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(generated from captions) end whaling He made a campaign promise to

end whaling so let's see that

promise being carried

out. The Greens have called

on the Federal Government to

replace the 'Ady Gil' and

send the bill to Tokyo. For

more Greens Senator Sarah

Hanson-Young joins us from

the ABC's Adelaide newsroom.

On what are you basing your

responsible and should pick claim that the Japanese are

up the bill for the 'Ady

up the bill for the 'Ady

Gil'? We know already based

thanks the Australian on previous investigation

Government undertook a number

of years ago that the

activity in the Southern

Ocean by the Japanese is

illegal, it is linked

directly to whaling and that it is now time for the Australian Government to

actually do something about

stopping this. The fact that

we have seen this incident

occur over the last couple of

days has proven why we needed the Australian Government

down there sure veiling,

surveying what was going on.

We needed our 'Oceanic

Viking' or another Navy

vessel down there checking

out what was going on

policing the area instead of

simply leaving it to the

Japanese or the protestors

who had been trying their

best to up hold Australian

law. But how can you call on Japan to be responsible

already for the 'Ady Gil'

when we have not even had an investigation? Clearly we

need the investigation to

happen and obviously the deputy Prime Minister Gillard

has said there will be one

but the big problem that is

the evidence that this

investigation will draw on is

simply going to be taken

separate the Japanese because

Australia was not down there

we as they should have been. But

we have already heard this morning of the 'Sea Shepherd'

operation that there were 7

camera angles. They had their

own cameras aboard so it is

not right to say this the

only vision will come from

the Japanese surely? I did

not say the only vision, I

said the evidence, the

Government evidence will come

obviously from the Japanese

but yes of course there is other footage and thankfully

the crew on the 'Sea Shepherd'

Shepherd' were doing a good

job making sure that they

captured everything in the absence of any real Australian Government action

or activity down in the area.

We know that this season

always bring s the tension of

whaling and what that means

for the Australian community.

Obviously hat that means for

the Japanese Government and the Australian Government

should have been prepared to have a have a Navy vessel down there

surveying the area and

watching what was going on

not simply leaving the

policing up the the Japanese. What do you think

about the argument that a

monitor ship could enflame

the situation? I think the

situation is probably pretty

enflamed as it is. We need

the Australian Government to

stand by what the Australian public expect and that is

that we do not support the that we do not support the activity of whaling

particularly in our own

water, our own territorial

waters and we want the

Australian Government to do

more than offer lip service.

The Australian Government

approach has been totally

lacklustre, you cannot

describe it as any other. It

is all talk and no action.

What we need is an

Environment Minister with a

spine the stand up against the the Japanese Prime Minister

who does not just take his shots in the Japanese

Government but listens the

the Australian public who say

"We do not want illegal

whaling happening in

Australian waters, we do not

support it, it should not be

happening". Do you believe in

a situation that happened in

the Southern Ocean if an

Australian boat had been Australian boat had been

there they should have

inserted themselves in

between the two protagonists

there? It is hard to say

where people's boats should

have been positioned. What I

am suggesting that is the

Australian Government has simply allowed this situation

to happen by virtue of being

absent in the entire

activities of what is going

on. We always know at this

time of year whaling happens in the Southern Ocean and in the Southern Ocean and that Australians do not

support it. The Australian

Government says they do not

support it, well let's see

them stop it. The Government

has said a monitor ship would

be useless and they had tent

the 'Oceanic Viking'

previously to goat her

information they needed. Is

it - why do you believe that the 'Oceanic Viking' will

make a critical difference

now and is there any more

evidence to be gather evidence to be gather bad the

Japanese? It is interesting that the Government has not

done anything with the

evidence yet they have

collected thus far in fact

they have suppressed a number

of pictures and the footage

collected last time the 'Oceanic Viking' went down

there. I think we need to put

this into perspective. The

Australian Government says

and when the Labor party were

in opposition they were very

critical of the Howard

Government for doing very little on little on whaling and now we

have a Prime Minister at the

hey of the Australian

Government ship steering us

into nowhere land. They are

asleep at the wheel and the Australian Government have

done nothing really to stop

illegal whaling, to send the

message loud and clear to the

Japanese that we will not

tolerate it and instead

simply sitting back while we

see tease tragic events see tease tragic events and

dangerous activities unfold.

I think the Australian

Government has a lot to

answer to in relation to