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(generated from captions) inside the Church of Scientology Last night, we had an exclusive look in Australia. and its plans to expand doctor comes out swinging Tonight, the church's top spin against Senator Nick Xenophon, for an inquiry the man leading the calls into the practices of the religion. from Scientology's power base Here's Bryan Seymour with more

in Los Angeles. for the senator, and... I understand you're an advocate I'm not an advocate for the senator. and 'witch-hunted' views. forwarded his bigoted Tommy. No, you've got that totally wrong, that's the position that you take. You know what, That's totally wrong. to use it against me Did you say that to get it on camera what you just said. because that's totally untrue in Australia. It's not just what's occurred in the US, in France, in Germany, It's what's been happening in Greece, in Russia - are waking up to their practices all around the world people individuals. and the damage they can cause Senator Nick Xenophon, Yes, that's Australia's in Hollywood. getting a name for himself It is a criminal organisation so-called 'religious beliefs'. that hides behind its Are you appalled by what he did? Utterly. It was completely irresponsible of parliamentary privilege and I think it was a complete abuse of his position as a politician, and a complete abuse parliamentary privilege and that he essentially used and call for a witch hunt. to stand on the senate floor a religious organisation. Scientology is not

It's been four months tabled the awful stories since Senator Nick Xenophon in Scientology. of these ex-believers These victims of Scientology claim violent and criminal organisation it is an abusive, manipulative, at the highest levels. and that criminality is condoned Lies, or alterations, about what the truth was, or you know, obfuscations to make it seem, and, you know, altering things seem abnormal, make something perfectly normal or change the truth or shift it of it. or obscure with the actual truth I'd say so, yeah. is Scientology's senior spokesman. Tommy Davis He's taking aim at Senator Xenophon criticising Scientology - and all of the ex-members and, yes, me and this show. an advocate for Senator Xenophon. You just said, you know, I'm Mmm hmm. Why do you say that? the statements that he's made. Because you keep bringing up News Limited, Channel Nine, the ABC, So does the Fairfax Press, for Senator Xenophon? are they all advocates I don't know. and talk to them. I'd have to meet with them pretty laughable. I find that sort of comment of shoot the messenger. This is a classic case it is only a religion. It's foremost a religion, has been and never would be. It isn't a business, it never the middle of Bridge Publications Tommy says this as we stand in a million CDs, books and packages - where they pump out up to each week for... shipped and sold around the world ..who knows how much money?

Scientology won't say. the claims that have been made, When you consider the damage to individuals taxpayers are, in effect, and the fact that Australian this organisation here in Australia, subsidising the operations of in the public interest I think it's very much these very serious allegations. that we focus on on an inquiry as soon next month. He expects to call for a vote Scientology says it's not worried. According to Tommy Davis in the past year Scientology has grown more than in the previous five years. the figures to prove that Apparently, just down the road here in Hollywood are in a building but Tommy hasn't shown us. The protest group Anonymous claims are falling that Scientology's numbers we've met dozens of ex-members and in Australia hundreds more will flee this group. who say hundreds have left and publishing facility These workers at the called the Sea Org. belong to Scientology's elite unit, as volunteers. They're actually on the books food and accommodation. The church provides and get about $50 a week. They put in long hours portray it as a prison camp, Former Sea Org members

rife with deprivation and terror.

the victims having their say Above all, this is about and, of course, in a senate inquiry can have their say as well. the Church of Scientology But it's inevitable, I believe, into these practices that we will have a senate inquiry in the public interest to do so. because it's very much that he made will come out I think the truth of the allegations and the truth of what Scientology is in Australia and our rights as a religion by the Australian Constitution, as protected when all of that comes out. he'll have to be his own judge You know, he'll be judged by his constituents. and he'll be judged by his peers and by its former constituents. A bit like Scientology being judged More are coming forward. telling their stories. Other media are now Tommy Davis will deal with. Soon, I'll be just one of many if the elevator stopped, How do you reckon we'd all go in the elevator? we were trapped here for two days How do you reckon we'd... I'd probably kill myself. You'd probably kill yourself? I'm just kidding. (LAUGHS) I think we'd be alright. exploring the world of Scientology. Bryan Seymour the Green's support for an inquiry And Senator Xenophon has have privately indicated and claims other senators they will vote for one. on Today Tonight. Here's what's coming up