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Hello, I'm Natarsha Belling,

welcome to Ten news.

Tonight, Mary Mackillop to become

Australia's first saint.

It's the coming of age for

cultural sense. Australia in the religious and

A man dies trying to rescue his

three young children from a house


And Tiger Woods breaks his silence

and begs his family and fans for


For all that I have done, I am so



The final, formal confirmation.

Celebrations have begun around

Australia after the poker nothing

to mother meant Mary McKillop will

become our first to St. Supporters

had been campaigning for his

canonisation for 90 years. Last

canonisation for 90 years. Last

night, Pope Benedict announced it

would take place in October. ALL CHANT.

Pope Benedict the 16th prayed with

dozens of cardinals in full regalia

and broadcasting live announced his

approval of a total of 6 saints,

including... Australia's first -

Mother Mary MacKillop.

I think believers and non-believers

in Australia will be delighted as

the news unfolds, because she is

recognised as a people's saint.

Sister Maria Casey has dreamed of this day for decades.

She is now an icon, a hero or a

model for all those of us who want to lead good lives.

Her life one of sacrifice and

selflessness - Mary MacKillop

dedicated herself to educating

needy children, and caring for those less fortunate.

those less fortunate.

The sainthood considered not just

an honour to her memory and her

entire nation. miracles, but to the spirit of an

It's the coming of age for Australia, in the religious and cultural sense.

REPORTER: Do you think it's good we

Oh, yeah, I have our first saint?

Oh, yeah, I think it's about time, yeah.

I think every Australian has a

story about Mary MacKillop and an

affection for her as a pioneer.

The canonisation will be held on

October 17, with a vigil for Mother

Mary the night before, and a

life. musical performance depicting her

On the big day itself, St Peters

Square will be filled with tens of

thousands of people, a ticketed

event with all six canonisation

ceremonies held one after the other.

Many Australian pilgrims are now

planning their journeys. Even

Even if a proportion of the ones

expect thousands. who say they are coming come, we

All in honour of a humble woman

Whose life's work long ago made her

a national icon, and a century

after her death, has finally made

her a saint.

The Prime Minister has described her a saint.

the news as deeply significant for

Catholics. all Australians, not just for

But, it has special meaning for

Mary MacKillop's order, the Sisters

of St Joseph, who waited anxiously

for word to come through overnight.

The news came in a text message from across the globe.

85 years after the process began,

this was just what the Sisters of

St Joseph had hoped for.

There'll be great celebration,

there'll be lots of cups of tea and

across the world. gatherings, I'm sure, and all

It's really exciting.

moment. I think it's really a wonderful

And I think it's really special

that an ordinary woman, Mary

MacKillop, has been recognised for

the generosity of heart and action towards people who were marginalised and in need.

That move to confirm Mary as a

saint began the year Sister Agnes

O'Brien entered the order - a

hundred years old, she feared she

wouldn't live to see it.

We've been waiting, and longing and

come about. praying for this very day. And it's

Sydney's Archbishop described

Mother Mary as an ordinary

Australian who fought for her faith

and the needy. She wasn't

She wasn't an exotic miracle worker,

she wasn't in any sense eccentric.

She stuck at her task.

In South Australia, where Mary

MacKillop set up her first school, celebrations too.

Of course, the hope, the great hope

is that people will see Mary

MacKillop as a model for their lives.

And among students now studying

with Mary's philosphy as a guide.

If she saw a need she filled it. If she saw a need she filled it.

If anything was wrong, she was the

one who put her hand

one who put her hand up and said,

"I can change this ".

So, I'm very excited and our whole

school community is just thrileld

a saint. that she's finally going to become

At her tomb today, silent prayers

meaning. as usual - but no doubt, with added

A Victorian father has died after

running into a burning house

mistakenly believing his children

were trapped inside.

He'd gone to the shops, leaving

them home alone and returned find

them home alone and returned find

the house engulfed in flames.

In the father's final act of love,

there was no time to switch off the

car headlights as he rushed in to

save his children.

Rod Wintle collapsed in the lounge

already been rescued. room, and died not knowing they'd

I grabbed the little girl and

pushed the boys out the door.

their screams Neighbour, Joel Craddock woke to

their screams around 1:30am this morning.

He ran into the burning house, and

pulled three children aged five,

eight and eleven to safety.

home. Minutes later their father arrived

Neighbours tried to stop him going

inside but he ignored their pleas.

The neighbours were yelling to him

that the children were safe but he

didn't obviously hear, he must have

been in shock. Just terrible, terrible.

Just half an hour earlier, the

single dad had left the children

home alone to go the shops.

It's sickening. Try telling four

kids their dad is dead.

As fire fighters searched for Mr

Wintle's body, they feared his

eldest son might also be inside.

But the 15-year-old was later found

safe and well.

A great dad - just looked after


The cause of the fire is being


A Sydney man has been charged over

the kidnapping and sexual assault of an 8-year-old girl. Police allege 20-year-old Jai

Leslie took the young girl from her

home in Whalan, in the city's west,

in the early hours of Thursday morning.

He then allegedly forced her to go to a nearby park

to a nearby park where he assaulted her.

Leslie was arrested last night in

the backyard of a North St Mary's home.

He did not enter a plea this

morning and will return to court

next week.

Tiger Woods has confessed his sins

- making a public apology and

begging fans to give him a second chance.

The disgraced billionaire golfer

finally broke his silence, three

months after the mysterious car

crash, which led to his spectacular downfall.

In 14 very controlled minutes,

In 14 very controlled minutes,

Tiger Woods bared his soul.

For all that I have done, I am so sorry.

Before a group of mostly friends

and his mother came the admission.

I was unfaithful, I had affairs, I cheated. His lies unravelled

His lies unravelled after that ill- fated crash.

There was no explanation for it, There was no explanation for it,

just a fierce denial that Elin attacked him.

There has never been an episode of

domestic violence in our marriage.

Ever. Elin has shown enormous grace

and poise throughout this ordeal.

Elin deserves praise - not blame.

Elin deserves praise - not blame.

The billionaire says he selfishly

indulged in fame's temptations,

believing he was exempt from normal rules.

It's hard to admit that I need help,

but I do. I thought that I could get

get away with whatever I wanted to.

I thought I deserved to enjoy all

the temptations around me. It is

difficult to admit I need help. I do need help.

He didn't mention the mistresses -

at least one feels he should have.

I would be open to a telephone

I would be open to a telephone apology from Tiger.

Finally, he spoke of golf.

I do plan to return to golf one day.

I just don't know when that day

will be. I don't rule out that it

will be this year..

The public reaction, who tuned in

like this was a presidential address, remain mixed.

I think it's time for everybody to

back off and let him be.

He's taken a bit long to come out

and say something and I think it's

a bit dissapointing that he hasn't

let journalists come out and ask

him questions.

Several invited golf journalists

boycotted the event, for that very


But most say they were stunned by

the speech. the speech.

I never thought we would hear him

be that blunt and that direct, and

I'll give him credit for manning up.

His mother says she's still proud

of her son, but salvaging his

tarnished reputation won't be easy.

I ask you to find rooom in your

again. heart to one day believe in me

Up next, a woman killed and her

husband injured in a horror hit-run. Crash.

And let the campaigning begin -

South Australians get ready to head

to the polls.

This program is captioned live.

A woman has been killed and her

husband dragged almost 600 metres

in a horror hit-run crash.

The couple were walking in suburban

Perth when they were hit by the car.

It's believed the man clung to the

vehicle's bonnet before falling off

more than half a kilometre away.

They were walking on from a local

hotel after having dinner. Of

Police have seized the car and

charged the 28-year-old driver.

A Queensland mother has been found

guilty of murdering two of her

family car. children, by gassing them in the

The bodies of the woman's 8-year-

old son and 10-year-old daughter

were found in the garage of their

Bribie Island home in November 2002.

A third child - a 16-year-old son - survived the carbon monoxide fumes.

The 43-year-old mother will be sentenced next week.

Thousands of Aussie workers will be

out of work because of the

Government's scrapped insulation scheme.

But some of the shonky installers

are still laughing all the way to the bank.

A familiar scene across the country

- electricians checking homes for

death traps and dodgy jobs.

It's a disaster.

The installation company Kym

Wilcox's landlord hired put this in

her roof - it's not insulation.

I'm pretty sure that you shouldn't

be able to do that.

She took a piece of the material to

a hardware store and was informed

it was sarkings and retails for

around $100 a slab - providing the

installer with a pretty profit.

The contractor allegedly backdated

the day of the job to before the

November 16 cut off so they could

rebate. receive the full $1,600 government

my signature. It also had an attempted forgery of

The Government picked up on the

fake date and gave them $1,200


The so-called cowboys in the

insulation industry have left the

ridgy-didge dealers high and dry.

There's a number of people who've

said, "Well, I can't afford to keep

my staff on - what will I do?"

Come Monday. I'll give them notice.

Even now, Mr Garrett has no plan

for the thousands of workers and

small businesses that have been

caught in his boom-bust plan.

Today the Government announced a

$10 million package to support up

to 2,000 workers who've been turfed

out of the insulation business, and there'll be no discrimination

between those who worked for dodgy

or decent dealers.

We will stand by workers who lose

their jobs in the insulation sector.

Japan still wants a diplomatic

solution to the whaling row with

Australia, despite Kevin Rudd's

fresh threats of legal action.

Its foreign affairs minister,

Katsuya Okada, has been meeting the

PM in Sydney today and Mr Rudd has

warned if the talks fail he'll take

legal action before the start of

the next whaling season in November.

There have been recent several

protestors. clashes at sea between whalers and

The Ady Gil was holed and sunk on

February 3rd and a hole was torn in

the hull of the Bob Barker protest

vessel three days later.

South Australian Premier Mike Rann

says he won't let affair

allegations distract him from

fighting for a third term victory on March the 20th.

The State is now officially in

election mode, after Mr Rann

visited government house. The 9am a

rival with half an hour's might

have scored everybody of the Guard.

We start the day very early in

politics. An hour later, a peace

offering. Not a sweet enough to

stop the inevitable questions. Did

you study because you were afraid

Michelle Chantelois award turn up

at Government house. Not at all.

She has promised to maintain a

presence during the campaign. He

has denied they were anything more

than flirty friends. My obsession

is getting jobs for the State and

keeping the State moving ahead.

That is what this is going to be

about. Some believe the Premier

should be right. My knee South

Australians are tired of this issue

and at once both sides to put

policy on the table. Until recently,

the government's biggest worry was

biting allegations of complacency

about a third term victory. Winning

10 seats to govern in their own

right is a huge ask. Isobel Redmond

is not daunted. It will be a very

serious contest and I believe we

victory. can pull off a fourth quarter

Up next, the oscar winner who's

found himself on the wrong side of

the law.

And Miranda Kerr's beauty secrets

now in a bottle.

This program is captioned live.

Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn has

photographer. been charged over a clash with a

The 49-year-old is accused of

kicking the snapper in the leg and

breaking his camera, at an Los

Angeles shopping centre in October

last year.

If convicted, Penn could serve 18

months behind bars.

It's not the first time the actor

has found himself on the wrong side

of the law.

In 1987 he served more than a month

in jail for assault, and also

attacked a photographer at his brother's funeral in 2006.

Prince William is used to having his photograph taken.

But for the first time, the 27-

year-old royal has gone behind the

lens to help out one of his

favourite charities. 5th the model

as inane Palace.

as inane Palace. The photographer

has slept on the streets. Women in

the studios of one of London's top

fashion photographers. Jet was

Hymas a few years ago, his life in

tatters. Now he has fans in high

places. The from leap second he

walked in the door, I was relieved

and pleasantly surprised, he is a

very nice guy. He seemed slightly

more nervous than I did. This was

William the photographer, behind

the lens to help produce one of two

images that appeared together. His

subject is Geoff. The man in charge

is fashion photographer Rankin. He

is an export mentor. What do you

like about those. You feel like he

is actually talking to you. The jet

of the exercise is to raise money

for the Hymas charity. This is the

finished product to be sold at an

exhibition and April. Geoff Hubbard

is not Hymas any more and his

encounter with a royal photographer

could mean more changes in his life.

There's been a colourful start, to

the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

More than 1,500 performers paraded

through the city's east end to celebrate the event's 50th anniversary.

Among the 25 weird and wonderful

floats - a motorised murray cod, a

trojan horse and a bubbling liver.

Crowds were treated to circus

tricks, spooked by zombies.

Some even caught a glimpse of

Marilyn Monroe. Around 80,000

people packed the streets, ringing

in the beginning of the 3-week party.

One of the world's sexiest

supermodels has pressed the flesh

with fans in Melbourne.

Like models before her, Miranda

Kerr has turned her beauty into a

bankable brand and stopped traffic

as she promoted her new organic skincare range.

I've been passionate aboiut

organics for a long time and I've

grown up in a family that, you know,

my grandpa grows his own vegetables

in his back yard, and we're very

passionate about organics.

And once again, this natural beauty

proved she's also a natural with

her many admirers.

The weather's next and then it's

Sports Tonight with Rob Canning and

Woods public statement. Rob, you'll have more on Tiger

We'll hear more from Woods and how

his colleagues viewed his comments.

That, plus plenty more - right

ahead. We're crossing live to

Vancouver to with Torah Bright. Our

cricketers make it 16 in a row And

been! the Magpies rue what could have

This program is captioned live.

This program is captioned live.

Looking around the nation at the

weather today.

The satellite picture shows masses

of cloud over northeast Queensland

generating showers and a few storms.

A cloud band in the south is

bringing scattered showers to southern SA.

A ridge is keeping skies mostly

clear and dry in the south east.

On to tomorrow's forecast.

Humid easterlies in Queensland will

maintain showers in the east of the

State, with areas of heavy rain and

storms in the tropics near a trough.

Hot northwesterlies will push into

the southeast ahead of a trough

and storms. bringing a cooler change, showers

Cairns can expect some showers, a

clearing shower for Brisbane,

possible showers for the gold and Sunshine Coasts.

Mostly sunny in Sydney, a late

shower in Canberra and Hobart, increasing cloud in Melbourne.

South Australia and Adelaide is set

for a possible thunderstorm, mostly

cloudy in Port Lincoln.

Mostly sunny in Perth, sunny in Broome.

Finally tonight - it was a

spectacular sight on Sydney Harbour

last night with one of the world's

biggest cruise liners, the Queen

Victoria, looking pretty in pink.

The ship was blushing with pink

lights, as a mark of support for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

That brings you up to date with the

latest news.

Stay around for Sports Tonight with

Rob Canning. I'm Natarsha Belling.

Good evening. Supertext Captions by

Red Bee Media Australia. for a different life, this program.

This program is captioned live.

We'll have all the reaction to

Tiger Woods statement shortly.

A was unfaithful and I had affairs

and I cheated and I have a long way

to go and I'll let you down. I have

let down my fans. Please believe in

me again. For all that I have done

I am so sorry.

I am so sorry. Hello I'm Rob

Canning - welcome to Toyota Sports

Tonight. Todays show is must-see TV.

We're blessed by the best - Torah

Bright drops in live from Vancouver.