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(generated from captions) celebrating news The Church of Scientology is tonight of a Senate inquiry. it will not be the subject Senators joined forces Today, Government and Opposition from facing it's victims to save the controversial church and outraged. who have been left confused Bryan Seymour speaks to one of them. would've turned 11 - My daughter Lauren

turned 10, I should say. No, she would've been 11. since we lost her. It's been 10 years And my daughter Kirsty... ..she'd be about eight. Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbot What's happened here today is that the victims of Scientology have walked away from with very serious allegations -

child labour abuses, allegations of forced abortions, people losing their life savings - families being split apart, and effectively, they have said "We're not interested in this, to this". "we're going to turn a blind eye one of those victims Paul Schofield was three months ago. who first spoke out on this program let's investigate. Mr Rudd, Mr Abbott,

and find out the truth. Let's actually do something Don't take my word for it, word for it. don't take Scientology's Let's get to the bottom of it. in separate tragic accidents. Both of Paul's little girls died

then convinced him He claims the Church of Scientology to lie to the police and the coroner to avoid scrutiny -

a claim Scientology flatly denies.

through the criminal system. You can't run all these things every little, individual allegation. You could back it up for 20 years, investigation in the Senate. It needs a big, broad, fair and just the Liberal-National Opposition Today, the Labor Government and in support of Scientology. both came out

whose party supports an inquiry, Greens senator Christine Milne, was furious. They don't want to be investigated,

their tax status questioned they don't want to have shut down the idea and so they're trying to

should look into what is a cult. that the Australian Parliament revealed Liberal Senator Corey Bernardi

the reason the inquiry was blocked.

made that very, very clear, In Senator Milne's eyes, and she's a religious organisation. it is really after about going after

I don't think that's healthy. can or cannot believe in, This is not about what people and that is the key issue this is about how people behave is completely misrepresenting and for anyone to suggest otherwise is meant to be about. and misstating what this inquiry to do anything it likes - No group should be allowed

even a religion, he says, because they don't have to pay tax - adding that Scientology thrives here

we all pay it for them.

We need to look at that. if the very reasonable tests We need to look at that and see that apply in the UK here. should apply to this organisation a successful public benefit test The United Kingdom has introduced if you don't want to pay any tax, that ensures more good than harm. you have to actually do some good - It's not over yet. week after week that the Senate sits I'll keep bringing this back on

get it right. until the major parties they're glad to hear that, The victims of the cult say many today letting us know children and families suffering they're determined to stop other in the name of Scientology. have come forward Too many good people making serious allegations. been damaged, Too many people who have been destroyed, whose lives have in some cases

have come forward and they deserve an inquiry. for something like this, If politicians aren't here what are we here for? going to do about it? What are you Sweep it under the carpet? that will not go away. This is an issue What I say to Paul Schofield of Scientology that has come forward and every other victim is that it's not over. aren't willing to speak publicly. I have a lot of friends who to a Senate inquiry. They will speak

Brian Seymour reporting. Professor Patrick McGorrie And Australian of the Year, has condemned today's decision,

to reconsider. calling on the politicians