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(generated from captions) on Sunrise. tomorrow morning from 6am Welcome back to Kinglake. Parliament resumed this week. The holidays are over

are back in business. and our leaders And you know what that means. to one of your favourite segments. A big welcome back Here's the Riley Diary. and the pollies are back in town. The summer break is over

It's good to be back, isn't it? I'm altogether, am I? It's good to be back in Canberra. I missed you guys. Ouch! Ouch! for the election year contest... As the 'Kevinator' prepares Welcome back to the ranch. ..against an opponent as the action man of politics... who's framing himself Bloody hard work. ..his colleagues reckon slugger has them back in the race. the budgie-smuggling political We've got our political mojo back. Their mojo? THE SPY WHO SHAGGED ME') Mojo. ('AUSTIN POWERS: Mojo?

Mojo. the essence, the right stuff, The libido, the life force, a certain I don't know what. what the French call to get their mouths working. Although found it hard sledging the Independents. Like the Nationals' Darren Chester They are the greatest bandwankers. Sorry, start again. of Australian politics. Bandwagon jumpers in the history Oh, behave. on day one. Even the sluggoed slugger slipped Well, Mr Policy - Mr Speaker. First-time nerves, Mr Speaker. the Opposition As the Kevinator accused of health funding. of blocking a rather large amount This $100 billion... How much? A hundred billion dollars. sounded like Dr Evil. Kevin Rudd yesterday Dr Evil? he could possibly think of. The biggest number

One hundred billion dollars. A hundred billion dollars. sounds terribly evil. One hundred billion dollars - (EVIL LAUGH) And talking about laughing, had a big first week back our old mate Barnaby and billions and trillions. having his own trouble with millions Good ole Barnaby. Always putting the 'joy' into Joyce. stimulus spending. He was attacking the Government's The Labor Party is about to spend four hundred million doll... one thousand - four hundred million dollars. One thousand four hundred billion dollars. No, it's one thousand,

Or $1.4 trillion. when we could make... Why make trillions ..billions? of Labor Government... We got $1.4 billion worth point, sorry... four hundred million dollars. thousand No, $1.4 trillion. numbnuts. A trillion is more than a billion, Quite. the Shadow Finance Minister. This isn't It's a freak show. of Australian politics. It's the bearded lady that keeps giving - It's just the gift

do get confusing. And these big numbers Barnaby Joyce.

shappaduppado... One billion, gagillion, faffillion ..million, yen. public finances of this nation, If he ever gets control of the god help Australia. the Kevinator announced Also this week, a special visitor. that we'll soon welcome of the United States of America. Get me the President next month. Yes. Barack Obama will visit here Of course, US President to visit Australia. President Obama is not the first Of course. before him, Four US Presidents have been here including George W. Bush. Now HE could do a good Dr Evil. when we could make... Why make trillions, ..billions? Politics. an evil business. Sometimes it really is (EVIL LAUGH)

It's like they wrote the movie just

for you, Mark Riley. Welcome back,

it's lovely to see you Terrific to

be back. I hope he puts out Dr Evil,

the sequel or sequel, we need more

of that sort of thing. of hijinks in Canberra? Looking forward to another year

And election at the end of it, what

is kicking off Parliament ease eye

general today this week? It is the

ETS again. I think the ET

ETS again. I think the ETS, the CPRS

and now Tony Abbott's carbon fund

will dominate next week as it did

last week. The dynamics of the

political game have changed

dramatically in the past week. It's

a couple of months since a couple of months since Tony

a couple of months since a couple of months since Tony

a couple of months

a couple of months Tony Abbott took

over the leadership of the Liberal

Party. He had his slip this week. He

was able to laugh that off and he is

also bringing a simplicity to his

message which contrasts I think with

the complexity of Kevin Rudd. Not to

say that either side is better on

the message because simple is good,

because people understand it but you

need to back it up with the detail

of what you are I saying. This week,

when Tony Abbott released his

alternative, we saw one with a lot of alternative, we saw one with a lot

of holes, in it, baun r one that

base odd a carbon fund which would

provide incentives for businesses to

reduce their emissions and also fund

some massive tree planting and go

for carbon see questions tlaigs,

basically burying carbon in the

soil, these are all pretty

reasonable things to do. You can

reach that first Target of 5%

reduction which doesn't sound like

much but beyond that's the big

numbers when you get to 15% and 25%

reductions, you are not going to do

it with his plan. What it does is

get Tony Abbott into the argument,

the opposition into the argument.

They are opposed to the government

on this issues and force Kevin Rudd

to simply fy his message and explain

the ETS, the CPRS which he has some

trouble doing. It will be an

interesting issue to run an election

on. The science is so complex and so

disputed. And the economics is so

complex and so disputable. It's

going to be hard for the electorate

to ever feel

to ever feel sure that they are

sure. That's right, Andrew. The

billions and tril yons is giving

everybody a bit of worry. The

the science there are some questions now about everybody a bit of worry. The -

the science although I think the

evidence suggests that there is

man-made climate change. I think it

will come down to the argument will

come down to more of an emotional

question for voters aren't Yan

intellectual one. I don't think

everybody will get into'The

everybody will get into'The Depth' of the science versus the economics

but they will just make - they will

be taking their politicss on faith.

They may have a thee logical element

to it. Be you see Barnaby Joyce on

the steps of Parliament House, you

have reason to be faithful to our

Parliament. Barnaby has to get

across his brief a bit wetter, he

has to keep that dangerous element

to him. That's what they like. It

keeps you in a job on a Sunday