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(generated from captions) Flanked by two federal police

officers after his Gold Coast

arrest, Tim Johnston couldn't

escape his Federal Court appearance.

REPORTER: Do you really have a

heart problem, or are you just

trying to do everything you can to

avoid going to Perth? The 53-year-

old told the Perth court via

videolink as a director of

Firepower, he'd not received a

salary, but had been paid by

various people through bank

transfers. 1,400 creditors were

left $100 million out of pocket

after the collapse of his fuel

additive company. Mr Johnston today

admitted it was possible he'd known

the company was going under as

early as 2004. When quizzed about a

$4 million transfer of funds from

Firepower to Owston Nominees, Mr

Johnston said the money had been

demanded by that company's director,

property developer Warren Anderson.

Asked who the person was, Mr

Johnston said he would only write

the name down. He said while there

was no specific threat, he

interpreted it to mean physical

violence. Warren Anderson says the

claims are ridiculous. Throughout

the hearing, Tim Johnston claimed

privilege before answering many of

the questions. That means the

information he provided can't be

used against him in any future

criminal proceedings. The warrant

for Mr Johnston's arrest was

suspended this afternoon after he

promised to voluntarily attend

court in Perth on Tuesday. He'll

have to report to police twice

daily before then.

Voters will get their first chance

to give feedback on Tony Abbott's

leadership in two by-elections over

the weekend. The seats left vacant

by Brendan Nelson and Peter

Costello are up for grabs, and

after the new Opposition Leader's

stance against the ETS - the Greens

believe they're in with a chance.

The Prime Minister pushed the

button kicking off a new tv channel

button kicking off a new tv channel

tonight... But even with the PM's

rock star appeal to young voters

his party decided not to run

candidates in this weekend's by-

elections in Sydney and Melbourne.

You've got to be in it to win it

and Labor's not. The Liberal

candidates in the seats vacated by

Brendan Nelson and Peter Costello

deny this week's leadership

upheaval has pushed away support.

They've talked to me not about

leadership, but about their local

concerns they want someone who is

going to represent them But Tony Abbott's hardline stance against

the emissions trading scheme has

pushed climate change to the front

of voters minds. I just think

people felt they were being rushed

into something that was a con. Our

intention was always to turn the

higgins by-election into the

climate change by-election. The

Greens believe their tide is

their environmental credentials. turning. And everyone is pumping

I've been consistent in my view

that human industrial actiivity in

my view is contributing to global

warming. Tony Abbott hasn't rushed

out to campaign for candidates in

Bradfield and Higgins. He will make

a brief appearance tomorrow - but

the Liberals are keen to avoid any

impression that if there's backlash

against them in tomorrow's polls

it's a protest against the leader

they'll take to the next election.

Kristina Keneally has made

political history, sworn in as the

first female Premier of NSW. But

she's still fighting claims she's a

political puppet. It has been a

whirlwind ride to the top. 17 hours

after backroom deals killed off

after backroom deals killed off

Nathan Rees, Michaele Salahi trod

Nathan Rees, Michaele Salahi trod

the well-worn path to Government

house to be sworn in as Premier. I,

Michaele Salahi, and do swear that

I will perform the functions and

duties of Premier. The American-

born working mum became the State's

5th Premier. One of the first

things on her agenda, to put the

party infighting to bed. Today's,

is the day when we began again, we

begin a process of healing. The is

the same a line of Nathan Rees used

15 months ago. We need real change,

the real change starts today. But

in the end, it was a crusade that

bought home undone. Gummed win

affection dumped him yesterday. He

has now been left pondering what

went wrong and what the future

holds. I knew when I made some

difficult decisions at the A L P

conference a few weeks ago at ago

it that I was rolling the dice.

With bold decisions comes risk.

With bold decisions comes risk.

That is life. The new Premier wants

her predecessor on the front bench.

It is believed he will however sit

on the back bench until the next

election. A daring Australian

scientist is taking shark research

to frightening new depths. Despite

being bitten, he takes the

potential killers during feeding

frenzies. Feeding time and the

frenzies. Feeding time and the

Australian ocean is a frightening

scene. In the middle of the Coral

Sea, a ferocious booed by creates

optimum conditions for some

unorthodox research. For this unorthodox research. For this

marine biologist, diving and shark-

infested waters is another day at

the office. He is dedicated to

studying the ocean's top predator

and is very hands-on. He used as a self- developed lassoing technique.

A colleague is at hand as the

scientist wrangles with the subject

like a cowboy and an underwater

radio. The struggle is not for show

it but a shark research project.

Once the big fish is subdued, a

radio transmitter is attached. For

the next month, it will transmit

the information to radio receivers

around the reef. It provides the

marine biologist with a wealth of

information, where it swims and information, where it swims and

sleeps. At their up 350 species of

sharks, we only had by dish - basic

biological data for a handball. He

admits his method is risky but

harmless to the shark. I'd got harmless to the shark. I'd got

bitten on the bottom, but every

time it has been my fault. I cannot

blame the Sharks. With numerous

shark attacks in Australia and

summer, the air of the creatures is

increasing. But for people who

increasing. But for people who

spend much of their lives

underwater, they would tear there

is nothing to be afraid of. Healthy

populations are not only important

for the ocean's ecosystem but

marine tourism. These shacks are

worth one to $2 million. And price

this underwater memories. Parking

meter scam. Rangers accused of

ripping off a fortune. And Nicole

ripping off a fortune. And Nicole

a premiere. Kidman's mishap. Why she nearly Mr

With tray, ladder rack,

This program is captioned live.

A massive parking meter scam has

been uncovered, and it's cost

Melbourne a fortune. Four hired

coin collectors are now facing 600

charges. 5th these parking meters

are cash cows for the Melbourne

City Council. They have also

allegedly been milked. A police

probe has revealed a skimming scam.

With contracted coin collection is

accused of short-changing council

coffers. Four council contractors

based more than 600 charges of

theft. Councillors will not say how

much money was taken. We could have

spent the money better. He does not

dispute the takings from one-metre

alone could be hundreds of

thousands of dollars. The question

is, how the Ford went on for so

long. It is understood the issue

could have been highlighted the

sooner with a better auditing

process. Those cheques have now

been stepped up. The problems have

now been corrected. The car saw

hopes more new credit card meters

will reduce the risk. When the ever

there is an a lot of cash there is

a great temptation for people to

take some of it for themselves. The

men are going to you face a

committal hearing next week.

It was a broad-based sell-off today.

Stocks closed in the red? A Stocks closed in the red? A

fascinating week. The market was

down 1.5% today. The focus was

elsewhere, the market was thinking

about overseas markets. The

unemployment data coming from

overseas. The other thing that has

been a focus is the bank's. The

individual at reaction may have

made to the RBA decision on Tuesday.

Each of the banks, tags tongues are

wagging in terms of what the banks

are doing. Next week consumer

confidence numbers. That will give

us a clue as to how consumers will

react to changes the RBA made this

week and what it might need for the

looming Christmas sales.

Some of Hollywood's leading ladies

have joined forces, for a big-

screen musical. Nicole Kidman

joined stars on the red carpet in

London for the world premiere of 'Nine'.

Wrangling this many big stars onto

one red carpet was always going to

be tricky. Nicole Kidman nearly

didn't make it after her plane was

held up on the tarmac for two hours.

I just put on some red lipstick and

raced here. So a slick in time

saved 'Nine' - the latest film from

Rob Marsh, the Oscar-winning

director of 'Chicago'. And it seems

he likes to be surrounded by other

Oscar winners - Nicole, Daniel Day Lewis, Penelope Cruz, Marion

Cotillard, Dame Judi Dench and

Sophia Loren. It's an all-singing,

all-dancing extravaganza, loosely

based on Federico Fellini's film 8

and a half. I was never as an

exhilarated. The mayor has happened

burst and then the experience was

exhilarating. You have had a number

one single in this country? No,

Robbie Williams had a number one

single. And with a then 13-month-

old Sunday Rose on set with her,

Nicole loved having all the other

women around. I love to them all,

they were wonderful people. Nine

opens across Australia on January

21. Mount Everest melting at an

alarming rate. Proof of global warming. for a customer service promise serious about customer service The

The roof of the world is melting.

Place years on Mount Everest are

giving way. Cameras at capturing a

major avalanche. No-show a will

lead an expedition on to mount

Everest with out asking the

commission of offerings to the mountain.

They take this ceremony extremely

seriously. With good reason. As

prayers are being sent an avalanche

rolled down Mount Everest only 200 metres away.

Of all the glaciers, this is the

most celebrated. It lies on the

roof of the world. A guide showed

us the fame had not saved it. We

are in the middle of the ice and it

is winter and every afternoon the

ice melts and creates these deep

puddles and then it blows away and

this is very unusual. You would not

believe that I squad milker Tee?

Exact week, but it is, and we are

standing on it. We're just tiny

dots on the vastness of the

mountain. It is a huge slow-moving

river of ice. But on this glacier

it is an eyesore which deep

crevasses opening. Each up

unpredictable and crossing them is

precarious. If the melting

continues, climbing this may not be

an option. He ice will be moving

much more so when the climbers hurrying near accident will occur

and more deaths will occur. Similar

things are happening on other and?

Arias, everywhere, not just on

Mount Everest, but all around us

all the place is a melting. It will

be the same. The ambition was to

climb to the top where mountain is

established a camp. As we

approached and one, the weather

took a turn for the worst. 60mph

wind batted for 10 to all night. I

don't know how much longer my 10th

will last. By dawn, the only safe

option was to head back down

quickly. We could not see the

condition of the glacier up higher

but recently he was there. This

year, we saw running water on the

surface at 8,000 metres high.

Further on the summer, crevasses

are opening. The ice is becoming

heated and expanding and the

crevasses will open. That will have

implications must lower. If these

glaciers disappear the situation is

serious. Clovelly it may be a

catastrophe. It is hard to believe

standing up here that a glacier

like this could simply disappear.

Some say this scenario may be a

long way off but others are not so

relaxed and say on principle alone

it is something the world and

hazier by start preparing for.

An improved performance by the West

Indies? Yes, the wind is won the

toss and our elected to bat.

Bravo, bravo, all fun from Adelaide.

It was blowing a gale at the

Australian Open. The

Cloud bushing up the New South

Wales coast on the tale of a cold

front is not causing any rain. It

is sweeping across Victoria Wicks

strong wind. Showers in western

Tasmania. Cloud over Western

Australia at his triggering a few

showers. But cool change is coming

across New South Wales causing

isolated storms mainly on the

mountain's. The rest of the country

will be mainly dry. Hot east wind will persist.

Before we go tonight - A japanese

brewer has come up with a beer that

would be the perfect talking point

at any barbeque. Space beer has

origins that are out of this world,

it's made from Barley grown on the

international space station. Demand

is outstripping supply, so the beer

is being sold by lottery for about

$20 a bottle. And for the record.

In space no one can hear you burp. $20 a bottle. And for the record. In space no one can hear you burp.

That is the latest from Ten News

Bay. Sports Tonight is next.

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This program is captioned live.

Hello, I'm Rob Canning. Welcome to

Toyota Sports Tonight. Headlining

the show - the second Test -

Australia versus the West Indies.

Day one from Adelaide Oval. All the

highlights coming right up.

Also this evening - Appleby's

Australian Open assault.

We've got the latest AFL news,

tonight's A-League, today's V8s.

And 'the Man' talking tough.

On the international scene - Sunset

Beach is going off and the world's

best are all over it.

In the NBA - we've got Carmelo's

Nuggets versus Wade's Heat. Settle

in - we'll take good care of you. Sports Tonight.

Cricket first - and the West

Indies' quest for credibility took

a step in the right direction today.

Dwayne Bravo brought up an

impressive century on the opening

day of the second Test, but

Australia remains in control.

No surprise Chris Gayle chose to

bat when he won the toss. And after

suggesting to the media yesterday

he didn't know who Doug Bollinger

was he was clearly happy to make the fast bowlers acquaintance.

In for his second Test to replace

the injured Ben Hilfenhaus, the

workman-like Bollinger wasn't deterred.

With his opening partner gone,

Gayle didn't slow his pace, scoring

at better than a run a ball. That

was until his new-found friend went

for his throat. Passed fit, the

experience of Ramnaresh Sarwan

helped lift the Windies total past

50, but like his captain he fell

disappointingly after making a

start. Brendan Nash had a dash of luck

luck against his former Queensland

team-mate. That was followed by a

flash of class. Then some sharp

pain. The blow forced Nash to

retire hurt at the lunch break. It

was a slower but steadier pace in the second session, Shivnarine

Chanderpaul surviving an appeal for

a catch behind the wicket, and then

Ricky Ponting's referral to the

video umpire. The left-hander

raising his bat just before tea.

Dwayne Bravo lived dangerously as

the West Indies made it to 200.

First Siddle dropped a hot return

chance, then a deflection off the

keeper pushed the ball wide of

Clarke at first slip. And to hurt

the Australians a little more,

Bravo joined Chanderpaul with his

own half-century. The luck

continued to desert the Aussies.

Shane Watson dancing and juggling

along the boundary rope but unable

to pull off the circus trick. The

video review umpire was kinder to

Watson - his appeal upheld and

Chanderpaul was on his way, caught

behind for 62. Denesh Ramdin made

Watson's afternoon even more

enjoyable while Bravo reached

triple figures before falling to Nathan Hauritz.

Former Australian cricket bad boy

Andrew Symonds is adamant he Andrew Symonds is adamant he

doesn't miss playing for his

country. The big-hitting all

rounder is currently in Papua New

Guinea helping to promote the game.

There was once a time when going

fishing got Andrew Symonds into big

trouble. Not any more. Free from

restraints, he can now fish as much

as he wants. Is a very big part of

my life. I need it to relax. He was

controversially sacked earlier this

year when several off-field

indiscretions while with the

national team. He admitted he had

an alcohol problem. But now he says

that's all in the past. He does not

miss playing for Australia. I am

happy where I am. I do not need to

be there any more. I keep an eye on

it. I had never been a big cricket

watcher. I keep their eye on a few

of the boys. Just as comfortable on

a fishing boat is he is on the

field, he says fishing is his

perfect escape. Now he is in part a

New Guinea. He is here with some of

his former team-mate, one of whom

is the leading part the New Guinea

coach. He has a great following in

part the New Guinea. They will play part the New Guinea. They will play

a 2020 tournament with the locals.

That game is now signed and's bread

and butter. January, February March,

a goat to India for the IPL.

Wild winds caused havoc at the

Australian Open this morning,

delaying the start of the second

round. When play eventually got

under way, Stuart Appleby took control.

There was no problem filling the

wind sock at the NSW golf club this

morning. Gusts up to 65km/h reaping

havoc and forcing players off the

course for over five hours. When

they resumed at 2:00pm, local time,

there was nowhere to hide from the

brutal conditions. Peter Omally

dropping 3 shots at the 14th. And

overnight, leader Stuart Appleby in

trouble as well. Greg Chalmers started better.

But at the very next hole, a green

side-chip shot turned ugly when he

ended up 50m from the hole and gave

back another 2 shots. Long putts

needed to be sunk just to make par.

needed to be sunk just to make par.

Greg Chalmers' up-and-down round

continuing at 15. Stuart Appleby

getting his game back on track at

the signature 17th, with a birdie

to take back the outright lead. And

while the wind caused problems, it

also helped on some holes. Matthew

Goggin driving the green at the

first with a minimum of effort. But

as well as he played, it was hard

to keep up with Appleby, who had

the lead by 3 at 18. 2006 winner

John Senden looked out of

contention mid-way through his

round before running off 4 birdies

in 6 holes to pull himself back

into the tournament.

Tiger Woods's humiliating apology

for his personal sins has done

little to end the ongoing scandal.

While divorce could cost the star

$300 million, Tiger is believed to

be re-writing his pre-nuptial

agreement to make another affair

too costly to contemplate. Many too costly to contemplate. Many

saying his online confession was

too little, too late.

My standard is to go for the quick

haemorrhage intead of the slow

bleed. And he is bleeding a lot

more than that fire hydrant or more than that fire hydrant or

crash made him bleed. crash made him bleed.

Three women have now been linked to

the billionaire golfer.

You're watching Sports Tonight - You're watching Sports Tonight -

coming up pff-season news in the

AFL. Plus plenty more. Tonight's A-

League action - can Melbourne maintain the rage?

'The Man' wants Green again.

Plus - the inaugural Sydney 500

begins with a bang!

This program is captioned live.

St Kilda has re-signed Coach Ross

Lyon on a new 3-year deal which

ties him to the club until the end

of the 2012 season. Coach of the

Saints since 2007, Lyon has guided

the club to a preliminary final and

grand final in his three years at

the helm. Any one in professional

employment, once their employer to

show faith in them. It was

magnificent. And Greater Western

Sydney has confirmed the key

signing of Geelong dual premiership

captain, Tom Harley. Harley will

join the club as a consultant next year.

The new batch of baby Bombers has

been unveiled at Essendon and

there's a familiar name among them.

Anthony Long, nephew of team of the

century wingman Michael, says he

can't wait to make his own mark at

Windy Hill.

While the Bombers' new bloods have

eased through the opening week of

their AFL lives, Hawthorn's kids

face a baptism of fire. He has

arrived with wise words from his

famous uncle. However you go, and

your career, the rest of the family

will be happy. He is one off-fore

of children who will arrive

Essendon this season. The game does

not know how old you are. It you

are well prepared, they will be OK

with the rest of the list. While

the new bloods had eased through

the opening week, Hawthorn's kids'

faces a baptism of fire. The club's

traditional trek along the Kokoda

track to be an arduous and eye-

opening initiation. Gibson, Brent

Guerra and Jeff Kennett, will

accompany many of the Hawks'

younger players in the gruelling

pre-season bonding adventure. The

former Roo prepared to go to great

lengths to impress his new

president. I will carry his bags

for him. We have got our new

recruits they were drafted nine the

last week. Should I stumble, their

task will be to carry me. In

preparation for the trek, Kennett

has even shed his trademark hairdo.

It will grow back. The

Melbourne have defied being a man

down for most of the match, to grab

a brave 1-1 draw with Wellington.

The sharing of the points see the

Victory sit 6 points clear at the

top of the A-League table. Chilly conditions greeted Melbourne

Victory for their clash across the

Tasman, and it took them a while to

warm up. Wellington continued its

early assault on goal, Mitch

Langerak a causality, but the

warfare didn't end there. Carlos

Hernandez, with the visitors' best

chance of the first half.

But shortly after, they took

another hit. Nick Ward testing the

referee's patience once to often.

The Phoenix with the better of the

first half, and they capitalised on