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Hello, I'm Leila McKinnon. Welcome.

Tonight, Matt Butcher's brave

battle to reclaim his life

following that cowardly attack. The

great Christmas hamper giveaway.

The amazing Maggie T after a life

in the spotlight - it's time for a

big announcement. First tonight, to

analectrifying breakthrough that

brings real hope to people who have

suffered catastrophic injury.

Australian researchers have

developed a sital but effective way

that helps people with brain and

spinal injuries get back on their

feet and their stories are an

inspiration to us all.

This is the moment Matt Butcher's

life changed forever. A young newly

married police officer king-hit

from behind while he was trying to

break-up a pub brawl. It's not

until things are taken away from

you that we do step back and think,

"We did take that for granted." The

person who hit Matt walked away a

free man. Matt has been crippled

for life. I always had this dream

of having a son and teaching him

how to kick a footy, take a mark,

handball. These sorts of things.

That's one of my biggest dreams and

goals in life has been taken away

from me. When you first have your

injury, everyone tells you you're

never going to walk. You haven't

gut a chance. You'll have to deal

with what -- got a chance. You'll

have to deal with what you've been

given. James Gribble is a

quadriplegic. This once active

young man fainted after a long run.

The next thing I wake up and had

broke my neck and had no feeling

from the head down. It took 30

hours to get James to a hospital.

But little time for him to defy the

doctor's expectations. I made a

joke about walking and cycling

again. And she just laughed at me

and kind of looked over me and said,

"You're never going to walk again."

I remember thinking how much that

hurt and how much I was going to do

my best to eventually walk and ride

again. James's rehab began

immediately. Even though I couldn't

move my arms or legs, Dad used to

move them and massage them for up

to seven hours every single day.

And what his body couldn't move,

his mind did. Rerunning shots I

used to play in golf or when I used

to run to work. Anything active

that could keep the mind fresh.

Ready? 1, 2, 3... Very good. Strand

up straight. And, slowly, bits and

pieces started coming back. I got

some strength in my quads which is

key to me to hold my own weight.

James and Matt are now

reprogramming their bodies to try

and walk again. It's a long and

very painful process. But thanks to

a medical breakthrough, life has

become a little easier. It senses

when I take my weight off my heel.

It knows I'm taking a step. It

stimulates the muscle and makes my

toes lift up and helps me get my

foot throughout on a stride. This

is the Bioness foot drop system.

It's telling Matt's muscles when

and how to work via electric pulses.

It knows when I want to lift my

toes and brings them up. It's great.

The principle sorts of conditions

that will benefit from this sort of

device is people after a stroke,

multiple sclerosis, some people

with spinal cord injuries. Dr Ian

Baguley is a rehabilitation medicine specialist. He's

demonstrating on me how the Bioness

system works. If you try to push

your toes down, it will bow really

difficult to achieve. It pulls them

up and gets them out of the way so

you're far less likely to trip over

them. I'm trying to point my toe

and it's really strong. For me, the

feeling of having someone else

operate my limb was rather bizarre

but for many Australians, it's

going to be the best feeling

they've had in a very long time.

There's quite a degree of hope you

might be able to modify quality of

life and how someone can function

with a device like this. My right

foot used to drop which really

meant as I was trying to step

through, I dragged my foot on the

ground. The Bioness helped me

initiate that step and make more

quality and consistent steps. For

James, the electrical stimulation

has retrained his muscles so well,

that they can now function on their

own. I used the Bioness for about

10 weeks, almost three months. That

was long enough for me to progress

from using those to doing it myself,

effectively. James's determination

is not confined to his own rehabilitation. He and his family

and friends have set-up the Puffin

Mapblic Foundation. -- Magic

Foundation. It's picked up a lot of

momement and support. We should be

able to help others who have gone

through what I have. For James,

Matt and many Australians, support

and hope brings quality of life.

And this small device might just

help. The main goal of medicine in

general is to improve quality of

life. This device is one of those

very simple and practical sorts of

things that can help to do that. My

ultimate goal is to get back to as

close to the Matt Butcher I was

before I was hit. To swing a golf

club would be up there, and stand

on my own two feet. Getting the

club from my bag would be good too.

Very determined young men there.

The details for James's Puffin

Magic Foundation are on our website

if you'd like to help. If you ask

people on the street what they

believed Christmas was all about,

the majority would say it's the

season for giving. With that in

mind, we thought there was a simple

way we could spread some Christmas

cheer. So Brady Halls loaded up the

van and hit the road with the ACA

Angels. Can I give you a hamper

from Chrisco and A Current Affair?

I love you. You could do with that?

Of course, I could do with that.

You darling man. Good on ya. I like

this Santa caper. Merry Christmas.

It's been a busy past week. Hi,

Brady from A Current Affair. Merry

Christmas. Thank you. God bless. We

loaded up hundreds of Chrisco

hampers, and just gave them away.

Merry Christmas from Chrisco and A

Current Affair. Thank you. It's

free for Christmas. Thank you very

much. Happy Christmas. You too.

Merry Christmas. You enjoy that.

It's a pleasure. You sure it's not

too heavy for you? Let me open the

door for you. You don't like

chocolates, do you? It's a shame

because we have a chocolate hamper

there as well. Would you take it

off my hands? I feel like Santa

Claus. You're looking good for it,

mate. Nice to meet you all.

Likewise, mate. We didn't just give

them to worthy families. Merry

Christmas. Merry Christmas. Merry

Christmas. But wonderful

organisations as well. The kids are

just going to love this. They are.

Fantastic. Let's get the rest of

those hampers, boys. Like Father

Chris Riley's Youth Off the Streets.

A lot don't have family, let alone

not seeing them too. And you've got

some that have parents and family

in jail and things like that. So

they really, it isn't a happy time

for some. So we try to make it as

happy as possible. From Chrisco and

A Current Affair. Thank you very

much! OK. Let's do some homeless

folk. Thank you, brother. Merry

Christmas to you, mate. No worries.

Thank you very much. It's a

pleasure. Christmas came early here,

though, they tucked in to them

straight away. It's very tough out

there, you know? It is tough.

Thanks very much. Where is mum?

Mum! You got a Christmas present.

Oh, thank you. It's a pleasure.

Thank you very much. There was

Harry down the street. All yours.

Truly? Merry Christmas, mate. Put

it down and I'll shake your hand.

God bless you, man. Goodbye.

Goodbye, mate. As Harry struggled

off, we encountered this hot bloke

concreting and his wife, Catrina.

Merry Christmas. That's the fella.

I done mind a bit of dirt. It's a

Christmas hamper for you. Thank you.

I need a sleigh and eight reindeer.

Could you do with a hamper?

Definitely. Really? Yeah. Jessica

and the kids. I needed that. Did

you really? Yes. You're running low

on supplies? Always not good for

Christmas. Thank you. It's a

pleasure. And then there were these

folks at the bus stop. Merry

Christmas to you. Thank you so much.

My name's Brady. I know. I watch it

every night. Good, you'll see

yourself on TV. I'm not watching it.

Oh, no. Come on, I'll walk up with

you and carry it for you. Meanwhile,

back at Jane's. Bless you. Bless

you 10,000 times. Thank you so much.

Then there was Bill Crews's Exodus

Foundation. We have some Christmas

hampers left over from Chrisco and

want to know if you can use them?

Can we use them? We will have

around 3,000 people here on

Christmas Day. We can really use

them. Chrisco elves, get to work.

Nobody needs to be too poor or too

lonely for Christmas. There are a

lot of people to whom Christmas Day

is a nightmare. People whose

marriages have busted up and

partners died during the year.

People who they're haunted by the

ghosts of happy Christmas past. So

we say, "Come here." Merry

Christmas, sweetheart. Thank you.

There's this wonderful apartment

block in Brisbane. Thank you. It's

a pleasure, Tim. Oh, God. Where

young folks suffering multiple

sclerosis. We're very spoilt here.

Are not put in to an elderly

nursing home but have their own

unit and independence. Thank you so

much. And they love a hamper. I'm

addicted to Channel Nine. I am.

Well, I'm going to get you two

hampers. I have a little hamper

present here for you for Christmas.

That's huge. That's not little.

What are you doing this Christmas?

Well, I'm staying here because for

me to travel, it's kind of

difficult. I require two people and

a car. It's like, I need somebody

sitting beside me and somebody

driving because I stop breathing.

Are you getting out for Christmas

Day or staying here? I'm staying

here. Mum is coming over. Tell Mum

not to bring anything. Here we go.

It's a pleasure. That will help so

much. Will it? It's been pretty

tough, hasn't it? Yeah. No-one

would deny these guys a box of

goodies either. That's fantastic.

Thank you so much. It's a pleasure.

You guys have been through enough.

We have. That means so much. I'm in

the town of Kinglake and these guy

folks are still in their -- folks

are still in their temporary

accommodation after losing their

homes in the Black Saturday fires.

That would be lovely. Thank you.

It's a pleasure. Did you think

you'd spend Christmas in your

portable home? You thought you'd be

in by now? Yes. Would you like one?

I'd love one. You're a local from

Kinglake. I'm giving you a hamper.

I'd love one. You lost your place,

did you? Yes. I was just up the

road from Kinglake. We dropped them

off at the office for people who

weren't at home. Merry Christmas.

It's a pleasure. I'm Andrew. My

wife, Pam. Andrew displayed the

Aussie resilience of someone who

suffered. Who, at 72, gets a new

house, new contents, and a new

chapter to their life? You have a

great new chapter, my friend. Sure.

Merry Christmas. Will do. And thank

you very much. Thanks, Xapbl Nine

and cris -- Channel skpn nine and

Chrisco. You make us very happy.

Merry Christmas. What a great story

and a great feeling. The Christmas

spirit there. Thank you very much

to Chrisco for providing those

hundreds of hampers we gave away.

Maggie Tabberer is an Australian

institution, an icon in the true rs

sense. She's been on our screen --

truest sense. She's been on our

screens and magazines for six

decades. Now having her 73rd

birthday, she's calling it a day.

Thank you for joining me. You're a

darling. We not only give you a

better magazine, we give you more

time to enjoy it. Tell me this

isn't the end? This is definitely

the en. Darling, high definition

television came in like this and I

thought, "Maggie, it's time to go

out." I read a quote saying that

you went in to television to pay

the rent? I did. I had two little

girls and I didn't have a husband

anymore. And he certainly didn't

want to give me any money. So I

didn't have a choice. We always

think of you as so, so glamorous

but when we go back to your

childhood, you actually had quite

humble beginnings? Very humble

beginnings, yes. What was life like

for you and your family? I didn't

have a new dress until I was about

eight, because I had three sisters

before me. So, of course, you know,

everything got haned down, handed

down, handed down. What did you

dream of for your future? I didn't

even think about it. Are you mad?

The the pretty face is Maggie

Tabberer. The married mother of two

soon moved her family from Adelaide

to Melbourne, where she met world- renowned fashion photographer

Helmut Newton and became a

household name. What was it like

modelling back in the day? I mean,

it's always hard work, you know

that. People, they see the end

product which looks terribly

glamorous. But, I mean, he had me

jump out of a helicopter. In high

heels, about 100 times. And, the

next day my foot was navy blue. It

was far more glamorous than it is

now. I always think of you as being

fairly determined. Is that a

quality? I think you could say that,

yes. I'm called a lot of things.

I'm called bossy and manic, and I'm

called, yes, determined. Stylish?

Oh, thank you. That's a good one.

One thing about style, though, you

might have gut a little wrong - the

mini skirt would never take off?

Can you imagine my embarrassment?

Why did you give up modelling? I

had the battle of the bulge. I had

two kids but I also loved my food

and I loved my wine. I felt, "I

can't live on a bloody lettuce leaf.

I have to have more than that." so

I thought, "Time for a career

change." Any gift for an occasion

or because you need one. You know

why keep coming back - because they

really know how to put a holiday

together. Maggie has helped sell

everything from coffee to Club Med.

Some she remembers well, others - I

don't think I want to see this. I

found the modern answer to your

shopping centres. Oh. A big 2-door

fridge that really keeps deep

frozen foods deep frozen. The hair.

Do you remember that? I have

absolutely no recall whatsoever.

Thank God. So tell me about being a

mum and being a grandmother? Oh,

can I say, being a mum was always

gorgeous, because my girls are very

special, I think. But with being

the grandmother is the best. Your

daughter, Amanda, and your grandson. APPLAUSE

Maggie's love life has also

resonated with the women of

Australia. Two failed marriages and

a 10-year relationship with Richard

Zachariah all played out in the

media but she survived it all in

style. It's a bit formidable. It is.

I look at it and it has sad eyes.

Do you think it was a sad time? It

was a very sad time in my life. It

was when Richard and I broke up.

And it was a very, very hard time

for me. When you look back at your

relationships now - Yes. Where do

you think things went wrong? It's

an interesting observation. I've

felt that a lot of the things that

a man admires in you enormously

when you first meet, and suddenly,

after you've been living together

for a while, independence is called

bossy. And something else is called

selfish. And something else is

called something else. You haven't

changed. You're living the same

life, but the interpretation

changes through the relationship.

And I think it's sad. Have you got

a man in your life now? No. Only

Marco. He's quite happy about that.

Would you like to have another

relationship? I don't know if I'm

strong enough, darling. My tickser

not very good and I think nobody

has asked. The wonderful show

you've been doing for Foxtel

involves interviews with women. Yes.

What is it about women that you

enjoy? I liked, this appealed to me,

this show, because we were going to

talk to successful willen. And we

were going to hear -- women. And we

were going to hear it wasn't always

great for them, their husband left

them and got drunk every Saturday

night and bashed them up or whatever, and they survived and

have all gone on and are all

achievers. Why do you think women

open up to you? I think because I'm

like Vegemite and lamingtons, I've

been around so long. You're not

afraid to ask the tough questions

either? No. There was a woman I

fell in love with, had an affair.

That was it. If that's gay, yes, I

was gay. Do you consider yourself

straight or gay now? Um, I don't

have anyone at the moment. And

haven't had anyone for quite a

number of years. But I'm very happy

in myself. Would you ever consider

doing a show interviewing men? Oh,

yes. No. What am I saying? You see

how weak I am? You throw something

at me like that and I'm out of

retirement and I'm thinking about

it. No. I don't think you're

retiring. I am. I am. I am. I am. I

am. My kids say to me, "Mum, you're

going to be bored, bored, bored." I

have never been bored in my life.

Thank you for speebing to us. My

pleasure -- speaking to us. My

pleasure. Hope there's some boredom

in your future. You're a witch.

Isn't she great? Still so gorgeous.

The final season of her show

premieres on Foxtel's Bio Channel

early January. We announce the

winner in Smith's Name a Flavour

competition. The winner is

Until Thursday at Target, get 10-30% off a great range of toys. Sorry. No rainchecks. a 100% happy Christmas. Whoo! BUG 1: Oh, yeah. BUG 2: Yep. (GASPS) BUGS: Mm-mm. VOICEOVER: Stop pests treating your home like their own with Mortein NaturGard Automatic Insect Control System. It continuously protects your home and family... Uh-oh! Mortein NaturGard Automatic! targeting both flying and crawling insects wherever they are. Avoid nasty pest surprises with Mortein NaturGard Automatic. (ZAP!) Arggh!

It was one of this year's most

popular and unique competitions.

All you had to do with come up with

a union eke-flavoured potato chip -

- unique-flavoured potato chip. Hi,

I'm Aline, this is my Caesar salad

flavour. I want to thank you

Australia for voting for me. Hi,

I'm Steve. My flavour is buttered

popcorn. I'd like to thank

everybody that's got onboard and

supported my flavour. Hi, I'm

Vinnie, the Aussie Barbecue Coat of

Arms Flavour J. Mine is Late Night

Kebab Flavour. They've been the

flavour of the month for much of

the year. The final four to invent

a new line of chip for Smith's. One

will be named winner and walk away

with 1% of profits, up to $200,000

a year, for as long as their chip

sells. And the winner is - Back to

that in a moment. But, first, Aline

has been enjoying her new-found

fame. It's been incredible. I'd

speak to some people and they'd go,

"I know you from somewhere?" And

I'd go, s it from a chip packet?"

And I'd go, "It is." You had any

offers, virpby? No. I'm not

offering -- Vinnie?. No. I'm not

ask offering I'm just asking. I got

my face on the chip packet. Shake

my hand. You've done well. Last is

Lucas, who is very nervous. To be

here and be so close, yeah, it's

pretty full-on. Shaking a little

bit. And so he should be. Out in

the crowd, there's a late favourite

emerging, and it's not Lucas's

kebab. Why Coat of Arms? I love the

idea of eating the national emblem.

That's really weird. The way you

said it. Why Coat of Arms? I like

kangaroos. You know it's not real

kangaroo? No. I came dressed as a

lettuce leaf. Caesar salad.

Absolutely. And the winner is Aline,

Caesar salad.

I think they nailed the flavour.

There's no question whatsoever. If

you tasteed it, closed your eyes,

what did -- tasted it, closed your

eyes, for me it was the Caesar

salad. You know what this means for

you? I know. Handing over Aline's

1% of sales for every month to come

is Mr Gerard Smith? When will she

get her first share of profits? The

product goes on sale as of

beginning of February. As soon as

the months come around, she will

receive her 1% of sales. To walk

down the aisle and see your wife on

a chip packet is very, very cool.

You once walked down an aisle and

saw her with a wedding ring. Now

it's on a chip packet. For Aline

and husband Joe, living like rock

stars starts right now. Thanks to

the limousines.

Like a lot of families they have

had a tough year. Joe lost his job.

I could not find a job. I could not

even get someone to call me back. I

did not get any response. Look who

is laughing now. I know, lucky I

enter this competition. Something tells me you t lDs e yoa tells me you are a worthy winner.

Hail Caesar! And Aline is still

working out how to spend all that

money. A charity donation will be

first, and then a family holiday to

Disneyland after that. Still to

come on A Current Affair, the 'Good

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freshest prawns, at the lowest

prices. Now, let's take a look at

the latest news headlines and weather.

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They've become a Christmas must-

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