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Barack Obama meets the Dalai

Lama ignoring warnings from

China. Brisbane remembers

12-year-old Elliott Fletcher.

His funeral will be held at his

school today. Torrential rain

pours more misery on

quake-struck Haiti. And the

Melbourne Victory beats Sydney

2-1 in a spiteful first league

of the A league semifinal. Good

morningment it's Friday 19 February. I'm Joe O'Brien. And

I'm Virginia Trioli. The top

story on ABC News Breakfast -

the Dalai Lama has met US President Barack Obama in Washington. The men held

private talks at the White

House but the President Syd did

not appear in public with the

Dalai Lama. Barack Obama has

called on China and tib tote

engage in talks to resolve

their differences. China views

the Dalai Lama as a separatist

and warned that any meeting

with the xiled spiritual leader

could affect relations.

Speaking after the meeting the

Dalai Lama said the President

was supportive. Dubai's police

chief says he's now 99% sure

Israel was involved in the

assassination of a Palestinian

militant commander last month.

Israel is already coming under

pressure from European nation

angry that their country's

passports have been tarnished

by the suspected killers who

used them. It's lamb month

since Mahmoud al-Mabhouh was

killed. But Israel's discomfort

is Ma has's opportunity. Last

night it celebrated its newest

martyr with an old style

rally. The decision of revenge

for the leader Mahmoud

al-Mabhouh has been taken. And

it will be equal to the

crime. There's little doubt

here about who was behind his

murder. The British approach is

less direct but for more significant. Israel's ambassador was summoned to

white hall to explain how six

of the Dubai suspects came to

be holding fake British

passports. Ireland did the

same. I was unable to add any

additional information pfl to

specific requests and

concerning your questions about

the meeting itself, as you

know, it was not the usual way

to talk about what happens

inside those meetings. Relation

between Britain and Israel have

been in committee client since

last year's Gaz what war.. We

wanted to give Israel every

opportunity to share with us

what it knows about this

incident, and we hope and

expect that they will cooperate

fully with the investigation

that has been launched by the

PM. Israel is sticking to its

policy of ambiguity when it

comes to the moss add. The

world appears increasingly

convinced that the spy agency

was involved and a lot of

Israelis around appear to think

the same. I think it's very

successful thing that we do.

And I think after time it all

will be quiet. When Israel does

that kind of thing, nobody

knows that it was done. Others

believe the attack was below

the Mossad's standards because

of the evidence the asaz yns

lefts behind. The debate in

Israel isn't over who did it

but if it was worth the

diplomatic price. In other news

this morning, the funeralor for

12 Elliott Fletcher will be

held today at his school. A

13-year-old fellow

studentallily stabbed him to

death at St Patricks College.

Meanwhile, two teenagers have

been involve inned a knife

fight at a Brisbane Highway.

Survivors of Haiti's earth

quake has suffered another

setback with the onset of

torrential rain. The heavy rain

has worsened the already poor

conditions in make shift camps

around the capital

Port-au-Prince and with the wet

season just beginning the UN

has origin uraniumed countries

to rush tents to the region to

help sheltter homeless there.

The United Nations top climate

official has announced he will

resign. Yvo de Boer will step

down in July, Mr De Boer has

come under fire after last

year's Copenhagen climate talks

failed to reach a legally

binding agreement to reduce

global greenhouse gas emiss. Mr

De Boer says he's announcing

his resignation ahead of July

talks where world leaders will

again try to reach a deal on

climate change. In Pakistan an

avalanche has killed at least

35 people in the cup's

north-west. The avalanche

buried a remote village about

200 kilometre north of

Islamabad. Rescuers are

searching for dozens of people.

The regional police chief says

odds have been blocked by

landslides and a NATO air

strike has killed seven Afghan

policemen in the country's

north. Afghan officials say the

toldiers were bombed by

mistake. Elsewhere, NATO forces

are trying to oust the Taliban

in a major offensive in Helmand

province. On Sunday, 12 Afghan

civilians were killed when a

NATO rocket missed its

target. More now on the Dalai

Lama's meeting with the US

President Barack Obama. We're

joined now by political

scientist sue sue, she's an an

American expert on China. Good

morning. The US-China

relationship is not in particularly good shape at the

moment and this will no doubt

further strain that

relationship? That's right. The

Chinese side has elevated the

importance of the Tibet issue

in its foreign policy and I

expect that they will react

quite strongly. While the

meeting went ahead, it was low

key without official status.

Will that placate the Chinese

at all? Probably not. Why

not? Well, because every efr

since the violent protests in

Tibet that preceded the 2008

Olympics, the Tibet issue has

become a hot political issue

domestically in China. So the

Chinese Government which is

incredibly attentive to

nationalist public opinion will

feel that it has to take a

tough and very vocal stand by

which should watch and see what

they actually do. Sometimes in

China tough words can be a

substitute for tough

action. Can international

pressure lead to any

substantive change in Tibet

anyway or will China always

disregard international opinion

and pressure on Tibet? Well,

that's a very good question and

the Clinton Administration we

worked very hard on this issue,

President Clinton carry cared

very keeply about it and we had

some hopes that the dialogue

mightmake progress and in fact

in the Obama Administration of

course they're trying to do the

same thing, that's why

President Obama went to China.

When he was in China definitely

raised the Tibet issue and we

always advise it was Chinese

leadership that they would be

better off trying to in essence

strike a deal with theical dal

than the Tibetian leaders who

will follow him who are likely

to be much tougher in their

position, but whether or not

domestic pressure can really

achieve anything, I think

ultimate lu it's up to the Chinese leaderses themselves

and their own concept of their

domestic political challenges

they face. How bad is the

situation in Tibet right now in

terms of the suppression of

indigenous Kurt and human

rights violations? Obviously

it's not very good ch certainly

after the violent protefss

things have tightened up and

it's very difficult for people

to practice Tibetian Buddhism

in the way they would like

because from the standpoint of

Beijing, these are no religious

organisations, they represent a

political challenge to the

communist party rule over

Tibet, so that's really the

dilemma and, you know, the

Chinese have shown themselves

lately willing to make the

Tibet issue an obstacle to cooperation with the Europeans

or with the American s other issues and we certainly hope

that won't be the case

now. It's got to be pointed out

that this wasn't particularly bold of Barack Obama, was it,

because there's a bit of a

tradition of US Presidents

meeting the Dalai Lama? From

the US side this is quite

routine. This is following past

precedent. So it's not a change

in any way in American

practice, it's that on the the

Chinese side ever since the

violent protests and the

domestic political reaction

that followed they feel that

now they need to make this what

they call a core issue of

sovereignty, the same as the

Taiwan issue has been, and that

really is the problem. What we

hope is

hope is that we'll get a lot of

noise, a very strong public

statement on their side, but

they won't necessarily cancel any of the ongoing cooperation

that's under way. Because

they'll recognise that their

own strategic interests - and I

know that Chinese leaders know

this - are to avoid a hostile relationship with the United

States, a Cold War with the

United States, they want a smooth international

environment for them to

concentrate on all the domestic economic development that's

really the number one objective

here. OK, Susan Shirk, thank

you so much for talking to us

this morning. My pleasure,

thanks. Japan's Foreign

Minister will visit Australia

this weekend for official talks with the Rudd Government but

with the Rudd Government but

his trip's likely to be

overshadowed by the diplomatic

rift over Japan's whaling

program. Katsuya Okada's visit

coincides with talk of a

possible compromise which could

see Japan scale back Antarctic

whaling. In the icy waters of

the Antarctic Japan's hunt for

whales goes on. Proving much

move aye lusive is a solution

to the diplomatic stand-off

between Tokyo and gra over the

annual kill. This weekend Japan's Foreign Minister

Katsuya Okada will visit

Australia. And back home, he's

been urged to take a hardline

with the Rudd Government. He

has to stay what he has to stay

very bluntly, not like older

Japanese, nice way. There's the

nice way or the legal way.

Which Kevin Rudd has repeatedly

threatened should diplomacy

fail I'm very confident that

Japan will win over this

litigation. So it all comes

down to diplomacy but that

would involve both sides giving

significant ground. The

Japanese have recently flagged

a possible compromise with the

fisharies Minister proposing to scale

The annual hunt in exchange

for Japan being allowed to

resume commercial whaling in

its own coastal waters. It's a proposal which could be given

serious consideration in the

international whaling

commission meeting in morock Co

in June. Me said that they are

going to retreat from

Antarctica. But for now there's

no sign of a Japanese retreat

no sign of a Japanese retreat

from the Antarctic, nor a sur

ender from their Sea Shepherd pursuers. The Federal

Government could well be handed

a double dissolution election

trigger of the next sitting of parliament. The Government will

try to pass a bill to allow the

private health insurance rebate

to be means tested. For more

Melissa Clarke joins us

now. Take us through Senate

legislative agenda? When the

Senate resumes sitting next

week at the top of the list the

top priority for the Government

will be this legislation that

would see the 30% private

health insurance rebate means

tested. They've placed that in

terms of order of priority above all other legislation

that they've got before the

Senate so that puts it ahead of

the CPRS which they made quite

a fuss about at the end of last

year as being an issue they

wanted to continue to push in

the new year, it also puts it

ahead of other matters that are very timely at the moment including legislation that

would see youth allowance

changed because of course at the moment that's an issue that's been stalled and a lot

of students have been left in a

rather awkward position as the

university year is starting but

nonetheless this private health

insurance rebate relation is

going to be the very first

thing the Government deals

with. Is that why speculation

is now rampant in Canberra

about the possible of a double

dissolution election? There's

two ways to look at this. Part

of the reason that this would

have been given some level of

priority is the fact that the

Government hopes this measure

will save them $2 billion in

the budget and there's a lot of

Budget work going on behind the

scenes already and we know

where the cross benching stand

here. We know this lotion won't

pass the Senate because the

cross benchers continue approve

of it. What it will do is it

will mean the bill will be

rejected for a second time,

give them another double

dissolution election trigger.

With the CPRS and popularity

fading away from the Government's Emissions Trading

Scheme, and that becoming a

much more controversy area,

it's now so palatable for the

Government to call a double

dissolution election on

dissolution election on that

environment issue, now they

have got another round ofment in addition in the gun that is

an election trigger. It is much

more palatable electoratally to

call an earlyish election on

the basis of a health

issue. But the speculation is

quite serious. Is anyone in Canberra actually talking a date, a possible month

here? Look, in terms of timing

nk it's firely universalal kons

sense use that the Government

wouldn't be going early.

There's still an expectation

that the Government will call

for a poll sometime around the

August, September, mark, maybe

as early as July, there's a

wind yof opportunity there

where they could call either a double dissolution election or

a normal general election and a

half and they they'd have to

fit that in before the football

finals and the Victorian

election. Finally, any news or

information act what the key

political figures are up to to today? The Government ministers

will have left Ballarat where they had Community Cabinet last

night. They're mostly scattered

ahead of coming back to

Canberra next week. But we do

have a top Government officials

will be in Canberra to meet the

Japanese Foreign Minister who

will be in Canberra over the

weekend so that will be a high

profile and perhaps a difficult

issue for the Government to

manage given the whaling

issue. Thank you. To the front

pages of the major newspapers around the country this morning

- than reports that the Climate

Change Minister Penny Wong has

warned that Bondi beach and the

Sunshine Coast could erode away

over the next century.. The

Qantas chiefs says air flares

rise this year after a profit dive reports the 'Financial

Review'. The Government will

delay pushing ahead with its

Emissions Trading Scheme as it

shifts its focus to private

health insurance saying the 'Age'. The 'Herald Sun' reports

that Victorians are being

surveyed to find out if they're

prepared to pay extra for green

waste disposal and it also

features tonight's preseason AFL showdown between Collingwood and St

Kilda. Queensland is about to

introduce laws forcing medical

staff to dob in drug or

alcohol-affected colleagues

'Sydney Morning Herald' says reports the 'Courier-Mail'. The

climate change has slid down

the order of election

priorities as the Government's

private health bill now takes

centre stage the 'Daily

Telegraph' says NSW hospital waiting lists are so long that

ambulance workers have been

forced to baby sit patients in

emergency wards and the large

photo shows AC/DC rock Sydney

last night. South Australia's

water Minister Karlene Maywald

faces a popularity slump ahead

of next month's State election

according to an 'Advertiser'

poll. The 'Northern Territory

News' reports on a near miss

when a semitrailer ploughed

into into a child-care centre.

Professor Gareth Evans is about Former Foreign Minister

to be installed as chancellor

as the Australian National

University, that's on the front

page of the And a drunk driver

seven types legal riment when

he crashed his car into an elderly couple's vehicle has

been jailed for 2.5 years. If

you'd like to send us your

feedback -

Forring complaerpt in the

paper this morning about

whether the Mary MacKillop

announcement. Does it have

wider appeal? I'd love to know

your view on this. Is this an

issue that really returns us to

the old sectarian divide or not

and let us know what you think

about Barack Obama agreeing to

that meeting with the Dalai

Lama in Washington. The top stories on ABC News

Breakfast - the Dalai Lama has

met US President Obama at the

White House despite objections

from China. The men held

private talks at the White

House but the President did not

appear in public with the

exiled spiritual leader. The

funeral for 12-year-old Elliott

Fletcher will be held today at

his Brisbane school, a

13-year-old fellow

studentallily stabbed Elliott

to death, just days after the

killing two teenagers have been

involved in a knife fight at a

Brisbane high school..

Torrential rain is causing

further suffering for those in

Haiti. The rain has worsened

already squalid condition in

the make shift camps around the

Port-au-Prince. Criminal Capital,

charges could be laid against

three Afghan aslyum seekers

accused of deliberately setting

fire to their boat near ash

Moore reef last April. A month

long coronial inquest wrapped

up in Darwin with the coroner

saying that he believed a crime

may have been committed. Last

April, the boat known as 'Siev

36' exploded while under the

control of the Australian navy.

Five Afghan aslyum seekers died

and dozens more were seriously

injured. Counsel assisting the

coroner Stephen Walsh QC said

evidence from three Afghan

witnesses denying their

involvement in a plan to

disable the boat contradiction

other evidence and should be

rejected by the coroner. Mr

Walsh said the explosion was

caused by a series of

deliberate acts.

But Mr Walsh also told the

court those involved probably

didn't expect an explosion. The

coroner asked -

The inquest heard the explosion could have been

prevented if the Australian

boarding party had found and

secured any fuel on board,

confies cayed lighters and

match and not agitated the

aslyum seekers by issuing a

warning to turn back to

Indonesia. But Mr Walsh said

the defence force has since

made several changes to the way

it boards suspected illegal

boats. He also said the

priority given to the rescue of

ADF personnel first was

appropriate and should not be

criticised. The coroner will

hand down his findings on 17

March. All 42 surviving aslyum

seekers were granted refugee

status but people convicted of

serious crimes can have their

visas cancelled and be removed

from Australia. The takeover

battle for AXA Asia Pacific is

entering a new phase with an MP

hinting that it may lift its

$13 billion bid. The stabs are

high with Craig Dunn conceding

that failure could make AMP

itself a a takeover

target. Although NAB has

trumped AMP's offer for AXA

Asia Pacific Craig Dunn sayles

the bat simple far from over. None of the reasons that

first sparked our interest in

merging with AXA have gone

away, and merging with AXA's

Australian and New Zealand operations would certainly

accelerate key parts of our

growth strategy. In December,

AMP made what it called a best

and final cash and shares offer

which on today's prices values

AXA at $6.18 a share. NAB has

offered $6.50 a share in cash.

Craig Dunn now concedes best

and final may not be best and

final after at all all As

circumstances continue to

change, as time continues to

move on and again we think

there's a long way to before

this transaches is finalised,

our flexibility continues to

improve and we'll continue to

consider our position Banking

analyst David Ellis believes

AMP will have to lift its offer

about $6.70 a share to be successful but it's a

successful but it's a price

that brings greater

risk. Increasing the price for

AXA to that sort of $6.70,

$6.30 level puts pressure on

AMP's balance sheet, on its

earnings per share growth.

Probably be two to three years

or more before the acquisition

would be earnings be share

a. If AMP mitss out on AXA it

will find itself a distant

fifth behind the big four banks

which Craig Dunn admits could

turn it to prey. But David Ellis thinks the ACCC may have

a view on that. For one of the

major banks other than NAB to

look at AMP, there would be

major competition issues and

whether the arc would approve

that transation or that

takeover would be

questionable. As for AMP's

performance, full year earnings

were up 27% to $739 million.

Earnings per share were up 19%,

the final dividend of 16 cents

a share brought the full year

dividend to 30

cents. Investment returns from

the capital partners business

were good, they're starting to

return The group has a strong

capital position, 2.2 times minimum regulatory requirements

and had a very strong performance with cost

control While the recovery in

the stock market gave a boost

to the earnings of AMP, the

stock market operator missed

out. The Australian securities

exchange's first half profit

was council more than 2% a

result it blamed on a billing

drop in interest income caused

by the low interest rate environment. Notwithstanding

that, ASX shares jumped 3%..

Profit was down on the

corresponding period, but trult

was well up on the second half

of 2009. So and well above

market expectation. With

profits down to $168 million,

earnings per share were also

off by 1% while the interim

dividend was cut to just over 89 cents a share.

The revenue growth we observed

was across all four of our core

activities, so capital

raisings, cash market trade execution, derivity market

trade execution and over the

counter market services

in... Mr Elstone says trading

volumes are up significantly

the year in another sign that

investor confidence is

returning to the markets. We'll

go to the markets now - P

Vanessa O'Hanlon will be here

with a look at the weekend

weather for you. And also ahe'd

we'll have our daily review of

the newspaper newspapers. This

morning we'll be joined by Mike

Smith. With sport here the Paul Kennedy. Melbourne Victory has

beaten Sydney FC 2-1 in the

first league of the A league

semifinal and the scoreline

wasn't the only talking point

from last night. The Melbourne

Vancouver or recruit was sent

off in the 73rd minute for an

elbow so there'll be more to

play with that one to see

whether he gets rubbed out for

the second leg. Let's look at

the highlights now.

COMMENTATOR: Can he bisect the

two central defenders. Nikki

Mrja, his first goal for

Melbourne Victory, it's been

coming and finally he's got

one. On-side both Hernandez and

Mrja, Hernandez takes the

opportunity. 2-0, Melbourne. Is

there a chance for Sydney to

strike back before half-time.

Header by Brosque, beautiful

take by Aloisi, it's taken a

deflection and it's in the back

of the net. Aloisi will claim

it and Sydney have struck back

almost immediately. Sydney have

a player down. There you go.

The referee's assistant has

just called over to Peter Green

and Peter Green has shown the

red card to Nikki Mrja, well,

that is a massive talking point

point. I don't think there was

any talk that an elbow was

used. That was the first game

with the opening goal and he

gives a little nudge there. I

thought we were tremendous

tonight. The boys showed some

character. All the talk was

that we couldn't score against

Sydney. We created a number of

chances and they had a deflection. Australia will take

toon West Indies in the fifth

one-day international today at

the MCG. The Windies preparing

to do something special to try

and get a win. The Australian

team has included Stephen

Smith, the leg spinner from NSW

and he should be add some sort

of excitement to the game. He's

a terrific batsmen as well as a

bowler. The Aussies played a

bit of football yesterday and

also Chris Gayle was asked

about going head-to-head with

with - for spectators with a preseason clash between

Collingwood and St Kilda in

Melbourne. Let's hear what he

said. There's a big Australian

football match happening

tomorrow night. A real football

match tomorrow night? What

time? About 7:30 I think. They

ought ought to come and watch

us play. It's a practice game

match? No, they won't be

bothered. They can watch

us. Will the whole team more

aggressive or change tactics. Since you want to go

to the football, we might

finish the game early and watch

some football. The max fixing

scandal as rocked lawn bowls in

New Zealand. A couple of

players have been fined for the

men's national team throw a g a

game at an international

tournament last year but the

players aren't accepting the

decision. Double world champion

kiwi lawn bowler Gary Lawson

looked at peace on the

looked at peace on the green

today but get him off the grass

and he's a very unhappy man. I

said to my lawyer that I not

paying one cent. I refuse to

pay any money Aye Hindmarsh his

three team-mates have been

fined for throwing an end

during a championship last

year. Effectively they've been

used of deliberately losing so

Canada couldn't make the

finals. They say they just

played badly. And they believe

they're being punished because

they don't get alock with New

Zealand lawn bowls bosses. I

would think think we can heal

our differences and that Gary

in some future date play for

New Zealand Gary law yons believes New Zealand lawn bowls

is a mess. He says the coach is

unsupportive and the bosses are

a bunch of backstab ers. They

even dropped the final or I

don't play. But he can't play.

On top of the fine he's been banned from representing New

Zealand for six months, which

mean he is could miss out on

the Commonwealth Games. If

there was a medical for drama

then New Zealand would

definitely have a place on the

podium. There's a Winter

Olympics update to be had this

morning with if half-pipe

snowboard competition going

ahead. This is Torah Bright,

the Australian hope for a gold

medal in in that event. It

starts about an hour from now.

We're showing you training

pictures because we can't show

you the real stuff from

Vancouver because of rights

issues but we will keep you up

to date on how the Australians go. On snowboarding, I watched

a little bit of that yesterday

and - tomato head? The American

guy, he's really good at it.. I

saw some Japanese snowboarders

and I was amazed that the

culture of skateboarding which

is closely aligned to snowboard

ing, are carried over to the

Olympics which is really

interesting. They're all

wearing the uniforms that have

been designed for them but the

pants are halfway down the bum,

just as they would be if you're

skateboarding or snowboarding

out in the environment. I

wonder if the International

Olympic Committee has rules on

this,,000 shalt pull thooig

pants up. You'd think it

would get in the air. Aero

dynamically. Muck you up a

bit I would have thought they'd

be cold. It looks like it gets

in the way when they're trying

to walk, let alone

skateboard. Sean White from a sporting percentage won the

gold medal. He was the hero

from turin as well, so he's got

back-to-back. He's got flaming

read hair and they're calling

him the Flying Tomato. The one

headline was that thefullying

tomato was the top banana.

Apparently, he does stuff that

nobody else does so we can have

a quick chat hbt him later

. Thank you, Paul. ABC News

Breakfast can be watched live

on the web from anywhere. Just watch - Vanessa O'Hanlon, the

rain is still fall falling in

parts of Queensland? It is

still falling. What an

unbelievable week it's been. We

have a severe weather warning

for flash flooding. Also, the

north tropical coast south of

Cairns. A flood warning has

also been issued for coastal

rivers. Let's take a look at

the is the image. For Queensland, another cloudy wet

and stormy day ahead. Between

150 and #00mm of rain expected

around Tully, thick cloud is also moving into the south-west of Western Australia. Just a

little bit of drizzle there and

mostly dry for the rest of the

country. The moisture is still

needing into that deep trough

which is heading up towards the north. It should start to weaken tomorrow but it is

expected to redevelop over the

tropics early next week A high is moving into the Tasmania man

sea, it is causing onshore

winds and showers along the

east coast and over in the west

a trough is drging hot winds

into the south-east. Queensland


E The top stories on ABC News

Breakfast - the Tibetian

spiritual leader the tall Dahl

- the Dalai Lama has met

President Obama in wancht

theman held private talks but

the President did not appear in

public with the Dalai

public with the Dalai Lama.

Barack Obama has called on

China and Tibet to engage in

talks to resolve their

differences. China views the

Dalai Lama was a separatist and

warned any meeting could affect

relations between warfgt and

Beijing. Speaking after the

meeting, the Dalai Lama said

the President was supportive. However I have

more responsibility to speak on

behalf of

behalf of 6 million people ands

there Tibet issue is just cause

for peace. So I mentioned - of

course the President himself

inquiry about these things so

my sort of full commitment

about the approach and the

President is very supportive

and I can see his even before

he become President, during

election, you see, he telephone

me, that after he become

President he always showing his

genuine concern and during his

visit to Beijing, you see his

concern about Tibet and beside

other global issue. The Dalai

Lama will speaking after he'd

Defence Secretary Robert Gates. spoken to and met with the US

As Joe was discussing early,

it's not the fer that a US

President has met with the

Dalai Lama burr it would seem

that every time it happens

nonetheless it infuriates China

and reignites tensions between

the US-China relationship. Do

you think that it's something

that Barack Obama should have

done? And what do you think

about China's continued

insistence that the Dalai Lama

be ignored by the world leaders? The funeral for

12-year-old Elliott Fletcher

will be held today at his

Brisbane school. He died from a

stab wound on Monday, a 13-year-old fellow student has

been charged with murder.

Meanwhile, two teenagers have

been involved in a knife fight

at a Brisbane high school. Mary

MacKillop could today be

announced Australia's first

saint. Pope Benedict will meet

cardinals and bishops in Rome

and is expected to make the

formal announcement. Last year

the Vatican accepted Mary

MacKillop had performed a

second miracle, making her

eligible for sainthood.

Survivors of Haiti's earthquake

has suffered another setback

with the onset of torrential

rain. More than a million

people were left homeless by

the quake. The heavy rain has

worsened the already poor

conditions around

Port-au-Prince and with the wet

season just beginning the UN

has urged countries to rush

tents to the region to help

sheltter homeless. The United

Nations top climate official

Nations top climate official

has announced he will resign.

Yvo de Boer will step down in

July, Mr Di bore had come under

fire after last year's

Copenhagen climate talks failed

to reach a legally binding

agreement to reduce global

greenhouse gas emissions. Mr De

Boer says he's announcing his

resignation ahead of July talks

with world leaders will again

try to reach a deal on climate

change. And in Pakistan, a an

avalanche has killed at least

35 people in the country's

north-west. It buried a remote village. Rescuers are searching

for dozens of people feared

trapped under the snow. The

regional police chief says

roads have been blocked by

landslides. Thrt are claims

that there will be a

significant increase in the

number of Iraqy refugees

seeking asylum in Australia. A

leading researcher from the

university of east London says

university of east London says

that Australia's aslyum seekers

policies are forcing Iraqi refugees to consider dangerous

people smuggling networks as

their own option for entry. In

the wake of the sectarian

violence that rocked Iraq after

the 2003 envation, many

refugees fled to Jordan seeking sanctuary. These people are

maroons, they're in Lil bow and

their circumstances are really

grow morgue difficult by the

day. More and more people from

Iraq are likely to try and seek

sanctionary in Australia. An

Iraqi child lies sleeping on

the dusty Streep of Amman. Her

mother sits beside her and

begs. Some Iraqi refugees live

well, but the majority struggle

to make a living. In order to

survive, some young Iraqi women

dance in clubs like this one.

Hoping to snare a customer for

the night. You'll have woman

who have to basically sell sex

on an individual basis or with

the full knowledge of their

husband. Because it's a coping

strategy. The number of Iraqi

refugees now residing in Jordan

is a mart of fierce debate. But

conservative estimates by a

Norwegian NGO claim there are

at least 161,000 Iraqies in

Jordan. There are no temporary

camps in Jordan. Many live in

the capital's poor crowded

suburbs. Like these two women,

drawn together by adversity

they share this cramped roof

top and this is where one of

them sleeps. There is a

population of Iraqis in Jordan

population of Iraqis in Jordan

and Syria and Lebanon who are

unlikely to ever beel Jill for resettlement assistance, but

who are also un likely ever

return to Iraq because whatever

they faced there is so severe. They left Iraq because they

were marked for death by a

militia. There are growing

concerns that many Iraqi also

have to resort to illegal

migration channels. It's

extremely likely that over

coming years we'll see more and

more Iraqis emerging into the

smuggling networks.

These two live here with

their son. The family have

lived in this small two bedroom lived in this small two bedroom

apartment since fleeing Baghdad

in 2003. The boy is 13 years

old. He watches Iraqi TV with

his cousin a fragile rink to

his former home. The family

says they want to come to

Australia. They live in a state

of physical and psychological

insecurity. They want to go to


This man says Australia's

strict risk poll vis

encouraging Iraqis to risk

using people smuggling

networks. It is extremely regrettable nat the Australian

Government has taken the

position it has. I think

Amnesty International has used

the word shameful in relation

to current Australian policy. In 2008, the Federal Government created an

additional 500 refugee places,

specifically for Iraqis in

need. We are able to provide

assistance to emergency cases

and the other category that

should be noted is women at

risk category. Around 12% of the overall refugee program is

what we call women at rrfg.

Where the head of the household

is a woman often with children

and is often - has a direction

threat to themselveser this

physical or sexual based

threats as well. The United

Nations refugee agency, the

UNHCR sh says aid levels

decreasing for the Iraq

aies. Jordan doesn't even like aies. Jordan doesn't even like

using the term refugee to

describe the Iraqis that arer.

Here, they're guests. The

system point is they don't want

a Palestination of the Iraqi

situation. They don't want

something that's seen as

long-term. 783 Iraqis have

arrived in Australia through

illegal smuggling networks

since 2003. All have been

granted visas. Australia is

celebrating 100 years of diplomatic representation in

the UK by Horsting a special

guest in London. The Queen will

visit Australia House on the

Strand to celebrate the anniversary. Australia House is

our oldest diplomatic mission

and the anniversary is being

marked with the release of a

book and an compensation. To

commemorate this anniversary,

an exhibition has been set up

bringing to life the people and

the events that have helped

shape the special relationship between the UK and Australia

over the past century. With me

is the exhibition's curator,

Christopher Croft. Hi. Christopher, this

sketch is very interesting.

It's a sketch of Britannia which which was done

which which was done before

federation but shows a sign of

what's to come? It shows

Britannia, depicts Britannia letting Australia walk alone

and Australia is a little baby

girl by, holding a little Joey

in he were arms and off she

goes. It's very poignant sort

of image really because because

it seems to be saying, you can

do it. Take me to the price tag

which I find interesting? The

price tag for the block of land

was 379,000 756 pounds. Which

those days would probably get

you a small flat in Double Bay

but at the time I brought you a

huge triangle of land in the

centre of London. This building

many people may have seen

before and not realiseled, I understand it had

something... As a matter of

fact, there was a very famous

film made here starring

somebody called Harry Potter.

And he paid a visit to a bank I

believe and the bank was this

space, the exhibition hall in

Australia House. We've got a

photograph here of the Beatles

meeting the High Commissioner

of the day, I think that they

were in Australia House to

collect their visas . Have you

been practising your bow? I

have been. Would you like to

see it it's quite grandiose.

I'll wheel around and So as you

can see it's promising to be a

very grand affair. He's not

taking it seriously at

all. It's an impressive wowive

bow. He's not going to do that.

I think that's quite sardonic,

how interesting. You're watching ABC News Breakfast, -

the Dalai Lama has met US

President Obama despite objections from China. The men

held private talks at the White

House but the President didn't

appear in public with the

exiled spiritual leader. The

funeral for 12-year-old Elliott

Fletcher will be held today at

his Brisbane school. A

13-year-old fellow student is

accused of stabbing him to

death with a knife. Torrential

rain is causing further

suffering for a million people

left homeless by Haiti's devastating earthquake. The

rape has already worsened

squolied conditions in the make

shift camps around the capital

Port-au-Prince. Let's take a

look at the Friday papers and

we're joined now by Mike Smith.

Good morning. Good morning. Do

you believe the double

dissolution election

speculation? No. I think it's a

bit of election tea leaf

want to keep its option open

but the paper's tried hard to

find a big story this morning,

by and large they failed. The

Fairfax stable, both the

'Sydney Morning Herald' and the

'Age' found this story, in the

draft parliamentary discussion

paper released yesterday, the

agenda for parliament starting

next week and yes the Emissions

Trading Scheme has slipped down

the agenda. Tony Abbott seized

on that to say it's a massive

political back away from a key

policy. The Government of

course had another story, but

it's - going to be a long

political year. Kevin Rudd

keeps saying and his ministers

that he's committed to serving

out the term basically. I'd be

surprised at this stage to see

if he did go early? There's no

reason to and on this story

he's already got the ETS as an

election trigger. He doesn't

have to present it again. I

think it's more likely that

he's put the means test

legislation on health insurance

rebate up the top of the agenda I think probably try and switch

the debate. They're a bit

rattled at the Government.

They've taken a few hits on

Conroy and Peter Garrett and

theest Emissions Trading Scheme

itself. It's getting a bit on

the nose. I think they want to

get the political fight back on

their own home ground, which is

health. The PM is preparing a

big announcement on health and

the debate on this means test

on the health insurance rebate

which is going to raise nearly

$2 billion I think the

Government probably thinks it's

best to have the debate in

parliament on that in the next

couple of weeks to try and

seize back some political momentum. Whether or not the

election is eight, September,

October or November Finally we

saw Kevin Rudd out there doing

something in front of the

cameras. We've seen Tony Abbott

doing the ironing and out there

p in all sorts of different

places and yesterday we had

Kevin Rudd doing some

digging? Yes,, a man of a I

think Abbott has been - reminds

me of Yosemite Sam. He's

blasting all over the place and

some of his bullets are landing

and Kevin Rudd has tried to

look PMial. He's around on

camera outside his office, PMial office many type and

yesterday he switched again to

back out with the people. I'll

look forward to seeing the

cartoon of of Yosemite Sam, "I

hate rabbits." At the risk of

driving you crazy, let's very

quickly get that front page up

of the 'Age' again because it's

interesting to the virjs and

the 'Age', that's Kevin Rudd

digging but what he did during

that press conference yesterday

at a certain point he made

emotions, he threatened as if

he was going to a la Jeff

Kennett shovel dirt over the

press corp. That was an issue

that Ryles the Victorian press

corp for years and that was the

wedge between the reporters and

Kevin and Jeff Kennett. Very

interesting that Kevin Rudd

even flirted with the

idea. Still resonates with the

media down here in Melbourne.

Years after the press club in Melbourne presented Jeff

Kennett with a big shovel. I

think it's looked back now on

fondness rather than anger. The

'Australian's pronl is

interesting ch they're sticking

with this issue, they believe

on a winner when it cops to the

negative effects of Julia

Gillard's workplace reforms. The 'Australian'

doesn't need much of an exkees

to run an IR story and on a

slow day they've found a case

dh work fair Australia where a

judge or there's been a ruling

that a worker in Albury at a

pulp mill plant who repeatly

breached safety ords by taking

glasses off was legitimately

sacked and now the judge or the

panel has ruled that he must be reinstated with exception

because, one, he wasn'ted

warned about it and second

ly... There's only one case,

but it is a little scary and as

we've said it doesn't, the

'Australian' doesn't need much

ex-deuce jump in there and have

weighed in with another header

toial today saying that the

Rudd workplace laws are to

inflexible for the sort of

economy that we need this the country And the AFL is

back? Again, look, when in

doubt go for football in

Melbourne and that's what the

tabloid has done. It's only

round one of the preseason

competition that needs nothing,

really means nothing, and the

big football match

tomorrow. No-one cars about..

But it sels. And you've got a

very, very curious story in the

'Mercury' in Tasmania? If you

look at this fish, this fish is

making headlines around the

world. That's fash? It's in the

Hobart 'Mercury' today and it's

in the Daily Mail in London,

the Los Angeles times, it's the

blob fish. It's called the

unhappiest fish in the

world. You'd be the unhappiest

diner in the world if youate it. It's facing extinction and

look at that face, it looks

like Peter Garrett last week

disglmplts that looks like a

Warner's cartoon. You were

mentioned Yosemite Sam. It's

got to pop up in an animated

cartoon soon. It's very Harvey

Crumpet You head the papers

many a very curious way but we're very good that you

do. Thank you. You can watch

all of ABC News Breakfast streamed live every

morning. The address is ABC -

now with sport here is Paul Kennedy. Good morning. We'll

have a look at the A league now

and it is the first of the

finals last night. The first

league of the semifinal between

Melbourne and Sydney and

Melbourne Victory had a win at

at the moment. It was 2-1 in

the end result, Nick Mrje and

Carlos Hernandez both scored

for Melbourne before John

Aloisi got one back which is an

important away goal I guess

with Sydney striking back there

in the first half. There was a

major incident in the p prd

minute, there it is. With Nick

Mrja being sent off for a red

card. He will fight for his

chances to play in the second

leg. There's believe it or not there's another one

international on today between

the West Indies and Australia.

It's the fifth of the

series. Who cares? They're

going to be two people in the crowd. Perhaps one talking

point is that there is a blond

leg spinner back on the MCG and

that's Stephen sphit. The

Foreign Minister? He's going to

play an important role in the

future of Australian cricket so

people will be watching to see

how he goes. And we'll have a

look at the basketball now with

the NBL and that was the first

of the finals, first of the

play-offs there, the Perth

Wildcats versus the Gold Coast

Blaze and the wild cats at home

at the jungle won quite easily

there by 15 points. They'll go

to the second of the best of

flee series there, at the the

Gold Coast next Tuesday I think

the second match is and the

Perth Wildcats are one match

away from reaching the grand

final. It would be their first

championship in ten years which

seems unusual because I do

remember Perth wild cats were a

power house but I guess it was

back in the 90s now. I keep

forgetting that the 90s was a

long time ago. With the cricket

there's still a little bit of

hope that there might be

competitive summer, the Kiwis

are coming. Apparently, they're

going to do much better than

the Windies have and the

Pakistanies Perhaps, yes.

Australia will tour New

Zealand, but I guess the I've

drawn a line under

cricket. There was a really

interesting Test match

concluded last night, India

beat South Africa, so that was

to decide the world number one

team in Test cricket so I guess

probably that's where where the serious stuff is at the moment

but that series is now done and

outline of the teams appear the

world including Afghanistan

remember will now be remember will now be building

up to the world twunt cup in in

the West Indies. Now with a

look at the weather here is

Vanessa O'Hanlon. With that

rain continuing to fall over Queensland, this morning it's

falling around the Herbert and

lower Burdekin district and

also the north tropical coast

south of Cairns. So far over

89mm has fallen in Townsville

since 9am yesterday and that's

where it is on the radar. The

heavy rain is set to continue

throughout the day. Showers

elsewhere except for the

darling downs and the gran it

belt. A to on 29 degrees

expected in Brisbane.

Some commentary coming in on

the news that Mary MacKillop we

understand will be announced as

a saint today by the Vatican.

This has come in, an email from

Vaughan Smith, it's difficult for Protestants to see what the

fuzz is all about. Anybody who

is a Christian is a saint. And

on if meeting between the Dalai

Lama and the US President

President Obama we've received

this SMS, maybe the Dalai Lama

can ask Obama when the US will

sign the UN declaration on the

right os indigenous people and

the UN declaration on the right

os woman. I don't know if that

was discusses in their

conversation. Ahead, money and mortgages, the Reserve Bank

Governor is set to be grilled

by parliamentary committee

today. Stay with us, we'll be

back shortly.

This Program is Captioned


Barack Obama meets the Dalai

Lama, ignoring warning from

China. Brisbane remembers 12-year-old Elliott Fletcher.

His funeral will be held at his

school today. Torrential rain

pours more misery on quake

struck Haiti. And Melbourne

Victory beats Sydney 2-1 in a spiteful fwirs

spiteful fwirs leg of the A

league semifinal. Good

morningment it's Friday 19 February. I'm Joe O'Brien. And

I'm Virginia Trioli.. The top

stories on ABC News Breakfast -

Tibetian spiritual leader the

Dalai Lama has met US President

Barack Obama in Washington. The

men held private talks at the

White House, but the President

did not appear in public with the Dalai Lama. Barack Obama

has called on China and tib

tote engage in talks to resolve

their differences. China views

the Dalai Lama as a separatist

and warned that any meeting

could affect relations between

warfgt and Beijing. Speaking

after the meeting the Dalai

Lama said the President was

supportive. I have more

responsibility to speak on be

half Tibet people and the

tippet cause is cause for

peace. I mentioned, of course

the President himself ininquiry

about these things, so my full

commitment about the approach

and the President is very much supportive. The Dalai Lama

there. For more North America

correspond Lisa Miller joins us

from Washington. What's Barack

Obama had to say about that meeting? The White House has

put out a statement Joe just

saying that that Barack Obama

congratulated the Dalai Lama

for his middle way approach to

raising Tibetian rights issues

but doing it in a non-violent

way, Barack Obama himself won't

speak about it and the White

House statement was really only

a few lines long and that gives

you an indication of just how

they wanted to meet with him,

but make it a very low key

meeting, Joe, just to give you

an idea , it didn't happen in

the Oval Office where normally

the meetings with heads of

state occur. It happened in the

White House map room and there

were no cameras allowed, just

one still photographer and the

White House later today will

release a photo of the two of

them meeting together. So very

low key meeting A surprise

really that it's happeninged at

all given that the Dalai Lama

did come to Washington last

year and Barack Obama chose not

to meet him, not wanting to get

the reasonable with China off

to a bat start and his first

year as President We're just

seeing some shots of the Dalai

Lama throwing bits of ice at

the media and part-time he drew

something in the snow. Can you

tell us about that? Le did walk

out. He's always a very smiley

person and he picked up some

ice and snow and tossed it at

the wous press corp who will

call gathered around on the the

drive way and then he made some

marks in the snow which are

people are surmising might have

been the Tibetian flag. I

haven't been able to confirm

that. He certainly told them at

the end that he'd be doing a

press conference later today at

his hotel. He said that should

give them plenty of time to

think of good yeses, not silly

questions he said, so off you

go and think of not silly

questions. The US Presidents

have been making overtures to

China over decades in relation

to Tibet. Is Barack Obama's

efforts likely to make any

difference? It's interesting,

you read this meeting today and

what's gone on in several

different ways. It certainlily

hasn't pleased the Chinese.

Right until the last minute

they were asking the White

House to cancel the meeting and

of course over the last few

months we've seen a few

different issues upset the

Chinese. Just last month there

was a $6 billion weapons sale

that was approved to Taiwan,

the Chinese weren't happy about

that at all. The relationship

over the last 12 months has

been difficult at times,

they've been very critical of

this planned meeting, t