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(generated from captions) for scientific whaling to be

abolished. Japanese officials have responded have responded by saying the

scientific research is

legitimate. The Israeli

Government is playing down

concerns the use of

Australian passports in the assassination of Mahmoud

al-Mabhouh. ABC Radio was

told there is no poof to any

link with Israel. Julgy

Bishop thank you Bishop thank you for joining

us. Can I get your response

to the statement that says

Dubai police have not added

any evidence and "We do not

think we should respond to

anything therefore". What is

your response? There are a

number of invest #2i depations under way collision

our own Federal Police and

ASIO into the use

ASIO into the use of

Australian passports and

there are other

investigations so we should

not get ahead of the evidence

or investigations but there

is continued speculation

about who was behind the

assassination of this Hamas

leader. The Government had

availed warning for the Opposition the to play

politic was this matter. Is

that a warning you will be that a warning you will be

heeding? I do not know what

they will be referring to.

There will be a briefing this

afternoon. We have made it

clear we are are concerned

about the they are

Australians who seem to have

been caught up in this, the

innocent by standers. It seems flee seems flee Australian

passport hold er an our

concern is that they receive

all the consular service if

the Government they

require. Are you worried they

are not receiving number

support? No that our main

concern. They have been

living overseas, their passports have

passports have been used and

they have been named on

international media and obviously need support from

the Australian Government and

we would urge the after

Government to do that. Do

you know when the meet up is?

You seem irritated it has not

happened? 4.5 this

afternoon. Is it possible this Cox

this Cox have been happening

and the action could have

been taken separate from the

Government? We would be

speculating. Clearly Mossad

is a state agency of the

Israeli Government. Hamas is

an enemy of Israel. In fact

ham was has beenid fired as a terrorist

terrorist organisation by a

number of countries but the

perpetrators appear to have

upon captured or hotel film

footage which makes it an

intriguing property. The

former chief of the Defence

Force has spoken of the need

for nuclear power in this country

country and that is the

answer to climate change change in Australia and

Australia needs the act

quickly. The Opposition has

opened a discussion in

Australia. What is your

view? Overnight I noticed

that smaller state that smaller state Labor minister Theo Theophanous

said if Kevin Rudd is right

and climate change is the

greatest moral challenge of

our age we should discuss

nuclear youer as being the

only known technology that

can provide baseload low-emission electricity and

I believe it is a debate

Australia needs to V it is

not Coalition policy. We have

said all along it needs said all along it needs a

bipartisan level of sport

which is not forthcoming but

it is a matter we should debate particularly as other

countries around the world

are embracing nuclear power.

President Obama has announced

a significant expansion of

the US nuclear power capability the Met their

obligations to reduce

greenhouse gas emissions. Australia's electricity needs

are based essentially on the are based essentially on the

burn in of frost aisle fuels.

If we are to be in a

low-carbon economy in the

future there will have to be

a transition, a nuclear

alternative and nuclear power

provides that

alternative. But Theo

Theophanous's speech sups

number situation. This is his

farewell saying it would be great to have great to have reactors in

Victoria. It can seem you can

only say that within you exit

the stage as a politician.

You cannot hit severe and

stay... The Labor Party has

that difficult. Any party has

that difficulty. Because you have to go home and say

"Guess what, I have secured

you as a nuclear you as a nuclear threat".

The Prime Minister says there

will not be nuclear power in

Australia but I would be

interested the hear him ask

questions of President Obama

when he visits Australia if

nuclear power is concerned

sarftion green, for France

then why is the Labor Party

so opposet about the

diskiftion nuclear. Let 's

wlap up on Afghanistan

because I know you have

written a breeze as a place

you have visited before. We

had Major General Ken Molan

who led Coalition forces

saying Australia should take

on the role of ruz rz of the

Dutch soldiers if they are to Dutch soldiers if they are to withdraw. In Uruzgan

province. He is not in favour

of an expanded roll for an

troops troops Australia is

working well in Uruzgan

province but because of the collapse of

collapse of the talks but it

will depend on the outcome in

May as to where the

Australian - the Australians

are doing a great job in

tackling the Taliban and in

mentoring and intelligence mentoring and intelligence.

We would not like to see

Australia leave but the

question is who will take did

lead in Rozelle if the Dutch

are? There? Another Nato

country? We need to consider

what is in the best interest

of the Australian troops in

terms of leadership in

Uruzgan province. I presume

that will be an issue that Barack Obama will raise with Kevin Rudd when he visits in Kevin Rudd when he visits in

the next month and it is a

matter that we would have to

consider carefully because

the interest of the of the

troops must be paramount and

so for the Prime Minister

Kevin Rudd had says he accepts

accepts ultimate

responsibility. Do you

believe you scored a double

blow? This program is a

disgrace. I do not want to

hear that speech again because we have heard it so

many times.. I do not think I

have given to it you

Virginia. I was trying to

summarise. I want an eagle

eye bit of political analysis

for me because I know you in are a position to do are a position to do so. Was

it a body blow for the

Government this week? From t

Government has admitted to

culpable negligence and

incompetence in rolling out a program affecting the lives

of tens of thousands of

Australians. It is a scandal

D Prime Minister saying he

accepts responsibility does

not let him off the hook a

all. U is as if he thinks it

is a clean slate and we move on. There are

on. There are tens of

thousands of Australians that

say this is shoddy work. Will

it lead to insurance claims

being voided, litigation? And

do you-know-who picks up this

cost? Peter Garrett. Peter

Garrett keeps his job as done

the PM and tens of thousand

of Australians are worried