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(generated from captions) do with finance. Yes, a wonderful

festival. Catch you in half an hour

for more, James. used to threaten and bully others. Social networking sites have been mis-use of the service. But now there's an even sicker for Trinity Bates - It relates to a Facebook page

who was murdered in Bundaberg. the 8-year-old girl tributes to her The site was set up to allow

but it was attacked.

and pornographic images were posted. Sickening messages from Queensland emailed This comes after Kath Facebook page. to tell us about another shocking It states, I will give back Daniel Morcombe." "If one million people join, the Sunshine Coast in December 2003 13-year-old Daniel went missing on and hasn't been seen since.

We have talked to his Mum and Dad on

numerous occasions on Sunrise. of people have contacted Facebook, Kath points out that thousands asking them to remove the page. But so far, they've done nothing. to sicken you, And if all that's not enough how about this one - with Down syndrome an Italian page calls for people to be used for target practise.

many times Now we did call and email Facebook show to respond to these problems to ask if they'd like to come on the but they declined. Independent Senator Nick Xenophon. However, I am joined by for the Government He's been campaigning of social networking sites. to do something about the abuse Senator, thanks for your time. What's your reaction to these pages?

We shouldn't have to put up with them at all. Right them at all. Right now,

organisations such as Facebook can

ignore it, based overseas. So what

we need to tackle the problem head

on, we need an online ombudsman

appointed and resourced by the

Australian government so it can go

and bat for mums and dads who have

been sickened by the sites,

by the sites. I can't imagine what been sickened by the sites, offended

the families of the young kids that

have died would be feeling right now

with that sort of sick material

going online. Look, a lot of people would say, "

would say, "You can't interfere with

the Internet. It is free speech. It

is what it is set up to be." But it

is sort of become the toilet wall of

society. Something has got to be

done about it, just as the same we

video regulate television and movies and

video games. It is not about

censorship, it is about being reasonable. When you consider what

is going on here, there is no

accountability. The sort of gut ntsz

wonders that put this stuff

there, is no responsibility or wonders that put this stuff online

to accountability. If you are not goug

accountability. If you are not goug

to gauche -- going to say it to

somebody face to face, why Facebook?

We need an ombuds

We need an ombuds to track down who

the people are and name and shame

them. If someone knows they will be

named and

named and shameed for the material,

I think you will see a stop to it

quickly. There is word to 2 some of

them, particularly in Trinity's

case, some people allegedly caught.

are And they could be prosecuted. What

are the fines? What are the

consequences? Are there any? Well,

it depends in terms of various

criminal codes. In qeel Queensland,

if you are making an offensive

statement. But it is hard. You

to be tracked down in the first statement. But it is hard. You have

place but the issue is, 20th century

laws not able to deal with a laws not able to deal with a twenth

century problem. There was a murder

case involved a 15-year-old girl,

Kylie Ryan, her online 48-year-old

predator pretended to be a

14-year-old to attack her. I am

presenting legislation that makes it

illegal for adults to lie

communicating with children. Mpts illegal for adults to lie when

last summer we launched an online communicating with children. Mpts

site to end bullying and it calls

for the government to do what

for the government to do what you

are doing, establish an ombudsman to

deal with this. Can we count on your

support. I would love to table that

on your behalf into the senate.

Let's get on with it. Enough is enough, we can have enough, we can have sensible

changes, it is about reasonable

behaviour and time we did something.

Just while we have got you, thank

you though, news this morning

foreign beef could soon be in our

meat pies and we won't know it.

Foreign meat imports rules will be

relaxed but we won't know where it

came from. A lot of people are

worried about beef from the United Kingdom because

Kingdom because of mad cow disease

and the US. Officials say it is extremely small

extremely small risk but are we

being alarmist. We have no shortage

of beef, do we have to import the

stuff? No, it is part of a free

trade deal gone mad. I believe in

safe markets rather than a free for

all market. Youed could buy a meat pie

pie after May 1, the pastry made in

Australia and the meat coming from a

mad cow country and it will be

labeled as made in Australia. Bob

Brown from the greens and Barnaby

Joyce have joined with me. But we

shouldn't join with these meat

products coming from Australia we