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Hello, I'm Natarsha Belling.

Welcome to Ten News.

Tonight, two good Samaritans run

down as they try to break up a fight.

Residents prepare to evacuate as

wild weather continues to lash

parts of Queensland.

And diggers honoured - the reburial of Australian and British World War

France. I soldiers begins in northern

First tonight, a man is holding

police at bay at an Adelaide Hills

property after attacking his

partner in a nearby town and

running down two good Samaritans.

Ten News reporter Esther Lindstom

is at the scene.

Heavily armed police has surrounded

the house which is on a property in

the hills behind me. The man has

barricaded himself in and is

refusing to talk to negotiators.

The incident began around lunchtime

when the man allegedly assaulted

his partner who was standing with

his elderly mother.

I just saw him belting her and she

fell to the ground.

You could hear the crash from the

other side of the streets.

An off-duty police officer and two

passers-by ran to help the woman.

She was hysterical and I think her

nose was broken. He was really going mad.

The man started to drive off but

then turned his car around and

started to drive us at the group.

The car hit one of fellow.

He was taken to hospital with

spinal injuries. The leg of another

man was grazed and bruised.

In it had been a bit closer, they

could have been major injuries or


Them and then drove back home and

tried to set fire to the house.

When firefighters arrived, he tried

-- said he would kill himself.

More details sordid details are

emerging about murdered millionaire

Herman Rockefeller's double life.

It's been revealed the 52-year-old

was a member of Melbourne's

swingers scene and met his alleged

killers voluntarily for a sexual

liaison. It's also believed he kept

a number of secret mobile phones

and advertised for partners. 57-

year-old Mario Schembri and 41-

year-old Bernadette Denny will

appear in court tomorrow charged

with his murder.

The Queensland Crime and Misconduct

Commission has raided two police

stations as part of their

investigation into allegations of

officer misconduct on the Gold

Coast. Nicky Haydon has been

following the story.

Simultaneous raids were carried out

on both the Surfers Paradise and

Burleigh Heads police stations this

morning. Officers from the Crime

and Misconduct Commission and

ethical standards command were

armed with search warrants and

several officers' desks, files and

personal belongings were searched.

Ten News has learned a uniformed

constable has been taken to the

watch-house for questioning on a

drug-related matter but is yet to

be charged. Now the CMC has confirmed several properties in

morning. Brisbane were also searched this

A spokesman said the raids were

part of an ongoing investigation

into allegations of police

misconduct on the Gold Coast but

they wouldn't say today whether any

officers have been charged.

A top Sydney police commander is

being investigated for allegedly

giving his teenage daughter an

undercover police pass to the Big

Day Out festival. Assistant Commissioner Stuart Wilkins reportedly gave his 16-year-old

daughter the free pass so she could

avoid paying $140 for a ticket. The

Police Integrity Commission is now

investigating Mr Wilkins as the

passes were strictly reserved for undercover officers targeting drug supply at the event.

A teenager is dead and three others

have been injured in a car crash on

the NSW South Coast. It again

brings into focus tough laws for P-

working. plate drivers and whether they're

It's just the latest crash

involving a young driver, whose car

veered off the road and into a tree

early this morning. It happened on

the Princes Highway just north of

Eden. A girl in her late teens died

at the scene. Two boys aged 13 and

15 and a 15-year-old girl were

airlifted to Canberra hospital for

treatment. It comes as debate rages

over rules in NSW designed to ban

P-platers from driving dangerous

cars, particularly those with

turbo-chargers. The car industry

says our most inexperienced drivers

are being denied access to some of

are being denied access to some of

the safest cars on our roads.

It was always a kneejerk response

and it has not kept pace with

changes in vehicle design and

advances in vehicle technology.

Because diesels are exempt, P-

platers can drive an Audi 4-wheel Because diesels are exempt, P- platers can drive an

drive with more power than a

Ferrari but not a Golf with less

than one-quarter the power because

it has a small turbo. Family car

it has a small turbo. Family car shopping has become

shopping has become more difficult.

list for teens while powerful six- Safe, modern vehicles are off the

cylinder models are ok.

Car makers are also concerned about Car makers are also concerned about

the lack of national laws.

Basically, a P-plater could buy a

perfectly legal car in one State

banned. only to move to NSW and have it

The Government says other options were considered unworkable and

claims the changes have resulted in

a 31% decrease in P1 fatalities.

Victoria and Queensland are

following our model and, in fact,

have. adopting the same scheme that we

some cases. Drivers can apply for exemptions in

Go onto the RTA website - it's

confusing and complex at best and

it's almost designed to ensure

people fail.

Eddy Meyer, Ten News.

Residents in North Queensland are Residents in North Queensland are

ready to evacuate after another day

of heavy rain. The wet weather and

king tides have caused major

flooding and cut off entire towns.

Giru is isolated. The highway north

and south is under water.

It's just what happens in the wet

season. We love it.

After a week of rain in Townsville, finally today it stopped.

Bit of a shock.

But there's still plenty of water

morning. on the ground. King tide hit this

I'm not concerned about the water I'm not concerned about the water

coming in. It's actually not as bad

as last year.

This year there was no storm surge.

We were waiting for this 4m tide to

come in and there was nothing!

Finally it's sunny skies here in

Townsville. The worst is over. The

system is now heading south and

taking the rain with it.

Mackay has received 330mm in 24

hours. The wind too has picked up -

this morning. two yachts were dumped on the beach

We've seen gale-force winds on the

Central Coast associated with this Central Coast associated with this

90km/h. system with wind gusts up to about

Residents in low-lying areas are on

stand-by to evacuate. The system is

now being felt as far south as the

Sunshine Coast with squally wind

and rain. A palm tree crashed

through this home in Mooloolaba.

I could have been killed. I could have been killed.

On the Gold Coast the outgoing king

tide caused dangerous swimming

conditions. This grandfather is

lucky to be alive after being

pulled unconscious from the surf. pulled unconscious from the surf.

In Townsville, Matt Neagle, Ten News.

It's a huge and harrowing task

that's been almost a century in the

making. The reburying of 250 World

War I soldiers, most of them

Australian, has finally begun in rural France.

They fought and died in the mud,

only to be buried 93 years on in

the snow. The first funeral of the

new Pheasant Wood Cemetery held for

a single nameless hero who was

finally given a dignified grave.

Enfold him in the arms of your

mercy. May he rest in everlasting peace.

They have waited long enough. The

bodies of 250 Australian and

British soldiers to be reburied

here were missing until late 2007,

discovered by an historian in a

mass burial pit nearby. They'd been

among the 5,000 diggers killed or

injured in the legendary Battle of

Fromelles, the bloodiest 24 hours

in our war history.

Hundreds were mown down in the

flicker of an eyelid like great

rows of teeth knocked from a comb.

Every other day for the next month

the reinterments will continue,

some 30 soldiers at a time, each

laid to rest in ceremonies like

this one with hearses, bearer

parties and padres. Reburials with parties and padres. Reburials with the full military honours they've

always deserved but came so close

to never receiving.

If a soldier dies in battle he

deserves an honourable burial.

And a name on his gravestone. DNA

testing to identify all the remains testing to identify all the remains

is on track. There have been viable

DNA samples, actually, from the

overwhelming majority, in excess of

90% of those who've been found here.

What we really need is more

families to come forward over the

next four years.

The more samples they can compare,

the fewer unknown soldiers will lie the fewer unknown soldiers will lie in Pheasant Wood.

In Fromelles, Danielle Isdale, Ten News.

Up next, battle heats up over climate change.

Plus, the teenagers jumping

headfirst into danger. (OPENING NOTES VOICEOVER: KFC's legendary Tower Burger in

This program is captioned live.

Battle lines are being drawn as

federal politicians return to

Canberra for the election year.

Although climate change is still a

hot topic, the first election

promise has come in education.

It's on! On the eve of Parliament's

return, Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott

have resumed their battle over

climate change And the fight over

means-testing the private health rebate.

Kevin Rudd is determined to

reintroduce the emissions trading scheme.

Depends what day it is. Sometimes

he supports it and sometimes he

opposes it.

A clear breach of an election

commitment. We will keep the gone

up -- Government honest.

Knocking that reform back will cost

$100 billion. Both battlegrounds

could provide the government with a

double dissolution election trigger.

And, even though the PM's

preference is to go full term, the

election campaigning has already

started. But the PM's first

election promise has teachers and

parents groups offside. Mr Rudd has

pledged to expand the controversial My School website with a survey of

parents' views on their school's

culture in bullying, community involvement and classroom innovation.

To provide a more rounded view of To provide a more rounded view of

the performance of schools.

How do you quantify those sorts of How do you quantify those sorts of things? Principals maintain the

website leads to league tables which damage schools.

We are starting to see some parents changing schools. Brad Hodson, Ten News.

The National Australia Bank won't

lift its home loan rates higher

than any increase announced by the

Reserve Bank this week. Economists

predict the RBA will hike official

interest rates to 4% on Tuesday.

The NAB denies its decision is due

to a customer backlash.

We're moving and making this

announcement today because we know

customers are concerned and they're

nervous before a Reserve Bank

meeting so this is simply about reassuring them.

Rallies were held nationally today

calling for a royal commission into

the RBA's decision-making process.

Thieves have been blamed for a

million-dollar workshop fire in

Adelaide's south. Firefighters were

called to a blaze in the auto spare

parts business at 2:00 this morning and once it was extinguished there was evidence the shop had been

broken into.

We have been conducting doorknock

inquiries and CCTV inquiries.

However, we would appeal to anyone

that was in the area.

The investigation has been hampered

because of asbestos in the

building's roof which could

contaminate nearby homes if it's


Making a mockery of a Sydney Council.

This is the weight of manly of

telling council to go and jump. A

lot of money was spent building the

security fences. Instead, they have

created a whole new problem.

It has added more to the jump so it

is more dangerous than before.

This boy took his first jump at 13

and said the barriers have just

made the jump more dangerous.

It has not stop this -- stop us. I

thought it was a great weight to

celebrate his birthday.

We used to do it all the time when

we were kids and I am still here.

Many council -- man the council

denies it is trying to stop fun.

Despite promise of a crackdown, on

a busy summer Sunday we did not

spot a single Ranger. It seemed

they were too busy handing out

parking fines.

Up next, the sex scandal which

could cost the captain of the English football team his job.

A Melbourne school preparing for

double trouble.

This program is captioned live.

China says an arms deal between the

United States and Taiwan is a major

threat between US and China

relations. It is a $7.2 billion deal. China has threatened

sanctions against the companies

involved. The US says it will

insure up security in the region.

It includes Black Hawk helicopters

and mine hunting ships. It has been

revealed that Margaret Thatcher

went on a crash diet as she

campaigned to become Britain's

first female prime minister. 30

years after her historic win,

documents had been released. She

followed a very unusual diet

including it eating 28 Aids a week.

Her only trade was a glass of

whisky. Also out of the archives,

her handbag. A sex scandals similar

to the Wayne Carey affair is

hitting English football just ahead

of the soccer World Cup. Captain

John Terry cheated on his wife with

a team-mate's girlfriend. All eyes

were on Chelsea's captain. It is

his life off the pitch that they

are focused on. The FA have refused

to comment on speculation of his

future as English captain. The club

has issued a statement of support.

They said it was a personal matter

for John Terry. We will give them

all the support that he and his

family needed to deal with it. It

was personally and publicly

damaging. The French and model has

been blamed. It is not just his

marriage under the microscope. His

off-pitch antics have raised doubts

about his eligibility as captain. A

23-year-old Sydney man has been

crowned Australia's poker champion

after winning the Aussie Millions

tournament in Melbourne. Tyron

Krost went all in with his final

hand to claim the $2 million winners' purse. Despite outlasting

a field of over 700 players, he

claims he was lucky to win. Even at

the final table, just had all the

luck, all the hands, all the good

situations, so it was just my night,

I guess. Second placed Dane

Frederick Jensen also pocketed a

cool $1.1 million. Tens of

thousands of children will head

back to the classroom tomorrow as

the summer holidays come to an end.

But one Victorian primary school is

preparing for double trouble on a

very big scale. This is double

trouble gone mad - with five sets

of twins, it was deemed necessary

to organise two attempts at their

first day of school. Today is the

trial run. This is why we're

separating them in school. Twins,

Jack and Luke, Cameron and Hamish,

Katelyn and Timothy, Taylor and

Summer and Sebastian and Daniel

will no doubt test the patience of

teachers at Beaumaris Primary

School. They'll be excited, they'll

be nervous, probably a couple of

little tears. The twins are already

well schooled on what to expect.

Making new friends, learning maths

and reading books and painting. As

the children embark on a new chapter in their lives, their

parents are just as excited. I

think my daughter will go well,

she's very outgoing. My son will go she's very outgoing. My son will go

well, but he'll have a few teething

problems. Reallly excited - it's

been a long time coming, they've

been doing the big countdown for

the last month or so. Finally here.

Their first day over, the twins

headed home. It's possibly the last

time they'll want to be at school

on a Sunday. THROW3 The weather's

next and then it's Sports Tonight with Brad McEwan.

Serena Williams proved unstoppable

again. She took her Grand Slam

title to 12 Grand Slams. Tim Cahill

flying the flag in the English

Premier League. Bill Nicholson Premier League. Bill Nicholson

called a cheat. We will tell you

why. Brett Lee softening

Stunning value for everyone. treat the family for dinner.

The This program is captioned live.

That brings you up to date with the

latest news. We'll have updates

through the evening. Stay around

for Sports Tonight with Rob Canning.

I'm Natarsha Belling. Good evening.

The This program is captioned live.

I am Rob Canning and the program is

Toyota's Sports Tonight and it is

full of champions. We salute at

Serena. Her 12th Grand Slam singles

crown. As the legend grows. I said

I'd tidier, but what an honour.

Speaking of greats, we will preview

tonight at men's showdown, at

Federer versus the United Kingdom.

If one day cricket gets you going

Australia is looking to sweep