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(generated from captions) And 20 grand just jumped in. Thanks. Thank you. Good on you. Well deserved. Well done, Karen. I'm so happy for you. (CHEERING) Put your hands together. Good on you. Great job. (CHEERING) the $1 million tonight. There you go. Hey, it's not $1 million to you, Karen, But it's worth you've reacted there. I gather by just the way There's no doubt about that. Good on you and we're rapt for you. in cold hard cash Karen Moodie just won $20,000 and I reckon that's just made life the short-term at the very least. a little bit easier for you for Thanks. Good on you, Karen. and to Heath as well. Good luck, Eliza where we change people's lives I'll see you next time every night of the week in a half an hour goodnight. in the Millionaire Hot Seat - Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by (TARGET JINGLE PLAYS) the whole family from only $6.99, With hundreds of titles for

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than Target's Epic DVD Sale. But hurry - sale on now. mean to you? VOICEOVER: What does democracy or a revolution? Was Eureka a rebellion troublemakers or visionaries? Were women suffragists or just senseless vandalism? Was this a justified protest affect government policy? Did these people land rights without this man? And would we recognise Indigenous Museum of Australian Democracy You decide at the at Old Parliament House. Coming up - Farmers claim the State

falls short More details emerge Government' s Flood relief package Government' s Flood relief

the Griffith murder investigation. falls short More details emerge from

And the countdown to midnight And the countdown to midnight

begins.... Good evening ... have so many masterpieces Never before in one exhibition in Australia - been brought together Van Gogh, Gauguin, Cezanne, Monet, Toulouse-Lautrec post-impressionist masters. and many more once-in-a-lifetime opportunity Don't miss this by the world's most loved artists to see masterpieces in Masterpieces From Paris. Only in Canberra at the National Gallery of Australia. Tickets on sale now. degrees in the capital. Tonight

Flood affected farmers claim State Government isn' t doing Flood affected farmers claim the

State Government isn' t doing enough

to help their recovery. to help their recovery. Griffith

hoping to identify the burnt body Detectives release information Detectives release

a murder victim. And the final hoping to identify the burnt body of

a murder victim. And the final

countdown to two thousand and ten

begins. Good evening, I' m Geoff Phillips. Welcome to our Phillips. Welcome to our expanded

news service for the holiday period. news service for the holiday

The New South Wales Farmer' s The New South Wales Farmer' s

Association has slammed the State

Government' s offer to provide financial assistance for flood-affected farmers.