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(generated from captions) $100,000 cash. Tell me how you feel. I'm absolutely stunned.

to go on Millionaire - I have for so long wanted the old show then this one. and actually win money And to be here is just beyond my wildest dreams. "Win money"? You've won $100,000! (AUDIENCE CHEERS LOUDLY) contestants tonight. Well done to our other Bad luck Carol didn't get up here. you've been fantastic, Maree. I tell you what, Maree has just won $100,000 cash. on the Millionaire Hot Seat. I'll see you next time Goodnight. government. The

the incidence of assault. for controlling

VOICEOVER: From tomorrow at Target get 20% off kids' and babies' tops and shorts. Excludes underwear. Sorry, no rainchecks. a 100% happy Christmas. Target, wishing you (TARGET JINGLE PLAYS) (BEEP!) (LAID-BACK MUSIC, DOG BARKS) the chance to win $1,000 every day. Make every day Tip Top, with

I'm here till dusk. I'm in from dawn. I'm really listening. I'm cutting red tape. I'm on the front foot. I'm taking over the bank. I'm up for it.

I'm your man. I'm the 468th bank manager.

I'm a dog with a bone. (DOG SNARLS) 600 local bank managers VOICEOVER: We're backing over someone who's in charge. so you can deal with Westpac. I'm keeping an eye on you. an eye on me. (LAUGHS) Oh, no. You're keeping

at 6:30. n z Coming up - at 6:30. n z Coming up - Senator Gar

Gary Humphries - ready to support

Tony Abbot' s new climate Tony Abbot' s new climate change

policy Two men arrested in

connection to a Goulburn home

invasion. And runners line up for a invasion. And runners line up for a

taste Queanbeyan Gift glory. next. taste Queanbeyan Gift glory. Details

we need to do - sifting. The first thing That looks good.

has to go in next? What do we think Ah, good girl! Get them all covered in chocolate. (GIGGLES) Can I please have one? VOICEOVER: The problem with making with your kids... Rice Bubbles chocolate crackles doesn't take long enough. that it just Good? Rice Bubbles:

Check this out. of ham and cheese Two eggs, two slices on a toasted bun. Just $3.95. Hungry Jack's new Brekky Stack. for real breakfast value? How's that stack up at Hungry Jack's. VOICEOVER: The burgers are better

... Tonight ... Tonight ... Senator

Humphries performs a backflip on Humphries performs a backflip on the

Emissions Trading Scheme. A Emissions Trading Scheme. A

Richardson woman charged Richardson woman charged after

allegedly blowing nineteen times allegedly blowing nineteen times the

legal limit. And politics asgal limit. And politics pushed

aside in the memory of the late legal limit. And politics pushed

aside in the memory of the late

TREVOR KAINE. Good evening, I' m TREVOR KAINE. Good evening, I' m

Lachlan Kennedy. A-C-T Liberal

winator GARY HUMPHRIES has voted Senator GARY HUMPHRIES has

Senator GARY HUMPHRIES has voted

with his party to block the

with his party to block the

Emissions Trading Legislation in Emissions Trading Legislation in the

Upper House - gifting Labor a