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for nothing. We're not called Specsavers troublemakers or visionaries? VOICEOVER: Were women suffragists or the right decision? Was this PM's dismissal unfair government policy? And did these people affect Museum of Australian Democracy You decide at the at Old Parliament House. The bold plan to create an Tonight ... neighbourhood, entirely carbon efficient rejected by the union, A public service pay rise attract visitors to the And, the latest campaign to Good evening, I'm Jessica Capital. The ACT Greens have unveiled Good, Australia's most energy an ambitious plan to create But they say building a zero efficient neighbourhood. as much as you might think. emission suburb won't cost politicians are in the middle There is a reason these four This area will soon become of a forrest. centre and home to seventy- Canberra's newest town

thousand people. still a clean slate, we can This area is beginning. get it done from the Molonglo Valley, near Weston The Greens are convinced centre of the future. Creek, can become a town seven star energy efficiency. They want all homes to have homeowners would supposedly be The upfront cost to potential But the long-term savings, small. considerable. will be less, the heating The water use transport costs will be less. cooling will be less, the A commitment to make this a Greens' deal with Labor. reality is included in the Government are already Early discussions with the underway.. Parliamentary Agreement item It is a move on this. and it is imperative that we this development to be public The Greens want ten percent of With a mix of townhouses and or social housing. Public transport of course a units. The party calling for Park' big focus of their plan. lanes and cycle highways. n'ride facilities, bus only in those bus priority lanes, the infrastructure, if we put transport from the start, it if we plan for public But at least one idea has can be workable. Government. raised a red flag with the concerned the Greens want to The Planning Minister's one-car households. create a neighbourhood of kilometre speed zones to be The Party also want thirty- considered. different governments, There'll be development of Molonglo, we' different Assemblies over the right from the start. re saying we need to get it in the sky stuff, the Greens To show this isn't all pie public forums. are planning a series of gold in the women's Cooma's TORAH BRIGHT has won Winter Olympics in Canada. snowboard half pipe at the bad start in run number one... finals.. Bright got off to a came back out onto Cypress but under incredible pressure blitzed it to finish first... Mountain and absolutely

Torah's run Scoring a forty-five.

KELLY CLARKE picked up silver Americans HANNAH TETER and Twenty-three year old Bright and bronze respectively. Games... She's coached by is surrounded by family at the flew out secretly to surprise brother Ben and her parents Wage negotiations between the her. public servants have stalled A-C-T Government and its latest pay offer. after the union rejected the for more than double what's The public sector is asking says it can only afford a two on offer, but the government per cent increase. disappointment all round today It seems there was Government's Public Sector over the progress of the ACT wage negotiations. The government of course is disappointed that the union haven't accepted the nature of the financial issues and the difficult financial issues the government faces. The government say they are disappointed well they are probably not as disappointed as we are. It comes after unions representing A-C-T's public servants rejected the pay offer of two percent in the first year and two point five

every year thereafter. If you want to hold the experience and expertise of the workforce you've got to pay wages that reflect the increase in the cost of living. Refusing to even put what they call an "abysmal and embarrassing" offer on the table. not even to take it to our members it was that bad. +w The Unions want a four point five percent increase, which is more than double of what' s on offer. Claiming recent economic stability means its achievable, but the Government say they're not out of the red yet. help the process for the unions to come out and say oh well look the governments just had a significant turnaround in this one year and ignore the fact that we are still in deficit to the tune of $600 million. it's still early on in negotiations, the rejection of the pay offer could mean our public servants are out of pocket come April first, unable to get their projected pay rise through in time by the expiry of their previous workplace agreement, Roanne Johnson, WIN News A historic report has been presented to the ACT Government to improve programs and services for indigenous Canberrans. It's set to pave the way for new legislation to address the overpopulation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in detention. Goodwill and a report is set to make a difference to the Territory's Indigenous community. The document is the next step to improve outcomes for Canberra's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population. I don't want to say it's bad, but we can' t measure anything, we haven' t been able to measure what

the departments have been doing in relation to service to Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander people. +y This is the first time in an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander representative body

has delivered a 'feedback' report to the A-C-T Government. The Chief Minister believes it'll help the government provide better programs and services. We accept that there are data problems, we' re already working on dealing with that we already changed our approach to Indigenous data collection and we'll do

more of that. Court and legal support for Indigenous people was another area the report highlighted needed attention. The justice system itself doesn't give us any representation and while there's no representation there'll always be this wave of people going through the system and into the corrective services process. The overpopulation of Indigenous people at the Bimberi Youth Justice Centre is an issue Mr Williams and the Chief Minister are determined to change. From a population base of only two per cent more often than not half, fifty per cent or more of the children that we feel the need to lock up for their own protection and the protection of the community are are Aboriginal boys and girls. Regional Australians are the happiest they've been at work for more than two years. The latest Auspoll has shown a dramatic rise in job confidence. promises these days. One of those was Carbon Trading would cost jobs ... and they were right. Just days after a deal was reached with both sides of the house they fired their leader, and chief climate change negotiator. Most Australians expect their political leaders and their political parties to take effective action on climate change. Meanwhile the sentiment on the other side of the house is jobs are safe ... as long as they keep spending your money. That is, unless it turns out your work was dodgy in the

first place. And it seems the bulk of Australians agree. The latest Auspoll shows a twenty per cent jump in the

number of people not worried about the economy on the same time next year While those who are concerned drops to fifty-six from seventy-six per cent last

year. Looking ahead the government has been quick to assure the public the stimulus has worked. Australian's can be confident though not complacent, about our economic prospects. And it seems that message has penetrated well Half of people now believe things will get better, up from twenty-one per cent last year While those who are bunkering down has dropped ... nineteen percent say things will get worse ... down from just over half, a year ago. While slightly more said

things should stay the same. The AWU-Auspoll has a margin of error of plus or minus two-point-eight per cent.

Coming up next on WIN News ... The latest campaign to attract visitors to the Capital. And the local highschool

teacher with the unique double life. ... A Queanbeyan man has broken both his ankles, after a four car pile-up on Canberra Avenue in Fyshwick this morning. At around eight o'clock the driver of this van is believed to have rear-ended a four- wheel drive, which slammed into two hatchbacks. Emergency Services used the jaws of life to remove the dashboard to free the fifty- four year old van-driver before he was taken to hospital.The latest tourism campai aimed at attracting visitors to the Capital has been launched.

Culture Shock 2010 highlights the big ticket events happening in Canberra this autumn. fifty thousand dollar campaign. Jointly funded by the A-C-T Government and the National Capital Attraction's Association. build up autumn as a period of time that's fantastic to visit Canberra. We want to see autumn build into a time of year that effectively rivals Floriade. It's called "Culture Shock".Today measures to get their message across. Encouraging visitors to come and experience Canberra's cultural attractions. The National Museum, Australian War Memorial, The National Gallery and the Museum of Australian Democracy. So we're left to wonder, where's the cultural shock? We are playing to our strengths here, there'

s no point trying to reinvent Canberra, we've got to play to our strengths. So the national institutions but also we have attractions like the glassworks, the zoo, so it's not just museums per se. They're rolling out a series of advertising campaigns to coincide with the launch. markets for this are Sydney and regional New South Wales, we'll also have some national activity going on

obviously via the web. Tourism contributes nearly one point three billion dollars to the A-C-T economy. Canberra's BEN WILLIAMS is a sporting star on the world stage but you probably haven' t heard of him. The thirty-two year old teacher is an international soccer referee and is off to the Asian Champions League. Ben Williams spends three quarters of the year teaching sport at Belconnen High... The rest of the time you'll find him running around the fields of the world refereeing national and international soccer matches. probably six or seven times a week so just like athletes I guess and it's quite competitive too so we all want to be on the big matches. Williams will fly out to Uzbekistan tomorrow for the start of the ASEAN Cup. When it comes to teaching soccer... his students say he' s very technical.. But a lot of fun. value - good to have around. +y Canberra has continued its dominance at the Australian Men's Softball Championships at Hawker with wins over New South Wales and Western Australia. It makes four straight victories for the ACT - and the side is looking good to claim its fifth straight title. Canberra has two of the best pitchers in the world, ADAM FOLKARD and ANDREW KIRKPATRICK.

about the man in the middle basically and if you have a good team of hitters and to go with the pitching you're almost invincible but the man in the middle can still beat a good hitting team. In basketball news Sports Minister Andrew Barr says the government will fork out funds to bring international superstar Lauren Jackson back next WNBL season. What she also brings is a very strong

cultural sense in what Canberra is about as a city, for women's sport and our support for women achieving fantastic things in their chosen careers. And international netball will feature in the Capital this weekend. The Darters will take on India at the AIS training hall on Sunday afternoon. The visitors are preparing for the Commonwealth Games while Canberra is gearing up for a big domestic season. A special Latemail for you with tips for Canberra's own "Preview Day" on Sunday.

In race three, the tip is number five POETIC JUSTICE. In race five, number five, BEYOND EXPECTATION is poised for a big run. And in the sixth - the "Myer Fashions on the Field" race - we couldn't go past THE CATWALK STAR....naturally!While in BULLS are favourites to down the BRUMBIES in Pretoria. The all important weather details are next. Then, Canberra's city centre

given a taste of Paris. After a cloudy start it was a fine day in the Capital. Light east to northeasterly winds. Right now it's twenty one degrees outside. Clear skies on the Southern Tablelands. Light to moderate east to northeasterly winds. Twenty three degrees in

Goulburn. Twenty six in Yass. Partly cloudy with freshening northeasterly winds on the Coast. Twenty five degrees in Nowra and Batemans Bay. On the Snowies - fine and twenty three for Cooma. Thredbo - seventeen. A low pressure trough is generating cloud over Queensland. Low level cloud over the eastern seaboard is due to an onshore easterly air stream. The fine conditions will persist under the influence of