Tom Harley, has given us his preview of each side.

Today, he's looking at the Swans, Bulldogs and Saints. Well, it was almost the Year of the Saints in 2009

before they stumbled at the final hurdle. So, will the Saints come marching home this year?

The only thing the Saints didn't do

in 2009 was win the flag. It sounds

supersimpling but they only lost the

three games and the epic Grand Final

to the Cats. The time is now, it may

be the year they break their premiership be the year they break their premiership be the year they break their premiership drought. In 2005, the Swans reigned supreme, bringing the title to Sydney for the first time. So, are the Swans real contenders in 2010?

A lot of the football ecperts around

the country are predict agfurther

slide for the swans but I am a

chrontrary belief. I think for the

first time in five or six years

first time in five or six years with Paul Rooss at the helm he has put a

solid preseason and they are fitter

and stronger than they have been

before. Right at the cusp of the 8. Well, the Bulldogs are starting to bark and with a big new signing, could this be their year?

The question everyone asks me in the

football world will it be the year

of the Bulldogs. Barry Hall has been

the buzz player, providing

structure, I am tipping a Dogs and

Cats, final, there will be plent a

ey to cheer about at Whitton Ovalal mm And we'll stick with Aussie Rules for a moment because the AFL is considering a national women's league. Supporters say it could be up and running within 10 years. Jim, is there a place for a national women's AFL competition?

I think so. I have got no real

dramas with it. We have seen

competition in women's football,

that being songer, certainly there

are a lot of young women, teenagers

playing AFL at school level and

junior competition around the

nation. Why not? It is a male domain

but why can't the women have a

crack? Strong at junior level, I

think there is potential. You can't

disagree. It would be very

politically incorrect for me.

Disagree. Never stopped you before.

It is a perfect sport for

It is a perfect sport for women because it is Notte the body contact

of Rugby League or union. It

of Rugby League or union. It is

track and field orientated and we

have got fantastic female athletes

who are underutilised in the

country. It might encourage women to play country. It might encourage women to

play sport after school. Would you

watch it? Maybe not. Oh! Please come

off the fence. I would watch it in a

curtain raiser. You have never been

to a curtain raiser in your life!

One game left enround 2 of the NRL

with Canberra home to Brisbane. But the referees and linesmen have come in for criticism. Here's what Manly coach, Des Hasler, had to say after what appeared to be two forward passes that led to a Parramatta try.

I will personally pay, um, for those

two touchies to visit OPSM, rightio

and get a checkup, because I didn't

know we reverted to gridiron. Not

once, but twice. Bec, are there problems generally with the standard of refereeing this season?

Fair dinkum, this time every year,

week one, week two, week three, the

referees are the worst standard

ever. Have a look at this! It

happens in every game of footy,

every single round of the year.

Honestly, I think the best team won

yesterday. But if you are going to

weigh it up, the referees are doing

a pretty good job. It is not the

argument. The best team might have

won. He is a moaner. But at the

elite level, if two touch judges

can't pick up on that, as Desy said,

it it is like gridiron. I won the

tipping, pull your head in. We were

absorbed there. Beck, you got to watch it on

watch it on TV if you think

watch it on TV if you think the girls are good enough. I will,

Kochie, I will watch it. Don't cave

because he forces you. This week our friends at Accor are giving you a choice of stays in Singapore. Enjoy a free city tour, buffet breakfast and accommodation at either the Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel for $151, But hurry - this offer will sell out quickly. To book, visit Later this hour - the parents asked to remove photos of their 3-week-old baby from Facebook. You won't believe why. And soon, rising music star Kesha talks to Fifi about her inspiration and whether it comes from a past life. Next up, though, more Cash Cow winners. Plus, news and weather details. beautiful sunny day.. with a top of 24 in Canberra and Bungendore. There could be some showers in Goulburn.. 23 degrees. A push.. for locals to be more careful with how much water we use. Actew says while recent rain's been great for our dam levels and struggling farmers.. we need to be more vigilent. We used more than our daily target mostdays.. last week. Celebrations.. for one of our sports heroes. There'll be a street parade this afternoon.. to honour Queanbeyan's Mark Webber.. and his Formula One success. Mayor Tim Overall expects hundreds to turn out.. and show their support. And our Raiders gear up for their first home match of the season.. against the Broncos.. tonight. Josh Miller and Danny Gallea will watch the game from the sidelines.. they've been ruled out.. with injuries. I'll have more news.. at 11 o'clock. When you need advice on a project, it's always good to have a wise hand nearby. Hey, Dave! I've got a couple of options for that job. Ah! Mighty helpful. Mitre 10. Got a headache? Look to your stomach because not all Paracetamol

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