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(generated from captions) his policies to fruition, which

people seem to forget won't

happen overnight. Very

interesting. The opposition has

raised questions as you're

aware, we've been reporting this morning about the government's ability to train

thousands of extra GPs under

its new health reforms. Tony

Abbott says Kevin Rudd will

have trouble getting support if the weekend negotiations with

the States are anything to go

by. For more the opposition's health spokesman Peter Dutton

joins us now from Canberra.

Good morning. Firstly you

accused Kevin Rudd of running

away from the Stateses, now

you're accusing him of bullying

them. You can't have it both

ways, can you? What we've seen

is a good cop, bad cop routine.

The Health Minister is in there

talking meekly to the State

Health Ministers but the Prime

Minister is out there beating

his chest, clenching his fist

looking away from the New South

Wales premier and that

ridiculous footage on the

weekend there is a whole lot of politics being played Friday

the Prime Minister here. What's

really going on is the Prime

Minister is desperate to

distance himself from New South

Wales Labor. This is a way he

has decided to do it. That

sort of performance with

Christina Kennelly is leading to his drop in the

polls? People see the detail of the health plan announced last

week at the time that Newspoll week at the time that Newspoll

was being taken. His numbers

have dropped over that period. When the Prime Minister was

front and centre in the media

last week and people saw more

of him his numbers dropped. I

think it's largely because they believe that just like

insulation and every other

announcement that the government has made over the

last two years, they have these

grand announcement bus they're

not able to deliver. People

want to see delivery, particularly in relation to health, I don't think people believe that Kevin Rudd can

actually deliver on these

promises. It seems all the

medical groups are very

supportive of this latest plan announced yesterday. Surely

you've got to come up with a

better come back than they won't be able to deliver

it? We're supportive of it,

too, if they can deliver it. I

tell you why we're sceptical

that they can. The 36 GP

superclinics many promised 2.5

years ago, they've delivered

two. If you look at bringing

nurses back into the work

force, a number of 7,500, a

grand announcement, they've

brought 500 back. If you look

at their promises in relation

to private health,

opthalmology, all of these

issues have been broken

promises. They make these grand

media announcements and the

Prime Minister loves to traipse

around the country, but in the

end, it's about delivery and we

just don't think the Rudd

Government is capable of

delivering. But this is a man you --

a plan you would initiate yourself? These doctors haven't

just been trained over the last

to years, Joe, since Kevin Rudd was elected Prime Minister. On

the one hand the government

tries to push this phoney line

that Tony Abbott pulled a

billion dollars out of health.

At the same time, we're seeing

a record number of graduates

coming through medical schools,

Tony Abbott set up nine new

medical schools, thousands of

doctors who are coming through

now tea the government is

providing these training places

for, they were places in

universitys that Tony Abbott create ed a number of years

ago. What you don't hear in

Nicola Roxon's speeches or

Kevin Rudd's speeches about all

of these new training place

they're having to create is

credit that should be given to

Tony Abbott for having created

these places in universities

five, six, seven, eight years

ago so that people could

graduate today. That's the big

flaw in the Prime Minister's

proposal. These doctors are

coming on-line because Tony

Abbott created the places for

them when he was Health

Minister. Why has shadow

Cabinet reversed its position

on quarantining welfare payments across the

nation? What we've said is is

that we believe there should be

a system that operates across

the country where there's

quarantining of available,

where there's a more disciplined approach in

relation to welfare. We believe

very strongly as we did in government in the intervention

and the way in which that has

made a tangible difference in

the lives of Aboriginal

families, in particular for

women within knows communities

and of course children as well,

we want to make sure that the

government doesn't water down

the process but pat the the --

but at the same time we want to make sure the situation applies

in other families as well. I

think it shows we're e very

serious about delivering

welfare to those most in need

but clamping down on those who