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Hello, I'm Bill McDonald. Welcome

to Ten News.

Tonight, fears violence will erupt

on the streets of Haiti as the fight for survival grows increasingly desperate.

Families mourn the loss of five

young men in a horror high-speed

car crash. Just love the life to.

It has been taken away.

And royal visit - Prince William

kicks off his tour of New Zealand

with a spot of sailing.

Four days since Haiti was

devastated by one of the worst

natural disasters in history, the

efforts to help the survivors are

growing more desperate. Tension on

the streets is rising as the people

fight to stay alive. Our

in Port-au-Prince. correspondent, Emma Dallimore, is

I have seen that desperation first

10 today. We went out with a convoy

distributing water and rice and so

why getting aid distributed is so

difficult. Aid agencies are working

around the clock but they feared

despair on the streets is about to


The United Nations compound is

organised, -- chaos. A mountain of

rice that is being given out.

Soldiers are preparing to head out

again to feed the starving masses.

Nothing lives here without arms

security and after joining this

convoy, you can see why. They are

running as we arrive in this

paddock crashing against each

other's -- other. Some do not have

the strength to battle and hope

that assistance finds them. Many that assistance finds them. Many

people will be lining up to or at

three times because they do not

food. know when they will be many -- more

Every day it's the people get more

angry and more dangerous.

angry and more dangerous.

A after 30 humanitarian missions,

this man says Haiti is the worst

misery he has seen.

This is a race against time for.

A contingent of Australian A contingent of Australian

volunteers are on their way. Even

then, reaching the helpless

millions will not be easy.

The strongest always get to the front of the line. The strongest always get to the

It is hard to find patience when

you have spent four days trying to

stay alive. Hillary Clinton flew in

took Port-au-Prince today. She was

met at the airport by the President

of Haiti. She says she's here to

make sure the US is doing

everything it can to help the

people. Meanwhile at the White people. Meanwhile at the White

House, three presidents came House, three presidents came

together to urge the American

people to give generously. Barack

Obama has asked former presidents

Bill Clinton and George W Bush to

American history. lead the biggest relief effort in

I'm pleased that President George W I'm pleased that President George W

Bush and President Bill Clinton

have agreed to lead a major

fundraising effort for relief - the

Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. On behalf

of the American people, I want to

thank both of you for returning to

service and leading this urgent mission.

The Haitian Government has now

handed over control of its main

airport to the Americans to try to airport to the Americans to try to

speed-up the delivery of aid. But

on the streets the people are

taking matters into their own hands

just to stay alive. This report has

some disturbing images.

The troubles are not over.

Government burnings are --

buildings are burning. The death

toll is rising. Other problems are

arising. Desperate children at

Scrabble in the -- scramble in the

rubble. There is no-one to stop

them looting. The police are

burying their dead. Gunfire from a

nervous guards. Haiti has so little

left much of its wealth is in these

faults. 10,000 US Marines are

preparing to come here. They cannot

come soon enough. The bodies are

piling up all over the city. This

is outside the hospital morgue. The

Livingstone -- livings seat --

leaving it sleep on the street next to the dead.

There is no government here and no

authorities. With many communities

burying their dead, we may never

get an accurate bet -- death toll.

Bulldozers are being used to lift

the dead. They do not even had

enough of those. Machinery is now

up tearing away at collapsed

buildings, leaving anyone alive

inside with little chance of

survival. The people appeared

stunned. This disaster and betrays

-- bidets that have followed had

bought Haiti to the brink.

But, Bill, despite the desperation

there are still amazing survival

stories emerging. Today a 43-year-

old pregnant nurse was pulled alive

from the rubble of a former

children's hospital after almost 70

hours. But, sadly, there are few

happy endings in this city and

heading towards day five, it's

getting pretty unlikely we're going

to hear too many more.

Dallimore in Port-au-Prince. Thanks, Emma. Correspondent Emma

Five young men have been killed in

a horror car crash in Melbourne.

Police say the P-plate driver was

speeding, had a history of traffic

offences and wasn't supposed to

carry passengers.

Cut free from the wreckage, Elissa

Iannetta was the only survivor. The

impact so hard the tree it hit was

half. uprooted, the Ford XR6 split in

I've been a paramedic for 30 years

and this is the worst I've ever seen.

brother, Killed instantly were Elissa's

brother, Anthony Iannetta, 19-year- Killed instantly were Elissa's

old Ben Hall, 21-year-old Matt

Lister, 15-year-old Will Te-Whare

and his half-brother Steve

Johnstone, the car's owner.

say the P-plater Johnstone, the car's owner. Family

say the P-plater had a history of Johnstone, the car's owner. Family

speeding fines, wasn't licensed to

carry passengers and that his Ford

was unregistered.

It's just stupidity. Just learn from this.

This couple was passed moments

before the crash. I thought we were

going to be killed and I said to my

their deaths. husband, these boys are going to

Police say the car was travelling

up to 160km/h. The Ford crossed

onto a median strip to pass cars

before its driver lost control,

swerving across the road and into a

tree. Neighbours are shocked.

I hope my kids don't drive like

that and I hope my kids don't have six in a car. Police are angry.

This is just crazy. How many times

do we have to say to people that

is just lunacy. speed kills? This isn't speed, this

The victims' friends agree.

This should show everyone they

shouldn't be driving that fast and

they shouldn't be that stupid.

Friends gathered at the scene, grief-stricken.

Get out of my face!

And trying to make sense of it all.

The Iannettas say Anthony used his

own body to shield his sister.

for her. He saved her, he took his own life

He loved his sister, he would have

him. done anything for her. I'm proud of

Other families left looking for answers.

He was just a beautiful child - fun,

into everything. Mischievous but beautiful.

They are also looking for solutions.

Restricting what sort of cars they

can have, cut down the power.

Residents say that this ride --

road is used as a race track. As

emergency crews were responding,

they could hear the squeals of tyres.

A man's been charged over a head-on

crash that killed two people on the

NSW South Coast. A motorcyclist and

his pillion passenger died when

they collided with a Holden on the

Princes Highway yesterday afternoon.

The driver of the Holden, his wife

and their baby, believed to be Spanish

Spanish nationals, were taken to

hospital with minor injuries. Just

weeks ago four people were killed

in a fiery tanker collision on the

same stretch of highway. What is

clear is that the message is not

getting through. Risky behaviour by

individual drivers has an impact on

them, their families and the community.

The driver involved in this latest

crash has been charged with

dangerous driving and will appear

in court later this month.

Up next, a house fire leaves a

couple fighting for life. Also

ahead, the sights and sounds of Bollywood come to Sydney.

This program is captioned live.

A mother and father are fighting

for life after suffering severe

burns in a Brisbane house fire. The

couple's two children, who were

also inside when the blaze erupted,

ran down the street to their older

sister's house for help. Her

boyfriend managed to pull the

injured couple from the house.

We're going to be doing an

investigation as to how the fire started.

We'll obviously need to speak with

the two children as well as the

mother and the father in hospital.

Investigators are treating the blaze as suspicious.

Queenslanders will now receive

texts or recorded phone messages

alerting them to threats from

bushfires or cyclones. The State

Government says it's ironed out

faults identified in recent trials

and will now air television and

radio ads explaining the new system.

However, there are concerns

tourists won't receive the automated warnings.

That is of concern to the

Queensland Government and we are

working with Telstra and the other

people to work on a technical

situation to that.

The national alert system was

adopted following the Black

Saturday bushfires and is already

being used in NSW and Victoria.

Barely six weeks after she pounced

on the premiership of NSW voters

have warmed to Kristina Keneally.

In the first poll conducted since

she was elevated to the top job,

three in four people describe her

as 'likeable'. More voters also

prefer her to Opposition Leader Barry O'Farrell.

It just made me all the more

determined to work hard for the people of NSW.

The American-born mother of two is

still struggling to shake the

perception she's a puppet of the

powerbrokers who handed her the job.

The poll also found Labor is still

heading for a landslide loss in the next State election.

Prince William is having a taste of

life across the Tasman before he

heads to Australia. The young royal

arrived in Auckland without the

usual pomp and ceremony.

After a long haul flight from

London, sailing on New Zealand's

America's Cup winning yacht may

have been a welcome change of pace

for the Prince. On his only day in

Auckland the rugby-mad royal's trip

was all about sport with a tour of

World Cup preparations at Eden Park.

Yeah, I won't touch that. Get my

grubby paws all over it.

This is William's third trip to New

Zealand but easily the most Zealand but easily the most

significant. He's here on behalf of

his grandmother, the Queen, for the his grandmother, the Queen, for the first time.

This is obviously a bit more official although I'm still

enjoying the fact that it's still

relaxed and enjoying meeting everyone.

And his easy-going attitude


He said he liked my hair. He said he liked my hair.

Yeah, met him before at Buckingham

Palace but this was more relaxed.

Palace but this was more relaxed.

Followed by a large contingent of

British press, he's the great hope

for the future of the royal family.

This is possibly the start of many more royal tours.

Well, we'll wait and see. I

wouldn't get carried away, I've

still got a lot of training to do.

He made a low-key landing earlier,

met by New Zealand's Governor-

General and the country's PM, John

Key, who'd been hoping for a more summery welcome.

It isn't was superb as it was yesterday.

Yes, I was saying to the Governor-

General that it's like English weather.

He'll be hoping the weather

improves when he touches down in

Sydney on Tuesday. The Prince will

have two days in the Harbour City

before heading to Melbourne for the

last day of his visit.

The beats of Bollywood have

transformed Sydney's west overnight,

with thousands gathering for a

open-air concert. The composer behind 'Slumdog Millionaire' lent behind 'Slumdog Millionaire' lent

his voice to the event, which was

organised to promote peace.

organised to promote peace. The

crowds just kept coming. More than

70,000 people from all races and

religions packed Parramatta Park

and by the time A.R. Rahman

delivered his message of harmony

and peace, it was as cramped as the streets of Delhi.

And hope this concert makes a big

change, Jai Ho into Australian change, Jai Ho into Australian

friendship. The composer won two

Oscars for his work on the soundtrack of 'Slumdog Millionaire'

and he's been voted in the top 100

most influential people in the

world. Rahman's music is a fusion of cultures.

Fans just couldn't get enough. More

than 40 performers brought the show

to life in true Bollywood style.

Organisers have declared the night

a success and the message of

harmony rang through with no unruly

behaviour or arrests. The crowd

also appeared more than pleased with the performance.

with the performance.

The Tour Down Under kicks off in Adelaide.

Plus, Sandra Bullock and Meryl

Streep lock lips at the Critics

Choice awards.

(OPENING NOTES # Before I crashed into BOTH: # We were trying to # I never claim

This program is captioned live.

Amid the devastation in Haiti,

there's been a moment of joy. A

team of British rescuers pulled a

little girl from the rubble of her

pre-school, 72 hours after the

quake struck.

Just under a concrete block is a

two-year-old girl. These are

British firemen on the ground in

Haiti, talking about Amir, a little

girl who was at nursery when the

earthquake struck. She has been

buried in the rubble of her

classroom but not so deep that her

cries for help cannot be heard.

Near's mother has been shouting Near's mother has been shouting

into the ruins of the nursery for

days. These rescuers have given her

a new help -- hope. The firemen are

having to improvise. The cargo

plane carrying their cutting

equipment is yet to arrive in Haiti.

The work is done by hand and

borrowed hacksaw. This little girl

is tiny and she has been under the

rubble for nearly 72 hours. It is a rubble for nearly 72 hours. It is a

race against time. She is in good

spirits. She is obviously French-

speaking and we are not but we are

trying to strike up a conversation.

She is in good spirits so we are

hopeful. How long do you think? How

long is a piece of string? One hour,

10 hours? They did not go anywhere

and it was actually only another

hour before the work was done and

she was back in her mother's arms.

She was exhausted and frightened.

But incredibly, after three days of

not being able to use her arms or

legs, she was OK. At least seven of

her classmates are thought to have

died in the collapse but as these died in the collapse but as these

firemen are finding out, among the

countless desperate tragedies there is some room for hope.

Two of Hollywood's leading ladies

have shared the Best Actress prize have shared the Best Actress prize

at the Critics' Choice Awards in

Los Angeles. Meryl Streep and

Sandra Bullock were named joint

winners and, after some mock

rivalry, the pair kissed and made

up. This is bull----.

James Cameron's 'Avatar' took home

a swag of awards. But Nicole

Kidman's musical 'Nine' failed to win anything, despite being nominated in 10 categories.

The Big Day Out music festival has

kicked off its Australian tour on

the Gold Coast. 55,000 music fans

turned out for the event with

police targeting revellers trying

to bring in drugs and alcohol.

International acts Muse, Lily Allen

and Groove Armada will headline and Groove Armada will headlin and Groove Armada will headline

tonight, while local band Karnivool

were also a crowd favourite.

The Big Day Out celebrates its

100th show in Sydney next weekend.

Thousands have turned out in Thousands have turned out in

Adelaide to see their favourite

cyclists on day one of the Tour

Down Under. Teams signed autographs

and showed off their high-tech machines.

Cooler weather and threatening

showers didn't cloud the festive

atmosphere, ahead of a week of

competition in an event recognised

as one of the best of its kind in

the world. Tourists swept up in

cycling mania. We've come down from

Sydney, mainly to see Cadell. We're

really pleased Lance is here. We really pleased Lance is here. We

caught a glimpse of him at the

hotel. Whatever he does, I believe

he's good. I've seen it from Norway,

I have more than a passing interest.

Fantastic. It's my first time to

Adelaide and so far it's been great.

I haven't been here before. What am

I expecting? A lot of fun, I hope!

I'm hoping to see some good racing

and a bit of Lance Armstrong and

that. Some tried to match the

stamina of the team riders. 3.4, stamina of the team riders. 3.4,

oh! What was that like? Really

tough. Tour merchandise proving

very popular. The enthusiasm of the

crowd here is amazing. People of

crowd here is amazing. People of

all ages sharing their common love

of cycling, delighted to be part of

one of Australia's great sporting

events. Earlier, 1,800 riders took

part in a 100-kilometre charity

ride from the city to the Adelaide

Hills and back. The Ride Like Crazy

event, a tribute to Adelaide police

officer and keen cyclist Mick

"Crazy" Koerner, who died last year

from a brain tumour. This morning's

event raised more than $100,000.

The weather's next and then it's

Sports Tonight with Rob Canning and,

Rob, the worlds best tennis players

put on a Hit for Haiti charity

appeal today?

Yes, Bill, a full house at centre

court to raise a 6-figure sum for

Haiti's earthquake victims. All of the action coming up.

Roger and co put on a show in the

name of charity.

Also coming up, Australia closes in on victory.

This program is captioned live. This program is captioned live. A

chance of rain in Cairns, mostly chance of rain in Cairns, mostly

Iranian Brisbane. Mostly sunny for

Sydney, cloudy in Canberra. Windy

and showers in Melbourne. Rain in

Hobart. And mostly sunny day

forecast for Adelaide and mostly

sunny in Port Lincoln. And mostly

sunny day for sunny in Port Lincoln. And mostly

sunny day for Power. Late thunder in Broome.

That brings you up to date with the

latest news. Stay around for Sports

Tonight with Rob Canning. I'm Bill

McDonald. Good evening. Supertext

captions by Red Bee Media Australia,

This program is captioned live.

Hi, I'm Rob Canning - welcome to

Toyota Sports Tonight. It's Grand

Slam tennis time, so today, we've

got an ace show prepared. We're

counting down to the season's first

slam and today, we'll preview the

Aussie's planned assault. I have

got a chance. As Bagdatis falls in

love with Sydney. His English is

sexy. In the third Test, Katich

pours on the pain as Australia

hones in on a series sweep. Also,

Twenty/20 action, the Tour Down

Under prologue, Ironman racing and

football from home and abroad. Plus

- Rob Allenby is making us proud.