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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Sydney police hunt a man This morning - and sexually assaulted her. who took a little girl from her bed into a Texas office building. A light plane deliberately flown picked up off Western Australia. Another boatload of asylum seekers with Samantha Armytage. VOICEOVER: This is Seven Early News Good morning. from her bed in Sydney's west An 8-year-old girl has been abducted and raped. from her house at Whalan Asleep, the girl was snatched early yesterday where she was sexually assaulted. and taken to a nearby reserve and managed to find her way home. The girl was left there to Westmead Children's hospital. She's been taken who's described as 20 years old, Police have identified a suspect 167 centimetres tall, of Aboriginal appearance, thin and unshaven with a moustache. into a 7-storey office building A small plane has crashed in Austin, Texas. ploughed into the building, The single-engine aircraft on four separate levels. sparking fires burst into flames on impact Witnesses say the plane

causing a massive explosion.

have been evacuated Hundreds of people might be trapped inside. but there are fears some workers to hospital Two people have been taken and around a dozen are injured. the pilot stole the plane There are reports after burning his house down. jets were launched as a precaution. Authorities say two F-16 fighter an Airbus A330 Qantas engineers are examining over Sydney. after yesterday's mid-air drama for almost three hours The jet had to circle the airport after its landing gear jammed. emergency crews were on standby After burning off fuel with its doors still open. as the plane landed as it should A regular indicator light flashed up to passengers. but there was no danger are due to finally land in Shanghai The nearly 200 passengers this morning. knife attacks in schools There's been three more in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane arrested and a third, suspended. with one teenager charged, another Technology High School A boy at Sydney's Cherrybrook is facing up to two years jail three classmates yesterday. after allegedly threatening to his throat (BLEEP) was threatened with a knife and he said, "I'll kill you". We walked up to him any closer I'll shank you both" and he was like, "If you come and all that. from Gisborne Secondary College A 14-year-old boy has been suspended in country Victoria on four students. after pulling a kitchen knife a 17-year-old was arrested While in Brisbane, at Browns Plains High School. after a knife fight It comes ahead of today's funeral Elliott Fletcher. for murdered Brisbane schoolboy The 12-year-old was stabbed to death College on Monday. at Shorncliffe's St Patrick's with his murder. A 13-year-old has been charged A man and woman are dead after their car was hit from behind in Victoria's north-west late yesterday. The couple were killed instantly when they were struck on the Murray Valley Highway near Swan Hill. The other driver - a 19-year-old woman - suffered minor injuries and is being questioned by police. And police say traffic is flowing again along the Bruce Highway in north Queensland this morning. The highway was cut by flash flooding between Bowen and Townsville yesterday 240mm of rain in just over 24 hours. after the region received around stranded by the side of the road It left truck drivers and travellers for hours. I could do with a sleep, yeah. I'm ready for bed now actually. around Bowen The deluge also caused flooding but no homes are under threat. The rain is continuing to move north and flood warnings have been issued across the north of the State. for rivers is behind bars this morning, A volunteer firefighter

in Melbourne's eastern outskirts. accused of sparking dozens of fires The 36-year-old was refused bail court hearing last night. during an out-of-sessions he's depressed and an alcoholic. The court was told He's been charged with drink driving in and around Mt Evelyn and deliberately lighting 23 fires since September. is on its way to Christmas Island Another boatload of asylum seekers north coast of Western Australia. after being intercepted off the carrying 45 people A navy patrol boat found the vessel from the Ashmore Islands last night. about 22 nautical miles in Australian waters It's the 13th boat to arrive since the beginning of the year. undergo security and health checks The 41 passengers and 4 crew will detention centre at the Christmas Island which is fast filling to capacity. been summoned to the Foreign Office Israeli's Ambassador to Britain has travelled on fake UK passports to explain how six assassins to kill a Hamas commander in Dubai. There are claims Mossad, was behind the murder. that Israel's security service, at the Foreign Office The Israeli Ambassador arrived through the back gates, of the diplomatic service would say ready to hear what the head and undercover hit squads. about fake passports around 15 minutes. The meeting only lasted had little to say. Afterwards, the ambassador additional information I was unable to add to, eh, Sir Peter's request. The Permanent Secretary said every opportunity to share with us that we wanted to give Israel what it knows about this incident. that they will cooperate fully And we hope and expect launched by the Prime Minister. with the investigation that has been Mossad hit squad How a suspected undercover is now the focus of an investigation obtained six fake British passports the Serious Organised Crime agency. led by in a Dubai hotel The assassins of a Hamas commander tracking their target. were captured on CCTV dressed in tennis gear, These agents, as their victim, following him, get in the same lift spotting his room number. Hours later he was murdered. Israel was forced to apologise In 1987 in a secret operation. for using fake British passports to the Foreign Office The ambassador was summoned and promised never to do it again. Australian rockers AC/DC to their former singer Bon Scott have paid tribute to Sydney. while making a victorious return more than 600,000 tickets, The Black Ice tour has sold a high-voltage act. proving they're still Anticipation was high... Woooo!

..Sydney had been waiting 10 years for this. I reckon they're the best concert in... ..the best band in the world, you know? AC/DC takes the cake. I've been here since 2:00 this morning actually. Camped here for... yeah. And it was worth the wait. (PLAY 'ROCK'N'ROLL TRAIN') Fans pached ANZ Stadium, converted into a cathedral of rock the band says is the biggest stage Australia's ever seen adorned with devil horns. Some hairs might be greying but they're still young at heart.

Full of energy, Brian Johnson showed no signs of ageing

as he worked the runway and the crowd. # Your mind on a fantasy # Living on the ecstasy... # He had more than 70,000 back-up singers.

(CROWD SINGS) # Running right off the track. # AC/DC's new album won them their first Grammy but the classics weren't forgotten, nor the original. Today's the 30th anniversary of former lead singer Bon Scott's death. Last night, they paid the ultimate tribute. Now for your first look at Friday weather. Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to face another of your interrogations during People's Question Time. But next on Seven Early News - the Pope set to announce if and when Mary MacKillop will be made a saint. And Australian researchers trial a machine for growing human tissue. (UPBEAT GUITAR MUSIC) VOICEOVER: When you've got a job to do, you can trust Yellow Pages is the business directory

with more local businesses. It's no wonder Yellow Pages has the businesses you need. It's been part of your community for over 80 years. And with more ways to find businesses, you can find the right one whenever you need it. So support local businesses and let your fingers do the walking. Australia could soon have its first saint with the Pope expected to announce today whether Mary MacKillop will be canonised. The Vatican has already credited the former nun with two miracles. She died in 1909 after starting the order of the Sisters of St Joseph at Penola, South Australia. Pope Benedict prayed by her Sydney tomb when he visited Australia two years ago. Blessed Mary was born in Melbourne. And 'Sunrise' will speak to Seven reporter Damien Smith who's in Rome awaiting the announcement. There's new hope today for Australians on organ transplant waiting lists with Melbourne researchers trialling a machine that makes human tissue. Eventually, they're hoping it will create entire body parts and save lives. Facing death from kidney failure, Vicki Jones waited years for a transplant. I thought I was going to die attached to a machine. But transplant waiting lists may become a thing of the past. Its Melbourne developers believe this machine could one day help manufacture human organs. It's called a bio-printer. But instead of ink, this printer uses human cells to create 3-D tissue structures in any design. The cells are laid out precisely, incubated and nourished, allowing them to assemble themselves into fully formed, functional tissue. Lay them out in a 3-D geometry. After that, biology takes over. Already the bio-printer can produce a 5cm section of artery in less than an hour. They'll be used in heart bypasses within five years. In time, researchers hope to be turning out teeth, bones, even hearts and livers. When organ manufacture becomes a reality researchers say the replacements may not look like the originals but they'll do the same job. And importantly, organ rejection won't be an issue because the patient's own cells are used as the building blocks. For patients like Vicki the bio-printer represents hope for the future. Just going out there and living life without any restrictions. At least 13 people have been killed in a suicide bombing in Iraq. The attacker detonated a car bomb outside government buildings, including the police headquarters and the governor's office, in the country's west. At least 26 people have been injured in the blast.

Many are in a critical condition in hospital.

The force of the explosion blew out windows of nearby shops and damaged buildings. A teacher has been killed by a student in southern Germany. Police say the 23 year-old man walked into the vocational college

and attacked teachers with a knife.

Several teachers were injured and one died in hospital. Dozens of police officers quickly surrounded the school and arrested the alleged attacker. It's the latest in a long line of school attacks in Germany. Last March a teenager killed 15 people during a shooting rampage in his school near Stuttgart. Your first finance this Early News: Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - the local celebrity who's questioned her motives for having plastic surgery. But next on Seven Early News - a spying scandal in the V8 Supercars. And Melbourne gain revenge on Sydney in the opening A-League final. (UPBEAT GUITAR MUSIC) VOICEOVER: When you've got a job to do, you can trust Yellow Pages is the business directory with more local businesses. It's no wonder Yellow Pages has the businesses you need. It's been part of your community for over 80 years. And with more ways to find businesses, you can find the right one whenever you need it. So support local businesses and let your fingers do the walking. The stories we're following on the Early News - police are hunting a man who abducted an 8-year-old girl

from her bed in Sydney's west and sexually assaulted her in a reserve near her home. The girl was taken to Westmead Children's Hospital. A Country Fire Authority volunteer has been charged overnight with deliberately lighting fires around Melbourne's eastern outskirts. And another boatload of asylum seekers has been intercepted by the Navy off the Ashmore Islands. The 41 passengers and 4 crew are being taken to Christmas Island for security and health checks. Now it's over to Mark Beretta with all the day's sport. .

Thought you would like this back

drop. Sports news now. St Kilda is confident the ongoing Andrew Lovett saga will have no adverse affect in tonight's NAB Cup clash against Collingwood at Etihad Stadium. Lovett's sensational mid-week sacking captured plenty of headlines this week and the club is just happy to get the focus back on football. Look, it's been not an ideal week but our pre-season in terms of player fitness and who's available we are probably ahead of where we were last year. The Saints insist former captain Luke Ball, who left the club in unhappy circumstances last year, hasn't featured in their pre-match plans. The cricket and AFL seasons collide tonight in Melbourne and it's feared cricket could end up the big loser. Australia's final one-dayer against the West Indies will compete with the AFL's NAB Cup for Melbourne sports fans. Ever the optimist Windies skipper Chris Gayle is confident fans will get to the MCG and has promised to put on a show. Since you want to watch the football I might finish the game early and go watch some football. Meantime, Nathan Hauritz has been added to the Australian Twenty20 squad for the tour of New Zealand starting next week. Melbourne has drawn first blood in its A-League major semifinal against Sydney FC. The reigning champions won the opening leg 2-1 at Etihad Stadium overnight but lost another striker. Melbourne signalled their attacking intent early with Nik Mrdja grabbing the opener after just 15 minutes. Johnny Warren medallist Carlos Hernandez then doubled the Victory's advantage. COMMENTATOR: Hernandez takes the opportunity, 2-0 Melbourne. Sydney grabbed a crucial away goal in the shadows of half-time after a horror deflection off Kevin Muscat. Melbourne will have to play the return leg without Mrdja who was sent off for elbowing Shannon Cole. Snowboarding star Torah Bright is a great chance to add to Australia's medal tally in Vancouver today. Bright is a gold medal contender in the women's halfpipe and Sydneysider Holly Crawford is also in the mix.

Yeah, yeah, definitely both hoping

to make the final and with any luck

week both be on the podium. Bright has been the dominant force in women's snowboarding for the last three years. There's controversy ahead of the opening race

of the V8 Supercar season in Abu Dhabi with two leading teams involved in a fiery confrontation. Reigning champion Jamie Whincup's team Triple Eight Racing has accused Jack Daniels Racing of spying. A Jack Daniels Racing employee was allegedly caught red-handed taking secret pictures from underneath the New Team Vodafone Commodore, sparking a heated pit lane argument. It's believed Triple Eight Racing has decided against taking legal action after an apology from Jack Daniels Racing owner Todd Kelly. The incident overshadowed the opening day of practice at the Yas Marina circuit where Ford driver Shane van Gisbergen topped the timesheets. Jamie Whincup initially had the fastest lap of the day but his time was wiped out for cutting a corner. That's all for now. I'll be back with more sport a little later in 'Sunrise', Sam.

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do not know how much. See you soon.

The weather next. (UPBEAT GUITAR MUSIC) VOICEOVER: When you've got a job to do, you can trust Yellow Pages is the business directory with more local businesses.

It's no wonder Yellow Pages has the businesses you need. It's been part of your community for over 80 years. And with more ways to find businesses, you can find the right one whenever you need it. So support local businesses and let your fingers do the walking. (UPBEAT GUITAR MUSIC) VOICEOVER: When you've got a job to do, you can trust Yellow Pages is the business directory with more local businesses.

It's no wonder Yellow Pages has the businesses you need. It's been part of your community for over 80 years. And with more ways to find businesses, you can find the right one whenever you need it.

So support local businesses and let your fingers do the walking. Mel and Kochie are up next with 'Sunrise'. They join me now with a look at what's ahead.

Sam, it's time once again to put the PM under pressure from the voters. Kevin Rudd will join us for the People's Question Time. And don't worry, he's done his homework. As we know, Tiger Woods is set to make a public apology tomorrow. But will that be enough to restore fans' faith in him and put his career back on track? It's been a long time coming but it seems Australia's first saint is not far off. The Pope is due to announce soon when Mary MacKillop will be canonised. We'll be crossing live to Rome for more. And people get plastic surgery for all kinds of reasons. But sometimes they have regrets after going through all that work. This morning we'll hear from a local celebrity who's questioned her motives for going under the knife. See you soon. Now for a closer look at how the weather's shaping up around the country. A high will move into the Tasman producing onshore winds and showers along the eastern seaboard. Warm north-easterly winds will push into the south-east with hot air moving into Western Australia. While a trough will trigger showers and storms in the tropics and through much of Queensland. Around the capitals - And that's Seven Early News for this Friday. I'm Samantha Armitage. Stand-by now for 'Sunrise'. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia