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(generated from captions) Church of Scientology says the

inquiry into Senate's rejection of an

inquiry into its activities is

a win for religious

freedom. Yesterday Independent

Senator Nick Xenophon failed in

a second attempt to have the

Senate look into allegations of

abuse and reaction within the

church, Nick Xenophon joins us

from Adelaide. Thanks for

joining us, your motion was

voted down, there was a

detectable change in mood and language from

language from those opposing

your inquiry. What do you think

they are really saying

think in terms of Chris Evans, the Leader of the Government in

Deputy Leader of the the Senate. And Eric Abetz, the

Opposition, the language has

changed. The Government's

position is slightly different.

They put up barriers in terms

of process last week. This week

they are saying that these are

serious concerns, they take them seriously,

them seriously, they want to

find a way forward for

grievances to be explored. It's

a fair summary of what the

Opposition said. I'm encouraged

by that. The motion went down. The Australian Greens supported

me on that. It went down to

34-6. I think that there is a

shift in the mood and the

language, I'll work on that

during the parliamentary break.

translates What do you think that

translates to. If they want to

find a way for you and others

to do what you have suggested

Parliamentary Inquiry some in this motion, maybe not a

other forum, is that what you

are thinking. Either different

terms of reference for

parliamentary inquiry, this is

not about religious freedom in

terms of what the Church of

Scientology say, I put in a

specific term of reference,

specific term of reference,

it's not to inquire into the

belief system, I am not

interested in what anyone

believes in, I'm interested in

the issue of behaviour. That's

what bothered the Government

and others as well, and the

Opposition that perhaps that

would open the door to other

inquiries into religions. Well,

that's right, and in terms of

religious believes, I don't

want to go down that path,

want to go down that path,

neither do the victims of

Scientology, some people feel

that they still believe some of

the ten and of Elran Hubbard,

they are entitled to do that,

but they have an issue with

behaviour and the way they were treated. Whether there are

other options in terms of an

independent inquiry that, could

be the best way forward. I

think the best way forward is

to have

to have a Senate Inquiry, if

the Government is willing to

look at other option, that may

be a way forward. After a

tortuous session, are you

comfortable with the result,

does the Government not deserve

to have major policy passed by

the Upper House. I am not

comfortable with the result. I

would have liked to have seen

the Senate sitting longer so we

Our job is to could deal with legislation.

Our job is to pass legislation

and amend it, amend or reject

it. They are the three options.

I think that we could do

better, but I think it's on the

Government's head in respect of

some of the agenda as well. For

instance, in relation to

Telstra, I support in broad

terms what the Government wants

to do with respect to breaking

up Telstra, that would be good

to consumers, many see it as

to consumers, many see it as

being linked to the NBN

legislation and Senator Conroy

hasn't released the NBN feasibility study,

ilplementation study. I agree

with the Greens, they have

reason to be narky that the

implementation study for a $43

billion invest. Has not been shown to the Australian

public. What is your take on

the South Australian election,

do you want to give

do you want to give us a

forecast. My forecast will be

less than useless. I think it

will be. Look, Labor has a big

buffer here. It will be close I

think Labor will sneak in with

a one seat majority, 24-23, 23

In South Australia we for the Opposition and others.

In South Australia we are

seeing the opposite of the Ken

effect. Kristina Keneally is

popular - Kristina Keneally is

personally popular, Mike Rann

isn't popular, is a bit on the

nose, but his party - people

don't feel the same way about

his party. I know there are

candidates keen it pick up your

votes from the last State

Election when you were in the

State party., where do you

State party., where do you MAJ

they'll go. I have no idea. -

where do you think they'll

go. I have no idea. I was

shocked at the 20% vote. I

think it was too many. I'm sure

others want a recount. That's

right. There were. The Greens,

Family First, a number of minor

parties, the Fair Land Tax

group, Save

group, Save the Royal Adelaide

Hospital, Dignity for the

Disabled are out there to pick

up votes. Always good to talk