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Internet predators will face harsh

penalties for lying about their age

unproposed laws to be introduced to

Parliament today. Independent

Senator Nick Xenophon is behind the

private bill and he joins us this

morning from Canberra. Good morning.

Thank you for your time this

morning. Why have you introduced

this proposal? We need 21st century

laws for a 21st century problem,

and it's clear that there are

loopholes in concern laws.

Currently, if an adult lies about

their age when communicating with a

child online, the police have to

prove a sexual intent. That can be

very difficult in many cases and we

know the way that predators operate

is that they gain the trust of a

child and we also know from the

Carly Ryan case, the murder trial

in SA where a person was recently

found guilty of her murder, that

was a young girl who at the age of

14 was contacted by a mern

keryading as a 20-year-old. -- mass

keryading as a 20-year-old. The

person done victed of the murder

subsequently met her and again, it

is a case of the misrepresentation

of the age being a key factor in

her being made vulnerable and

exposed to a predator. Exactly how

will this work and do you think

that you will receive much support

from pears on this? Put it this way,

lying about your age when -- much

support from parents on this? Put

it this way, lying about your age

when communicating with a child is

wrong. Penny Wong and the

Government over the weekend said Government over the weekend said

that they would seriously look at

any pressure to improve the welfare

of children. And Tony Abbott on

behalf of the Liberal Party made

similar comments. So this is

something that needs to be fixed up.

The police ought to be able to do

their job without one hand tied

behind their backs, and I think

that the time has come tone sure

that we give kids the protection

that they deserve online. Alright,