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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. This morning - of holding his pregnant girlfriend a Brisbane man accused at knifepoint. in earthquake-ravaged Chile. Violent aftershocks cause panic suspected in Sydney house fire. Recently installed insulation stunning return to the catwalk. And Elle Macpherson's with Natalie Barr. VOICEOVER: This is Seven Early News his pregnant girlfriend hostage A man accused of holding

at knifepoint near Brisbane today. will face court And a warning, are confronting. the pictures we're about to show was seen pulling the woman's hair The 28-year-old man and holding a knife to her throat at a house in Brisbane's south. Police negotiators were called in. and nearby homes evacuated. Busy Beenleigh Road was blocked off police promised him a cigarette. The man eventually surrendered when

and their unborn child are safe. His girlfriend It's a horrible thing you know. Well, she's got out safe and that to himself. and hopefully he'll wake up had earlier been arguing over money. Neighbours claim the couple of charges, The man is facing a number including assault and torture. strong aftershocks overnight - Chile has been hit by three

on the Richter scale. one measuring 7.2 114kms south of Valparaiso. The main tremor was centred around was being sworn in It struck as Sebastian Pinera as the country's new President. as panic-stricken locals, Parliament was evacuated still edgy after the February quake,

ran into the streets. for coastal areas. A tsunami alert has been issued of an Australian sailor, And the family since the first Chile quake, who's been missing off South America

has appealed for help to find him. from the Gold Coast Mitchell Westlake when the quake struck. was on a yacht headed for Chile The boat is now two weeks overdue. by a tsunami. It's feared it may have been sunk

or something, If you're hit with a 40-foot wave and you're near land, have you. well you haven't got much chance any trace of the yacht. Chilean authorities haven't found last night A toddler was left fighting for life near Mandurah, south of Perth. after being run over by a taxi behind a cab yesterday The 22-month-old was playing outside a home. when it reversed

Princess Margaret Hospital. She was taken to

The driver says just before it happened. the yard was full of children when you see 15-20 kids around. A taxi driver's worst nightmare - witnesses, Police are still interviewing to be a tragic accident. but say it appears begins today A formal defence inquiry into allegations of sex betting

Navy's biggest ships. on board one of the Royal Australian to reveal the scandal, Seven News was first from HMAS 'Success'. which saw sailors removed has more. Political reporter Andrew Greene by claims Last year the navy was rocked HMAS 'Success' that some male officers on board 'sex ledger'. were running a so-called

dollar values It's alleged they had written down female crew members. for sleeping with of the allegations, When the ship's captain learnt were immediately sent home several sailors and an investigation was launched. But the defence department in the investigation later discovered flaws from one of the sailors involved. after complaints the chief of the defence force Last month, of inquiry into the affair. ordered a formal commission

Judge Roger Gyles QC And today retired in Sydney. will begin public hearings betting allegations He's been asked to examine the sex of the complaints. and also the navy's handling that this latest inquiry The Defence Minister has promised will be thorough, but the Opposition says in the military justice system. the scandal has exposed deep flaws It's back to you.

Insulation is being investigated of a house fire in Sydney's west. as the possible cause Firefighters say Merrylands home yesterday afternoon the blaze started in the roof of the and quickly spread. rushed in with a garden hose An off-duty police officer

but was forced back by the smoke. stations to put out the fire. It took fire crews from three Authorities say the roof within the last 4 months. fibreglass batts were installed in

Star AFL midfielder Ben Cousins more tests today, is expected to have in hospital. after spending the night with stomach pains. The 31-year-old was admitted Officials at his club Richmond say it doesn't look too serious, to make sure. but doctors will do a few tests Cousins has been all but ruled-out final preseason match of the Tigers'

against Essendon tomorrow. is expected to be arrested A Sea Shepherd anti-whaling activist in Japan today. of the 'Ady Gill' Peter Bethune was in charge with a Japanese whaling vessel when it collided in the Southern Ocean in January. the 'Shonan Maru 2' Last month the New Zealander boarded of the captain, and tried to make a citizens arrest for attempted murder. He's been held on board ever since

and when it arrives in Tokyo today, of trespass. is set to be arrested on suspicion will end speculation today It's hoped Michael Clarke with Lara Bingle. about his relationship is reportedly preparing The Australian cricket vice-captain about their future. to make a public statement breakfast Yesterday he was seen having Anthony Bell. with accountant and friend Family Law experts believe

are safe Clarke's multimillion dollar assets their separate ways. if the couple go

(BLEEP) out of the way (BLEEP) BLARES) (BLEEP) out of the way (BLEEP) (HORN $6 million Bondi beach apartment Bingle has moved out of Clarke's with a friend. and has been staying nearby Supermodel Elle Macpherson has made a stunning return to the international catwalk. Elle was asked by designer Marc Jacobs to model in the Louis Vuitton show, which closed Paris Fashion Week. The 46-year-old showed she's definitely still 'The Body'. It was a brave move from him to ask somebody who wasn't 15 to do the show and I felt like I wanted to support him and support the concept that there's all different sorts of beauty in this show today.

There are rumours Elle will continue her runway success and star in Louis Vuitton's next ad campaign. The Simpson Desert is normally a sparse, desolate place. But right now, animals, rivers and even fish are springing to life there, thanks to a once-in-a-decade event. It is a sight to behold. Normally a landscape of red sand dunes,

the Simpson Desert is coming alive. Not only has the rain fallen in the catchments,

it's fallen across the broader landscape, through the dune fields and the ranges, most of the claypans. This is Ethabuka Reserve. The arid zone, with an average annual rainfall of just 130mm - you'd never know it now. The water's mainly come from floods two weeks ago in western Queensland, around Bedourie and Birdsville. Now, in the desert, rivers are running. Waterholes are full, bird numbers are increasing.

We're almost certain that this sort of flooding and rainfall will induce a real increase in the vegetation and the native animal numbers. And fish - in dry times, the nearest waterhole is more than 300km away. The fish will complete a remarkable migration from there, along the now-flowing Mulligan River, to here.

Up to eight species of fish will basically go mad and colonise this usually dry river. So in a really big year like this, after this big 2010 flood,

we'd be really interested to see what goes up there. A breathtaking spectacle

and it mightn't happen for another decade. Now for your first look at Friday's weather - a few showers for Brisbane. Isolated showers also in Sydney.

Canberra will be partly cloudy. Melbourne, fine and sunny. A fine day expected for Hobart. Sunny too in Adelaide. A scorcher expected for Perth. And late showers and storms forecast in Darwin. Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - the Prime Minister live in the studio answering your questions. But next on Seven Early News - the drug giving new hope to sufferers of a debilitating skin condition. And, the latest on Sydney's miracle baby elephant.

Sydney's miracle baby elephant, nicknamed Mr Shuffles, will remain off limits to the public today,

as he continues improving after his difficult birth. Zookeepers have been amazed by his progress but say he's still vulnerable. Mum Porntip seems delighted with her new calf, but last year's arrival Luk Chai is being kept at a safe distance, for now.

As any parent knows when you bring home a newborn the enthusiasm of the other children is something to watch for. Mr Shuffles will eventually be given a proper Thai name. You can leave your suggestions on the Seven News website. A British Airways worker has appeared in a London court charged with plotting suicide attacks. Police say Rajib Karim used his airline job to advise foreign terrorists

on airport security measures. The 30-year-old computer expert is also accused of raising funds for terrorism and volunteering to recruit suicide bombers.

He didn't enter a plea or apply for bail. Rock legends Pink Floyd have won a High Court battle in London against their long-time record label over online sales. They wanted EMI to stop splitting up their albums

and selling individual songs on the net. A Judge agreed and ordered the record company to pay nearly $100,000 in costs. Your first finance this Early News -

Thousands of Australians suffering a debilitating skin condition, now have access to a life-changing drug. A new biological therapy for psoriasis has been listed on the pharmaceutical benefits scheme, which has shown amazing results. 25-year-old Andrew Lea has lived with psoriasis for eight years, with itchy scaly skin flaking from his body. You might leave something behind on a chair or at home and it can be quite embarrassing.

But for the first time in eight years, his skin is relatively clear. Since November, Andrew has been using a new biological therapy called STELARA and the results have been staggering It's given back my life, pretty much. Helen Bastian has spent a lifetime hiding her skin. She says psoriasis is not only a skin condition, it affects a patients deeply on the inside. The psychological aspect of not being happy in your own skin

can lead to depression. For hundreds of thousands of Australians, psoriasis is a lifelong companion. It is a disease that can be treated but will never go away. But treatment with the self-injectable STELARA is changing lives. Not only does it help their skin but it helps them psychologically. No-one likes having to vacuum the bed every day, change the sheets because of the blood from scratching overnight.

Stelara is now available by script for patients where other treatments have failed. Upper respiratory infections are believed to be the only side-effect from using Stelara. Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - a special report on the future of Australia's population, housing and jobs. But next on Seven Early News - The Kookaburras win through to the final at the Hockey World Cup. And Australia wraps up the Chappell-Hadlee trophy series in Auckland.

The stories we're following on the Early News - A man accused of holding his pregnant girlfriend hostage at knifepoint will face court near Brisbane today. Chile has been hit by three strong aftershocks overnight, one measuring 7.2 on the Richter scale. And insulation is being investigated

as the possible cause of a house fire in Sydney's west.

Now it's over to Mark Beretta with all the day's sport.

Welcome to a magnificent weekend in Adelaide. Australia has retained the Chappell-Hadlee trophy with a 6-wicket win over New Zealand in Auckland overnight. In a rain-shortened encounter,

Cameron White guided the visitors past their adjusted target of 200 with an unbeaten half-century. Rain reduced Australia's target to 200 from 34 overs

and Shane Bond reduced Brad Haddin's stay to two balls. COMMENTATOR: Edged gone! The perfect start for New Zealand. Ricky Ponting was lucky to survive an LBW shout and made the most of his good fortune. That'll be six! Dan Vettori gave the Black Caps hope, claiming Shane Watson and Ponting in quick succession. But Cameron White quickly put the Kiwi skipper back in his box.

That is as pretty a stroke as you're likely to see. Adam Voges also got in on the act, until falling to a sharp one-hander from Vettori. Should be out. Is out! The wicket did nothing to slow Australia's momentum with man of the match White and Mike Hussey sealing a 3-1 series win.

Whity's been terrific for us at

finishing games off. He showed his

maturity, I thought. It was Nathan Hauritz who turned the match with the scalp of Brendan McCullum. The Black Caps went from 1/120, to 238 all-out, on the back of a 3-wicket haul from the off-spinner.

He's probably been starved of

opportunity in the series but when

he's been called upon he has

he's been called upon he has been there to do the job for us. Today is

the best he's bold. The series wraps up in Wellington tomorrow.

Tonight's kick-off to the 2010 NRL season will have added significance following the ARL's decision to back an Independent Commission to oversee the code. Timana Tahu returns to rugby league tonight in the Eels clash with the Dragons and the dual international can't wait to run out onto Parramatta Stadium. It's gonna be something special again. I feel like it's my debut again. St George-Illawarra has lost centre Matt Cooper to a hamstring injury and skipper Ben Hornby is in doubt with an infected wisdom tooth. Willie Mason debuts for North Queensland in tonight's clash with the Broncos. The prop forward kept quiet upon arrival in Brisbane yesterday leaving his coach to do the talking.

He polarises people anyway. He's expecting he'll get a bit of a razz when he gets out there.

Broncos coach Ivan Henjak has decided to blood three rookies in the Suncorp Stadium blockbuster. Brisbane midfielder Daniel Rich is hoping to play in today's practice match against Hawthorn despite sporting 22 stitches in a nasty head gash. Rich collided with Daniel Merrett at training.

The match will be Lions veteran Simon Black's first hit-out of the season. Last year I had the benefits at the back end of the season

of not having much of a pre-season and being fresh and built into the year, it helped last year.

Saint Kilda has bought back its big guns for the NAB Cup Grand Final with Nick Riewoldt and Brendan Goddard both confirmed starters. Lenny Hayes remains sidelined with a calf injury. The Kookaburras are into the final at the Hockey World Cup after a gutsy 2-1 win over the Netherlands in Delhi this morning. Australia will take on Germany in the final.

Luke Dorner converted a penalty corner eight minutes from half-time to open the Kookaburras account. Glenn Turner then booked Australia's berth in the final with his sixth goal of the tournament 15 minutes from full-time. The Netherlands closed the gap late with a penalty stroke but the Kookaburras were able to hold on for a deserved win. That's all for now. I'll be back with more sport a little later in 'Sunrise', Natalie. Next on Seven Early News - we'll take a closer look at Friday's weather around the country.

'Sunrise' is up next. It's over to Kochie and Mel for a look at what's coming up. Nat, the Reserve Bank is turning up the heat on the big banks. It reckons they've been raising their interest rates more than they need to.

Gouging more money from its customers. So should the Prime Minister take action to protect home buyers? We'll ask Kevin Rudd, when he joins us live in the studio.

Australia is going to change a lot, this decade. But what exactly can we expect, on population, housing and jobs? We'll take a look into the future, with a special report. There's concern over a new Facebook feature. It'll tell your contacts where you are, whenever you make a post. But is it a breach of privacy? Sam the Yellow Wiggle will join us. He's got a baby girl in the household. And her mum used to be Dorothy the Dinosaur. All three will join us. And could Lady Gaga rival Madonna's longtime popularity? Will she be around in 20 years? Let us know what you think.

Molly will pass judgment. See you soon for 'Sunrise'. Now for a closer look at how Friday's weather is shaping up around the country. A very large high near Tasmania is pushing mild south-easterly winds Around the capitals - a few showers for Brisbane. Isolated showers also in Sydney. Canberra will be partly cloudy. Melbourne, fine and sunny. A fine day expected for Hobart. Sunny too in Adelaide. A scorcher expected for Perth.

And late showers and storms forecast in Darwin. And that's Seven Early News for this Friday. I'm Natalie Barr. Stand-by now for 'Sunrise'. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia