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(generated from captions) What a 24-hour period! quiet Bethany going about life. Yesterday you were just was that a good business decision. Now you've said yes and, boy, (LAUGHS) with one question 'Cause the big man's come good and has won $250,000. ladies and gentlemen? How about that, One question, $250,000. from Bondi in NSW, Yesterday this young couple their future together. dreaming about for $250,000 ready to go. Tonight they've got a cheque

Put your hands together. on Millionaire Hot Seat. I'll see you again Goodnight!

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Franklins is changing MAN: (SINGS) # Look at us now # All about upgrading MAN 2: # Oh, baby, how? and veg in store WOMAN: # With fresh fruit and so much more # Prime cuts, poultry # Great savings in every aisle And our famous smile # Franklins Loyalty Club # Take a look at us now # You'll love the changes # Franklins - look at us now! # What it is to be meticulous we don't find at all ridiculous.

What if? At GIO, we get that fact. It's our thing too to be exact. Insurance, nitty-gritty, we step through together and consider your questions

about whatever. No 'what ifs', that's for sure. What if? What if? what you're covered for. You're certain

you'll know where you stand With GIO,

last detail at hand. right down to that GIO. We cover details.

an overpriced mobile phone cap plan VOICEOVER: In the red corner, and high call rates. with low monthly credit it's TransACT's Cap 19 plan. And in the blue corner, of credit $140 worth You get month. $19 a for just Plus a brand-new mobile. a new mobile? Don't need Then get extra credit instead with plan. 19 Extra the Cap credit $160 month. $19 a for just plan that punches above its weight. TransACT's Cap 19 - the little cap Call TransACT today on:

Coming up on WIN News... One man Coming up on WIN News... One man

rushed to hospital after an Plains house fire, And, the rushed to hospital after an Isabella

Plains house fire, And, the Meteors

wrap up a successful weekend of

cricket in Perth. Join me for all cricket in Perth. Join me for

the details next. n z

To keep receiving free-to-air TV are switched off, after the analog signals you have two main options. or similar device You can either get a set top box for each analog TV you have,

with a built-in digital tuner. or you can upgrade to a TV you don't have to buy a new TV. Most importantly, To find out how to get ready happening when it's and area, in your website the visit 10 13. 1800 20 or call

Chinese national sentenced to life

Tonight ... Capital works

under threat as industry Tonight ... Capital works projects

under threat as industry struggles

with demand, A Chinese with demand, A Chinese national sentenced to life behind bars after sentenced to life behind bars after

a brutal Canberra murder. And, the a brutal Canberra murder. And, the

Tralee residential development' s impact on housing affordability.

Good evening, I' m Jessica Good. Upgrades to The Canberra Hospital

and an extra lane on the G-D-E may

be safe, but other be safe, but other important capital

works projects will soon hit the