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Weekend Sunrise -

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(generated from captions) a tough opponent this week. Our politicians faced Parliament House - But it wasn't someone from within it was a big guy from the States. roared his way Down Under. Yes, wrestling legend Hulk Hogan of the Riley Diary. Here's a special smackdown version

of a real political heavyweight. This week we saw the arrival Adding some muscle to proceedings, with a bang... yes, the Hulkster tagged in with his blood. painting the town red on Hollywood's Insider program. It was the big gossip topic

Hogan's bloodbath. was as fake as politics. The Yanks reckoned the whole thing

Here are the violent photos. his T-shirt splattered with blood. Hogan with his face busted open and

at a press conference Captured by Australia's Seven

in Australia. for the upcoming Hulkamania Hulkamania came to Canberra. And the next day, And I just gotta say it - what's up Hulkamaniacs?!? Woohoooo! at Parliament House Pulling a huge crowd residents, and impressing some starstruck You're a big boy. Woo! Big biceps but an even bigger heart. the Make-a-Wish Foundation. The Hulkster was helping out is one of the most popular wishes. Spending time with him into a political arm-wrestle Getting himself Kate Ellis taking on Sports Minister wobbling on. look at the floober-doobers Hulk I mean!

Aaaarrgh! He is one big sack of walnuts. him down But I was thinking you could take the Tiger Singh Cobra hold. if you could just apply Yeah, that'd do it. the wrestle, Now, even though Kate won this week when she said this she lost the press gallery earlier on sports funding. about the Crawford Commission report end of the year '01 We expect to respond to it at the

to the policy recommendations so we've very keen to respond within the report early next year. Hang on, you said this year. So you'll do it next year?! is at the end of the year. Well, early next year and black is white and night is day Of course it is, and this is a comfortable smile.... is brewing Anyway, an even bigger smackdown in the Coalition party room to wrestle with his party as Malcolm Turnbull prepares over climate change. With foreign objects, a flying German suplex, running, flying headbutts, coming off the top rope. With Coalition members and Senators

Look out. "a death defying leap!" And above-the-top rope, Now that's gotta hurt. with that, mate, If you have to put up I really do. I have sympathy for you, coalescing behind senior figure head With a new right-wing force Nick Minchin in the Senate. is saying "look at moi!" Over in the House, Mr People Skills for a leader from the Right just in case they're searching

ahead so it's going to be a big week facing a superhuman task with Malcolm fairly in the middle and body slam to the canvas. of lifting the party above its head I don't believe it. I don't believe it, will have to go from this to this. A week in which Malcolm the Mauler

He might be able to get Nick Minchin

in the four-finger leg lock? What is

that? The scissor hold. I never got