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(generated from captions) Not gay - Michael Jackson's bodyguards reveal made out with women in the backseat. they drove him around town while he for the first time. They're speaking out Honourable act? an Order of Australia medal - Indonesia's President given our highest civilian honour. is it appropriate? But considering the past, And George's day out - superstars' private lives? Is the media intruding into this is Sunrise on Seven. Right across Australia, here's Kochie and Mel. From Brekky Central, Hello, and thanks for joining us. with Michael Jackson this morning. We're learning a lot more about life

Do we want to know? His bodyguards have spoken out. straight about his personal life. They say they want to set the record More on that soon.

For a big cheque, I'd say. Also on the show today, say goodbye to traffic jams. be the solution to gridlock? Could this personal jetpack We'll meet the creator.

Find out how you can buy one.

Seriously cool. You wouldn't want a

flat. Way up high. Run out of

petrol. Yes, boom, long way down.

Time for news time with Nat.Ern rrb Time for news time with Nat.

Good morning. in Indonesia believe Anti-terror police one of the masterminds they've killed behind the 2002 Bali bombing. They stormed a building Jakarta, yesterday on the outskirts of the capital, shooting the man dead. as Dulmatin, Local media have named him Jemaah Islamiah. a top leader of terrorist group Our Government is being cautious. We've had, in the past, Indonesia being captured and killed speculation of terrorists in

and not waited and people have jumped the gun Indonesian confirmation. for official two other suspects. Officers also shot and killed morning There's growing speculation this cricketer Michael Clarke to Lara Bingle. is poised to call off his engagement arriving home to her Bondi apartment The model was snapped late last night, without Clarke.

Earlier, she made her feelings clear from media crews. as she tried to hide for abandoning the New Zealand tour Clarke's copped heavy criticism to rush back to Bingle's side with her nude photo scandal. as she struggles to deal off Victoria's south-east coast. A windsurfer has gone missing

went out in waters 59-year-old Peter Elliman yesterday afternoon, near Newlands Arm at Gippsland lakes and hasn't been seen since. through the night, Rescue crews looked for him this morning. they'll resume the search private health insurance rebate, There'll be no change to the 30% at least for now, in the Senate. after a Government bill was blocked to means test rebates The Government wanted than $75,000 a year for those earning more and couples on $150,000. sided with the Opposition But last night the independents to kill off the bill. tight-lipped The Government is staying an early election on the issue. on whether it'll call Lionel Cox has died Australian Olympic veteran in a Sydney hospital overnight. originally from Brisbane, The 79-year-old, event at the 1952 Helsinki games. won gold in the 200m tandem in the 100m sprint. He also won silver After the Games, on the European circuit Cox rode successfully and took on coaching. in Sydney's St Vincent's Hospital. He died of pneumonia In the US, the driver of a Toyota Prius, a police officer has helped rescue on a highway. as the car sped out of control the car yelling instructions The officer drove alongside of more than 140km/h while it reached speeds before eventually slowing down. I was trying the brakes. I was on the brakes pretty healthy. it wasn't doing anything. It wasn't stopping - it just kept going. It just kept speeding up - of its cars around the world, Toyota has recalled millions due to accelerator problems. "Tree man" Western Australia's infamous could be about to come down. on the branch of a Thornlie gum tree Richard Pennicuik has been perched for three months, to stop it being cut down. have had enough. But frustrated council officials with a $5,000 fine, They're threatening him if he refuses to climb down. staying up there, I think he's being a bit silly he's made his point. Mr Pennicuik says because it's disrupted his life. he regrets his stint in the tree from Brad Haddin A masterful century to a 6-wicket win has powered Australia against New Zealand. in the 3rd one-dayer the 5-match series 2-1. Australia now leads in Hamilton to his liking Haddin found the small boundaries crunching 7 sixes international century. on the way to his 2nd one-day The man of the match revealed from skipper Ricky Ponting. he was responding to a challenge

It was good to post three figures

after being challenged during the

week for someone to get up there. the Chappell-Hadlee series Australia can wrap up with a win tomorrow in Auckland. Saint Kilda welcomes back and Brendan Goddard superstar duo Nick Riewoldt

against the Western Bulldogs. for this weekend's NAB Cup decider

their strongest possible side. The Saints are planning to field in whoever is available, I think it will be our best 22 our best 22 will play.

its stance Meanwhile, the AFL has toughened on performance-enhancing drugs. to strip offenders of awards The league is prepared or even revoke premierships. an uphill battle The Melbourne Victory faces of the Asian Champions League to reach the knockout phase Ilhwa at Etihad Stadium overnight. after a 2-0 loss to Seongnam opened the scoring Melbourne-born Sasa Ognenovski

for the Korean side, five minutes from full-time. who added a second goal the city of churches this weekend. The V8 Supercar series rolls into and Craig Lowndes Team Vodafone's Jamie Whincup have taken full advantage intervention by organising some divine for Adelaide's Clipsal 500.

If it can help on the track, why

not. I said I can't guarantee you are not. I said I can't guarantee you

are going to win but we will pray

God will keep you safe. Whincup is chasing his fifth straight win after blitzing his rivals in the Middle East. The count

The count down to slip sl, bring it

on, our shining light is Grant

Denyer with our weather. A beautiful

view of the Pacific Ocean from the

sensational sand stone cliff tops of

Sydney from the one thing that tried

to prevent ship said from slamic

slamming into 24 clip tops, the very

first light built in 1818, a

glorious erection designed to built

most of anyone after the First Fleet

from going to Botany Bay because

Sydney had moved to where it was.

And say

And say they were designed to yell out, "

out, "we are no longer there! Turn

right into the Heads."

right into the Heads." And it is what it does,

what it does,ic looing at the

forecast now.

Sadly, the Macquarie lighthouse

wasn't so effective, they saw it,

turned hard right and ran into the

cliff said, two ships did that and

hundreds of lives were lost,

unfortunately, it is the trial and

error of the cologneuling days we

will look at this morning. Hopefully

they got it right. They built two

more. Sucked in badly. It is pretty

weird, isn't it? Minor design fault.

Haven't heard that expression in ten

years, sucked in badly. It is their

equivalent of the Toyota recall.

They don't make engineers the way

they used to, thank goodness. Later this morning, how hiring a tradie to do work at your home could lead to legal action. And the row over Indonesia's President receiving our highest honour. But next on Sunrise, a surprising twist in the extortion case

involving TV talk-show star David Letterman. Nelson Aspen has the breaking news from the US. When we need a car, we call Thrifty - Australia's best-valued car and truck rental. In finance news -

Now, this day, 12 months ago, that

10,596 was 6,547, a 12-year low.

Since then, the American market up

61 per cent. Bit of an historic day,

one year on from the depths of one year on from the depths of the global financial crisis.

A solid day in our region, not

spectacular. The latest NAB Business Survey figures have been released. For the results let's cross to Craig James at CommSec.

The results and their

interpretation. How is business

feeling at the moment? Businesses

are fooling superconfident at the

moment, business confidence levels

at the highest levels in eight

career ams. That is good news. The only real problem is

only real problem is while businesses are confident, the

condition, production, employment,

the new orders coming through, they

aren't overly flash,

aren't overly flash, business conditions are okay, but businesses

are pretty confident about life. I

was speaking to the Greek business

community last night, they were

echoing those comments, particularly

in terms orphbuilders, they are

saying they are flat out but no more first home buy rrz coming through

the doors. So they are wondering

what will happen after the surge

eases in coming months. Jewelers

aren't doing well, consumers are

confident but not spending. Stimulus

winding back will have an effect.

What about petroom prices you told

-- petrol, about the locwar,

-- petrol, about the locwar, it could be over? It does seem to

could be over? It does seem to be over. What we saw in the last week

the petrol price in Australia is up

by 4 cents a litre, the biggest

increase in quite a number of weeks.

We have seen in capital cities in

the last couple of weeks the end of

the discounting cycle but it looks

like it has been a very much a temporary situation, the discounting temporary situation, the discount sg back and the petrol companies are trying to restore pices. Key with have to keep a watch because the petrol companies don't want us to know hot is happening from day to day. We have to Well, we have just found out, the gentleman, Robert hauldman due in a

court in a few hours and expected to plead guilty to trying to extort two dollar million out of David Letterman in a revenge act for the host's torrid affair with his ex girlfriend. In exchange for the plea he will receive a six-month jail sentence, four sentence, four and a half years probation and four hours community service, opposed to if the court went to trial he could have received 15 years in jail. He figured it was the better alternative. Moving on, and why is Lindsay Lohan suing a finance company? I don't how much of a case she has but one of the cases of the Super Bowl during January was a talking baby ad for Etrade and she decided one of the babies, depicted as a boyfriend-stealing alcoholic is sadirect parody of hers, she wants $ sadirect parody of hers, she wants

$100 million for our pain and

suffering, look if she has a case. I

don't understand why you didn't

call. I was on E Trade like a wolf,

right. Taking care of volatility in

the market, wolf style (howls)

the market, wolf style (howls). And

that milkaholic

that milkaholic Lindsey wasn't over.

Lindsey? Milko what? That is a great

ad. My gosh. What is she doing, just

Get a sense of humour. Maybe she

should become a milk oaholic. Good

point, the advertisers say the

point, the advertisers say the baby

was named after someone on the

account team. But she is saying she

has the single-name recognition like

Madonna or Oprah, so it is clearly

Lindsey. Ego! She has dibs on the

name Lindsey worldwide? Goodness me! On the way,

how Michael Jackson enjoyed ordering drive-through Wow!

Wow! Woopy! at fast food restaurants. His bodyguards speak out for the first time.

Did he have a large fries or small

one. Did he supersize. Did he go

chicken nuggets. He got the toy.

Woe! Arrh! Sorry, couldn't

Woe! Arrh! Sorry, couldn't hold it back. Plus, more trouble for Toyota, as a Prius gets stuck doing 140km/h on the freeway.

I'm sorry. Next up though, watching the Wham star. Did the media stalk George Michael?

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(PHONE RINGS) No, sorry, I can't. I'm rostered on for tomorrow night's shift. Who's going to look after my kids?

You can't sack me. Really? VOICEOVER: John Howard's WorkChoices took away the rights of working Australians. A minister that backed those laws is today's leader, Tony Abbott, who now says... Uh, the phrase 'WorkChoices' is dead. He chose not to say WorkChoices was dead, just the name. What he's really saying is, he'll let employers dismiss workers unfairly

and he'll reintroduce individual contracts that cut pay and conditions. The phrase 'WorkChoices' is dead. Tony Abbott will bring back WorkChoices, he just won't call it that.

We are live as Matt Hall performs a

dare daring stunt on Sydney Harbour

and the program building your kids' brain power. This is George Michael enjoying his last day in Australia. He went out on a boat on Sydney Harbour yesterday, with his boyfriend. At one point he popped up to the top deck

and was hidden by a friend as he smoked something. He then went back down to the bottom deck and was all smiles and waving at the camera. But should the media have been spying on him? Are superstars entitled to private times? We're going to discuss this later - but tell us what you think.

Let us know. He's on a boat in the harbour, he's not

harbour, he's not doing anything

wrong. Alright, let me hang out

there, guys. We are very interested

in your views now. I will be quiet

now. He deserves private time. Michael Clarke and Lara Bingle are trying to get some private time. But with little success. And this morning, the headlines suggest the Australian vice-captain is poised to call off his engagement to the model, after racing home to be with her during the nude photo scandal. We want to show you some of the front pages. He's got to

He's got to do that. Really? I want

to show you some front pages this morning. This is the 'Daily Telegraph'.

And here's Melbourne's 'Herald Sun'. It says, 'Love on the Rocks'. And it's not just the tabloids. Respected cricket commentator Peter Roebuck, writing in the 'Sydney Morning Herald', says Clarke needs to choose between his troubled personal life and his cricket career. 'The Australian' newspaper even calls Bingle the Yoko Ono of cricket.

Gee! That's not nice, is that Lara's

finger. Certainly was, she is

obviously pretty strung out and

upset. Oh! Got to be feeling the

pressure at the moment, are the

commentators right, does he have to

make choice and should anyone be

asked to choose between love and their

their job. It is not just any job.

The best job in the sporting

landscape. But he is the vice captain. landscape. But he is the vice captain.,

landscape. But he is the

viceCaptain. The heir apparent. I am

going to be the devil's advocate,

she has handled it is wrong and

needs to go away but they are not

saying today you need to choose with

your captaincy. It is a turning

point. What

point. What is the word on Klingle?

This is it, a defining moment for

Michael Clarke, he is ambyssus,

talented, he has got everything

there as soon as Ricky

there as soon as Ricky Ponting wants

to step down, Michael Clarke

to step down, Michael Clarke is supposed to step down, Michael Clarke is

supposed to step into role unless it becomes

becomes convoluted. When does it

happen again? How often? Let's face

about it, we read about Lara

about it, we read about Lara being in the headlines. Maybe it is it

testing the mettle. Maybe if they

have a quiet life and have babies,

he stood by her. And no cricket

career. What the

career. What the if he says I don't

care about the captaincy and they go

ahead and they break up in 12

months, he has lost his career. He

can give up cricket for her. I don't

see why he has to give up cricket.

There is too much mess for the

cricket association to deal with, I

think. Head to the soapbox with your opinion.

Coming up, why school students have stopped studying maths. And the insurance warning, to anyone hiring a tradie to do some work at home. But next, this morning's news details. And Grant lights up the weather, on Sunrise.

Meet McDonald's Mighty McMuffin.

Oh, yes, please. Make that two.

Good morning. Australia vice-captain Michael Clarke is said to be "confused and lost" over his relationship with model Lara Bingle. Sources close to the cricketer say he's poised to call off their engagement,

after abandoning the New Zealand tour to be by her side. The couple kept a low profile yesterday - only Bingle chose to acknowledge the media camped outside their Sydney apartment.

She was snapped returning home late last night without her fiance. A suspected Bali bombing mastermind is believed to have died in a shoot-out with Indonesian police in Jakarta.

Specialist officers raided a building and killed the man yesterday, on the city's outskirts. Local media have named him as Dulmatin - a top leader of terrorist group Jemaah Islamiah. Our Government says it's still waiting for confirmation. Police later shot and killed two other suspects, who'd been trying to get away on a motorbike. Police have questioned a truck driver after a blind pedestrian was hit and killed

at Bowral, south-west of Sydney. It's believed the 56-year-old local man had walked between the truck and its trailer while it was stopped at traffic lights yesterday afternoon. Witnesses flagged down the driver after he took off without realising the man had been hit. No charges have been laid. Experts say they're alarmed at the drop in students studying maths and science.

A review commissioned by eight leading universities has found a decline in the number and quality of students completing final year mathematics. Many told the study they don't think maths and science will lead to jobs. That's also led to a big decline in the number of qualified teachers. Storm chasers have captured the moment a large tornado hit a small town in the US state of Oklahoma.

The twister tore along the ground for at least 15 minutes, destroying several homes and bringing down power lines. MAN: God, that's no good. MAN: It is going to take this house. Oh, God. Look at this satellite dish. Look out man, we got debris. No-one was injured during the tornado.

In finance news -

AIG, the big insurance company in

the United States of America is

making news, it sold its American

life insurance division to Met Life.

Europe markets were

Europe markets were mixed and

relatively flat.

There are reports today from some

currency gurus that reckon we are

near the peak against the US dollar

because as America starts to put up

official interest rates later this

year, the differential

year, the differential will close

between the two currencies. Time for sport now. Thanks, Kochie. Australia is one win away from retaining the Chappell-Hadlee trophy after a dominant 6-wicket win in game three of the series in Hamilton overnight. Set 246 for victory, Brad Haddin powered the Aussies to victory with a brutal knock of 110 while Ricky Ponting chipped in with a fluent 69. A win in Auckland tomorrow will seal the series.

North Queensland has named star recruit Willie Mason on an extended interchange bench for Friday's NRL season opener against Brisbane. The Cowboys have promised to bombard Brisbane fullback Corey Norman in his top-grade debut Greg Bird has been named at five-eighth for the Titans' clash with the Warriors. Ex-Melbourne winger Joseph Tomain has been named in the centres.

The AFL has beefed up its stance on performance-enhancing drugs and is prepared to strip offenders of individual awards or even revoke premierships. A thousand tests will be conducted this year

with samples frozen for up to eight years to allow for retrospective checks. Wollongong has forced the NBL Grand Final series to a deciding third game after downing Perth 75-63 overnight. In front of a record home crowd,

the Hawks bounced back from the defeat in game one levelling the series at 1-1.

Only one more sleep to get toied for

the Clipsal 500. Grant is

the Clipsal 500. Grant is excited

bout that but today he is excited by

nautical history. I am, hello

nautical history. I am, hello fellow

salty see rr dogs. The McQuartaroliy

lighthouse, the thing was built

after the first fleet to guide

everybody into the heads to allow

the further development of Sydney at

that stage. Before this was built in

1818, it was a couple of guys

perched up here with a flag and a

fire, and they used to

fire, and they used to wave their

burned sticks add anyone who went

past to steer anyone into the heads

until convict Francis Green

until convict Francis Greenway came

and built this and then governor

Macquarie came and freed him and the

he was freed and it fell down so he

made another one and it

made another one and it stands here

today! Yeah M. Good stuff kids,

let's look at the forecast. Cold and gusty south-westerly gales are heading over south-east Tasmania, generating scattered showers. Showers and storms are generating over eastern Queensland and the north-west tropics. Meanwhile, hot easterly winds are heading over Western Australia. Mostly fine in Brisbane. Cooler with storms and wind tomorrow,

continuing until Saturday. A few showers on Sunday.

A shower or two in Sydney.

We can feel the coastal stuff right now. Partly cloudy tomorrow and until Saturday. Mostly sunny on Sunday. A shower or two in Melbourne. Morning cloud tomorrow.

Fantastic Australian history this morning, more weather

morning, more weather details in

half an hour from Macquarie

lighthouse on south head. Fantastic.

We are learning a lot because my

mate here? I got it. See you in half

an hour. For another history lesson.

Terrific, joke of the day, don't

forget, it is judged by Nat, 3 or

above on the judging scoreboard gets

you a TiVo, one or two gets you a

you a TiVo, one or two gets you a limited edition Sunrise Snuggie. Mr

President. Yep, we have sent him one

to wear on Air Force One. Yes. Can

we wear it? Yes we can. Yes, you

can. Alright, joke of the day comes

from Cara Waldon from west

Wolloongong. A gynaecologist decides he

he wants to change jobs, change

careers so he enrolls, after a

career that is very similar to a

surgeon, got to be good with your

hands and methodical, stuff like

that so he enrolls in a mechan's

course as the local taif.

course as the local Taif TAFE. At

the end there was an examine

the end there was an examine which

involved pulling done a car motor

bit by bit and putting it back

together. He did it and quite

enjoyed it. The results came in and

he got 150 per cent and he

he got 150 per cent and he thought he had done well but 150 he thought

was a bit out there. So he rang the

examiners and said, "Thank you if

the mark, don't want it to

the mark, don't want it to be done

but 150 per cent?"

but 150 per cent?", yes, they but 150 per cent?", yes, they said, but 150 per cent?", yes, they said,

"You did such a beautiful job

"You did such a beautiful job for putting it together and pulling it

apart beautifully and we awarded you

an extra 50 per cent because you did

it all through the muffler." Thank

you, Cara!

you, Cara! (laughs, that's the

highest ever. That's good. TiVo!

That's a beauty, isn't it. Next hour, should the media have spied on George Michael's day trip? And shortly, the new website mixing online with reality. But after the break, claims Michael Jackson had dozens of girlfriends. The singer's bodyguards set the record straight about his private life next on Sunrise.

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Meet McDonald's Mighty McMuffin. Oh, yes, please. Make that two.

A view of Sydney through the Jetstar skycam. A shower or two and 22 today. Michael Jackson's body guards have gone public to dispel some of the rumours about the late pop star's private life.

And they've spoken of Jacko's love life. US correspondent Angela Cox joins us now. Angela, the minders have said the King of Pop wasn't gay.

That's right, Michael Jackson was

dogged by the child molestation

charges. He was cleared of that but

it always hung over his

it always hung over his head. When

the body guards were asked if he was

a paedophile, they said no, he was

like most men and had a very healthy

desire for women and would make out

with his girlfriends in the back of

the limo, behind the curtain, look.

Was he a paedophile? I don't believe

so. Not at all. Being a so. Not at all. Being a father and

being a man, men know

being a man, men know men, he had

the desires of women like we do.

They say he had at least two

girlfriends, disspelling the rumour.

We had a curtain that covered the

back seat, you couldn't see the back

seat. So he is making out in the

back seat. Or chewing loud gum. Is

sounds like you chaperoning two teenagers

teenagers on date. That was a cue

for us. What else did they say? They

talked about his family life I

understand. Yes we heard he was a

great father and loved the children

and they adorbed him and he was

aware of the whacko Jacko headlines

and he would hide the newspapers

because it was about tecting him. He crave

crave adnormal life most of us would

have and would like to get takeaway

food from the drive through and get

a kick out of ordering burgers and

fries and had a kick out of the fact

the attendants had no idea

the attendants had no idea they were

serving Michael Jackson and he

craved a normal life. And told a sad

story he held a

story he held a birthday party for

the kids and teacher and a nanny and

a body guard were there and no kids,

he talked of the pain he felt

because of the isolation. The Other

topic is Toyota, a man in

topic is Toyota, a man in California

had a frightening ride when the

accelerator of his Prius got stuck? accelerator of his Prius got stuck?.

He was trying to over take another vehicle and

vehicle and something funny happened

and the car started accelerating. He

got up to 100 70km/h and was

hurtling up the freeway trying to

dodge cars. A highway patrol car

came up to talk him through a loud

speak taor turn off the ignition and

the car eventually slowed down to a

stop and Toyota is coming

stop and Toyota is coming out to

investigate. Before it happened, he

tee took it into a Toyota dealership

to check if it was a vehicle

involved in the recall and they said

it wasn't. He said regardless

it wasn't. He said regardlessless of

the investigation, he will nev get

behind the wheel of the car again --

never get behind the wheel of the

car again. Thank you and we

car again. Thank you and we were

hearing about Robert haelder man,

the producer of the CBS show has

just been

just been jailed for six months. We

will check with Nelson soon. Kochie's surfing the world wide web. Now to a new regular segment where we look at the websites getting all the buzz online. And this week, a new site mixing the internet with the real world. To tell us more, we're joined by Tim Burrowes from Mumbrella. Good morning.

You're particularly impressed with this new website called 'foursquare'. Can you explain what it is?

Yes, it is interest because it is,

as you were saying it is real a good

as mixing the real world with online

and also with mobile as well. At its

most simple, a way of telling friend

where you are, recommending

where you are, recommending places

to go in real time. If yoir

somewhere and your friend arrives

and you haven't spotted them and

they will get the message and a big

moment last night was the first

swarm where 50 users were in the

same place at the same time, last

night. Available in Australia at

major cities. If you go to a cafe or

the movies you let your friend and everybody

everybody else or just your own

friends know exactly where you

friends know exactly where you are

and give reports? Exactly, and you

can choose if you share the

information at the time you check

in. You get out your mobile phone or

whatever it is, check in and you

score points for doing so. Part of

it is a competition as well. Overepe

week you get a league table and

league place and

league place and you might find

yourself declared mayor of your

local coffee shop and you might get

a free coffee or something. It could

be a good marketing thing for small

business. We hear how business

should market through the social

networking groups and this is a

classic example. If you have a

competition where everybody is going

to try to be the mayor of your

to try to be the mayor of your coffee shop people will come more. Make coffee shop people will come more.

Make sure you are listed on

four-square, easy to do. My

girlfriend and I arrived at the

local coffee shop, the guy in there

realised she was the mayor and gave

her a free coffee. She will

encourage people to come by sending

out the the viral marketing amch

Exactly. It is based

Exactly. It is based around mobile

phones, is it where suffering

phones, is it where suffer surfing

is the web is going, from

is the web is going, from the mobile

phone to the laptop.

phone to the laptop? Yes, the next

big thing is being mobile, the

Internet knowing where you are and

giving information. I was checking

in on the bus, and seeing somebody

else was the mayor but my

else was the mayor but my device on

foursquare knew when I was so it was

relevant and you see messages to you

that are relevant to where your.

Just quickly a warning, make sure

you don't let too many people know

you are leaving your house. Yes,

always be careful about the

information you share. There is a

web site in the US, which ask

web site in the US, which ask sutirdleical, which takes the

information from foursquare and

feeds it into a Twitter site that says, "

says, "Please rob me." Goodness.

Just Tweet you left your massive

guard dog there and he is hungry. Time is running out for the chance to put your area on the map in our Bega competition. Some people don't realise Bega is a real place

where pretty much all they do is make Bega cheese. While Bega is famous for Bega, we'd like to know what your part of the world is famous for. Tell us about your suburb or town and we'll select four locations,

which will each receive $10,000 to go towards community initiatives. Plus, they'll get a visit from Grant Denyer. Not only that - the major winner will get to host the entire Sunrise show live. Plus, they'll receive $50,000 for the local community.

All thanks to Bega - real rown, real cheese. Here's another great daily entry which wins $100. Jacqueline has written to us about Cairns.

Famous for sky rail, the cable car

glide over the rain forest is a

unique way to see, it beautiful, we

would build a workshop space and storage

storage area for the Cairns Art

Society. One of the major

attractionsise the pool on the

esplanade rr, barbecue facilities, a

beautiful sculpture. A beautiful

part of the world. Up load your

photos and Bob is your

photos and Bob is your unclech The

soapbox? Mostly Lara Bingle. But you

will do an

will do an interview on the

Indonesian President doing the

medal. I would like to know what

Shirley shackleten would like to

know. From the Balibo Five. I

know. From the Balibo Five. I think it is coincidental a terrorist of

interest to Australia is killed

while the President is in this

country. Who sent it in? Were you

thinking that too? I

thinking that too? I must admitd it

crossed my mind. People know of my

love of East Timor, it just gets

under my claw, sure, give him pat on

the back but to give him the highest

honour when there are so many issues

with Indonesia, illegal fishing, a

lot of our illegal refugee,

lot of our illegal refugee, migrants, lot of our illegal refugee,

migrants,boat people come from

Indonesia, I don't know

Indonesia, I don't know it is

deserved. And back to the Balibo 5,

people are questioning that. Drop us

a line. Anything on Klingle. Lots on

that. Please stop your coverage of

Lara, I am sick of choking on my

coffee this morning and her

coffee this morning and her fiancee

put his life on hold to support her

when she is causing more of the

trouble than the photo did. Ross said, "

said, "isn't a captant meant to

support his team, what is wrong with

supporting his partner, his mind wouldn't have been on the game,

which is worse." And this SMS, "

which is worse." And this SMS, "Why

doesn'tant the media respect

doesn'tant the media respect privacy, even if they are public figures." Just ahead, And how you could be sued just for hiring a tradie at home. Next up though, Wednesday's news and weather details on Sunrise.

The Sunrise Showbiz Report brought to you by 'New Idea'. For all the latest celebrity news and more. Showbiz editor Nelson Aspen is in Hollywood. Morning, again. News just in from the US - Robert Halderman has received a jail sentence for blackmailing David Letterman?

? That's right, we talked about it

earlier in the hour, he was expected

to plead git guilty and he

to plead git guilty and he did. He will to plead git guilty and he did. He

serve six month behind bars for one

count of attempted grand larceny. In

addition he will have probation for

five years and have to serve 1,000

hours of community service. In court

he made the statement saying that he

had great remorse when he admitted

the his guilt and offered an apology

to David Letterman and

to David Letterman and the woman at

the centre of it all, Stephanie

burket. Moving on,

and actor Matthew McConaughey has opened up about his love life. What's he said?

He has two children with his

beautiful partner, Camilla Alves but

all his efforts to learn Portuguese

have failed. He can't understand it

and said his little son

and said his little son Live has

done better. But it is better for

their relationship so when she has

to get something off his chest

to get something off his chest and she can let it rip and since he

couldn't understand, it doesn't

bother him. And director Quentin Tarantino is being sued. Why?

He didn't win an Oscar for ingloriest

ingloriest bastards rr but now he

has to face a law suit, from Dannez

Hunner who wants over

Hunner who wants over $

Hunner who wants over $1 million who

claimed he submitted the material

for the 'Kill Bill' series. There

are some remarkable similarities

between what he submitted to the

studio and what Quintin Tarantino

created on screen in the 'Kill Bill'

series but it is a little strange he

waited so long. He also applied for

a job at Miramax and when he didn't

get it, apparently disgrunted,

accusing them of discrimination

based on the fact he wasn't Jewish. I

based on the fact he wasn't Jewish.

I don't know what a case he will

have but more of a case

have but more of a case than Lindsay

Lohan has in the commercial case. Lohan has in the commercial case.Ern

still to come this morning. Michael Clarke works to save his relationship with Lara Bingle. But commentators say the Australian vice-captain must make a choice. Indonesia's President given an Order of Australia Medal, our highest civilian honour.

But considering the past, is it appropriate? Is the media intruding into superstars' private lives? Right across Australia, this is Sunrise on Seven. From Brekky Central, here's Kochie and Mel. Also coming up - the Judge who says

the Catholic Church should allow its clergy to marry and have sex. We'll hear from a married Catholic priest. But right now, here's Nat with the news. Good morning.

Our Government says it's waiting for confirmation

that one of the masterminds behind the 2002 Bali bombings has been killed. Police stormed a building on the outskirts of the Indonesian capital Jakarta yesterday, shooting a man dead. Local media have named him as Dulmatin,

who is a top leader of terrorist group Jemaah Islamiah. We've had, in the past, speculation of terrorists in Indonesia being captured and killed and people have jumped the gun and not waited for official Indonesian confirmation. Officers also shot and killed two other suspects. A funeral will take place in Bundaberg this morning,

for murdered schoolgirl Trinity Bates. The 8-year-old was snatched from her bed last month

and her body dumped in a nearby stormwater drain. 19-year-old family friend Allyn John Slater has been charged with Trinity's murder. He'll reappear in court in May. An Australian IVF clinic has developed a revolutionary test which promises to boost a couples' chances of having a healthy baby.

The technique allows doctors to screen embryos for genetic abnormalities before they're implanted. It means embryos likely to miscarry, or which are prone to hereditary diseases, can be ruled out. The Sydney clinic will make its method publicly available, ensuring doctors across the nation have access to it.

The Senate has blocked changes to private health insurance

for a second time. The Government wanted to introduce a means test on private health rebates for people earning more than $75,000 a year and couples on more than $150,000. Family First Senator Steve Fielding and Independent Nick Xenophon sided with the Opposition to kill off the bill last night. Health Minister Nicola Roxon wouldn't say if the Government would be willing to call an early election

on the issue. There's growing speculation this morning cricketer Michael Clarke is poised to call off his engagement to Lara Bingle. News Limited photographers snapped the model arriving home to her Bondi apartment late last night, without Clarke. Earlier, she made her feelings clear as she tried to hide from media crews. Clarke's copped heavy criticism for abandoning the New Zealand tour to rush back to Bingle's side,

as she struggles to deal with her nude photo scandal. One of the world's most famous dresses will soon go on public display. Michelle Obama's inauguration gown has been donated to the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History. It will form part of a First Ladies Collection. This gown is one of the most tangible things I have left to remember that day and that's why it will always hold a special place in my heart.

Mrs Obama wore the beaded dress to no less than 10 inaugural balls, after her husband was sworn in as President. In finance news -

This time 12 month ago, exactly to the

the day, the Dow was at

television-year low, the depth of

the FGC rr at skaiv47 tow sew the

market in America has riz daigs

the European markets were flat and

mixed as you can see there. To our

region yesterday, up 10 and 12

points on the business confidence figures

figures coming out at 8-year highs

and job ads up 19 per cent in

February, still reflect agvery

strong jobs market here in Australia.

A brutal century from Brad Haddin has powered Australia to a 6-wicket win in the third one-dayer against New Zealand in Hamilton overnight. Haddin blasted a brilliant 110 as the visitors chased down their 246-run target, with 16 balls to spare. Australia can wrap up the Chappell-Hadlee series

with a win tomorrow in Auckland. Powerhouse prop Dave Taylor is talking up South Sydney's chances

ahead of their NRL season opener against the Roosters. Taylor says the Rabbitohs forward pack can slam dunk any of its rivals. Yeah, we've got a wonderful pack and if we can just gel on the field we're gonna be the pack to beat. At Cronulla, highly rated debutante Albert Kelly will go head-to-head with his cousin Greg Inglis when the Sharks meet Melbourne.

Nick Riewoldt and Brendan Goddard return for Saint Kilda

in this weekend's NAB Cup decider against the Western Bulldogs. The star duo were rested from the Saints semifinal demolition of Fremantle. Meantime, the AFL has toughened its stance on performance-enhancing drugs, announcing plans to strip offenders of awards. Drug-tainted clubs could also lose premierships. The Melbourne Victory have suffered their second straight loss in the Asian Champions League

going down 2-0 to Seongnam Ilhwa at Etihad Stadium overnight. Melbourne-born defender Sasa Ognenovski scored the opening goal for the Korean side. Let's check in with Grant.

Taking in the architecural

brilliance of Francispen gree way.

brilliance of Francispen gree way. What an iconic convict creating the

lighthouse that had that view. Good

morning Australia, as you can see

the wind are turning south-east for

coastal New South Wales and

Queensland bringing rain squalls

like that out in the distance there.

It is going to remain that way and a

little cooler too for the remainder

of the week. In Victoria,

of the week. In Victoria, the conditions are the opposite. Rain

conditions are the opposite. Rain fall today, maybe falls between 5

and 10mm it will slide away and turn

more sunnier and predictably more

warmer for the remainder of the

week, so conditions warming up for

the weekend as we take a look at the

forecastx, state by state now.

Catch you kids in half an hour with

the southerly on South Head in

Sydney. Okay, batten down. Thank you, Grant. In a controversial move, Australia's highest civilian honour has been awarded to

Indonesia's President. President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono received an Honourary Companion in the General Division of the Order of Australia. Now, these honorary awards recogise extraordinary achievements to humanity.

These achievements, or the people themselves, are often linked with Australia. The President joins the esteemed ranks of Mother Teresa, Aung San Suu Kyi and Nelson Mandela. The President received the award for his response to the 2002 Bali bombings.

So does he deserve to be part of such a prestigious list? Or is Kevin Rudd buttering him up to smooth the waters? Joining me now is Bali bombing survivor, Erik de Haart along with Indonesia expert Professor Greg Barton. Welcome to you both. Erik, in your eyes, does President Yudhoyono deserve to be compared to

I don't believe so. First of all, I

was surprised so many people were caught after the

caught after the Bali bombings and

so quickly. 24 were given remissions

and three were punished. It smacks of double standards.

of double standards. Very few of the

Australian ones, even though they

are responsible for no deaths at all

have got remissions but

have got remissions but the Indonesians are the ones getting the

remissions. Greg,

remissions. Greg, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has been honoured

for strengthening ties between

Australia and Indonesia but there is

had people smuggling issue, terrorism, had people smuggling issue,

terrorismrism, illegal fishing,

asylum seekers, I am biased because

of my love if East Timor, no answers

with the Balibo 5, has he done

enough to receive the award? I think

he has, the thing about the

relationship with Indonesia we tend

to focus with the negative things,

with good reason. There are

with good reason. There are things to be concerned about but what we

forget is how far

forget is how far Indonesia has

come, in terms of democratisation,

progress on antiterrorism, it is

always a case of the glass to be

half full, more to be done but

things could be so much worse

things could be so much worse than they were today. We need to

they were today. We need to stop and count our blessings and say it is

great our large neighbour and friend

is doing as well-as it is. Give him a

a pat on the a pat on

a pat on back or certificate of

appreciation, but the highest

honour, no Japanese or British or

American head of state awarded this.

Yes, he is in rarefied company, no

question. It is an honour that

recognises an individual bualso

money others behind the scenes. We

tend to forget how far

tend to forget how far Indonesia has

come. It was in real crisis a dozen

years ago and there was fear

years ago and there was fear there could be bloody succession after the

Suharto years and then after the

Bali bombings we didn't know what to

expect. Indonesia has come through

well. In the past six years,

well. In the past six years, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has gone

Bambang Yudhoyono has gone out of

his way to development the

phrenship. You can debate how much

credit is due to an individual

credit is due to an individual but it is fair to recognise the

intention. How did he react

yesterday? He was extremely pleased,

he moved his heart

he moved his

he moved his hand over his heart, a

indnes sign of being

indnes sign of being touched, it

struck a cord with him. While we

have got you, I am guilty of glass

half empty here, what do you make of

reports that a Bali bombing

mastermind has been shot dead by

Indonesian special forces overnight

on the day he was awarded this

honour? I think there is just

entirely a coincidence. No-one

entirely a coincidence. No-one could

manufacture the link. This is the

thirst time he has been reported

dead so it does make sense to wait

for confirmation but it makes sense

it is him because he was e close

with Noordin Top, he was among those

who had the score of the skills for

bombing, if he is good

bombing, if he bombing, if he is

bombing, if he is gone it is good

news. These are the people we want

dead, the master minds, we want the

both. chiefs, not the Indians. Thank you

Here's something to think about,

around the house. if there are jobs to be done Did you know you could be liable is injured or killed? working on your home if a tradesperson

has sued a Sydney homeowner, The widow of an electrician in the man's roof. after her husband was electrocuted

to protect yourself So what can you do and the contractor you employ? is a Workplace Lawyer. Joe Catanzariti successfully sued in this case? Joe, why was the homeowner

This is a particularly curious case

because the homeowner and the

plumber who had services the

property previously were

property previously were both aware

there was live wire in the tank and

nigether raised the issue with the

electrician so a very tragic

situation where a person dies

because what could have been avoided

by telling the electrician, there is

a live wire before you service the

area. You are saying there is a

liability as opposed to saying if

somebody is working on the roof and

your house? they fall off or slip over inside

your house? Well, it always depends

on the circumstances. If it can be

shown you have some impact on it,

for example, if a tradesman comes o

to your property and he had can you

lend me a hand and you innocently

lend him a hand, giving them a

court may ladder, they hurt themselves, the

court may find you are negligent and

as a consequence you may by libel. What do

What do you do to protect yourself?

It wasn't covered by work cover, do

you take frucover? Everybody should

take out extra nrns, the contents,

look as the clauses in the contents

and make sure you have cover, any

worker or any person that comes to

your praurt, your home is not your

castle. Say a

castle. Say a postie comes in and

slips on your front path, anyone who

comes on to your property? Anyone

who comes on your property, if you

contributed to why they are hurt,

you are libel. So you are saying

everybody should check your policy,

if you are not covered take out

don't extra. If you are aware of something

don't be quiet, if you know about

the lose tile, tell them. Can you

prove you did it and not say they

didn't tell you. It will be your

word, unless you have photographic

or live evidence. E-mail them or

something. Thank you. insurance policies While a lot of home cover visitors to your home, or cleaners, they don't cover tradies or even babysitters.

They're your employees. an optional extra Coverage is usually on your home and contents policy.

So check with your insurer.

It is not terribly expensive. Worth

taking it out. A timely reminder taking it out. A timely reminder. As you know,

of small business in Australia. Sunrise is now the official partner More than 4,000 have signed up a 10% discount. to offer Sunrise Family members

on the Sunrise website. You can search for them And this morning, on butchers. we're putting the spotlight across Australia to sign up. We want a butcher in every town So far, we have:

James and Pip join us now.

To tell us why we should shop at the

local butcher and what are the

challenges and rewards of running a

small business, good morning to you.

You have been in the butcher shop six years. it can be to run a small business? Pip, talk us through how tough

It is pretty tough to run a small

business, the cost of meat, the cost

of running a business, it

of running a business, it is really

high. So there is not a lot of cash

flow. We just got to keep going

along. Doing the best that we can.

Hoping people support us.

Absolutely. It is the whole idea of

the campaign, getting people to

support you guys. James give us a

snap shot on things the you have

face? done to over cam the challenges you

face? Well we just try and offer

something different, purse nualized

customer service and the customer

who comes through the door with a

recipe or something and do the best

to cater for not only the cooking

requirement but also the budget. And

Pip, this is what makes a difference

between you and say, the big

supermarkets where you just go and

get the cut of

get the cut of meat, whereas the

small butcher often does the work

for you with the stir frys and

putting together the meals. It is very putting together the meals. It is

very veept to whack it in the oven

or meek ruphone had you get home, it

is what -- microvont. We take to

time to listen to what everyone

needs. We have

something, they never walk out empty needs. We have generally got handed.

handed. Hot about the rewards to run

a small business in your town? One

of the biggest rewards is someone

coming in after they have eatthen

meal or the male and -- eatthen male

or the meat and say it is the best

meal they have had. We get close to

people, we know mous most of our

customers and it is a brilliant people, we know mous most of our

feeling. Good luck, we are behind

you. We want a butcher in every town

sw your mates, your local butcher,

Shane and Ken, they give me ideas,

they hand over couple of lollies for

the kids, maybe they shouldn't do

it, but often the news papers have

the CDs, they save it

the CDs, they save it for the little

old ladies, they flirt with the

customers, they are lovely. They

flirt. They butchers, nice to see

you, you are looking lovely today.

Thank you, Saddam Hussein. I have --

thank you, Shane. I have never had that. Next up, news and weather details.

their right to a private life? Plus, do superstars forfeit to beat traffic? And later, is this the new way right now. Personal jetpacks are on sale

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Take advantage of it. Nat, how is

the soapbox running on the

the soapbox running on the indnes

President. A bit of feedback. A lot

of people having their say George said, "

said, "I think it is a sweetener, to

get him to come on board with

Australia and help K egv out with

the problem regarding theboat

people. An election coming up, I

wouldn't be surprised if the

President suggested the idea

himself." But this anonymous one said, "

said, "We need to support Indonesia and learn

and learn about the good things they

are changing in the country, our

neighbour and a developing country."

I don't think there St.

I don't think there St. A problem

with that, I am happy

with that, I am happy to give him a

certificate but the highest Hahn

center to give an idea, we talk you

bout Han San Su Xie,

bout Han San Su Xie, Jacquue

Costeua. A French Prime Minister,

Micher Riccard, Dame

Rolf Zink Rolf Zink egrnagle, a European

educated here in Australia and won a

Nobel prize for medicine with the Australian research he had done. It

is pretty prestigious. The French

bloke and the Turkish bloke, I have no bloke and the Turkish bloke, I have

no what he did but it is a fair

while ago. I think it is up with the

highest honour, up with the Don

highest honour, up with the Don and

weary lun dop. Maybe they are

looking to the future not the past.

We are buttering him up, conning

him. No, it is diplomacy. Be nice.

Booking forward and saying we

bestowed this on you, can you live

up to what it means and what goings

with it. Should we be doing it with it. Should we be doing it now?

Short of, maybe to the Chinese head of state and say, "

of state and say, "Here is our top

award, make sure you be nice in the

future." Or... Any other country? Is

it what we do. I didn't make the

decision, I am just saying maybe it

is why it is decided. Changing tack,

Klingle, Fiona, "

Klingle, Fiona, "The flash

lifestyle, the good clothes, wanted

the good time and now Lara has given

us the finger." You should be asking

what is wrong for Fevola to do it.

Remember, she was married at the

time. She said she didn't know he

was married at the time

was married at the time allegedly.

Linn, was married at the time allegedly. Linn,, "

Linn,, "Isn't it time for them to

grow up, the majority of cricketers

have dealt with difficult situation,

all this talk is giving her the

attention she craves, let her be a

Paris Hilton but leave Clarke."

Paris Hilton but leave Clarke." There is anger. Should he cut from

her. Yes, cut her lose. Allegedly.

Mel, what do you think I feel really

sorry for the pair of them, I don't

think she handled it in a very

Aussie way, when there is a lot of

money involved and flashy cars, she

is public enemy No.1, is public enemy No.1, but she is a

22-year-old kid. Someone needs to

say. Has she been badly advised.

Someone needs to say, go away, don't

stick your finger up at the crews. I

have set Saturday them both at

dinners and they are good young

people but they have had shocking

advice. She has been steered down a

shocking path. Maybe she shocking path. Maybe she is affected

by what happened in the past but as

you say, they are kids, Michael

Clarke sayoung cricketer hopefully

will live out his dream of captain

but in a relationship, you got to

bring out the best in each other and

I don't know if it is happening now. Shortly on the show - are stars entitled to private moments? Lately the media has been accused of intruding. So where are the limits? Also ahead, do 24-hour bottle shops encourage late-night street violence in our towns and cities? But now it's over to Nat for the news. Bali bombing survivor Erik De Haart has welcomed reports this morning

that Indonesian police have killed one of the masterminds behind the 2002 attacks. Specialist officers raided a building on Jakarta's outskirts yesterday. There are unconfirmed reports Jemaah Islamiah operative Dulamtin was shot dead.

These are the people that we want to catch or dead. They're the masterminds. We want the chiefs, not the Indians. 202 people, including 88 Australians, died

in the Bali bombings. Australia vice-captain Michael Clarke

is said to be "confused and lost" over his relationship with model Lara Bingle. Sources close to the cricketer say he's poised to call off their engagement after abandoning the New Zealand tour to be by her side. The couple kept a low profile yesterday. Only Bingle chose to acknowlege the media camped outside their Sydney apartment. She was snapped by News Limited photographers returning home late last night, without her fiance. A windsurfer has gone missing off Victoria's south-east coast. 59-year-old Peter Elliman went out in waters near Newlands Arm at Gippsland Lakes yesterday afternoon

and hasn't been seen since. Rescue crews looked for him through the night. They are resuming the search this morning. While the rest of us tightened our belts during the global downturn, Australia's youth kept the cash registers ringing. Research, due out today, found spending by 8 to 24-year-olds increased

I think that is supposed to be 18 to

24-year-olds . by more than 6 cents last year. That's despite only a small rise in earnings and