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(generated from captions) attack. The Taliban has claimed

responsibility for the

bombing. The return of Federal

Parliament this week has been

an eventful one and the climate

change debate is front and

centre again. Tony Abbott's new

policy has drawn heavy

criticism from the Government.

For more, Lindsay Tanner, the

mince for finance, joins us now

from Canberra. Good morning.

Good morning. The climate

change department has been put

to work very quickly to assess

and dismiss Tony Abbott's plan.

Is that an appropriate use of

the public service? The public

service obviously considers all

options when we're dealing with

issues of this kind and

particularly given that we've

had difficulty getting a

majority in the Senate on the

proposals we've put to the parliament, we thought we had

an agreement with the Liberal

Party. Half the Liberal Party

supported our Emissions Trading

Scheme and then Malcolm

Turnbull was replaced by Tony

Abbott. We have an obligation

to consider alternatives that

are floated because we may have

to enter into negotiations so

we've been doing that with with

respect to the proposethals Liberal Party put forward last

year as well. You're focussing

attention on funding questions

over the Coalition plan but

you've still got a lot of work

to do explaining and convincing the Australian public about

your plan. What guarantees can

you give now about the rise in

household costs under your

ETS? The key guarantees of

course are that we've got fully fledged compensation in place

and for lower income earners on

average that is 120% of the s

cost, the increase in the cost

of living. The increase is

estimated to be about 1% in the

total cost of living and we put

compensation payments in place

that are funded by the permits

that carbon polluters have to

buy under our scheme, the

payments that come from those

permits will be used to pay for

compensation and the lower

income group will be on average over-compensated for the

increase in cost of living and

that's before anybody modifies their behaviour because the

purpose of the exercise is to

get people to use a little less electricity wherever they can and therefore if they use less

there will be less of an

increase in their total electricity bill. The

Opposition is making the point

you haven't table led the

Treasury modelling under the

ETS. Why won't you do all

that? The Treasury does work

on all kind of things all the

time. There's a continuous

process of examining not only

these but other issue. No

Government has ever put out all

of the detailed xeks stuff that

is done on these things.

Certainly the former Government

did not produce modelling on a

whole range of things and so

it's totally hypocritical for

tab toot now suggest that the Government should produce

material that his former

Government refused to But if

honest and convince the you want to be upfront and

Australian public of the

credibility of this plan, why not simply table that information? We are tabling

the information. We're tabling

Treasury's analysis, we're

tabling the out comes. But not

all the modelling has been

tabled? No, the information

that is pertinent to the debate, the material that

Treasury's worked through, the

calculations they've done, the

outcomes and assessments

they've made, they have been

made public. But the Prime

Minister has quoted Treasury

modelling on the impact of

electricity prices at 7% but

that document was not tabled in

parliament yesterday. Lots of

documents don't get tabled in

parliament. That doesn't mean they're not public. Just on

the Henry tax review, is the

any idea when you will be

revealing your response? I'm

not in a position to say, Joe. We're considering the detail of

the review. It is obviously very complex and of course

there are knock-on consequences

whenever you change any aspect

of the tax system. Your doing

more than changing one thing t

has reverberating consequences

so when you're looking at the

total system and trying to work

out a package of reforms it is

a very complicated thing so I'm

fought in a position to indicate when that report and the Government's detailed

response will be released.