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(generated from captions) looking forward to it tonight. That

was 2008. Record crowds today and

everybody can't wait for Baghdatis

up against the Aussie. Yes, Lleyton

Hewitt, hope you can join us from Melbourne from Melbourne from 6.

This program is captioned live. bring relief across Sydney Tonight - rain and winds after temperatures hit 43 degrees. amazing survival story A Sydney driver's in a horror truck crash. after being trapped rally together Hollywood heavyweights of Haiti's earthquake. to raise money for the victims

at the tennis. And Australia Day comes early with Mark Ferguson. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. of weather extremes Sydney's endured a day sweeping across the city with strong winds and thunderstorms after a sweltering day and night.

is at the Domain - Seven's Chris Maher

Chris, just how hot did it get? 43 in the west, Mark, the city hit 41 degrees today, dropped temperatures by 15 degrees before the change in just one hour. early crowds away The heat kept the usual Symphony in the Domain. for tonight's People are flooding in now -

for a much cooler evening. they'll be relieved we're in

after a shocking night. A stunning dawn early this morning Much of Sydney rose a bad night's sleep. doing their best to shrug off And everyone had the same plan - try to cool down anyway they could. Oh, go to the beach. from the Sydney scorcher. Overnight, there was no reprieve at midnight. The mercury nudged 32 was 27.2. The city's overnight low before the sun was up. Temperatures rose back into the 30s

Last night was pretty hot. and stayed there. They went early to the pools Been here about two hours. took a bit of the sun's sting away, Cloud cover but still... some sunscreen. Everyone needs to put on time... But for a really uncomfortable (MUSIC PLAYS) ..there was the Big Day Out - thousands of music fans, melting.

Yeah. Does that make a difference? Yes, it does. The heat too much for some - and St John Ambulance, plenty of work for paramedics at Homebush. they've been treating hundreds Westmead Hospital One man was rushed to after a drug overdose. But mainly it was exhaustion, didn't help some. even drinking water with these kinds of temperatures. There's not a lot you can do

at Observatory Hill, It got to 41 degrees western suburbs 43 degrees - 43.1 actually, at Richmond. in one day. But it was all the seasons the cool change Sydney was looking forward to it didn't disappoint. and when it came, waterways and challenged boaties. Big southerly winds whipped up the now they were struggling with gusts. After dodging the sun in the city, Feel like Mary Poppins.

So Sydney can sleep easy tonight with a shower or two. and tomorrow should be cooler forecast later in the bulletin. We'll have Sydney's detailed Mark. his licence suspended A P-plate driver has had over the speed limit after he was clocked doing 100km/h in Sydney's south. the 19-year-old A police speed camera picked up on the F6 yesterday. driving at 191km/h

The limit for P-platers is 90km/h. He had four passengers in the car. next month The teenager will appear in court not displaying his P-plates. for speeding and A Sydney driver between two semi-trailers who survived being sandwiched while describing his amazing escape. has broken down his three sons were in the van, Glenn Fogarty told Seven News it became scrap metal. just minutes before

whether he's lucky or unlucky. Glenn Fogarty doesn't know a few scratches here and there. Bruising on the hand, and Luke still have their father... All he knows is Cameron, Blake and ..and it's all that counts. Coming home, it's... it's quite emotional for me. you can see,

On Tuesday, was right in the middle of this - the refrigeration mechanic

at Mascot. crushed between two semitrailers

he must have been dead. Everybody there thought couldn't believe he wasn't Glenn's wife Lynda at St George Hospital. as she watched Seven News that night I just broke down. Pretty bad? Yep, I couldn't believe how bad. Not knowing, that I got from everyone and from the description

it's been a serious accident, so... Glenn left hospital yesterday. He hasn't even seen these pictures the accident. and he doesn't remember Stopping at a set of traffic lights I remember. and that's the last thing of the semitrailer The 19-year-old driver

that smashed into him from behind into the oncoming semi and pushed him across Foreshore Road is yet to be charged. As police investigate, Glenn says than his extraordinary survival. he has much more to be grateful for Just 10 minutes earlier, in the back seat. his boys had been sitting In the wreckage of the van all squashed in the back I could see the car seats so it was very close. and I'm just grateful. I've been blessed A Sydney teenager has arrived home in a Thai jail after spending two terrifying nights

during a schoolies trip. In December last year, with sleeping pills in Phuket Taylor Laird was caught at the end of last year. in a windowless cell The 17-year-old was locked up where he was too scared to sleep. It was pretty crappy. in too small a space. I don't know too many people to be called to court Taylor had to wait six weeks before he could leave Thailand. the sleeping pills were illegal He says he didn't know he'd had too many energy drinks. and bought them because a close eye on intelligence reports The Australian Government is keeping issued new terrorism warnings. after Britain and India is highly likely, UK authorities warn an attack while in India, airport security has been increased because of concerns about plane hijackings.

A country already the target of terror attacks, now on alert for a hijacking. We suspect that here can be an attempt to target one of our airlines. Increased security at New Delhi airport, with warnings of an al-Qaeda plot aimed at outbound planes. At the moment we assume the terrorist attack, if it's going to occur, will probably be either in India or Great Britain. In the UK, the terror alert has been lifted from substantial to severe -

the second-highest level. We're not specific about this.

We're not going to be specific publically about this. The failed Christmas day attack in the US already had authorities on alert. Now the accused bomber, Omar Faruk Abdulmutallab, claims female suicide bombers are training in Yemen and travelling on Western passports. Al-Qaeda is looking to put together an attack using people who would not fit a profile.

Airline passengers here are unfazed. I think we're inundated with those kinds of warnings. Look around, be observant, look around and if you see anything suspicious, report it. If they've increased the security then there's less chance of something happening. For Australian travellers, the increased alerts will mean more security on the other end of their journey. For those of us staying at home, the terror alert remains at medium. The Attorney-General's Department says However, Australia's terrorism threat alert is kept under constant review. Actor George Clooney has led a star-studded line-up in a global telethon raising money for the many victims of Haiti's earthquake. Our Government has promised to send help to the devastated region where some survivors continue to defy the odds.

10 days after the devastating earthquake, search and rescue teams are winding down. Yet amid the death and desperation, rays of hope. (RESCUERS CHEER) Today, Israeli rescuers found this 22-year-old man alive beneath the rubble. I don't know how he survived, but I don't care, he survived.

Australia will send a team of air traffic controllers next week to help run the main airport's new tower. Making Haiti's airspace and airports effective, safe and usable is crucial to the overall humanitarian effort. Still, life is grim for the hundreds of thousands of people now living in tent cities. This is a tragedy that reaches all borders.

Tonight in the US, Hollywood heart-throb George Clooney lead a star-studded telethon

to raise money for the earthquake victims. This is Reese Witherspoon and we really appreciate your call. More than 100 of the biggest names in film and music hit the phones while Keith Urban joined Jay-Z, Rihanna, Bono and Madonna in a stellar line-up. (MADONNA SINGS 'LIKE A PRAYER') The 2-hour telecast ran commercial-free on

more than 60 television networks and online. Among the images beamed to the world, the rescue of little Winnie. It teaches us all about the tenacity of life. # Halleluiah.# Australia Day has come early to the Open in Melbourne with three locals gracing Centre Court. A record daytime crowd of more than 49,000 people soaked up the party atmosphere. It was super Saturday at Rod Laver Arena. Sam Stosur, Casey Dellacqua and tonight, Lleyton Hewitt, all on Centre Court. Let's hope they can lead us into an Australia Day that comes early, maybe. Sam Stosur was an early winner in straight sets. A fighting Dellacqua not so lucky, going down to Venus Williams. American actor Jesse Metcalfe was desperate to get amongst the action but had tennis, not housewives, on his mind. I'm pulling for Lleyton so I'm going to have to go for Lleyton Hewitt. Nick Reiwoldt showed he could have been king of the court. The St Kilda captain there to support his Gold Coast primary school buddy, Sam Stosur. We played on the same tennis team and Sam has gone on to bigger and better things. On Grand Slam Oval, it was the united nations of beer drinking and girl watching.

Have you seen Kirilenko?! Have you seen her?! Who are you supporting? Heineken. A day in the sun, the world's best tennis players on the big screen - it doesn't get much better than this - but many revellers are worried they won't have the stamina to make it to Lleyton's match tonight. What time is Lleyton on? About 7 o'clock. Probably not.

Still to come - the fairytale holiday for a brave Sydney boy. Also - NASA pulls the plug on a piece of Australian space history. And biting the hand that rescued him - the ungrateful dog saved from floodwaters. That's next.

NASA has begun closing one of Australia's key links to the historic moon landing. The Honeysuckle Creek station which broadcast Neil Armstrong's moonwalk is being shut down but campaigners are fighting to try and keep it operating. As the world was watching 40 years ago... NEIL ARMSTRONG: That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. ..Australia was beaming the historic pictures around the globe. And it was the Honeysuckle tracking station outside Canberra providing the crucial link for the Apollo 11 mission. But in the past few days, NASA has begun shutting down the ageing facility.

It's just sad to see the thing completely disbanded. It was a very, very strong antenna. John Saxon worked at Honeysuckle during the moon landing and believes it's still capable of worthy research. Now, a group of fellow space enthusiasts is fighting to keep the historic antenna running. We're hoping that we can have somewhere around 4-6 months to try and raise the money to keep this dish operation for a much longer time. But researchers here disagree. They say shutting down the old dish will mean it's more accessible to the public and will allow new state-of-the-art satellites to be built. Either way, John Saxon says there'll be enough funding to keep Australia in space. I think we certainly have a lot of expertise here in this country,

particularly in communications and space. Man's supposed best friend has turned on his rescuer

while being saved from floodwaters in the US. The German Shepherd was caught in a torrent in the Los Angeles River. When a firefighter finally reached him there was little appreciation. He did an outstanding job hanging onto the dog while the dog was biting him. The firefighter was treated for several bites to the hand and arm. The dog's owner hasn't come forward.

Conan O'Brien has signed off as host of the 'Tonight Show' following a turbulent seven months behind the famous desk. During his final episode the comedian thanked his fans and took a few final jabs at broadcaster NBC. Ladies and gentlemen, we have exactly one hour to steal every single item in this studio. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) But it's not all bad news for Conan,

who'll walk away with a $37 million payout. A young Sydney boy who's losing his sight has been given something to smile about. The 9-year-old is on his way to Disneyland after winning an all-expenses paid trip. His mum and dad say the memories will last a lifetime. Looking at brothers Oscar and Harry, you see typical boys - full of life and a bit of trouble. Gotcha! But for 9-year-old Oscar, it's getting harder to see. He suffers retinal dystrophy, already losing peripheral vision. He bumps into things like you wouldn't believe. ..and has trouble adjusting to light. A normal child will be writing in their book and doing their work and he gets given large sheets and different handouts. It doesn't go unnoticed.

Bullies. Oh, we don't have many bullies, mate.

So the family winning an all-expenses paid trip to Disneyland was something else. We're going to Disneyland! Mummy started yelling and screaming.

They've been researching the rides. Indiana Jones. Indiana Jones, Buzz Lightyear, Space Mountain. But there's more to it... The one thing we really want to do is spend time together and have lots of fun as a family. Put that on top. Let's go, buddy. Doctors aren't sure how long it will be before Oscar could completely lose his eyesight but whatever happens next, his mum and dad are determined that right now, it's about having the best time in the world and memories to last a lifetime. When that kind of hangs over your head, you want your child to see and do everything they possibly can so it just makes the dream even more intense.

Sport now with Alex Cullen at the Australian Open and Alex, it's Super Saturday there in Melbourne. Mark, it will be if Lleyton Hewitt wins tonight - all the highlights from today's matches next. As slammin' Sam Stosur sets up a showdown with Serena. COMMENTATOR: Oh, beautiful. (CROWD CHEERS) And Cameron's White hot - a breakthrough ton for Australia's new master blaster.

Welcome back. Sam Stosur has stormed into the fourth round of the Australian Open and will face world number one Serena Williams for a shot at the quarter-finals. Venus Williams fought off a brave Casey Dellacqua in straight sets while Serena and Stosur warmed up for their clash with easy wins today. Somehow, someone missed this moving in and forgot to close the roof, delaying the start of Sam Stosur's clash with Alberta Brianti. But it didn't take our top hope long to get into the groove, Stosur's power far too much for her Italian opponent. But she was equally dominant in tactics, taking the first set 6-4. (CROWD ROARS) She blitzed the second 6-1. A fourth-round showdown with Serena Williams awaits. A couple of close matches the last two times we played, and um, yeah, I got the last one so I'm going to ride with that. The world number one had no trouble in disposing of Carla Suarez Navarro from Spain. Despite heavy strapping, Serena's court coverage was brilliant. Sister Venus has little compassion for local favourite Casey Dellacqua. Casey stole the game in the first but forced a tiebreak next set. COMMENTATOR: Oh, well done! Casey Dellacqua goes ahead in the second. It wasn't enough - Venus through. Roger Federer lost his cool, but not the match against Albert Montanes - a record 50th win at Melbourne Park. Last night, Kim Clijsters imploded. In a stunning loss of form, the US Open champ won one game and had no answers during and after the 52-minute disaster against Russia's Nadia Petrova. Oh, don't tell me. That's a wonderful point. I ate the same, I slept the same, everything. You know...yeah. And the defending men's champion is building nicely. Oh, my goodness! Rafael Nadal needed 3.5 hours to see off 27th seed Philipp Kohlschreiber in four jaw-dropping sets. Oh, come on now. So tonight it's the big one on Rod Laver Arena - Lleyton Hewitt versus Marcos Baghdatis. All the action here on 7 after the News. Australian batsman Cameron White has ignited the one-day series, with a spectacular match-winning century at the Gabba. Chasing 275 to beat Pakistan, White blasted 105 from 88 balls,

as the Aussies won with 9 balls to spare. With less than half the tickets sold for tomorrow's SCG clash, Cameron White showed fans who have given up on one-day cricket what they'll be missing. COMMENTATOR: One of the best knocks we've seen for a long time. Yeah, it's pleasing to be able to show the team-mates and the people that I can do it in Australia and yeah, I'm just happy that we won. The top order struggled against the lively Pakistan pacemen. Watson couldn't back up his career-best effort with the ball. Marsh fell for 15. And the sun was setting on Australia when Ricky Ponting misjudged Afridi. In the air, yes, he's got him!

At 3/84, White launched a bold counter-attack. That's powerful and it's long! Michael Clarke's half-century was more painstaking. Oh! That's hurt. That's hurt. He batted on after the blow to the ribs but was caught short by Rana's run-out. Skids along the hard surface, crashes into the stumps. White, a revelation since his elevation up the order, targeted Afridi and the short boundary, smashing 3 consecutive sixes in 1 match-winning over. Now he goes straight, fabulous batting! He made his first home 100 off just 85 balls. A magnificent century. (CROWD ROARS) His second in one-day internationals for his country. White didn't quite go the distance - those duties were left to Mike Hussey,

whose limited overs revival continued. That's a good victory for Australia. If that keeps happening I don't think anybody will be talking down the 50-over game. Sydney Football Club can re-claim top spot in the A-League tomorrow thanks to the Central Coast. The Mariners conceded the first goal

against league leaders the Gold Coast last night. But a contentious penalty allowed the Mariners to square the match at 1-1. COMMENTATOR: Niky Mrdja scores a penalty against the league leaders this week. Tempers boiled over late in the match and in a bitter aftermath, Gold Coast coach Miron Bleiberg labelled the Mariners players

"psychos". There was plenty of tension in Perth too, where former Glory star Eugene Dadi missed this in Wellington's 2-0 loss. Cadel Evans has fallen agonisingly short of claiming the overall lead on the penultimate stage of the Tour Down Under. Evans mustered a superhuman effort on today's climb, but the stage was 1km too long for the world champion, unable to hold off Spain's Luis Leon Sanchez. All of this crowd is Australian. They were all on the edge of their seats. Oh, good for them.

So was I, quite literally. Andre Greipel still leads. Evans is fifth, 21 seconds behind.

I cannot go without rain, come on,

Sydney had a sweltering start before that cool change blew in,

bringing gale-force southerlies and heavy rain. The city reached a blistering top of 41. Right now it's a much cooler 23. It was a very warm night and it only got worse today. Homebush, Liverpool, Richmond and Penrith all reached 43 degrees.

40 in Terry Hills and Manly. Wollongong was the coolest on 36 degrees. Around the country tomorrow - fine and hot across most capitals. A late storm in Darwin. Showers and storms are expected tonight and tomorrow. The city should reach 25 degrees. Much the same in Parramatta. And keep the brolly handy next week - the skies will clear briefly on Monday before the showers and storms return. That's Seven News for this Saturday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia

This program is captioned live.

This program is captioned live. Two

years after the all night marathon

it is the reunion they had to have.

He got it. Lleyton Hewitt and

Marcos Baghdatis in a battle of

heart and soul. Is there one more

sequel. With the Greek Corus hail

another heroic victory? The

original marathon was an epic, the