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Weekend Sunrise -

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(generated from captions) Well, as I said, I am in Sydney at

the Santoro kids triathlon. I am

joined by a couple of ambassadors,

Guy Leech and minister Kate Ellis.

Guy, firstly, to you. Why are you

involved in this event? I think it's

the greatest kids event in

around doing their thing. When you a great time, smiling, running kids here today. They are all having Australia. You've got nearly 3,000

talk about health of this nation,

events like these are the

they are going to pick us out of events like these are the things

problems like obesity in this

country. Now, Kate, they are going

for a world record. The biggest ever

world's triathlon series in

Australia. Why is it something that

you've decided to get behind. We

have one in four children in this

country who are over weight or obese

and this is a fantastic way that

they can get involved in

they can get involved in sport and

physical activity and have a bit of

fun. We get the world record, I

understand we beat the Kiwis as

well. That is a good thing. Your

daughter is competing today? This is

her third year, loves it. She will

be out with all the other kids doing

her best. We couldn't have asked for

better weather in Sydney. If you are

watching, and you are interested in

doing the triathlon. Register and

get involved. I'll be back in half

an hour. Thank you very much. A bit

of a double edged sword beating the

Kiwis, our kids are fitter than

yours, you think they mean they are

fatter than ours. Boom boom. It's a

sad, sad, irony to be the fattest

Weetbix kid in the world. Is Guy

Leech the fittest man on the planet

Nice arms. You took the words right

out of my mouth That is what I was

about to say about the minister as