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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Hello. I'm Leila McKinnon. Day edition of A Current Affair. Welcome to this special Christmas wait till tomorrow, If you thought today was a big day, of the Boxing Day sales. and the mad rush To save money and time, deals and where to find them. we've done the homework on the best

the Christmas rush was over If you thought a relaxing summer... and you could settle into might want to think again. on every floor, We have offers and discounts

in every department, in every store. the day after Christmas - It all starts you've seen in many, many years. the biggest stocktake sale The Boxing Day sales of 2009 one of the biggest on record, are going to be according to Mitch Catlin from Myer. and categories Some of the key brands for Boxing Day are 50%, even 60% off and the first few days of the sales, pretty significant savings. so I think that's customers travel through our stores We will see over a million that first week of clearance. through general manager of David Jones, And a tip from Paul Zahra, to all those bargain hunters. bring water with you Plan your trip, and go straight to the departments

will sell out quickly. that you think So get in early is my advice. has obviously been here before. DJs ambassador Emma Freedman going to be trying on clothing. Wear a dress if you're Carrying a bottle of water. get a little bit dehydrated. Running around, you can And, of course, flat shoes. and independents alike All year, department stores into spending up big have been trying to lure us

with pre-Christmas sales. we've seen nothing yet. But apparently this year, in fact, We have taken much bigger discounts in response to customer demand is outstanding this year. and, in fact, the value They're pretty deep discounts. We've got Sony TVs at 15% off.

a great buy at $679.15. That's, in fact, is the Scanpan classic set. And, in fact, another great offer That's been marked down to $559.60.

that's 40% at $65.97. The toaster - great offer, an amazing offer, it's 60% off. And this dinner set - We've got up to 70% off women's designer fashion. international we're behind the scenes here. So, Kirstine, shirts up to 40% off, amazing buy. We've got over a million business We've got up to 50% off towels. about 500,000 towels In fact, we think we'll sell through this clearance period. That's a lot of towels.

It's a lot of towels. the best buys? Emma, what are going to be start off with the favourite, I think for the girls you've got to so make-up. this is down from $69 to $48. This Napoleon Perdis gift set, now, these never go on sale. Some jeans from Sass & Bide - $190 down to $99. This Mimko handbag is 30% off.

And to start the new year than a brand-new pair of shoes. there's no better way These Sachi ones are a huge 65% off. And, boys, we haven't forgotten you. has your best bargains. Myer ambassador Kris Smith this year. 40% off selected Blaq range 50% off, Hottest summer shades this year, like these ones. including Jag and Le Specs on LCD and plasma TVs, 20% off for Boxing Day only along with other home entertainment. You'd better get in quick.

Egyptian towels - great saving, A massive 50% off these Dry Glo

I'll be off then. perfect for a great night's sleep. 30% off Kylie bed linen, giants battle it out, And while those department store across a wide range of products. Target is also offering huge savings

a-thousand-thread count These sheet sets, going out at $99 - in queen bed size. amazing value for our customers on bras and briefs. Great time to stock up We're starting at $10. full HD LCD TV going out at $799. 101-centimetre Rank Arena super-organised, Now, if I wanted to be for all my family. Christmas 2010 would be a great year eh, Santa? If only we could muster the energy, Mmm! It's been a big day. Merry Christmas. will approach tomorrow The keenest bargain hunters like a competitive sport =

just get out of their way. Watching the kids' faces light up on Christmas morning as they open their presents family occasions of the year. is one of the happiest to celebrate today than most. But the Carter family had more Their 17-month-old toddler Sam they'd been praying for. received the one very special gift

at Christmas. It's an easy thing to forget family squabbles In between the shopping centres, and Christmas puddings, we sometimes miss what it all means.

is a living, breathing reminder. Sam Carter

that day was going to happen. I just didn't think Sorry.

severe heart failure. He was presented with heart failure, How close did he come to death? In my eyes, very close. His heart was failing, blood to maintain his organs. heart was unable to pump enough

your little man back again! It's great to see In October, Sam Carter contracted a virus. a very healthy 15-month-old Then his health spiralled - fast. to sleep, lethargic all the time, He just progressively wanted during the night He's sleep his 9-, 10-hour sleep and he'd be awake for an hour and he'd wake up wherever he was and he'd just fall on the floor and he'd just go to sleep. called for help. His parents, Rick and Kelly, Royal Children's Hospital, By the time Sam reached Melbourne's heart condition known myocarditis. that virus had became a severe and he started to go downhill. His heart rate was up over 200 It's quite a dangerous situation. such a severe cardio infection, When someone has

the first symptom could be death. was Sam's surgeon. Dr Igor Konstantinov his severe heart failure, For Sam, because of candidate for heart transplantation, because he's most likely a to put an artificial heart. we decided

how does that affect you? As a parent, Um, it scared the crap out of me, to be honest. This is Sam on what's called a Berlin heart machine - essentially an artificial heart operating outside his body. They hoped it might keep him alive until a donor heart could be found. Once they told us that he needed a heart transplant, we knew that we'd be in for a long haul then, because, kids his age, hearts don't come around that often. Just being on the machine was an Australian medical first. DR IGOR KONSTANTINOV: This is the smallest child in Australia to receive an artificial heart Then Sam's heart came through with its own little Christmas miracle.

This gives his heart a chance to rest? Yes, this is correct. How important was that rest? Clearly it was very important, because over a period of two months his heart recovered to virtually a normal function. Come on, sit up on Mum's knee. Two months on, these scars are the only outward sign Sam was ever sick. And now, beyond their most optimistic hopes. Rick and Kelly will see Sam unwrap his own presents, at home.

And when they told you he can leave, he can go home for Christmas? I can't describe how I felt. Good. Sometimes the best Christmas presents can't be found in stores. Yeah, I just couldn't believe it. What a nice story and a wonderful ending and a priceless Christmas for Rick, Kelly and cute little Sam. Now a story that will ring alarm bells for wives and girlfriends right around the country, especially those who've been getting a little carried away in the kitchen,

MasterChef-style. Do not adjust your television set. We may have slipped back to 1956. Honey, I made your favourite meal tonight.

Thank you. Chicken schnitzel. It's dinner time at Lana Vidler's abode...

Cheers. Thanks for cooking dinner. ..and her man is pleased. It's nice and I appreciate it. But Lana lives in today's world. And I love sitting it down on the table in front of him and the man just eats his first mouthful and goes, "Oh, that's amazing."

And regardless of how bad your day has been it instantly makes your day better. She's a young woman in a modern society with old-fashioned values. I like to have a nice meal on the table. He works very hard. Women of Australia listen up - for Lana believes the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. The food he grew up with. The stuff Mum cooked.

But why is a meal for a man so much different than that for a woman? Because men and women have different tastes, and quite often I would have made dishes that took six hours to make and I thought they were fantastic and the guy would just think, "Oh, that's nice." And then you make something simple quick like a chicken schnitzel and they love it! They like the tastier, sort of spicier, sometimes, dishes.

The meatier dishes, the potatoes, the lemon, the pastries

the fluffy desserts. Because I understand what's important in life. Yes, your new book. That's right, that's what's important - my new cookbook. And my husband and my family and making a perfect home. It's a lesson every girl needs to learn. Lana agrees. There are plenty of cookbooks out there, but none like hers - 'Meals Men Love'. I needed this book, personally, I was always looking for this book. Recipes she'd tried on boyfriends past

and a lifetime of male master chef masterpieces from her late grandfather. He had each recipe perfected.

Her top four favourites - Meatlover Meat Loaf. Chicken Worth Waiting For. Chicken in a Curry. And, Land a Man Lasagne. Not a lobster mornay among it. Thank you. We tried them out on a panel of tradies. All the four meals are delicious. They'll take a meat loaf over a goat's cheese terrine any day. If you had a partner and she couldn't cook,

would that be a problem? If she wasn't a good cook? Definitely. Better if she could cook. Sure. Food is the most important part of the day, I think. Including dessert. It's good, eh?

But isn't all this a little old-fashioned? Not so, says Lana's boyfriend, Vincent, snared by her lasagne. Lana is incredibly well educated, gorgeous, young. She's independently wealthy, runs her office - a big company. Works 60-hour weeks and has written a book and had it published. I mean she should be a feminist icon. She said to me, "You'll put women back 10 years." Lana's sister was a non-believer, until she tried her sibling's recipes. She started cooking the meals for her boyfriend of five-plus years

and now I've just heard they're engaged and they are about to have their engagement party. So I'd like to think my book had a little bit to do with that.

If Lana has her way, perhaps we'll all go back to the future - a happier, contented mealtime, except for what follows. A lady's work is never done! Lana Vidler's book, 'Meals Men Love - How to Catch a Man in Three Courses', is out now.

Now to the inspirational Big Denis. In recent months, we've followed Denis as he attempts to fight obesity to save his life. Well, we're happy to report he's on track, thanks to the right support. I've got more self-confidence in myself, the clothes are getting lighter, getting baggier, looser. It's all good. Six, slowing it down, Denis. Seven, I feel good about myself, you know. Training is good, food is good. All the people you've put on, they're really good. Ready to weigh in? Yeah, come on. Let's do it. Are you nervous?

No, not really.

12 weeks ago, Big Denis tipped the scales at 277 kilograms.

So why is all the kit coming off? 'Cause it weighs a bit. Yeah.

In a minute, we'll reveal his new lucky number. There you go, boys. I'm not going to look at it. You do the odds. Where would you be today

if you had not made that decision to do something? I would have been bedridden, probably unable to walk.

Why did you let yourself get like this? One of the first exercises Denis faced didn't involve breaking into a sweat. Psychologist Neslie Karadeniz has the job of getting inside his head. But I'll tell you what - I'd rather let the demons out than have 'em in. What has brought him here to this point isn't just the food -

it's all the emotions - all the stuff that's happening in his life, all the failures or successes he felt. It's like a magnet and she's just pshhh! Food is his drug so we're now looking at it as a, you know, "How do you feel with this?"

Food is his drug? Neslie has had an interesting challenge, hasn't she? Yeah, she... she's really cleaned the bugs out of me, really.

That woman, she just opens me up. You know what I mean? Knowing you've got a team of people around you that are helping you. Being surrounded by positive influences is critical to Denis's success. Olympian Geoff Huegill has been there himself. These days, apart from being a professional athlete,

he's also a life coach. It's natural for me to just go, "Right, that's it. Like, enough. Foot straight off the throttle and I'm just going to enjoy life and that's what I did. It's all good, mate. All good. You're doing a good job. Stick with it. I will, mate, 100%. I've got the integrity to finish this.

For myself, satisfaction. This is very important for me.

20 uppercuts, and then we're on the box.

Go! 2, 3, 4! Harder! This is where the hard yard happen. Good work. Turn around. Give me 20 uppercuts. You get a rest after this. Go, 20, hard as you can. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, stop.

Denis's new gym is right around the corner from his place, so there's no excuses for not showing up. Paul Zydenbos is a personal trainer with personal experience. You know what he's going through, don't you? Absolutely, yeah, 100%. Seriously, my first sessions here were the hardest things I've ever gone through. And you weighed how much? I was just over 160kg when I first started here. I've lost 65 kilos in my first six months with Vision I started at AIF and six months after that, now I'm a personal trainer. 9, good. 10, two more.

The whole Vision organisation have accepted me with open arms. The guys there, I'm a part of the team. You know what I mean?

It's practically your second home up here? Basically, yeah. Lean lamb steaks, and we can make a soup out of this one as well. When we're looking at bread? Yes. Ultimately, what Denis eats will have the biggest effect. You're lucky I'm not cracking them. Fast food is out. Slow food is in. Mmm. Very nice. Denis has been learning new tricks from nutritionist and author Zoe Bingley-Pullin. The whole idea, Denis,

is that, you know, to teach you how to do the cooking and put a bit of responsibility back onto you because we are going to be doing that dinner party for Erina. Remember, that is one of our... Life insurance, everybody! Zoe has been unbelievable, unbelievable. Her methods are not all about calorie counting and weighing this and weighing that. It's all in proportion. Ready to weigh in? Yeah, come on, let's do it. Are you nervous? No, not really. No, I used to be.

248kg. Well done, mate. Thank God. 248kg. So what's that? We started at 277kg. In 12 weeks, he's shed 29 kilos. Almost. I'm one kilo off. I should have come this afternoon. I would have been 30kg. No, I'm happy, very happy. Denis says he's lucky he isn't dead. And he's thankful to our dream team who've helped him live again.

I think they've saved me. They've saved me. But this isn't the end. It's not over by a long shot. I'm in a good place at the moment and I'm not going back to.

And I don't want to never, never go back to the old Denis, never, no way. I believe him, isn't he doing well. And we'll update you on Denis's progress in the new year. Still to come on A Current Affair, it's the unique dancing craze for dogs, and their owners.

Time, patience and a very good dog to do it with.

This program is captioned live. Welcome back. Well it's fair to say that dancing is white-hot right now. Right around the world, there are dozens of TV shows dedicated to the two-step and tango. You probably haven't seen the latest craze

as dance partners enlist their 4-legged friends for a twirl around the dance floor. It's a Monday night at the poultry pavilion in a suburban Melbourne showground. And something strange is happening inside. Yeah. Dogs are dancing. And Ted the papillon is pleased with his performance.

Yes, he has. He does think he's pretty good? He does think he's... He's got tickets on himself. It's officially called canine freestyle -

dog dancing to us. And guess what? The Australian National Kennel Council have now approved it as a sport. Between legs, walking sideways, standing. Is this the best dance partner you can get?

It is, actually. Did you enjoy that? Yes. Yeah. Sharon and Casey have been doing it together for four years.

Sharon has the two legs. Time and patience and a very good dog to do it with. Sue Cordwell over there is the dog dancing dame of Australia. It's not reached the Olympics yet but I'm sure people are wanting it to go there. And she knows what she wants from her dancers.

Everyone's aspiring to be like her. Yes, we wish. She's talking about Carolyn Scott and her golden retriever, Rookie.

The American couple is recognised as the best in the world.

They're dog dancing in Britain too... ..and in mainland Europe. Now, it's in its infancy down-under. To groom her fully is four hours.

Four hours! You've got a lot of time on your hands. Yeah, haven't I? Neighbours, friends, family - what do they say when you tell them you do dog dancing? Sometimes they think we're a bit nuts. They think we're a little bit silly.

Get out of it! An old English sheep dog dancing to the Proclaimers silly? Forest's mum used to flog paint. Yeah, that's her in the Dulux ads. It's fun. Why are there no men doing it? Um. Is there any men? There's one.

There's one?

Sharon's back, this time with a 2-dog fandango. But let's finish with Rookie, 'cause he's just too cute.

If you are interested in learning the art of dancing with your dog, contact the Australian National Kennel Council

to find your nearest canine freestyling dance club. After the break on ACA, the real ways your family can financially get ahead in 2010.

Now let's take a look at the latest news headlines and weather. Good evening. A 40-yar-old man's been shot by police after a struggle at Lizarow on the Central Coast late this afternoon. It's believed he was shot several times and his condition is critical. A heavily pregnant woman is lucky to be alive after being struck by a van near her Central Coast home. The 29-year-old was airlifted to Royal North Shore hospital.

The Pope's Christmas Eve service was disrupted by a woman who jumped security barriers and lunged at the pontiff, knocking him to the ground.

And a Bella Vista hospital has delivered a Christmas miracle. Holly was born five seconds after midnight. To the weather and more rain is expected tomorrow.

This program is captioned live.

It's been a tough year for many Australian families but the experts say that, with the right advice, it's possible to turn it all around in 2010.

They're the husband-and-wife financial wizards who reckon average Aussie families are blowing up to 30 grand a year. It's all the little things that make a big difference.

Now they're determined to change the way you spend... You get massive results over a really short period of time.

..and save your family a fortune. We can finally go on that family holiday that we've been looking for. Plus, it's the maxi dress to the rescue. The hottest trend this summer. Embrace your shape, whatever your size. Beautiful and feminine and relaxed

and you just feel amazing when you are wearing them. Those stories and more next week. Thanks for your company on this special edition of A Current Affair. Hope you had a great day. Enjoy the rest of your Christmas. I'm Leila McKinnon. Goodnight.

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