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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live.

This program is captioned live. Him

back into the spotlight. It is

extreme at matrimony. Our cameras

were there. ? I'm

were there. ? I'm too nervous now -

I want to get out of here. So far

it looks like any normal wedding -

a groom wracked with nerves, a

flurry of floral princesses. But the average Australian wedding

costs $49,202. And this

extravaganza had a $3 million price

tag, making it one of the country's

most expensive.

I'm a lucky girl. I'm a lucky girl.

Lucky, lucky, lucky. 26-year-old

bride Brynne Gordon dazzled in

$500,000 worth of diamonds and a

designer frock to die for. And if

you're going to turn heads, why not

turn up in a helicopter?

The helicopter was a huge thing -

they had to take off the whole

second part of its tail and rotor blades and reassemble it.

66-year flamboyant former doctor

Geoffrey Edelsten spared no expense.

Geoffrey Edelsten spared no expense.

It was my idea to have it in there

- whether it was possible or not.

In the lead-up to the big event,

the wedding list drew a little

criticism. 500 glitterati,

including sporting stars, media

personalities, TV starlets and

fashionistas, were invited. Only 20

knew the bride.

Geoff, We are childhood friends with Dr

Geoff, have known him for many many,

many years and look forward to

year. spending Christmas with him this

I've known Brynne for two months

now - since Browlow night - and it's good.

I love a good mystery, I love a

good party. It will be like the

Logies but with no budget.

It is going to be like a mouth-

opening experience - like, "Aagh."

one of those guests one of those guests was

entertainment reporter Peter Ford.

There was a feeling throughout the

night this was more of a product

launch than an actual wedding

ceremony. There were the witty international hosts, including

Jason Alexander, AKA George

Costanza from 'Seinfield'.

For richer or for poorer, it's

always good to have money.

And 'the Nanny's Fran Drescher.

God said to Adam, I'm going to give

going to you the gift of life and she is

going to be unbelievable.

And a little local talent now.

Sorry, I'm late. I was just in

drive. America teaching Tiger Woods how to

And then there was the real entertainment.

entertainment. You had the Cirque

du Soleil people do their

performance, great Australian

performers, you had the Michael

Jackson tribute - it really was a

high production show.

If I can make it anywhere, I'll

make it anywhere.

It had the markings of being a

circus at Crown with the 40-year

age gap, the groom's chequered

history and the pre-wedding hype.

Geoff, you may now kiss your bride.

But the event, with guests

encouraged to donate to charity,

not the nuptials, turned out to be

a surprisingly touching affair. You

are my inspiration and I am

Geoffrey Edelsten. honoured and proud to be Mrs

There was even a subtle rebuke

faith. directed at those who had little

Brynne, I love you. I'm proud of

you. You have handled the media

uniquely well. Even those who have

been sarcastic, you have treated

them with aplomb. I'm looking

forward to spending my life with

you and making you as happy as you

make me. I know you want me to tell

you it was tacky and gross and we

will laugh about it forever.

Actually it wasn't. They really did

swerve onto the side of being over

the top.

It was amazing - best night of my life. Do it again tomorrow?

No, last one. He's stuck with me!

Now to a story that raises serious

questions about the millions of

on lot so. Australians who like to flatterer

It's literally the million-dollar

question - to check or not check your own lucky numbers.

There's probably 50% of the people

have already checked the tickets

and they want us to verify the fact

that they either do or they don't

have a prize on that ticket.

Peter Carroll has sold a heap of

first division prizes, the most

recent, just a week ago. He says

Lotto agents are in a powerful

with losing tickets. position, especially to players

Generally speaking, we tend to hand

the ticket back to the customer but

there are situations where the

customer totally trusts what we say

back. and they don't even want the ticket

That's a big gamble on what's every

punter's dream.

their money worries. A truckoad of cash, an end to all

Which makes the case of a former

agent who allegedly pocketed nearly

$70,000 from a punter they'd told

to swallow. had won about $50 that much harder

A person who is looking after

somebody else's money is generally

regarded as being in a position of trust.

A guilty person could be jailed for a lengthy term imprisonment,

years. anywhere from five, six or seven

There we go. Thank you.

Now potentially this ticket in

tomorrow night's Oz Lotto draw is

worth $30 million if I were to win

first division by myself. The

question is, will I have the time

to check the numbers or will I

trust the agent to do it for me?

There's so many other things to do.

So it's just easier this way".

Oh, with two kids running around

who's got time? and trying to get them to bed,

hard enough. Just remembering to buy them is

Bit too busy for that. Just got a

buy some tickets, mate. bit of a break now to come in and

How did you go?

Unlucky at the moment, but

hopefully tomorrow night with the

lucky. $30 million might be a bit more

But, as we've shown you over the

years, even having all your numbers

come up doesn't guarantee happiness.

Whether it's family feuds, or bad

investments that plunge winners

into even more financial strife

Dad, I love you. He would prefer

not to win at all if you knew this

would happen. It's not always a

the most dramas. happy ending and syndicates cause

It's a once-in-a-lifetime and we've

been robbed and had it taken away from us.

that. At least there's an easy way around

Each syndicate member should insist

on getting a copy of the ticket

that is generated as a result of

the investment every week. It's

just a small price to pay for

protection. So too is checking your

own numbers.

Do you ever actually glance at the screen to check yourself?

No, no. I know my numbers, though -

roughly. I've been taking them

since Tattslotto started. I don't

change. $$newline would you

recommend to people that they do

check their numbers before they

come in, for their own peace of

mind if nothing else?

Look, most definitely. I think

there's a bit of fun and excitement

in checking - going through the

ticket and just actually checking

if you've won a prize. The right

player has been paid B68 million

dollars. The two people charged

over that case will face court in

January. It was the night at sea

that claimed the lives of two of

Australia's most popular and

experienced sailors. How could this

simple crass devastate so many

people. They return to the scene in

an attempt to find answers.

This is nowhere near as bad as what

it was on the night.

Look how close to shore he was.

It's one of the toughest journeys

of their lives. But for Kylie Short

and the kids, it's also a kind of therapy.

The tide was so high that you

couldn't get across to the other bit.

Right here seven weeks ago it was hell on water.

A tragedy at sea which claimed the

lives of two of Australia's most

experienced sailors.

What went wrong is a still a

mystery. Thank God, this is also

the story of a miracle.

I just thought I was going to die.

That's when you decided to say a prayer? Yeah.

Even though you don't believe in God?

Yeah. Describe your father to me.

Adventurous, loving. Not sure. He

knew there were dangers but he

never went out there thinking that

there were risks. Was he

competitive? Very competitive. He

loved to win. The veterans who died

had done 30 races between them.

Sally Gordon an entry short.

Tonight his family share their

story. Look how much of a legend he

was. He might not be here now but

he was the best. Mitchell and Nick

were on board. It was a low-key it

lead-up race, an overnight

adventure. Just before 3am, instead

of rounding this rump of rock, they

crashed into it and the boat was

smashed to smithereens. The waves

just kept rolling in. There was 85-

second break between waves - 10

seconds. Your father had his back

to the waves? 15 of the crew

managed to scramble on to the

island. Three we're in the sea,

including Nick. My foot got caught

in all these ropes and they came

off. His life and death struggle

was not over because next he was

sucked out to sea. For 45 minutes

he was alone and cold. I saw it a

torch drifting by and I pressed a

button and this whole light came on.

You said a prayer and then this

torch drifted up to in the water

and it worked?

Kylie arrived a short time later,

expecting to be reunited with her

son and father. I said don't worry.

He is not dead. He has been

accounted for. Then he was ushered

away by police. After several hours

of you believing the

of you believing the opposite, I'm

guessing this he is like a ton of

bricks. It was hard because I never

worried about my husband. I thought

he would be fine. I was just

totally shocked. I had to go back

down and tell the kids that down and tell the kids that their

father was dead.

What happened here was not just a What happened here was not just a

tragedy, it was also a mystery.

Some of our most experienced

sailors were killed in what was

meant to be a routine race. There

is one theory that is being floated

about how all this happened. We went very

went very close to the score and

then we made a tack back to go out

to sea. Dad thought we were in a

much closer than the GPS said. That

incident had an earlier in the night.

Niche for but problems with the GPS

may have affected his dad's ability

to navigate around the rocks later

on. A I think it was a mistake and an error of an error of judgement.

Kylie and the kids have taken over

responsibility for the family

business, selling boats and running

marinas in Sydney.

They are not shying away from

sailing again. Two of Andrew's sons,

Nick and ran, will tackle the

Sydney to Hobart next month. I know

150 dissent he would want me to do it. I

it. I am going to do it for him.

-- 150 %.

Kylie Short knows her boys have

been taught by one of the very best.

How do you sum up Andrew? Funny,

fine, cheeky, ambitious. An

achiever. I like knowing achiever. I like knowing that

Andrew died with no regrets.

We will be cheering on the boys as

they make their way from Sydney to

Hobart on Boxing Day.

Apparently bigger is better,

especially when it comes to our

homes. It seems that the average

new Aussie spread is larger than

any other new home on the planet.

So what are we actually getting for

our money? They were good enough

for 100 years. Three bedrooms and

bathroom. What more did an Aussie

family need? Well, more.

Take a trip through our newest

suburbs. Everything has been super sized.

Enter Neil Green, a real-estate

agent, makes them even bigger. Six

or 700 square metre homes?

The kids are staying longer at home

and with the cost of moving and

stamp duty, it seems we wanted all

now and plan to stay put. The newly

everybody wants as Beatty's they

can build on their land. Everybody

wants everything.

This time is at 300 AD six square metres.

Over at Masterton Homes, Graeme

Smith has seen the same trend. They

coined the phrase - the mansion

package. They are looking for

something that doesn't look cluttered.

Not just allow Trans any more but

meeting rooms, kids' rooms.

This particular house, it has one

of the larger bedrooms. It also has

a walk-in wardrobes.

While much of the world,

particularly Asia, lives in

apartments, we now have the biggest

houses on the planet. The top three

countries are well ahead of the

rest of the world, including a

Tasmin cousins. By the way, on

average, British homes are one-

third of the size of ours. A walk-

in pantry... underneath the stairs.

Another feature of the house is the

size of the laundry.

When you walk out here, if you come

here and look into the house,...

your house is twice as big! They

want to bring the outdoor in.

The Reserve Bank's is part of the

reason why our home prices are much

higher than the rest of the world

is because we build a better

quality homes. The inclusions are

getting better and better.

So what will tomorrow's of the

abode look like? Flexible walls,

kitchens that can be moved around,

the lifestyle channel things that

are open plan will go to a whole

new level.

Everything you had in the house,

you could move anywhere and plug it

in. That is essentially the idea of

our flexible for plan.

How is this? No more moving, no

more demolishing. Glass houses with

disposable kitchens and bathrooms

where the exterior can be changed to suit.

You could dial any service that you

wanted to onto bad skin so that in the the evening, the whole thing is

brick. It is completely solid. In

the morning, the top half is a

beautiful sunny day see what some

light to come in. So you select for

the top half of the house to be completely clear.

After the break - under the

microscope, what is the best option

for your dishwasher? I am wondering

if the powder or the tablets didn't

dissolve in the dishwasher? MAN: It's coming! (BEETHOVEN'S 'SYMPHONY NO. 9' PLAYS) Us folks here at Uncle Tobys welcome Cheerios to the family. It now has 90% more fibre and has earned itself the Heart Foundation Tick. Uncle Tobys Cheerios - now with 90% more fibre and the Heart Foundation Tick.

This program is captioned live.

Welcome back. You have to do your

homework these days. Nothing's

simple. Even the humble dishwasher

presents a baffling array of

choices. Liquid, powder or tablets? Here's the lowdown.

A little bit of product left in

this one... it is a love/hate thing.

We love not having to do the

washing up. This is amazing.

We just hate it when Andy Shaw shot

gives us a dirty surprise. -- our dishwasher.

June Dudley Watkins would die of

shame if her dishes came out of the

dishwasher like this. But this is

what happened when we conducted a

torture three Test with six

different powders and tablets.

We also commissioned two mums to

test the six under real-world

conditions. As you will see, they

discovered a clear winner. I would

experiment. Don't be rusted on to

weigh brand just because it has

done you good. There is a lot of

hype and froth and bubble about these things.

Truce magazine's recent tests also

looked at cost per wash. We worked

out that if you move from one of

the more expensive tablets to one

of the cheaper powders, you could

actually save yourself $186 a year

in terms of were running costs.

The beads of price is a big price

range. -- a big surprise. Based on

price Burwash, there is no contest.

But is buying a cheaper powder or

tablet going to cost you more in

the long run? I found that it did

not claim my dishes, my glasses, as

you can see here, don't be

deceived... if you look closely on

the glass, there is actually a

build-up of product perhaps, where

the power ball did not dissolve itself.

Her tests dished the dirt on some

of the cheaper powders and powder bowls.

Everything from powder residue to

food morsels. I had this plate in

there for three cycles and as you

can see, my avocado is still on the

plate. That is really disappointing.

Christine's stumbling block was

plain old Greece. As you can see,

it has a lot of residue left here

on the pan and a lot of Greece.

Even mid range powders did not cut

it for her. It left a bit of grime

around the edges. A bit of residue

from the powder.

And then there is out torture test.

Mustard, avocado, hollandaise sauce,

big and Europe. Left to dry

overnight and not even pre- rinsed.

The results were poor across the range.

The normally unflappable June was

left nonplussed. Truly, they should

be white and all the food removed

from them before they go into the

dishwasher. That is always the big

argument, isn't it? A lot of these

products claim you don't have to

rinse first and you can put it on

but again, it does depend on your dishwasher.

There are lots of other variables

that can substantially alter our

view results. The age of your

dishwasher, the quantity of powder,

water temperature, which washing

cycle, even the way you stack the

dishwasher. But for our mums, there

is still a clear winner.

I would go my Finnish power ball.

They also have great instructions

on the back. Easy, simple, great

packaging and does a great job.

About a nine out of 10 for the

finish. Then I would go my morning

fresh at power tabs. It did a pretty good job overall.

They were far the They were far the most expensive

choice but they also the best

according to choice. But where

Amman has found the cheaper

products were ineffective, the

Choice Testers found there was not

a big difference. Different people

have different sorts of dirty

plaice and dishwashers. It is a

question of trial and error. You

decide what you want and if decide what you want and if you

think is worth paying extra for the

brain, you will do so. A -- the

brand. Up next on A Current Affair.

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Now, let's take a look at the

Senator Gary Humphries believes the

Liberal Party can still win the Liberal Party can still win the next election despite the leadership

controversy. A-C-T Police are

seeking witnesses following a seeking witnesses following a costly

business fire in Dickson.

business fire in Dickson. And, there are fresh calls for there are fresh calls for Queanbeyan

City Council to reinstate City Council to reinstate the springtime festival, Queanbeyan In springtime festival, Queanbeyan In Bloom. Full details in the Newsm. Full details in the Late Bloom. Full details in the Late News. n z

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think is worth paying extra for the

brain, you will do so. A -- the

brand. Up next on A Current Affair.

From mortgages to car loans - phone

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