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(generated from captions) a Senate inquiry into Scientology. Calls are growing for Senator Nick Xenophon's speech They follow in the church. revealing claims of abuse and fraud statements from ordinary Australians Those claims were based on last night. that you saw in our story with the latest fallout. Here's Bryan Seymour I'm a Scientologist. She's a beaut, eh? (IN AUSTRALIAN ACCENT) reaction from the public, Well, there's been an overwhelming from the community, urging me to go further on this, with hundreds of emails to have a Senate inquiry. Nick Xenophon Independent South Australian Senator

from Scientologists has also heard the feedback claiming he's a fascist. the occupation of the Nazis Members of my family were under during World War II and that's pretty offensive. in the Federal Senate on Tuesday Xenophon's speech has gone global - the BBC, European and American media the stunning allegations. all reporting of forced imprisonment, FILE FOOTAGE: There are allegations coerced abortions. So what happens now? concerns about this organisation. The Prime Minister has expressed to have an inquiry. The Senate is the right place Senator Bob Brown, Leader of the Greens party, a Senate inquiry. is among those backing The simple rule applies here. have got nothing to hide, If the Scientologists about a Senate inquiry - they should have no worry they should be encouraging it. we contacted Senator Xenophon Several months ago and asked him to visit with us - or ask to visit him - come to the church answer in fully any questions. to allay any concerns, He never answered us. That really is a red herring

the Church of Scientology. on the part of he learned this week Senator Xenophon says that several weeks ago, the Church of Scientology a member of requesting a meeting did write to his office after he questioned like the rest of us. whether Scientology should pay tax SUNRISE: Do you know them all? actually, I know all those people. Ah, yes - I grew up with them, actually Some of them were my, to hear what they're saying. so it's very shocking to me This morning on 'Sunrise', Virginia Stewart Scientology spokesperson appeared to dismiss everything have said these people and Senator Xenophon as blatant lies, including this key claim... she also witnessed a young girl Carmel says who had been molested by her father

as to what she should say being coached to investigating authorities in order to keep the crimes secret. That specific...absolutely not. she's talking about I know exactly the case and there was an instance by police - and that gentleman was taken

there was no coaching to lie, deny that. absolutely, categorically That denial, for Carmel Underwood, for Scientology to answer only raises more questions over the years, but, as with so many questions so far, no good. and many more We've asked those questions over the last 2.5 years. for an interview, Despite dozens of requests the Church of Scientology no-one from will come on this program. We'd particularly like to know for a Senate inquiry if they support the calls they could give evidence, where, after all,

throw off the veil of secrecy dispel all this negative publicity. and once and for all,

haven't committed themselves - So far the major parties they're sitting on the fence. watching this program tonight, I say to anyone get on your computer, send an email and Opposition Leader to the Prime Minister and say, "Enough is enough - into this organisation." "we need an inquiry

on our website And we've got those details

and we'll pass them on. or simply send your emails to us Now to our series on Court 41 -