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(generated from captions) Welcome back. The heated debate

over whaling in the Southern Ocean

is set to enter a few phase with

the Government promising to take

the issue to the International

Kwhailing Commission. If there's --

Whaling Commission. But not

everyone is happy, among them

Greens leader Senator Bob Brown who

joins us this morning from our

Canberra studios. Thanks for your

time this morning. Good morning.

What do you want the Government to

do? Why aren't you happy? Take

legal action now. They came in to

office in 2007 promising to take

legal action and criticising the

Howard Government for 13 years of

inaction. And all we've seen over

the last two plus years is inaction

from Mr Rudd and from Peter gair.

If a court action is -- Garrett. If

a court action is going to succeed

in November, bring it forward, take

the court action now. Get an

injunction against the Japanese

whaling fleet which is harpooning

these whales in our Antarctic

waters and the factory ships inside

our exclusive economic zone at the

moment. Have a stop put to that now.

Test it out now. Where do you think

the legal action should be taken?

Do you think this is another broken

election promise where the

Government has no intention to take

a hard stance? Yes, it's a broken

promise. Mr Garrett said, and I

quote him, "They would have the

guts to take the Japanese on."

Legal action was one of the things

they would do. An injunction should

be taken out in the court to

restrain the Japanese whalers until

the matter's sorted out. Taking it

to the International Whaling

Commission in June, which I

understand is in Mexico, is simply

going in to an arena where the

Japanese have been known to buy

votes in the past. And it's a

delaying tactic to have nothing

happen by this Government until

after the next federal election. It

is a broken promise. It's a failure

to take action and it's leaving the

Japanese in our own waters to be

slaughtering our own whales with

only the 'Sea Shepherd' to try and

slow things up. Over recent weeks

and months we've seen increased

confrontation between whaling ships

and anti-whaling protesters. What

do you think will happen if the

Government doesn't take action and

action right now? Well, there's the

danger there that it will lead to

death or injury of people. We know

it's leading to the death of

hundreds of whales. We've also seen

a remarkable opinion poll showing

that 94% of Australians want the

Japanese kwhailing stopped. We've

had the -- whaling stopped. We've

had the Foreign Minister in Perth

and Sydney meeting over the weekend

but nothing's come of it. The talk

about "We're going to have action

on whaling", I think was more about

a free trade agreement with Japan.

Fix up the whaling issue and get

the Japanese whaling fleet out of

Australia's territorial waters.

Really get behind - we've got a

bill in the Senate today or

tomorrow which is supported by the

Liberals to stop Australian

companies being in any way affected

in helping the whalers. The

Government says it won't support

that. It seems they'll do nothing

at all that might cause upset to

Tokyo. And in the meantime the

whales are being slaughtered. If we

can quickly move on to another very

important issue. Tell us about your

compromise that would allow the

Government's legislation to means

test private health insurance

rebates through the Senate? Yes,

well, we've put forward a proposal

that the bills be split. So that

the $1.8 billion over four years

coming from that can go to public coming from that can go to public

hospitals and then we would get

hospitals and then we would get

behind the spending of money from

the surcharge going to mental

health services, particularly for

young Australians. We've put that

to Nichola Roxon. The Greens are

putting forward a breakthrough, as

we did with the stimulus package

and climate change. We're trying to

help the Government get through a

Senate in which the Abbott

Opposition is being very

obstructive at the moment. Health

was another big election issue and

there's been much criticism saying

it's another broken election

promise. Are you scared of a double

dissolution election in the future?

Not at all. We've always said the

PM should go full term, that means

until the end of this year. The

speculation is there could be a

double dissolution in spring or an

ordinary election. We think the PM

should go full term. That means

working with the Senate and the

Greens sewing that we're prepared

not just to work with the

Government, but to come up with

ideas of improving legislation, so

it can get through the Senate and