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(generated from captions) Boston. That's alright. Oh, sorry. the answer then. I thought you were telling me Boston. No 'CSI'. You went early there, Emma. Oh. Los 'CSI'. (AUDIENCE GROANS) It's Las Vegas. at me for that one. Anthony will be shaking his head Anthony will be... He will. the next time he sees you. He'll just say 'Anthony' anyway. He'll be really, really thrilled

You've won $1,000. Em, you've done beautifully. That's fantastic. How about that? OK for that? Thank you, Eddie. Good on you. Thank you very much. Well done, Em. Stay there. Emma Grodzicki just won $1,000. Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight. See you next time on the Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

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There's nothing else like it rim block cage in its sights - and it's got the germ-ridden Fresh Discs from Duck. and you're ready for action. Clip the barrel into the holder from each disc, Up to seven days of fragrance

like E. coli but no cage to harbour germs clean and fresh. so they help keep your toilet Fresh Discs from Duck. Quack, quack! and you cut out the germs. Cut out the cage No job's too tough for Duck. 600 flushes from And with up to one dispenser, that's great value. VOICEOVER: Were women suffragists troublemakers or visionaries? Was this PM's dismissal unfair or the right decision? And did these people affect government policy? You decide at the Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House. The Insurers. And there are and then is an obsession which goes through known classics. They rock! generation a

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nz Coming up on WIN News... A plan to tackle homelessness criticised, Stromlo High School's multi-million dollar gymnasium unveiled, And, the ACT Government and local racing industry at loggerheads over funding.

(ALL APPLAUD) Whoo-hoo! At St George, we're big enough to have just been named

Smart Investor's Bank of the Year. But part of our success has been realising that just because you're big you don't always have to act like it. St George - all the strength of a big bank with the soul of a small.

25 in the city, 28 in the west. affair is Tonight ... The ACT Government launches its anti-bullying campaign amid controversial allegations. A class action for compensation stemming from the Canberra Bushfires to proceed. And, an appeal for drivers and cyclists to share the road following a horror run. Good evening, I'm Jessica Good. Amid allegations of workplace tensions at The Canberra Hospital's maternity unit,