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(generated from captions) drink? He has nothing to

celebrate. Staying with that

story, on the Coalition

leadership and the fallout from the Emissions Trading Scheme negotiation, Liberal MP Tony Abbott joins us now from

Canberra, the shadow Minister

for Families house and

indigenous affairs. Tony Abbott

good morning and thank you for

joining us? Morning

Virginia. Are you a leadership

candidate? Look, I'm supporting the leader. I always the leader. I always have

supported the leader. I intend

to continue to support the

leader. That's always been my

way. I think what we had

yesterday was a debate about

policy, not about leadership. I

think the good thing that came

out of yesterday was that the

Government admitted that its

ETS was very, very gravely

flawed. The amendments that the

Coalition managed to get out of

the Government we think will

save 25,000 job, they certainly

aren't going to make this a

perfect scheme but they make a

bad scheme significantly

better. So you say you support

mouments, you don't agree then

with others who whooef that

Malcolm Turnbull is mortally

wounded and is untenable in

that position ? Let's see what

the future holds. But I think

what we need is a moment of

calm f you like, I think

Malcolm Turnbull is the most

substantial person in our party

room and I'd like to Hindmarsh

him to continue leading disglus

you say you need a moment of

calm. Will people like Wilson

Tuckey give you that came. He

say he's bringing on a

leadership spill? I can't tell

what other people will do and I

don't know what the future

holds. All I know is that

yesterday the Coalition

extracted very important

amendments from the Government.

I think that a lot of people

will look at this ETS and

they'll still say, "It's a

great big tax to fund huge

handouts administered by an

enormous bureaucracy and they

won't like it very much" as

some of the people on the

program have just been saying

but certainly it's a lot less

bad today thanks to the efforts

of Malcolm Turnbull and Ian

Mcfarlane. Do you believe that

there'll be a leadership

spill? Look there's talk, but

in the end I think what we need

is a period of calm and then I

suppose we can go forward as a

united team. Do you think your

party room is capable of a

period of calm? I think that

the debate yesterday, Virginia,

was conducted in a good spirit.

There was the odd tetchy moment

as you'd expect, when people

are debating an important

subject on which there are

strong feelings, why shouldn't

there be strong feelings? Let's

face it - this is the biggest

piece of economic reengineering

in Australia's history. Over

time, it is designed to

transform the way we consume

energy, the way we use

transport, energy and transport

are at the absolute heart of

modern society. Why shouldn't

we have a lengthy debate about

this. Malcolm Turnbull emerged

from that very lengthy meeting

yesterday saying he had

majority support for support of

the amended Emissions Trading

Scheme. Is that your view? The

tradition in our party is that

the leader calls the outcome of

party room. Malcolm Turnbull

made a call, he's entitled to

make it. He's the leader. Was

the call correct? The leader

makes the call and when the

leader makes the call almost by definition, that's correct.

It's a bit like the ref in a

football match. The ref makes a

ruling, it may or may not be

justified, but once he's made

the ruling, that's the ruling

and that's what happens. Well

your a sporting manner was the

ref's call justified? Look, I

had to go into the parliament

to mind the chair for the

Opposition for an hour, so I

didn't hear all of the speeches

and therefore I'm not able to

make an accurate tally myself. That's rather unfortunate isn't it because

that now seems to be a

substitution of the day. Is

Malcolm Turnbull correct when

he says he has majority

support? We've heard from a

number of people who say he's

not right? Well, Virginia rg,

the important thing yesterday

is that the Government admitted

that its ETS legislation was

fatally flawed. The amendments

that the Government put on the

table are now there for keeps

and I think that's a great

victory for the Coalition and

for Australia. So, these

amendments go forward now and

they'll to up to the Senate

eventually. You believe then

that the Labor Government will

get the at least seven Liberals

that it needs to get this

legislation passed? Well, let's

wait and see. My understanding

is that shadow Cabinet is

meeting again this morning to

talk about Senate tactics. So

you mean that's potentially in

doubt when you say let's wait

and see? Well, we've got a

shadow Cabinet meeting this

morning to talk about tactics

in the Senate. Yeah, but I

thought you also said that

there was a majority view in

the party room that they would

be supported so presumably this

is just a rubber stamp? The leader called the party room

yesterday. There's a shadow

Cabinet meeting this morning,

Virginia, to talk about Senate

tactics. Yes. And what will

those Senate tactics be, will

bit passed? Well we'll find out at the meeting won't

we Goodness me. Let's wait and

see is the phrase you've used

on two very key iers this

morning, Tony Abbott, let's

wait and see if Malcolm Turnbull gets to hang around

and still be leader, let's wait

and see if the legislation you

say you support and that you've

got hard won negotiations over,

let's wait and see if that gets

passed as well? Well, Virginia,

the important thing is that the

Coalition had a great victory

over the Government yesterday.

I think that Malcolm Turnbull

and Ian Mcfarlane are to be

commended in exposing the flaws

in the Government's ETS. I

think that Malcolm is the most

substantial figure in our party

room and I want him to

continue. Will he survive

Christmas and the sirm as

leader do you think? Well,

look, that's my hope. And that

would be my expectation. And if

he doesn't, are you potential

lay candidate? I'm not

challenging. I thought

yesterday's di by a was about

policy, not leadership. I've always supported the leader and

I expect to continue to support

the leader. Tony Abbott, is

much of this fun at the

moment? Look, you know,

politics is never dull. It

sometimes harrowing but it's

never dull. And you put up with