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Live. A cool change brings some

respietd to firefighters battle

blazes in NSW. Dozens of aslyum

seekers joired in a riot on

Christmas Island. South

Australian Premier Mike Rann

poised to respond to sex

allegations. And in the A

league rg Perth beats Sydney

2-nil. Good morning. It's

Monday 23 November, I'm zwrb. -

Joe O'Brien. More than 1800

firefighters in NSW have worked

through the night to try and contain 90 blazes that are

right across the State. A cool

change has brought some relief

to the main emergency at

Pinnacle Swamp in the central

west. The fire has burn through

4400 hectares. A total fire ban

remains in place today. NSW

Rural Fire Service commissioner

Shane Fitzsimmons will join us

in a few minutes for an

update. In other news, we'll

take you to Northern Ireland

now where dissident Republicans

have been blamed for leaving a

180kg car bomb in the car

outside Belfast's police

headquarters. In a separate

incident, four men have been

arrested following a gun attack

on police officers in. Army

bomb experts had to tread care

fli. Even by Northern Ireland

standards, 400 pounds is a big

bomb. It only partially

exploded and the rest of the device was made safe. This

morning the getaway car

believed to have been used by

the bombers was found a few

miles away. The car bomb itself

was today out of site, Dunner

this blue tent. It was

the headquarters of Northern abandoned last night outside

Ireland's policing board and

close to a number of

homes. This attack is an attack

on the wellbeing of everybody

in Northern Ireland. This is

not just an attack on policing

or the policing board, this is

an attack on people and their

young people's future. What's

causing concern is not just the

amount of attacks but the

number of difference places

that they're happening. As well

as being active here in Belfast

last night dissidents also

struck 100 miles away. They

were trying to kill a policeman

in this village near the border

with the Irish Republic. Police

officers fired two warning

shots. Eastline one shot was

fired at them. It's not clear

who fired first. The whole

community here are enraged by

this. It has absolutely no

place anymore. We've p we've

been through that kind 067 violence for 30 years.

Everybody is well aware that it doesn't achieve anything. In

fact it sets everything back. Disdepth Republicans are

trying to wreck the peace

process. They shot dead two

young soldiers and a policeman

earlier this year and last

night they should they're

determined to kill

again. They're a very small

minority. They will not

succeed, peace will continue in

Northern Ireland and political

progress will continue. But the

sight ofdom disposal teams back

on the streets shows that

normality here is still some

way off. In other news this

morning, three Christmas Island

detainees have been flown to

Perth for medical treatment

after a riot at the detension

centre. 37 after fan and Sri

Lankan aslyum seekers were

injured in the brawl which

broke out between 150 detainees

on Saturday night. The

department of immigration and

citizenship says criminal

charges may be laid. The Federal Opposition wants an

inquiry into the cause of the

riot. South Australian Premier

Mike Rann will today respond to

allegations he had sex with a former Parliament House waitress, Michelle Chantelois

has toll she had sex with Mr

Rann at his office in Parliament House. The Premier

has described the claims as

wildly sensational. The former

waitress is the estranged wife

of a man who allegedly

assaulted the Premier at a

function in October. It was

Federal Government is expected

to unveil its amended Emissions

Trading Scheme to the Opposition tomorrow. The deal

is likely to include more

compensation to heavy

industries and incentives for

households to cut emissions. The Federal Opposition

frontbench is likely to sign

off on the deal but it's

unknown where whether the rest

of the Coalition will support

it. The Government wants a vote

on the ETS in the Senate by the

end of the week. In the you

can, urgent safety checks are

being carried out on bridges in

the country's Lakes District

after severe flooding. Six

bridges have already collapsed

and there are fears more could

follow. Rising waters have

damaged more that than 1300

home and killed two people

including a policeman who died

when a bridge he was on

collapsed. Heavy rain is

forecast to continue. And at

least 29 people have drowned

after a ferry sank in rough

waters off Sumatra. More than 240 people have been pulled

from the water, but 17 are

still missing. The rescue

effort has been hatchered by

bad weather. The search is

expected to resume this

morning. And returning now to

our story on the Emissions

Trading Scheme, and Emma

Griffiths joins us now from

Canberra. Takes through the

timing of the next couple of

days? Emissions trading is just

about the only game in this

town this week F timing is

interesting. It's been delayed

by one day and that means that

negotiations are continuing

today as is the Senate debate

incidentally, and while those

negotiations continue today,

they're hoping to reach a final

deal by tonight and put it to

the various colleagues tomorrow

morning and that delay

apparently came at the request

of the key Liberal anythingor

Ian Mcfarlane so for one reason

or another he wanted that extra

day . It's an odd request that

he has made that the

Government's final offer be

deplay are layed by one day

because that has a very serious efks on the Liberal Party room

for the Coalition party room

and the time they might have to

looking at tomorrow morning debate it? That's right. We're

where the deal has to first go

into the Federal Cabinet and

then it has to go to the Labor

backbench, the caucus and then

it has to go to the shadow

Cabinet and then to the Liberal

Party party room and that's the

meeting that both major parties

are hanging on to see if

Malcolm Turnbull can secure the

sport. Can all of that happen

in one day? You'd have to

wonder how quickly they've got

to get through it and whether

they'll be having predawn meets

to work through it. The Liberal

dissenters saying that this

timeline leaving them with very

little time to debate the issue

in the party room and some of

them are saying that they're

feeling railroaded by it, so

that's the way it's going to

go, Malcolm Turnbull says he's

putting up very confident

messages that he can get this

through his Liberal party room

and Beale have to wait till

tomorrow to see whether he can

indeed do that That's the big

question. The there's still

discussion about some member of

the party room wanting to hold

a secret ballot on the amended

legislation that might come

back to them for consideration.

If that was to take place and

that's a big if, that would

have to be some kind of

referendum on Malcolm

Turnbull's own leadership? That

is a very big if though. Wilson

Tuckey put this idea out a few

weeks ago where he was saying

there should be a secret ballot

and that would allow some of the frontbenchers in shadow

Cabinet to break shadow Cabinet

solidarity and actually dom

that in a much more public way.

It would be very unusual for a

Liberal Party room to have a

secret ballot and there just

won't B Malcolm Turnbull won't

allow it and the bulk of the

Liberal Party room we have to

room while the dissenters are

quite loud there is a third

that are oppose odd this Emissions Trading Scheme and

any deal before Copenhagen but

that leaves two thirds of the

party room that's backing a

deal and that's enough for

Malcolm Turnbull to get it

through. So when would the

Senate vote be held then? It

has to be told held by

Thursday. It's unlikely that

the Senate would support any

support sort of extension in

sittings. The Government's

already put this that up as an

idea and it's been hailed down,

Thursday is the day for a vote

and it by that after all these

years and months of debating

this current scheme we will

have a vote on Thursday and

know how both leaders shape up

after it. Thank you. Talking

about these predawn meeting is

like welcome to our

world. Question get used to it

so can you. Turning to China

and there's been another deadly

mine tranl di. 87 people have

been killed and another 21 are

still missing. An an explosion

devastated the State run mine

in north-eastern China

yesterday. Rescue teams prepare

to head down into the mine.

This man was already spent two

days without sleep searching

for his missing colleagues. He

says he's very anxious and will

try his best to find the

trapped workers no matter how

hard and xau exhausting it is.

China's leaders ordered all

measures to be taken to find

those trapped underground and

vice Premier Zhang de-Jiang has

been sent to oversee the

operation. Press cuers say

they've located the site where

some were last seen, but it's

unclear if they could have survived theisy temperatures

and high gas levels. The

predawn gas explosion

destroyeder inby buildings and

was felt 10 kilometre ace way.

At the time, there were more

than 500 workers at the mine.

Most escaped but at least 60

were injured.

TRANSLATION: In this mine

accident, many injured miners

bear more than one sort of

trauma. For example, one jiered

person may suffer from bruises,

fractures and toxic gas

poisoning. For some relatives

there has been relief. Others

maintain an anxious vigil. I

couldn't rest until now. I'm

just waiting. I'm just too

worried. China's coal mine are

notoriously dangerous. Official

figures say 3200 workers were

killed in accidents last year,

with safety standards often

overlooked in the pursuit of

profits. Staying overseas, at

least search people have been

killed and many more injured in

India. The violence has reig

niced fears the country remains

vulnerable to attacks by the

Pakistan-based tis group,

Lashkar-e-Taiba. At

investigation into the deadly

attacks has led police all the

way from India to itly.

Officers used leads from Indian

authorities and the American

FBI to locate a Pakistani

father and son duo in the

northern town of Brescia.

TRANSLATION: They were the

owners of a money transfer

business. They used the papers

of another Pakistani who was completely unaware of their

activities and who has never

been to Italy. Police say the

pair used their money transfer

business to supply funding for

the equipment used by the

terrorists in the attacks.

TRANSLATION: 229 US dollars

went to an American telephone

company which activate the

phone lines used by the

terrorists during the attacks.

Those lines has been used by

the terrorists for all of the

attacks over three days. On

novr 26 last year, terrorists launched coordinated shooting

and bombing attacks across

Mumbai. 166 people were killed

including dozens of foreigners

and hundreds were injured as

the terrorists hit high profile

targets like the main railway

station and luxury hotels.

Ahead of the first anniversary

of the attacks the city's chief

fire officer has shared his

experience of the is

violence. I still remember the

faces of the people who were

rescued. They were both Indians

and foreigners, they were so

happy that you could see it on

their face. We received a lot of appreciation letters from

all across the world. The

Indian Government has called

for fair and sensitive coverage

of the anniversary as the

investigation into the attacks

is still in progress. Let's

take a look at the front pages

of the major newspapers oornd

the country and it is ETS week,

the 'Australian' says coal

fired power companies are

threatening legal action unless

the ETS include a generous

compensation scheme. The 'Age'

report it's anger has deepened

within the Opposition over Emissions Trading Scheme.. The

'Financial Review' also leads

with the widening rift in the

Opposition. The Adelaide

'Advertiser' says Premier Mike

Rann's political future is

under intense scrutiny because

of allegations about a sexual

relationship with a form

parliamentary waitress..

The says courts are planning to

get tough on thousands of

convicted criminals who owe the

ACT more than $4 million in

unpaid fines The 'Mercury'

focuses on the high mobile

phone use amongst Tasmanian

children. Brisbane's new cross

river tunnel will be lined with

eight speed cameras warns the 'Courier-Mail'. The 'Herald

Sun' says teenager member of an

armed robbery gang is still

walking the streets of

Melbourne after having his

deportation to New Zealand

overturned. Cash strapped

councils are using parking

fines to boost their coffers,

no new news there according to

to the 'Daily Telegraph' and a brutal neighbourhood clash that

sent four people to hospital is

the main story in the Northern

Territory News. If you'd like

to send us your feedback on any

of the stories we're cover dag

- The top stories on News

Breakfast - firefighters in NSW are battling to contain more

than 90 blazes across the

State. Cooler temperatures have

brought some relief to the main

fire threat at Pinnacle Swamp

in the central west, the fire

there is still burning out of

control and threatening rural properties. Dozens of Christmas Island detainees have been

injured in a massive fight at

the detention centre. Three men

were flown to Perth after

sustaining serious injuries.

About 150 people were involved

in the brawl on Saturday night. And South Australian Premier

Mike Rann is expected today to

respond to allegations that he

had sex with a former

Parliament House waitress. Michelle Chantelois spoke out

about the affair during a paid

spew with channel seven last

night. The Premier described

the claims as wildly


In finance new, Virginia had

previously expressed concern about the possible merger

between Cadbury and Kraft@it

looks like there's been a more

complimentary marriage proposed. Only because of what

they might come up Apparently

Cadbury would a merger with

Hershey rather than Kraft

Foodses,. Chairperson Roger

Carr told the deaf both US

groups would fail if they could

not finance generous bids.

Cadbury is currently the... The

search for a savour goes on. Australian shoppers starting to

buy up big for Christmas, but

the party may not last as long as retailers would

like. There's speculation the

Reserve Bank may have already

decided to raise interest rates

for a third consecutive

month. The major retailers

can't wait for Christmas.

Getting in their wish lais

early? This will be the biggest

Christmas we've ever had. We're

going to break all records. New

figures show families and NSW

alone are spending more than

$200 million a day, $15 million

more than for the same time

last year. Certainly retale

sales in NSW are leading the

nation and are well above the

national average. After going

through the global financial

crisis responsible spending

seems to be the by-word for

Christmas 2009. I think it's

starting to pick up. Two years

ago I'd of lashed out on

luxuries. I probably be a bit

more mindful of what I buy this year. Consumer confidence is

now at historically high levels

but if there is a dark cloud

it's the threat of another interest rate rise before

Christmas. There are issues to

do with that fragile flow they're is confidence that would certainly we hope

encourage the bank to hold off

till February.

Efforts to try to convince the

Reserve Bank to keep interest

rates on hold are likely to be

a waste of time. Experts

believe the board has all but

made up its mind with financial

mark s - markets.. The Reserve

Bank has never lifted rates for

three months in a row but

certainly on the cards in

December our economy is

improving a and we just don't need interest rates near 50

year sphwlous the prospects of

a rate rise doesn't seem to

have spooked shoppers. I feel

fine at the moment, like I said

I've got the savings. The

spirit of Christmas might not

only put presents under the

tree but also nourish the green

shots of Australia's economic

recovery. Those green shoots

again. Australian stocks ended

the week lower after losses on

Wall Street and the commodity

markets. The Dow foreign

finished the week down 14 points.

Over the last couple of days

we've been covering the

situation with the bushfires in

NSW. We've heard repeatedly

about concerns about the fire particularly near Mudgee particularly near Mudgee near

two little spots called Rylstone and Kandos. Apparently

there are still concerns about

that fire this morning but a

cool change has swepts through

NSW and made conditions a

little easier for firefighters

up there. The change in wind

always presents another set of

problems for firefighters to

deal with just to take you

through some of those figures

we've been quoting to you this

morning, we've got about 1800

firefighters in those areas and

dealing with about 90 fires are

are still rated as out of

control across NSW. Out of control doesn't necessarily

mean that they're raging

infernos that are bearing down

upon properties. There is some

threat to property those in

that main ir. For more now,

Shane Fitzsimmons joins us from

the RFS headquarters in Sydney. Shane Fitzsimmons good morning? Good morning

Joe. What's the latest on that

situation near Mudgee? Crews

have been working really hard right throughout the night.

We're not calling that fire

contained by any means at this

stage but the moderation in

weather conditions is a welcome

relief. As a matter of fact

we're even reasonably

optimistic that we might get

some rainfall across the

central west throughout today.

There's still a number of

properties under threat. And a

across the fire grounds this

morning we're down to about 700 firefighters so firefighters

are going to be really busy for

modays yet. The fire you're

talking about there, it's

called the Pinnacle Swamp fire

but that is the fire in that

area near Rylstone and

Kandos? That's right. The

pinnacle fire is burning

between the Winder mere dam to

the east and just to the west

of the fire and the south-east

of the fire you've got the

townships of Rylstone and

Kandos. The fire has been

affecting the rural holdings if

you like or the rural

properties just to the

north-west of those two

townships. The cool wind

change, did it pose any fresh

concerns or did it actually help? Look, when the front

actually comes through what you

get is some very erratic and

difficult wind strengths and

consequential fair behaviour

but certainly once the fire has

gone the moderation in

temperatures, 20 degree drop in

temperatures for example, in

many parts is a welcome relief for firefighters and they'll

now be very busy over the

coming days in looking at

containing that fire. And what

are the other major areas of are the other major areas of

concern still apart from that

area near Mudgee? We've got

about 90 fires still on the

books this morning, that we're

dealing with. The crews will be

focussing on right throughout

the coming days to lock those

fires in, contain them and

declare them safe. The threat

to property across all fires has moderated considerably.

With the dhaping in p

conditions. As a matter of fact

some of the fires were

threatening properties near

Orange and up on the Central

Coast south-west of Cessnock,

those fires are all been

brought under control so no

immediate threat to life and

property, across those fire

grounds, but a lot of work for

our firefighters particularly

over the next few days. And

that cooler change has swept

through all of NSW now? That's

exactly right. None of NSW is

the subject of fire

restrictions today. The cooling

temperatures, the dominance of

a southerly pattern, wind

influence across much of the

State, is literally seen seeing

temperatures halve across many

areas. We've gone from the

early 40s, down toll the low

#20s today in many parts, which

is that welcome relief that

firefighters have been waiting

for and there's no indication

of things warming up until at

least the latter parts of this

week where we might see some

warming temperatures west of

the ranges in different parts

of NSW. . You mention certain

pars of NSW are expecting heat

there. When is the next period

of extreme heat expected for

other areas of the State? At

this stage the only real

indication I've got talking

with the Bureau of Meterology

yesterday is that we should see

some warming up towards

Thursday, Friday of this week

and the area, most likely where

we might see fire weather

conditions may be getting back

to very high or above, would be

that west of the ranges, come Thursday This scblfr Shane

Fitzsimmons in Sydney thank you for talk to us this

morning. You're welcome, Joe. Speaking about

conditions. Vam will be be here

with the all important look at

the weather and our daily

review of the newspapers. This

morning we'll be joined by

Monash University lecturer

Waleed Aly. Now with sport here

is Paul Kennedy. Thank you. Pug

has made a bid to return to the

top tier of the A league with a

2-nil victory over Sydney. If

C Deflection on the cross. He's

about to make way. First half

to second half, is Perth

getting players forward. The

cross took a deflection. And

the three points in sight now

for the Glory. He'll celebrate

the three points. The dhoors

ring out at the stadium. No

wins in the last four but

they're back. And there were three English Premier League

matches over sniegts .

Tottenham hot spr beat Wigan

9-1. We'll spare you that, and

Stoke City beat Portsmouth

1-nil and Blackburn took care of

of Bolton and watch for these

goals and particularly the last

one a horrible own goal. Demen

comment huge commeers from the crowd. - COMMENTATOR: Huge cheers from

the crowd. Fuller, he's found a

way to go.Ry card doeo Fuller

against his former club. And

David Dunn has scored. Oh dear,

that's going to be a desperate

own goal from Rickets. If Sam

Rickets doesn't get a shout at

all, even fe he did get a shot.

Bolton fans and football supporters won be happy. Sometimes you have a

great weekend as a sports lover

and the fans of Dundee United

in 2 Scottish Premier League

will probably be the happenest

sports fans in the world.

They've beaten the all powerful

Celtic team who scored first in

this game. Dupdee came back and

scored two more goals and it's the first time in ten years

that they've been able to beat

that Scottish Premier League

superpower. There's one goal

there and then the winner comes

up from Darren Dodds just to

send his supporters into

raptures. Of course, that's a

double barreled celebration for Dundee because I assume they're

all barracking for the Scottish

rugby union team and that was a

massive result on the weekend, Scotland beating Australia for

the first time in 27 years. Didn't you feel for Mat

Giteau? No, I don't. I watched

the whole game and I thought

Mat Giteau had his chances to -

they even admitted that that He

had probably one of the worst

games I've seen him play and

full marks to the Scottish team

but there's something wrong

where this Wallabies team.

They've got a real problem with

onfield leadership at the

moment. I'm not sure whether it

was the left field selection of

Rocky Elsom as captain which

England was inspired and a

great choice and there he sh

there crossing the line but

being held up ch he's performed

brilliantly since he taken over

as captain in the few matches

they've play ud but the rest of

the team, they don't look like

they're playing for each other

and you can see Quade Cooper

bombing a try there, that was a forward pass and that wasn't

aye lowed and it went right

down to the wire and Australia,

they went down by six points

when that field goal went over

and then Australia had the try

and then Giteau missed that

goal. Has Robbie Deans had enough time to produce a

winning team? I think he's had

enough time now where that

becomes a discussion for the

rugby afficionados to see

whether he or how long he's

contracted for to keep going

with this team. I like - it's

such a tease watching the

Wallabies, I like what I see

from them every now and again

and all of a sudden they have a game like

game like that. So... No, more

staying up late for you. I'll

watch them play Wales next week

because that will be the last

chance and then they've got the

Barbarians game and Giteau and

Elsom will play in that. That

will be the ompb the rugby for

the year. Let's hope they

finish on a high note? It was a

great game, really tense, so

the contest as far as a viewer

was great to watch and well done

done Scotland. It was just the

result? Thank you, Paul. News

Breakfast can be watched live

on the web from anywhere.

Now it's welcome back to

Vanessa O'Hanlon and that cool

change has swept through

NSW? That's right. Good morning

Joe. It was very slow moving

through Sydney, at around 6

o'clock last night at the

airport, ho degrees, it airport, ho degrees, it slowly

moved through. Much more bearable, 19 degrees. That

change is yet to reach the

north-east. It should retch are

reach there some time today.

Let's take a look at the

satellite. Wet and stormy for

parts of the Northern

Territory, all of western

Queensland and also through

NSW. Cloudy with just the odd shower for South Australia's

north and strong westerlies are

purg showers into Tasmania's

west. Stormriy along the trough stretching from NSW stretching from NSW right

through western Queensland and

up into the Northern Territory. Western Queensland, you'll

benefit the most with at least

50mm of rain over parts of the south-west. The same trough will continue to spread the

cool change over northern NSW and southern Queensland.

Further to Queensland, and still hot temperatures over the west

The top stories on ABC News

Breakfast - hundred of

firefighters in NSW have worked

through night to contain 90

blazes across the state. Cool

change has brought some relief

to the main emergency at

Pinnacle Swamp near Mudgee in

the State's central west. The

fire is threatening several

rural properties and has burnt

4400 hectares. The NSW Rural

Fire Service commissioner Shane

Fitzsimmons spoke to us about the threat of the fire

emergency at Pinnacle

Swamp? Crews have been working

really Harald right throughout

the night. We're not calling

that fire contained by any

means at this stage but the

moderation in weather

conditions is a welcome leaf.

As a matter of fact we're even

reasonably optimistic that we

might get some rainfall across

the central west throughout

today. There's still a number

of properties under threat and

across the fire grounds this

morning, we're down to about

700 firefighters so

firefighters are going to be

really busy for many days

yet. Shane Fitzsimmons speaking

there just a short time ago on

News Breakfast. Let us know

what or thinking about the

issues of the day colliding

crunch time for the ETS.

In other news this morning,

three Christmas Island

detainees have been flown to

Perth for medical treatment

after a riot at the demtion

centre. 37 Afghan and Sri Lankan aslyum seekers were

injured in the brawl and that

broke out between 150 detainee

on Saturday night. The

department of immigration and

citizenship says criminal

charges may be laid. The

Federal Opposition wants a an

inquiry into the cause of the riot. South Australian Premier

Mike Rann will today spon

toalliations that he had sex

with a former Parliament House

waitress. Michelle Chantelois

has told channel search in a

paid interview she had sex with

Mr Rann at his office in

Parliament House. The Premier

has described the claims as

wildly sensationle. The former

waitress is the estranged wife

of a man who assaulted the

Premier at a function in

October. The Federal Government

is expected to unveil its

Emissions Trading Scheme to the

Opposition tomorrow. The deal

is likely to include more

exception for heavy industries

and incentives for households

to cut emissions. The Federal

Opposition frontbench is likely

to sign off on the deal but but

it's unknown whether the rest of the kiention will support

it. The Government wants a vote

on the Emissions Trading Scheme

in the Senate by the end of the

week. At least 29 people have

drawned after a feary sank in rough waters off the Indonesian

Island of Sumatra. More than

240 people have been pulled

from the water but 17 are still

missing. The rescue effort has been hampered by bad weather.

The search is expected to

resume this morning. And Irish

Republican army dissidents have

within been blamed for leaving

a huge car bomb outside police

hovers in Northern Ireland. The

device partially explodeed.

No-one was injured in the attack. Britain's emergency services say every bridge in

the Cumbria region is at risk

of collapse. A safety review of

all 1 #00 crossings is under

way after the heavyist rainfall

on record. The boob's Chris

Butler reports the sheer force

of water has battered bridges

in Cumbria for days and it's

showing. What looks like a

slight dip in the road is much

more serious. The bridge is now

extremely unstable. It could

collapse at any time. Damaged

beyond repair, if it doesn't

fall down it will have to be

taken down. Just metres away a

foot brim has already given way

to the flooding. The The loss of two bridges to that

community that connected to the

main heart of the community, to

the main town of Workington is

a significant loss Driesz count

y 1800 bridges are having to be

inspected. It's a huge task but

a vital one. We've got people

on the ground now checking out

our flood dweps to make sure

they're in good condition. The

death of PC Bill Barker has

made safety everyone's first concern. Water level res main

high, and the rivers are still

racing. The authorities have no

choice but to shut bridges

particularly with yet more wind

and rain but the effect of all

this is to cut off communities..

The road closures have made

some short trips into long

journeys. Diversion needed to

visit friends or even go to

work. The only way around is to

go more to Carlile which is a

long way to get to somewhere

where you can see it's only

there. It's a real

problem Families are preparing

themselves for a difficult

Monday morning. This place is a

network of rivers. We rely on

the brims to get around and

when they're knocked out

there's just no way of getting

around easy and we're north

used to having the brimplgs

knocked out. They've stood for

hundred of years and you'd

think they'd stand for another

100eers so. Some may but this

bridge won't. It means months

of disruption for the community

here and for the moment,

they're still dealing with many

other problems that the floods

have caused. Taking away with

it a really great part of that

region's history too. Some

beautiful bridges. The AFL is

going to hold its national

player draft this week giving

dozen of young players from

appear the country the chance

to strut their stuff on Aussie

rules football's biggest

stage. This year is a second

chance for Northern Territory

star Liam Patrick. It's late

afternoon in the Aboriginal

community of Lajamanu on the

northern edge of the Tanami

desert. And the football oval

is the place to be. Liam

Patrick is the sport and

recreation officer in Lajamanu,

and every night he puts the

community's football stars of

the future through their

paces? Three, four, five, six,

seven. It's really important to

them. Not even basketball or

soccer, just football. That's

what they really like and

love. The oval's hot rough and

very dusty but the kids can't

get enough of the game or Liam

Patrick. Does he enspire them

to bant to be great too? Yes.

That's what he's been doing

here in the community too.

Real,, you know, good player.

And you are really doing a

job. The large the Lajamanu

Lightning Bolt is a young

footballer on a very steep

rise. Light ypg is a connection

to my training. My family

too. That's why I like that

dream and it's part of the

broader dreaming where there's

rain, storm, thunder, a good

name too, a good nickname for

me Liam Patrick wants to take his skills from the desert dust

to the hallowed turf of the MCG

and he hops he'll get his

chance next Thursday when clubs

sit down to pick and choose

from the finest young

footballing talent in the

national draft. I want to be an

AFL footballer since 16. Had a

chance but I missed because I

wanted to move on and be a

family man and move on with

family. Liam Patrick is seen as

a future leader among his

people. His family now it will

be hard to let him go but they

want the promising 21-year-old

to have his shot at football's

big time. I used to look at him

play all the time, Alice

Springs first and I knew that

he was going to become a great

footballer. Liam Patrick's AFL

dream has brought about a new

weekly ritual for his family.

Each Friday morning the family

packs up the four-wheel drive

for a 1900 kilometre round trip

to Darwin. So the star can show

his wears to a wired audience

in the Northern Territory

football league. Me and my

wife, it's important to get to

Darwin and back, because the

team really wants him to play

there and I'm sure other teams

from AFL would like to see him

play. It's 10 clock and already

theer this Momter has hit ho

degrees. Have a good game

little brother. Liam Patrick

and his father talk football to

help pass the time. What do you

think of the game last

week? Not much, the boys have

to get their act

to get their act together? Liam Patrick plays for what happened

wand in the Northern Territory

football league, it's has first

season in the competition but

the man from the Tanami has mad

an instant impression. He's a

bit of an excitement machine.

He can jump, he can run, pretty

well knows how to play

football, mate. This week the

Eagles are taking on St Maries

and there's a lot on the line.

Wanderers have been out of form

in recent weeks and need a win.

Liam Patrick's nervous, AFL

clubs have told him they'll

have scouts at the match

Hawthorn's recruiting officer

Gary Buckenara is already in

the crowd, another famous face

is also watching, his cousin,

Liam Jurrah. Been really a lot

to me and having a cousin play

in the footy like

in the footy like this, I think

that's what Liam is doing,

taking the next step

forward. Come back and watch me

play. All the main family the

proud to. Here's Jurrah hooking

book - now a household name the

Warlpiri Wizard was an instant

hit after being drafted to

Melbourne last year from the

central Australian communities.

He played nine action packed game and kicked

game and kicked 20 goals to be

named the Demons best Fir year

player. Liam Jurrah thinks his

cousin has what it takes to

join him in football's big

time. He can jump and he's got

a massive leap and he's got

speed, agility and a bit of all that. Liam Patrick starts in

the ruck for Wanderers and his

the ruck for Wanderers and his devastating vertical leap is

there for all to see. He also

speepds time at full forward

and despite a night Wanderers

would rather forget Liam

Patrick appears to have done

enough to keep the recruiters

interested. There's a lot of

guys running appear the AFL

now, giving bloke that never

use to get a chance and he's

one of those blokes who

probably could add a little bit

of excitement to a team once he of excitement to a team once he

fits in with them. Back in the

Tanami, people are focussed on

next week's draft. And Liam

Patrick's date with football

destiny. They'd be sat sad to

see him go but the community is

right behind the Lajamanu

Lightning Bolt. If he gets into Hawthorn I'd be really proud,

more than being a proud

mum. It's a dream come true for

my little brother and for the

family as well. We're wishing

for him to go all the

way. It's my dream I'm chasing

and that's what I'm after and I

want to get it. Great shots of

there. Apparently even Santa

claus has fallen victim to the

anti-ageing obsession of our

types. After nearly five decked

as New Zealand's big Santa has

been forced to undergo a makeover. For Aucklanders it

was within of those key

moments. Where were you when

the bandages came off.. Here with we go ladies and gentlemen, are you

ready? Hundred arrived at the

ceremony and some were seeking

specific improvements. I hope

the new Santa looks a bit

better because the old Santa,

the paint was a bit coming

off For others no amount of

plastic surgery was going to be

enough. You like him? For the

past 49 years this is the Santa

Auckland has had to put up

with. From November to Jap he

stood in the CBD he was no oil

pointing painting. When Santa

started ref receiving hate mail

the council knew it had to act

ft. The brief was that we don't

want to lose the feel of Santa

and everybody wants to keep him

but we'd like to make him look

a little friendlyier This

Victorian grandparent thought

Santa looked cute in his band

ables. I was never a Michael

Jackson fan. During the big

reveal unelf took a tumble but

everything else went as

smoothly as Santa's new

face. He might have had a nose

cheek cheek implant and a brow

lift but his new look hasn't

impressed everyone. Sock laund

auklanders within a the old

Santa back The squnty eye, that

was sort of character for him.

He looks a bit vacant now. But

to avoid the run rub British

tip, constanta had to move with

the types. Suspecta certain

has. Here are the before and

after shots, you be the

judge. At least he could do

without botox! A bit of skin

resurfacing, not bad you are

watchling News Breakfast and

these are our top stories.

Firefighters in NSW are

battling to contain more than

90 blazes across the State. Cooper temperatures have

brought some relief to the main

threat at Pinnacle Swamp in the

sthral west but the fire is

burning out of control. And

threatening rural properties.

Act yomps Christmas Island

detainees have been injured in

a fight at the detention

centre. Three men were flown to

Perth after suffering serious

injuries, about 150 people were

involved in the brawl on

Saturday night. And South

Australian Premier Mike Rann is

today expected to respond to

allegations he had an affair

with a form Parliament House waitress. Michelle Chantelois

spoke out about the affair

during a paid interview with

channel seven last night. The

Premier described the claims as

wildly sensational. We'll take

look at the papers and we're

joined by Monash University

lecturer Waleed Aly. Good

morning Good morning. I wanted

to start with something on the

front page of the 'Age' today

but I couldn't see it because

it's covered in advertisement. In tracing

paper? Am am I missing thing

sthing. Has this not happened

before It's happened once with

the the 'Australian'. The

Australian did an entire wrap

around once where the whole

front page is actually an ad

and then you get the paper

underknight It was pretty

amazing. It's good tracing

paper. If I've got kids at home

pick up the 'Age', they'll just

love this You might have to cut

bits out. Especially not on

this network. Papers doing

everything they can to get the

advertising collar as it it

continues to become harder? I

would have thought obscuring

the front page was a fairly

dramatic step. Anyway when you

do fight you way through this - maybe it's a Christmas thing.

It's wrapping. If you do fight

youior way through it you will

see things on climate change. I

should point out that very much

depeps which paper you read

today. If you're reading the

Fairfax press there's a lot

about the Liberal Party in disarray over climate change

and if you read the

'Australian' there's power

generators going to sue over

this, there's a hacking

campaign in Britain, for a

group of hackers broke into a

climate research institute and

revealed a whole lot of emails

about fighting that has been

fog on about whether climate

change as man-made and so

forth. It's extraordinary.

There is a real A & Z going on

here. It's worthwhile

contrasting the first paragraph

of the 'Age' you've got

there I'll read them.El anger

has keenened within the

Opposition over emission

trading with internal

criticisms that chief Liberal negotiator Ian Mcfarlane has

become too closer to the Rudd Government. This is what I've

got in the the 'Australian' and

this base Chris the enof days -

"Coal fire fired power

companies are warn of price

volt tilty, a collapse in the

electricity market and even a multimillion dollar law suit

against the Government unless

they win a big increase in

compensation." It's a crazy

world. Somewhere in between

there, something will

happen. It's a pity schools are

wrapling up for the year because because that's a great

competitive in compare and

contrast. There is an argument

that it hasn't really been

looked at, the subject of the

impact on the electricity

generators the media hasn't

really looked into that because

it's not necessarily a subject

that would grip the average

punter. Until you start talking about how much they're going to

pay. The interesting - in the

'Australian' I wasn't intending

talking about this but there is

a report that's come out of NSW

that's found that as far as

pore generation goes coal is

going to be much more

affordable even under an ETS

than any renewable energies. In

fact, you could probably

increase the price of carbon

something like four times under

an ETS and it still - coal

would still come out

cheaper. Does the technology

exist because the plants exist,

the Laboror is in place.

They're long stopping

industries in the country The

author of that report seems to

be arguing that coal will be a

major part of the future and we

should embrace that and accept

that there are veernlal

credentials that it does carry

although not I'm sure what they are or you could take the

position that I'm sure the

Green fwroups would take take

and that is that it's proof

that the stes doesn't go far

enough because it's not restoring the market

balance The report was pulled

from going before Cabinet

because it would be like a red

rag to a bull to the

department? Factly. So,

intriguing stuff. I should get

on to what I was going to talk

about. In the 'Sydney Morning

Herald', a story about this

week in politics really means

for both the game Government

and the Coalition but

especially the Coalition. The

central figure is partly

Malcolm Turnbull but really

Nick Minchin. The leader of the

Liberal Party in the Senate. Philip Koori makes an

interesting observation that I

thaep thought about. Nick

Minchin position on the ETS,

this absolute rejection of it,

really does contrast with

positions that he's taken

previously where he's been

known as someone who is very

much a pragmatist who keeps the

party together, even though it

might be against his personal

convictions, so as examples he

cites Nick Minchin's role with

Tony Abbott over the whole out

get a affair. Nick Minchin has

always been really opposed to

Malcolm Turnbull being the

leader but at that time when

people within the party were calling for Malcolm Turnbull's

blood it was Nick Minchin and

Tony Abbott that cooled

everything down and said we don't want another change of

leader. When Joe Hockey made comments revealing that he'd been approached for the

leadership he smoothed that

over again. He was very close

to John Howard but he was one

of the few people in the

Liberal Party who was prepared

to approach John Howard and

suggest that he step aside for

the good of the party towards

the end of the... But now it

says he's finally jumped the

shark. I haven't heard that

expression before? I don't know

what that means. Jump the shark

is a frasz that I really

strugglewell because I've had

ex-itself explained to me but I

never can quite get it Care to

remember on national

television Not really, no. But

it's a very interesting point

that now he's taking a position

that really does quite fatally potentially undermine Malcolm Turnbull and it suggests that

if Nick Minchin is not holding

things together and the house

in in order then now nobody is.

The ETS is really kind of

unhinged the Liberal Party as a

result. But there are risks in

this for the Government as

well. Particularly if the ETS

sphal fails to get through

parliament. Because what then happens is that all the

negotiation anythinging steps

that the Government has taken with the Liberal Party become public and next time there is an attempt to get an ETS through that becomes the starting position for a new ETS and it would only then get even less green as a result. So very high stakes I think in politics this week. Some very theing developing dwobments the to watch That article also goes into the personal history between Nick Minchin and Malcolm Turnbull originating with the Republic fight? It was very interesting. Nick Minchin was giving a speech basically gloating about the fact that Republicanism was defeated at the moment that the

constitution was framed. And

Malcolm Turnbullment walked

out. He wasn't prepared to sit

there and listen to this.

There's only been some tension

between them in the past As the

highest profile Republican Nick

Minchin has clearly been for

kite some time now on to legacy

protect and it's about

protecting the Howard legacy

and he's not been happy about the direction that Malcolm

Turnbull has been taking. Given

that John Howard did propose an

that John Howard did propose an

ETS, you'd think that he might

be. But that was John

Howard. That changes things.

I'll move on quickly to

important development in world

news and I'm taking this from

the the 'Australian' and this

is to do with health care in

the United States. We seem to

be talking about this a lot

because I think it's a very big

issue. In fact I would say a

along with the economy and perhaps the

perhaps the war in Afghanistan

this is definitive issue of President Obama's President

sixth what has happened is that

a procedural vote has now taken

place in the Senate whereby 60

people, Democrats, voted to

allow a debate on health care.

Now for people who don't follow American politics this might need some brief explanation. This is important because

This is important because if

you don't get the 60 votes

allowing a debate you can get a

filibuster which is basically

where the people who on the

minority of that 60 are

prepared to get the debate

going fofr so that it never

gets to a vote and they're

going to say we're going to do

this and they never have to

have a debate. You can now have

the debatement in some respects

this is not

this is not particularly

remarkable, because there is a convention in American politics

that on mares of procedure you

vote on party lines. And then

you vote on your conscience

when this actually bill comes

before parliament but it is significant buzz pauz it clears

the way for a health care

debate that no other President

quite got this far But if

they're having that much

trouble to have veet to have

discussion, how much trouble

will they have? It's

will they have? It's been

trumpeted as a Mazzive victory.

There's a long way to go but

each hurd simple slowly being

cleared in In American terms

that is a major victim for for

a country that done have care.

A lot of people see that as a Government coercing them into

running their lives which

was've said from an Australian

percentage just seems so string. Frmplt

string. Frmplt the percentage

of any country in the world.

It's a Very quickly... If

you're interested in cricket,

Shane Warne has come out in the

'Herald Sun' basedly slamming

every authority in the game. He

seems to do that. Test cricket

is about to die and the reason

is because we have too many meaningless one-day tournaments Because he's not

our Test captain and he shown

but I'm running a one person

campaign on that. Want to get on

on board? No, not really. OK.

Still just me. You can watch a

all of News Breakfast streamed

live every morning. Here the

Paul Kennedy with sport. We'll

have some high lights later on

in the program from the cricket

last night but very briefly

we'll go to the football first

we'll go to the football first

and Perth Glory beat Sydney FC

2-nil to press its claims to

get it back up near the top of

the ladder and in golf

overnight Lee Westwood won the

Dubai world championship to go

to the win the order of merit

in Europe to be Europe's best

player to a great result there.

Geoff Ogilvy was the best

Aussie tied for sixth and the head of the 'Australian' committee, Olympic committee

has lashed out at

has lashed out at the sports

Minister Kel es, used her not

not taking seriously the debate

over funding for public sports

Coates Coates Coates is still

fuming over the Crawford report

which recommending the

Government devote nor money to

grassroots sport than elite

sports. The Minister says she's

had two conversations with Mr

Coates and has requested a sit

down meeting with him. Now in

down meeting with him. Now in

some breaking new we've just

received the statement from the South Australian Premier Mike

Rann responding to those

allegations of a sexual

relationship with a waitress in

Parliament House. He says the

series of allegations are

totally false. He re-Jebs any

suggestion that he pray topd

women's vulnerability or

exploited her in any way

whatsoever. He also goes on to

say he's going to make a more detailed statement later today

and didn't take part in the

channel search interview on the

channel search interview on the

advice of a QC. Just quickly

reading that though there's no

particular and detailed

rejection of the explicit

allegations that Michelle

Chantelois made in that program

last night, so more on this in

the next hour. With a look at

the weather here is Vanessa

O'Hanlon? Thank you. It's been

an extreme November with record

breaking heat and now a soggy

wrur in Victoria and parts of

South Australia, nearly 60mm

fell in Melbourne and more than

fell in Melbourne and more than 40mm over parts of South

Australia's north. For the rest

of the State, a trough will

cause heavy rain over

Queensland's western half. The

temperatures are still up into

the high 30s for Longreach. A

gusty southerly change is expected.

Just repeating that news that we've

we've had from the South Australian Premier Mike Rann,

he's put out a press release

just in the last couple of

minutes in relation to those

allegations on the thannel

seven program last night. He

says those series of

allegations that were totally

false, will we'll be cros