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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. This morning - from the rubble of Haiti an amazing rescue sparks fresh terror. as a massive aftershock Prince William in Victoria of the Black Saturday bushfires. to visit survivors under pressure to act And Tennis Australia after more trouble with unruly fans.

Morning News with Sharyn Ghidella. VOICEOVER: This is Seven Good morning. of quake-devastated Haiti Panic has returned to the streets following a powerful aftershock. The tremor shook buildings, survivors to run for their lives. forcing thousands of terrified is in the capital, Port-au-Prince. Seven reporter Adrian Brown

Well, this was a very powerful

quake. 6.

quake. 6.1 on the Richter scale and

it unsettled an already traumatised

city because it is only 8 days since

the really big quake struck this

city. As for damage, hard to tell

this city because there is so much damage in

this city from the previous quake.

We went up to the forth, it's a

neighbourhood in the hills above

Davenport and we came

Davenport and we came across a fire

whether that was caused by this fire

it's heart to tell. But certainly,

people are very nervous. They are

very worried and it is exposed once

again just how vulnerable Haiti is

to earthquakes. Earlier on today, we

met up with some firemen from

Florida who have been here since

almost - since the quake struck 8

that days ago. I asked Joh, the leader of

that team, how things were going We

don't believe it's over yet. What we

are using is a barometer, within the

last 24 hours, live victims have

been pulled out and live victims

that are in fairly good health. So

that tells us that the possibility

is till there As for the aid

operation, relief is starting to

trickle in. But there is still many

neighbourhoods we have been to that

is yet to receive any help. There is yet to receive any help. There is

still people who are yet to receive

clean water and food. Clean water

remains the priority. Back to you. It's been eight days since the original quake and survivors are still being pulled from the rubble. US rescue workers found this little boy in the remains of his home. 7-year-old Kiki was not alone - his sister Sabrina was nearby. Today was a tough day,

we were running around all over the place with Virginia, we had poor information at times, just on our way home

and it's unbelievable to take two kids out. The siblings have been reunited with their father and are receiving treatment at a field hospital. A man who went on a deadly shooting spree in the US state of Virginia has been arrested. The 39-year-old turned himself in after a man-hunt involving more than 100 officers. After discovering eight bullet-riddled bodies in or near this house near Appomattox, Virginia and after an intense massive man-hunt overnight for the suspected gunman, 39-year-old Christopher Speight

turned himself in at sunrise, Wednesday

unarmed but protected. At the time he surrendered, Speight was wearing a bulletproof vest, he had no weapons in his possession at the time he surrendered. Authorities are still looking for the high-powered rifle used to shoot the eight people dead and have called in the bomb squad because they're worried that house may be booby trapped. We do have reason to believe that there may be incendiary devices, not only outside, but also inside the residence. More than 150 lawmen converged on the house midday Tuesday after one of the victims was found lying on a road nearby.

The man-hunt began with the gunman also firing at a State Police helicopter. Four shots struck the helicopter, striking the fuel tank but the helicopter landed safely without any further incident. Investigators won't comment on motive but do say Christopher Speight knew the victims very well. Speight was acquainted with the victims, he lived at the residence where the murders took place,

he is a co-owner of the residence. The shooting has shaken this part of rural central Virginia like never before... It's a rude awakening. I mean, like I said, you never lock your doors here. the investigation into what and why just now gets started. Communities on Australia's east and west coasts are on cyclone watch with two separate systems forming overnight.

Tropical Cyclone Neville developed off WA's north-west Kimberley coast early this morning. Across the country, Category 1 Cyclone Neville is about 200km off Cooktown. A cyclone warning is current from Cape Melville to Cooktown with gale-force winds and rain expected within 24 hours. There'll also be heavy rain in the region over the next few days as the cyclone slowly intensifies. And much of Victoria is facing a new fire threat with dangerous conditions forecast for the next few days.

A total fire ban is in effect today in the State's north-west Friday

and a code red warning has been issued for the Mallee and northern country for Friday. After an action-packed two days in Sydney, Prince William has just touched down in Melbourne where he'll meet survivors of the Black Saturday bushfires. Seven reporter Dean Felton takes us through today's whistlestop tour.

Prince William has just arrived in

Melbourne after touring Sydney

Melbourne after touring Sydney and New Zealand over the last couple of

days. Currently he is on his way to

the areas that were affected by the

bushfires last Black Saturday. The

Prince has taken quite a an interest

in that story and the story of how

Victorians have recovered from those

fires. Today, a chance for him to glimpse

glimpse perhaps what the future

holds for them. Later today he is

back in Melbourne for a reception

back in Melbourne for a reception at Government House. A meeting with the

governor, a tree planting and some

early Australia Day celebrations.

Sharyn. A lot to get through, thank you, Dean. And the Prince wrapped up his Sydney visit with a Harbour cruise, saying he's never enjoyed a warmer welcome. Official engagements over, time for Prince William and his entourage to relax and where better than cruising around the Harbour

He had lots of fans in toe. The sun setting on his Sydney visit, the Prince was dropped back at Admiralty House to spend his final night before flying to Victoria. But it seems the Harbour City has stolen his heart. If any of you have got any properties for sale, then please let me know. During a flat-out second day of his Australian tour, he visited a homeless youth centre, impressed our soldiers... (GUNSHOT) He scored 103mm which is well and truly a pass mark. the adrenaline pumping and still found time to meet adoring crowds before lunch at the Royal Botanic Gardens.

I have had the most warm welcome ever, not just with the weather, but with all Sydney people. Thank you so, so much. Plenty are keen to have him back any time. Thank you for coming to Australia. Shook our hands and we wished him a nice visit to Sydney and hope he enjoyed himself. Prince Charming, definitely! (LAUGHS) All in all, a good visit for the second-in-line to the throne. The impression I'm getting is that the Australian people have been charmed by him but more as a celebrity figure rather than a member of the Royal Family.

He waved a He waved a final good bye to Sydney

this morning as he left for Melbourne. To the tennis now

and there's been controversy on and off the court at the Australian Open. Violent supporters have caused trouble for the second time in three days. Meanwhile, 17-year-old Bernard Tomic has criticised organisers for the lateness of his match against Croatia's Marin Cilic. Michael Felgate is at Melbourne Park. Good morning, Michael. Some strong words from Bernard Tomic.

Certainly very strong words and

unfortunately, this morning, it's

taken some of the gloss off what was

a tremendous performance bit

17-year-old. His match lasted last

night on Centre Court almost 4

night on Centre Court almost 4 hours and finished at around about 10 past

2 in the morning. Unfortunately for

Bernard, the women's match between

Dementieva and Henin also went Dementieva and Henin also went 3

hours which meant that he didn't get

on court until around about 20 past

10. It was a stunning performance up

against a man who is ranked number

14 in the world, Tomic just 17 years

of age. Taking him to 5 sets but as

you mentioned, he wasn't very

you mentioned, he wasn't very happy with the organisers and for him to

get on court so late. This is what

he had to say after the match. For a 17-year-old to go out there and play at that time, you know, it's difficult. And, you know, for the people I requested to play during the day, didn't happen, you know, I think it's ridiculous.

He is only 17 years of age but there

is a school of thought that he

should tone it down a bit. If he

wants to play with the big boys, he

has to deal with what he has to.

Let's just hope that he can hold it

all together and he is the future of

Australian tennis. First it was Croatian supporters. Now it's fans from Chile and Turkey. What is Tennis Australia doing about the violence?

Disappointing scenes again yesterday

when 35 people were ejected

when 35 people were ejected from Show Court 3 after letting off

flairs and as you mentioned, it was

a match between Fernando Gonzales of

Chile and also from a player from -

I should say -

I should say - from Turkey's Marsel

Illhan. As you can see, they let off

a couple of flairs. 3 people were

charged or issued an on the spot

fine for letting off a snare. Speaking to Tennis Australia today,

they say that they have not boosted

security but they say there is more

CCTVs in the area and they expect or

they hope that there will be no more

incidents of such violence incidents of such violence or out

breaks for the remainder of the

tournament Let's hope so. Next in Seven News - business and finance. Tiger Woods spotted after more than a month in hiding. Also, troubled singer Amy Winehouse spared jail.

You're watching Seven's Morning News. A blurry photo has surfaced

claiming to be the first image of golfer Tiger Woods since his sex scandal hit the headlines. A US tabloid claims the photo was taken at a sex rehab facility in Mississippi. Woods has reportedly checked in to the treatment centre for a 6-week program after a string of women came forward claiming to have had affairs with the golfer. Woods hasn't been seen since crashing his car after arguing with his wife Elin at their Florida mansion last November.

US President Barack Obama's healthcare bill

has been dealt a major blow with a Republican winning a crucial Senate seat long held by Democrat the late Ted Kennedy. Republican Scott Brown entered the election as an underdog and says his win sends a clear message to Washington. I hope they're paying close attention, because tonight the independent voice of Massachusetts has spoken.

The blow for the President's healthcare overhaul comes on the first anniversary of his inauguration. The US couple who got through the Secret Service to attend a State Dinner at the White House has refused to testify before Congress. Tareq and Michaele Salahi have taken the Fifth Amendment refusing to answer questions at a Homeland Security hearing. On advice of counsel I respectfully assert my right to remain silent and decline to answer your question. Congress wanted to learn how the couple got past checkpoints at the State Dinner last November without an invitation and even had a photo taken with the President. British pop singer Amy Winehouse has escaped a jail sentence after pleading guilty to assault and disorder. The troubled singer admitted to drunkenly assaulting a theatre manager during a family Christmas pantomime.

Winehouse pulled the manager's hair and swore at him when he told her five vodkas was enough. The judge handed her an unconditional discharge, meaning if she offends in the next two years,

she'll face jail time. She's also been ordered to pay $350 compensation. To finance now and joining me is Martin Lakos from Macquarie Private Wealth. Good morning, Martin. Overnight markets have been very weak. What's driven that?

Late afternoon, it became apparent

that Chinese government is once

again trying to slow lending growth

out of China. They are concerned

that their me is going to head into

a bubble type of growth pattern.

Quite a few are concerned that this will be

will be putting the brakes on too

hard. We are more of the view

hard. We are more of the view,

that's tapping the brakes but Marcos didn't that's tapping the brakes but Marcos

ma ket didn't like that news. How is

our market trading then on the back

of those falls With those the

overnight markets being weaker, oil

down, gold down, we haven't fallen the 1%

the 1%. We are down about 30 points,

pretty much all sectors are weak.

The banks and financials certainly

The banks and financials certainly a big weaker along with those

resources which unfortunately you got

got correlated to the growth in

China and those concerns I mentioned

Thank you very much for the update. A young driver has been attacked in Melbourne

Police say the base were part of a

large drunken group of behaviour.

That's right. I can tell That's right. I can tell you police

here at Epping are trying to work

out exactly what happened last

night. Two teenagers are now in

night. Two teenagers are now in the Royal Melbourne Hospital after they

were hit by a car while they were

walking home from a party with about

100 other youths last night. There

was a fellow who was driving north

along that road. He has rounded a

bend. It's quite dark in that

session. He has seen the youths and

session. He has seen the youths and he has tried to stop in time. He has

braked but unfortunately he hasn't

been able to. He struck two of the

young people. It's understood the

driver of the car was set upon by

the teenagers. However, he managed

to get in his car and drive away.

They were just too abusive towards

him. They were throwing bottles at

his car. He went straight to the

police station. Neighbours who

police station. Neighbours who live in the street that we have spoken to this morning,

this morning, say they were

terrified. They came out of their

homes to try and help the two

injured teenagers but they too were

attacked. We ran out, tried to help

them. My brother tried to help them

and they were abusive towards him

because they were full of alcohol

and stuff. Some homes in the street

were also vandalised, a steel fence

were also vandalised, a steel fence was pulled out of the ground and

used as a weapon. I heard all the

commission and I heard my fence being punched. Police say they are still gathering statements from

people at the scene and witnesses. Their people at the scene and witnesses. Their their investigation is continuing, back to you. Next in Seven News - we reveal Australia's richest sports stars. And young gun Bernard Tomic goes down fighting at the Australian Open.

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As we heard earlier, Bernard Tomic is less than happy after losing to 14th seed Marin Cilic in five sets at the Australian Open. Also overnight, Justine Henin's Grand Slam comeback continued with a win over Elena Dementieva,

while Juan Martin Del Potro survived the fight of his life against James Blake. Bernard Tomic faced the biggest test of his burgeoning career

against 14th seed Marin Cilic. The 17-year-old looked anything but intimidated

in the opening exchanges. JIM COURIER: He is competing and competing well. An error from Cilic gave Tomic the first set in a tie break but the Croatian played like someone ranked 275 places higher than his opponent to take the second.

Some nice hitting there from Cilic. Tomic hit straight back in the third, taking it right up to Cilic. Terrific stuff from the youngster. He took the set 6-4 to move within sight of a momentous upset but Cilic wasn't prepared to surrender without a fight, sending it to a decider. There is some world-class tennis. The Croatian prevailed 6-4 in the final set but Tomic lost no admirers in almost four hours on court,

proving he's on the cusp of fulfilling his enormous potential. Justine Henin against Elena Dementieva is a match-up fitting of a Grand Slam semi and the pair rose to the occasion with some remarkable tennis. TRACY AUSTIN: she is so quick, Justine. Dementieva's mum Vera looked to the heavens as the veterans traded breaks in a seesawing opening set but it was Henin who prevailed.

Game and first set, Henin. Extraordinary set of tennis. The second set was an even tighter affair but Henin had all the answers

to keep her Grand Slam comeback alive. Scotland's Andy Murray had a much easier time against Frenchman Marc Gicquel,

cruising through in straight sets while Juan Martin Del Potro survived a massive scare from James Blake, sneaking home 10-8 in a marathon fifth set.

And for more information about what's happening at the Australian Open, go to our website: Melbourne has continued its charge towards the NBL play-offs with a commanding 100-86 victory over ladder leaders Perth overnight.

The win was the Tigers' fifth straight and keeps them in contention for a spot in the finals

with six games remaining. Import Julius Hodge led the way for Melbourne with a game-high 25 points. Arsenal has joined Chelsea at the top of the English Premier League after a 4-2 win over Bolton this morning. Liverpool is now in sixth after accounting for Tottenham 2-0. It took less than six minutes for Liverpool to go ahead at Anfield

courtesy of their Dutch superstar. COMMENTATOR: Dirk Kuyt scores!

In front of the Kop, an explosion of relief for all who have Liverpool Red in their heart. Socceroo Brett Emerton found the net for Blackburn this morning but it wasn't enough to book his team a berth in the Carling Cup final.

Aston Villa won a 10-goal thriller 6-4 to advance to the decider. And he doesn't play that much any more but Greg Norman remains Australia's richest sports star, topping the annual BRW list

with earnings of $15 million in 2009. The big mover is NBA star Andrew Bogut who jumped to second after banking $14 million last year. Soccer star Harry Kewell came in third. Stay with me here on Seven's Morning News. I'll be back with all the weather details after this break.

Checking the national weather now. As we reported earlier, there are currently two active cyclones off Australia. Category 1 Magda is about 400km off WA's Kimberley coast. It's expected to intensify into a severe cyclone over the next 24 hours. Across the country,

Tropical Cyclone Neville should remain stationary off north Queensland. A cyclone warning is current from Cape Melville to Cooktown. Elsewhere, a high is pushing hot northerlies across New South Wales, South Australia and Southern Queensland. Around the country: Brisbane will be fine today. Sunny in Sydney. Canberra heading for a warm day. Early drizzle and cloud in Melbourne for the tennis, although it should clear to a mostly sunny day. Fine and very hot in Adelaide today. Much cooler in Perth,

expecting a mostly sunny day. And showers and storms for Darwin. And that's Seven News to now. We'll keep you up to date throughout the day and in our bulletins tonight at 6:00. I'm Sharyn Ghidella. Thanks for your company. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia

This program is captioned live.