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(generated from captions) A great bloke, good to have him

back. Now to a bombshell to be

dropped on one of Australia's

controversial politicians, federal

MP Belinda Neal. Joining MP Belinda Neal. Joining me is Ford

Ranger Cup for. You have some

breaking news? I certainly do,

Tracy. News that will certainly

impact on Belinda Neal, a couple of

days before a crucial vote that

will decide her political future. I

will reveal that breaking news in a

moment. I think it needs a bit of

context. Let's rewind two years to

that night where Belinda Neal

became a household name, if you

like, it happened at a like, it happened at a pub in her

electorate. There was a dispute

between Belinda Neal and bar staff

over a table. She followed some bar

staff into a back room. She was

captured doing son on video camera,

back there she allegedly used bad

language, allegedly threatened

their jobs and delivered that

infamous line "do you know who I

am?" It was a big story as you

would remember, front page news,

not a good look, an elected not a good look, an elected representative allegedly using her

position to stand over bar staff.

She went into damage control, she

called the press conference and

surrounded by cameras and

microphones, Belinda Neal said this

was a one giant conspiracy. She

said she didn't swear at anyone,

she didn't threaten anyone's job

and she certainly did not abuse her

position as an MP. It looked like

she may have talked her way out of

trouble. But then came the whistle trouble. But then came the whistle

blower, Melissa had only worked for

her for a number of years, she was

there that night, she witnessed

some of the bad behaviour and she

went public. She revealed that

Belinda Neal the MP had pressureed

her into changing her version of

events about what happened that

night. She even went into the MPs'

office and wrote a stat dec, when

Belinda Neal read it and didn't like what was in like what was in it, it was

shredded, she was asked to write a

second one, and that did not

contain the damaging information

about her behaviour that night. So

now, two years on to the breaking

news, Tracy and it does involve

Melissa Batten the whistle bro

blower and the federal election, I

don't want to steal her thunder, I

will throw to her. I'm running as

an independent candidate an independent candidate in our

Neal. next election Ben, against Belinda

I can't wait for this opportunity.

I've got the skills the strength,

I've been preparing for this for

quite a while, I want everyone to

know I can be their voice, but most

of all I will be their honest voice.

Can I spend the next 6 months

preparing, listening to preparing, listening to everyone's

concerns, please, come to me, I

want you to vote for me, I need

your help, I want to be your

representative but most of all,

I'll be an honest representative.

Well, Melisaa dogging Belinda Neal

t sticking point is whether Belinda

Neal will retain the candidacy for

the seat? She finds that out this

weekend, Saturday, there's weekend, Saturday, there's been a

bitter preselection battle going on

within the Labor Party in the seat

of Robert son, it is the most

marginally-held Labor seat in the

country, on a knife's edge. Belinda

Neal is hanging on by fingertips,

there is a chance the Labor Party

will throw her out this weekend,

Belinda Neal is confident she will

hang on, others are not so sure,

but considering it is so close, now

with me Liza Batten

with me Liza Batten as an

Independent, presumably address o -

directing preferences away from

Belinda Neal, you would say it will

take a Mirror call for Belinda Neal

to remain a member for Robinson

after the election. Does Melissa

have a high enough profile, it was

two years ago? This was on the

Belinda front page for 45 days straight, as

Belinda Neal said on radio to Alan

Jones, she said she had cameras

camped outside her home for 45 days,

this was not a two day story, for

the people in the local area, I

spent time with Melissa there, she

has people stopping her, saying

good on you for standing up, for

coming out and telling the truth,

and not being intimidated by

Belinda Neal. You never know. She's

powerful woman only a small player compare to a

powerful woman like Belinda Neal

very much. but will have a crack. Thank you