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Naim Kurt just won $50,000! on the Millionaire Hot Seat. See you next time Goodnight! Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by out that this the years to come we can came forward to more success. Canada winter games ever. From my point view it Falling drug supply charges Danny weeks facing three judges are supply summoned today that Chris Harston would be Origin last who was on standby for State of

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Coming up on WIN News... The Federal Government' s draft Coming up on WIN News... The

Federal Government' s draft national

curriculum unveiled, Ninety more

child care places created in child care places created in

Canberra' s north, And, the two

Canberra girls set to make their international sporting debut.

me for all the details next. international sporting debut. Join

And, the Federal Tonight... Victims

of the Canberra Bushfires hf the Canberra Bushfires finally of the Canberra Bushfires finally

have their day in court. A police

crackdown on both sides of borderown on both sides of the crackdown on both sides of the

border nets scores of motorists.

And, the Federal Government And, the Federal Government unveils

a new national school framework.

Good evening, I' m Jessica Good.

Seven years after the devastating

Canberra bushfires, the

Canberra bushfires, the victims have

had their first day in court. had their first day in court. They'

re seeking more than one hundred