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Hello, I'm Natarsha Belling,

welcome to Ten News.

Tonight - the fairytale is over -

Lara Bingle and Michael Clarke call

off their engagement.

Barack Obama delays his trip to

Australia - and he's leaving

Michelle and the girls at home.

And the Government's push to buy

no-name groceries, but will it push

up their prices?

But first, the glamour couple of

Michael Clarke and Lara Bingle is

no more. Their management has

confirmed their engagement has been

called off. Ten reporter Brett

Mason is outside their Bondi

apartment. Brett, it all ended with

a phone call? That is right. We

understand the decision to end the

relationship was made last night

when the couple spoke by telephone.

Their managers moved quickly to Their managers moved quickly to

make that announcement publicly.

Here in Bondi the couple have only

emerged briefly today. Michael

Clarke left at about 9am. He had

earlier gone for a run of the beach.

We have not seen Lara today. We

spotted her yesterday getting her

nails done. Knows side of her today.

No-one was surprised. It's

incredible it's taken so long. I

think Michael's really upset, you think Michael's really upset, you

know, it's hard when you really

love someone and it's untenable. So

where to now for the pair?

The challenge is to rebuild their

lives. An energy drink company

which had reportedly paid the

couple a six-figure sum has said

they do not reflect the values of

that brand. Commentators say Lara

is young enough to reinvent itself.

We seem to have a few problems with

Bondi. the sound. Thanks, Brett Mason at

The American President has delayed

his visit to Australia. Reporter

Amanda Hart joins us from Canberra.

Amanda, we'll have to wait a few

more days to see Barack Obama? He more days to see Barack Obama? He will

will be flying out three days later

than originally planned, leaving

the State of 21st March. The hold-

up has been getting vital

healthcare reform through the healthcare reform through the

American House of reps. Here is

what a White House spokesman had to

say. It would be helpful to have a

few extra days here talking to

members, but they also agreed that

this was an extremely important this was an extremely important

trip for the United States of

America. His schedule is not

expected to change. He will fly to

Indonesian first and then on to

Australia. There is no word on

whether this will affect his

address to Federal Parliament. The address to Federal Parliament. The

trip is aimed to revive US-Asia-

Pacific policy and is expected to

talk to Kevin Rudd about defence

and security. Unfortunately the

first family will not be joining

him? That is right. It is a bit of

a blow to people watch us and could

take the gloss off his visit. The

trip was timed to coincide with

American school holidays but now

that would be happening. -- will

not be happening. Thanks, Amanda

Hart in Canberra. Kevin Rudd says

he sympathises with the US

President as he's also trying to get health reforms passed.

Today, the PM was in Queensland

continuing his hospital hard-sell.

Back in his home town of Brisbane

but it appears the PM has few fans.

COMMENTATOR: Forget the footy fans,

it's the State premiers he's trying

to win over in his ambitious plan

to take over the majority funding

of hospitals and have them run

locally. Health and hospital costs

are out there going through the

roof, crushing State and territory

budgets over time. The Australian

Government must step in to reform

the system and to fund the system. Queensland's Premier is not completely convinced. We still want

to see a lot of detail. But she

says the meeting was productive,

suggesting agreement is just a

matter of time. We want to make

sure no matter where you live in

Queensland you have a health system

that works. It was obvious in the

body language he was not there to

listen. He was there to dictate.

The Premier described her house

agent, but throughout the meeting.

I am pretty confident that my

husband knows what colour my eyes

are at that his own -- the only bad

I am concerned about. -- man.

Despite the States' reluctance, Mr

Rudd is determined to get his

hospital reform plan through. He

flies to Melbourne tomorrow where

he'll face the toughest critic,

Victorian Premier John Brumby. The

PM hopeful he'll have consensus

before April's Coag meeting.

A woman is dead and a firefighter

is in hospital after a blaze at a

Gold Coast unit block. Paramedics

revived the man before he was

rushed to hospital under police

escort. The fire was fast and

fierce. I was in a deep sleep and

all I heard was big explosion, like

broken windows. People playing

tennis next door saw the smoke.

Then a woman yelling for help. She

wasn't OK. I said, "You have to get

out, it's a fire", and she just

didn't know what to do. She was in

her bedroom on the second storey. I

repeated, "Your house is on fire.

Get out!" and she uttered something

and ducked back inside the smoke.

The flame just engulfed that room.

Her neighbour tried to save her.

There was already fire and all of

the glasses were falling from her

window so I couldn't go from that

side. Firefighters worked

desperately to douse the flames.

Then their attention turned to one

of their own. He looked like he was

just very hot, he went to go for a

drink and one minute he was upright

and then I watched him go down and

he just smacked his head on the

ground. Paramedics revived him

before he was rushed to hospital

under police escort. Doctors say

he's now stable and breathing on

his own. Minutes before he

collapsed the firefighter was

inside the house trying to find the

missing woman. We know her very

happened. well but we don't know what

And 92-year-old Sydney woman has

been charged with murdering her 98-

year-old husband. Ambulance crews

were called. They found extensive

blood stains. The parents of an

Indian toddler found dead in

Melbourne say their son's sudden

dream. death shattered their Australian

Gurshan Singh's parents have held

an intimate memorial before they

make the heartbreaking journey home

to India. As Gurshan's tiny coffin

left the chapel, three doves were

released - one for each year of his

life. We came to Australia for a

better family life with our lovely

and bubbly son Gurshan. But destiny

had something else in mind. The

intimate and simple service was

attended by close family and

friends who sat by the open casket,

united in grief. No words will help

you to understand this loss. The

entire Victorian and Australian

community stands shoulder to

shoulder with the family. Gurshan's

body was discovered on the side of

road nine days ago. A 23-year-old

man, who was living with the Channa

family, has been charged and

remains in custody. We are thankful

to all of Australia, especially

Victoria Police. After mourners

scattered petals into the small

casket it was loaded into the

hearse, for the next stage in the

toddler's journey home. We would

like everyone to pray so God might

bless us with him again, thank you.

Gurshan's parents are expected to

fly home to India in the next 24

hours. But they plan to return to

Melbourne in honour of their son's

memory. They came along with a

dream, so at least let them

complete that dream.

Shoppers are being urged to buy

home brand products at the

supermarket. The Federal Government

says families can make big savings

by buying generic, but the experts

warn it will mean higher prices in

the long run.

Shoppers may have known it for a

long time but it seems this is news

to the Federal Government. Consumer

Affairs Minister Dr Craig Emerson

today issued a press release

telling shoppers they can save

money buying generic brands. The

eggs come out of the same chooks.

They're the same price, that's what

I'm talking about, but you can get

them at half price by going for the

home brands. Treasury analysed the

prices for 25 items, comparing home

brand milk, eggs and sugar against

the brand versions. It found a

family of five could save up to

$450 a year by buying the generic.

Or a $275 saving for a family of

three. You don't have to be an

economist to know that home brands

can save you substantial amounts of

money. It's left the Minister for

Competition Policy sounding more

like a salesman for the supermarket

chains. There's an opportunity to

make savings. Why not take

advantage of those savings? But

consumer experts warn it's simply

not that simple. The more often we

reach for the generic home brands,

the more expensive they'll become.

We would be concerned if there was

an "approved by" treasury logo on

every home brand product. I mean,

there is a cost to using home

brands. They do entrench the

supermarkets' power and

profitability. But that longer-term

view isn't such a concern to

government. I don't know if it will

go up in the future or not but

there's no harm switching now.

The motorway pile-up that's going

to take a long time to clean up. It's all in the box.

This program is captioned live. Two

men have drowned in a surf ski

accident on a lake in Brisbane. The

men of Columbian descent went for a

paddle at Forest Lake early this

morning. Their bodies were found

floating shortly after 9:00.

Locals' desperate attempts to

revive them failed. It is such a

beautiful idyllic location and they

have gone out on a surf ski and

something tragic has happened where

they have both ended up in the

water. The men were not wearing

life jackets.

Nicolas Sarkozy has reacted angrily

to questions about his private life.

He berated a journalist who quizzed

him about rumours he and his wife

have been having extra-marital affairs.

It all started with smiling faces.

Nothing wrong with Anglo-French

relations them? But what about

their relationship? The State of

Nicolas Sarkozy's marriage to Carla

Bruni was not on the agenda at a

press conference at Downing Street.

He expected questions on diplomacy

bat an undiplomatic query removed

his smile. He was asked to comment

on internet rumours that he and his

wife have been having affairs.

TRANSLATION: You must know very

little about what the President of

the Republic has to do all day. I

certainly don't have time to deal

with these ridiculous rumours. I

don't even know why you use your

speaking voice to put such an idiotic

idiotic question. The room that is

rumoured to be a deliberate hoax by

a journalist. Despite the denial,

the story has spread on the

internet an the British media. The

President did not expect such

subjects at an official press conference.

Toyota's woes in the US continue

with a class action lawsuit filed

against the company. Attorneys for

a group of plaintiffs allege Toyota knowingly sold vehicles with

defects that caused them to

accelerate uncontrollably. And they accelerate uncontrollably. And they

say the company hid the evidence.

Did Toyota, in their relentless

pursuit to become the number one

car-maker in the United States, put

profit over people? Unintended

acceleration in Toyotas has been

linked to at least five crash deaths in the US.

A very rough day for some drivers

on Germany's famed Autobahn network.

171 vehicles were involved in a

pile-up that stretched for a

kilometre in the southern state of

Bavaria. The accidents injured

almost 20, one seriously, and were

caused by a spring snowstorm and

thick fog. The pile-up caused major

delays as authorities shut down the

road in both directions to clean up the mess.

Up next, firefighters in Essex our

battle to stop a factory blaze from

spreading. And making money on the

net - the people using YouTube to

pay the bills. And I always say, "Try Avon."

A scuba diver has died while

exploring a sinkhole in SA. Police

say he might have become

disorientated. A friend tried to

help but was forced to surface. The

person who is missing I believe got

into very serious troubles and

there was a struggle and the

survivor did everything he could.

He was really heroic in his efforts.

He got to the point where he had to

save himself or we would have been looking for two bodies.

Fire has destroyed a factory in

western Sydney. The roof of the rag

and material exchange business

collapsed as flames ripped through

the building. Ten fire brigade

crews were needed to fight the

blaze, which started at 2:00am and

took six hours to be brought under

control. The owner of the business

had insured the building but not

its contents, including expensive machinery.

YouTube has developed vastly over

the last five years. It has

developed from a way to simply

express yourself to becoming a way

for the President of the United

States to communicate with the

people. And now, some are using

YouTube to pay the bills.

If the set does not look glamourous

it is because he is shooting from

his bachelor pad. It is a living. I

was unemployed for eight or nine

months, trying to figure out what

my next move would be. That is when

he realised that his hobby, YouTube,

could also be his job. Will his the

YouTube partner which means that

Google runs ads on his videos.

Every time a viewer clicks on he

gets paid a tiny piece of the

revenue. Some partners pull in a

six-figure pay cheque. Will is not

there yet but his product draws him

100,000 subscribers. To get started

all you need is a computer and

internet connection and awaited

film yourself. I aim to buy a house

to live the American Dream On Line.

He says it is all a matter of time and viewers.

Tens of thousands of motorsport

fans have converged on Adelaide's

East Parklands for the Clipsal 500

V8 supercar extravaganza. While

most are locals, the event also

attracts its fair share of car- crazy interstate and overseas tourists.

Even if you aren't a diehard petrol

head, there's no doubt the Clipsal

500 is a star event on the V8

supercar calendar. It's won

numerous awards as the best of its

type anywhere in the world. For

many interstate and overseas

visitors it's an annual highlight.

This Perth fan hasn't missed a race

in five years. Can't beat the

street circuits. It's definitely

better here. Just the liveliness of

it, it just pumps. It's great. The

thumbs up also from a Kiwi. I think

the excitement of the cars and the

variety of racing here and Adelaide

as a city is just so much fun. A Canberra enthusiast rates the Clipsal higher than Melbourne's

Grand Prix. Look, I think this is

much better. Such a diversity of

people, and you know they're all

enjoying themselves. Like going to

Disneyland. The action held in

perfect conditions, a mild to warm

day with hardly a cloud in the sky.

Two years ago this event attracted

a record 291,000 people over four

days. Organisers expect this

weekend's crowd to match last

year's figure of more than 270,000.

Whatever the number, the event is

again proving it's an enormous crowd-pleaser.

The weather's next and then it's

Sports Tonight with Rob Canning and,

Rob, the rugby league season is

under way. Yes,

Yes, two thrilling games tonight -

the Dragons and Eels, plus the Cows

and Bronx. Sports Tonight starts in

five minutes.

Can the Aussies maintain the pain

on the black cabs?

Michael Schumacher is back.

A quick

A quick look at the weather.

Possible showers for Cairns and

Brisbane as well as on the gold and

Brisbane as well as on the gold and

Sunshine Coast. Showers for Sydney. Queenslanders have been tipping

their hats to the patron saint of

Ireland, doing their utmost to

celebrate their ancestry. More than

10,000 lined the city streets and

packed pubs to party four days

early. The official St Pat's Day is on Wednesday.

That brings you up to date with the

latest news. Stay around for Sports

Tonight with Rob Canning. Good

evening. Supertext captions by Red

Bee Media Australia,

The This program is captioned live.

Hello - I'm Rob Canning, welcome to

a gigantic episode of Toyota Sports

tonight. We've got variety and

diversity for you - our ST society.

We're always looking to bring you

the very best athletes out there.

Those who excel in the ocean or

slice up the snow.

There's those who perform on the

pine on a pitch on blades of grass.

And then there's the speed freaks!

We've got pace today as the F1

season revs into gear! And Michael

Schumacher is back! Two cracking

games to start the NRL season.