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(generated from captions) In Western Australia the State Emergency Services says

Cyclone Laurence has damaged buildings but emergency staff

will have to wait until first

light before they can survey

the full extent of the destruction. Cyclone Laurence

was category 5 storm as it

crossed the coast at 80 Mile

Beach P it has now been

downgraded the category 3

store. Community around 80

Mile beach were battered by

wind much 285 km/h. Phone

lines are down and emergency

crews from Broome will head

to the worst-hit areas. There

have been no reported

injuries at this stage. The

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is

facing calls to raise the

carbon emissions reduction

target by five times to 25%.

The Greens want the

Government to negotiate with

them to get an Emissions

Trading Scheme through the

Senate early next year. For

more genes leader Senator Bob

Brown joins us from Hobart.

Penny Wong has said the

Government will not negotiate

with the Greens so where does

to the Prime Minister today that leave you? I will write

to explain that the Greens

have been open to negotiating

right across the board

including the targets. Penny

Wong said we were not

prepareed to negotiate

targets but that is not so

much. It was when we said we

wanted to negotiate targets

that the Government broke off

negotiations with us before

the Copenhagen conference. So

we have an open door there.

We are keen to negotiate. U

is in the nation's interest

we do negotiate and come to a

stronger outcome than the

Government has had and that

the Government has got real

targets to put to the world

community that agreed to the

Copenhagen accord by the 1 February. How low are you

willing to go if you are

saying that you will

compromise to some degree?

Our range has been 25% to 40%

reduction in greenhouse gas

emissions by 2020 over 1990 levels. The Government's

range has been 5% up to 25.

We had Professor Garnaut

talking about the need of a

25% reduction yesterday and

he is the Government's great

advisor on this matter. There

is obviously room there for

negotiation and to negotiate

on other component of

emissions trading scheme like

the Pies on carbon beginning

the year after next. That is

emissions trading scheme and already in the Government's

would ensure that we do have

some action coming out of the

Parliament before we to go

the next elections. We are

keen to talk about all those

issues. The targets are very,

very important. I will make

it clear to the Prime

Minister we are keen without

other preconditions so both

side know what the starting

position has been and what

the target range we have is.

But again it is in

Australia's interests, it is

in the interest of business

and job creation in this

country that we move onto

have an agriement which can

pass the Parliament. A lot of

work is required there but it

does require the Government

to say they will negotiate

with the Greens on targets

which is something they have

not been prepared to to so

far not withstanding what

Penny Wong said this morning

and it is important that we

have a breakthrough there and

that the Prime Minister

change that stand so we can

get on with negotiations in

January with the Government

committed to give its target

to the Copenhagen agreers by

the people who signed the

accord that the nations who

did that, the majority of

nations by 1 February. And we

have the Senate starting on 2

February so we need to to be

- have our sleeves rolled up

ready to go and we are

prepared to work through the

summer break with the

Government on the issue at a

time when Tony Abbot's

opposition is clearly going

to be oppositional and has nothing constructive the ad

and will not negotiate with the Government. Your sleeves

might be rolled up and you

may be ready to go but if the

government is not going to

negotiate with you unless you

drop your targets by some

level then are you fearful

that in January you may be

left out of the debate?

Again we have made it clear

that we are willing to

negotiate on targets. The

breakthrough has to come from

the Government dropping its

refusal to negotiate on

targets. If they do that -

and I will make it clear that that has always been and

remains the position for the

Greens - then we have

progress in front of us. It

is up to the Government. Now

we heard your reaction after

Copenhagen some 24 hours ago.

How do you feel about the

language that has been used

from the Government since

then? Do you feel there has

been any step forward at all?

I think it is second-rate

language. I think for our

Prime Minister to be saying

he will be doing no more or

no less than the average of

the rest of the world, you

know, it fails this

opportunity Australia has to

be a world leader. We are the

worst per capita polluter

among the rich nations. We

have in a way therefore

easiest job to reduce our

pollution levels. We have

sunniest country of all the

developed nations. We have -

we are most impacted by

climate change, witness the

droughts and the increasing cyclone activity and the

worst bushfires so we have

the most to gain from it and

we have some of the world's

best technology in solar

power and energy efficiency

and we have the ability to

reduce emissions by 20% if we

stop logging forests and woodlands. It is not

necessary they be logged

because we have a plantation

estate that will boy all our

wood needs. There are all

opportunities and huge

job-creating job

opportunities if they are

handled correctly. We look

forward the negotiating with

the Government as we think

there is a lot of room to

Prime Minister is calling move forward. I think the

Australia short of its

potential to take a lead in a

world which badly needs a

lead if we are going to tackle dangerous climate

change which is dangerous to

our future security and economy. Your mention logging

which brings us to another

story. A report by the New

South Wales fall resource

commission moving or finding

that there should be extra

flows heading into the

forests and rivers around the

Riverina and advocating they

be protected from logging.

How do you feel about that?

Paul they are absolutely

right. We have known for some

years that 07%-plus of the

great river red gums which

are an heirloom for this

country are dead or dying

already and it will take

swift action if we are going

to readvisor that as best we

can and hold onto rest so

Nathan Rees did the right

thing by get thing inquiry.

It has come out with the

scientific recognition that

there needs to be water

supplied to those forests and

there needs to be a better

management plan in place. Ire

is a national priority and I

would hope that Peter Garrett

and the Prime Minister will be adopting this

recommendation and acting to

save those river red gums. It

is a magnificent as yet for

the States involved but whole nation's action is required

and it is obvious if we do

not act we will lose them an

once they are lost we will

never get them back. Thank

you Bob Brown. Enjoy your

Christmas. You probably will

not get too much rest but

enjoy the new year. Thank