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(generated from captions) unless we are are committed

to taking responsible action

on climate change. The

emissions trading is still

being debate in the Senate

and the Greens say the

emissions trading does not go

far enough. What do you make

about the Liberal Party

tearing itself apart over the

emissions trading? It is

hard to see if anyone could

Truss the Liberal Party on

climate change from this day

forward. They have shown they

have not taken it seriously

enough. We are concerned with

the current legislation and

have been concerned with the

amend amounts that have been

made this week, they are

paying out to polluters and

people who continue to pollute without thinking

about the impact on the

environment. It is clearly

not a package that is the environmentally

environmentally or

economically responsible. We

heard something that is right

from Malcolm Turnbull last

night and that was that this

is about the planet but if

climate change was a bushfire

you have the Liberal Party

and the Coalition throwing

petrol on it and you have the

Government handing out some

kids water pistols saying "Go

for your life". It is not the appropriate strategy for

climate change. We need deep climate change. We need deep

cuts for emissions,

investment in proper clean

energy and we need the willingness of the

Government. As someone inside

the Senate what are you

expecting will lap in that

chamber today? We will

continue to go through the

amendments. We are in

committee stage at this point

in time. Obviously we are not

starting the day again. Parliament was simply

suspended last night so we

continue through the

committee sphag discussing

the amendments and continue

on until there is a vote put.

We want to discuss the

amendments, we do not want to

see a gag or delay. We need

time to discuss these

amendments properly. It will

not be cut off at not be cut off at 3.45 as the

Government suggests, that is

simply replying politics. Why

do you say that? Does didn't

Government have the power to

do that? The Senate decides

when the Senate sits and

rises and not and any Albanese, not the members of

the Government in the house

of rerngs it is a decision of

the Senate. The Senate has

agreed they want to discuss

the amendments of this

legislation, allow us to work

through that. We are

scheduled to come back on

Monday. This is a really

important piece much

legislation and we do not

want to keep delaying for the

sarfg it. We do not want to

see that. We want a proper

discussion about the amendments like any legislation. Snars you

concerned the Government will

not have the power to

Guillotine this legislation

in the Senate because there will be the

will be the numbers to vote

against it so you expect we

will not have vote on this

for sometime now because as I

understand it there was one

amendment debated and it took several hours on one

amendment and there are 200

proposed amendments. The

Mcment of how they work will

have to be looked at

have to be looked at but

gagging this is not a smart

move from any Government who wants to suggest they have

security on this legislation.

We know this legislation is

flawed environmentally and

economically. When are you

knownly expecting a vote on

this? We will have to see

how it works today but did

Government's suggestion that

it will be dealt with by

it will be dealt with by 3.45

is false t Government does

not set the agenda the Senate

does and there are many

issues to work through. The

matter of gay marriages or

civil partnerships. Do you

hold out any hope that within

10 years there is any chance

of gay marriage? Obviously

last time I was on this

program I was speaking about

my bill the

my bill the amend the

Marriage Act to allow for

same-sex couple to marry under the Federal legislation. The Prime

Minister who is running for

some region a anti-gay agenda water down the legislation in

the ACT to set aside the

ability for same-sex couples

to have to have a different

approach to celebrating their

love and commitment. We need

to see a proper reform of

this legislation federally an

unfortunately until the prime

realises that his view is

outdated and not in sync with the rest of community we may

not get there but I think people will continue the

speak up. There are rallies

on this issue right around

the week T Prime Minister

needs to realise he was

elected as Kevin 07 not as