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(generated from captions) over the armour, Tabard is the outer garment arms, so the thing on the front. often emblazoned with the knight's the cuirass was the breastplate Pauldron was the shoulderplate, and the gorget was throat armour. Tabard was the answer. Hey, you've won $1,000. Mate, I'm so sorry. No, that's fine, mate. Your girlfriend's still happy. You've been a fantastic contestant. thumbs up, she'll stick with you. You'll still stick with him? Yeah, Thanks for being a great player. That's good. (CHEERING, APPLAUSE) Put your hands together for Ravi. Mate. Good news is Ravi has won $1,000.

Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight! See you next time in the Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by Good evening.

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with the idea you were different? What if an education system started to fit the system, What if you didn't have but could make the system fit you? Open Universities Australia gives you access to courses universities online from leading Australian what to study and when. so you can choose

while Stosur advanced in three sets. Casey Dellacqua was also successful, 6:30. n z Coming up on WIN News...

The Calvary deal experiences a

delay, A Canberra couple escape

their burning home, And, the Comets' their burning home, And, the

day one results against South Australia in the Futures the details next. Australia in the Futures League.All

If you're caught speeding this Australia Day long weekend, you're on your way

to losing your licence.

Or if you

and just one of your passengers are caught not wearing their seatbelt, your licence will be gone.

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Princes Highway upgrade. Tonight ...

Brazen thieves go on an early

morning crime spree in Canberra' s

south, After twenty-two years, Bob

McMullan resigns from federal

parliament, And, the New South Wales parliament, And, the New

Opposition' s campaign for a

Princes Highway upgrade.

Princes Highway upgrade. Good

evening, I' m Jessica Good. evening, I' m Jessica Good. A Gowrie

business owner is outraged his

supermarket has been targeted by

thieves twice in one month. thieves twice in one month. Security

footage has captured the latest