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with Russell Woolf. Time now for the weather and good evening everyone. Thank you Karina We had a minimum today of 12.3 I'm here I'll just push on through. - you keep smiling Karina -

at 23 to 6 this morning - see how long you can hold it - past four this afternoon. a maximum of 23.6 at eight minutes smiling for another 20 seconds, Poor Karina Carvalho had to keep plug on the invisible weather man. before ABC News in Perth pulled the of 2009, I'm Jonathan Holmes. Welcome to the last Media Watch we showed you a series of on-air In our first show of the year,

Ignite computer system. meltdowns caused by the ABC's new Well, they're still happening - they are becoming rarer. though thankfully,

the Australian province Rupert Murdoch was visiting of his global empire last week - for public broadcasters and he had some strong words such as the ABC. Like his son James, way too ambitious. he reckons they're getting And anyway if you look at them,

from newspapers now, most of their stuff is stolen for copyright. and we'll be suing them a lot more money Um, they'll have to spend to cover the world. on a lot more reporters would argue about that. Well, I'm sure the ABC and the BBC The fact is, cut back on reporters, worldwide, it's newspapers that are having to for the internet. as revenue and readers desert them Rupert Murdoch's solution: to visit his websites - internet users will soon have to pay Mark Scott has publicly ridiculed: an idea that ABC Managing Director old empire, of empire in decline. It strikes me as a classic play of controlled the world Believing that because you once you can continue to do so,

you can do so again. because you once set the rules, at News Corporation's plans: Three weeks ago, we took a look assume it wants to charge readers To listen to James Murdoch, you'd to access its general online news. media columnist, Mark Day, But according to The Australian's

charges for the online sites that News Ltd

free ones. won't look like the current Instead, they'll be... we won't be asked to pay All the signs are that now for free. for what we're getting what we're not getting. We'll be asked to pay for Well, it looks like I was wrong. on Saturday Rupert Murdoch made it very plain internet users that he is planning to ask for free: to pay for what they're getting now all the time. Well they shouldn't have had it free I think we've been asleep.

You know it costs us a lot of money good content. to put together good newspapers, to pay for it And you know they're very happy when they buy a newspaper. elsewhere And I think when they read it they're going to have to pay. And fascinatingly, Murdoch precisely the sort of plan when Sky News's David Speers put to about three weeks ago, that Mark Day seemed to be talking the great man was having none of it.

You can provide basic news free, you can pay for and then tailor, analysis and commentary where you tailor you know, have a third tier, premium news content a particular user would have, for the interests that is this the sort of... Oh we'd put the whole lot together. We wouldn't try and distinguish in a newspaper, because we think there's also, a news service, what we call a newspaper today, editorial judgment, quality of writing, there's a thing called quality of reporting... There is indeed.

will pay for it online. And maybe enough people We'll have to wait and see.

needs to do some work Meanwhile, News Ltd that produced this story on the kind of editorial judgment on its Western Australian website. a lucky punter yarn. Well, we all love sites: from Perth to other News Ltd This one travelled fast, Mr Murdoch would probably put it, The story was then 'stolen', as by radio jocks... to national television: And finally made it those stories and think Now every Melbourne Cup day we hear "it's so easy to win so much money." A mystery chap. Happened again today. Known only as Joe. So easy to win so much money. Cost him $25 Placed a mystery trifecta. and he won $230,000.

'known only as Joe?' So, who was the lucky punter Well, his name is Joe Saraceni, and he sent us this picture. Remind you of anyone? That's right. and went 'Chk chk Boom!' ..and then they pulled out a gun Chk chk boom indeed. told A Current Affair... Back in May, Clare Werbeloff having fun with the media. It was a joke and I was just And last week, Joe Saraceni told Media Watch: on a car enthusiasts' website in WA The laugh started called Antilag. puts up a phony Melbourne Cup story Joe, who helps run the site, every year, he says. he went a step further, and: But this year,

on Antilag: It was attached to a follow-up post

Perth Now certainly thought so, Pretty convincing fake, eh? about his amazing win: when Joe attached it to an email

the deputy editor, no less - Perth Now's Bruce Butler - was back to Joe within minutes: He emailed back modestly. Joe didn't ring. But that was enough for Perth Now. into the news stream. It launched the story

wonderingly. As Joe Saraceni told us, Joe, why are you surprised? this year, As we've seen time and again easy to fool the mainstream media - cyberspace jokers find it all too sometimes without even trying to. website, Fairfax Media's WA Today: Take this story on Perth Now's rival to you? Does that story smell a bit fishy the mainstream media. Well, it didn't to It popped up all over the place - serious-minded Australian: including the website of the very

around the country. It ran in newspapers and radio shows and Lisa went for it big time - And on Channel Nine's Today, Karl Lynx's silly ads. it gave them an excuse to show Chicka bom chicka bom chicka wow wo etc... We've improved all the fragrances. Now with added Bom Chicka Wah Wah. Now we're not big fans of that fragrance, but hey, it's working. it's a good ad. A good ad... but what about the story? The online reports all quoted one source: And if you clicked on the link, there indeed was the story on: Scottish News? You'd think one of those Australian journalists who happily sourced an Indian story to a Glasgow-based newspaper might have thought to look a tiny bit further. Plenty of our viewers did. And this is what they found: Now Axe is the brand name that Unilever uses for Lynx in India.

The story was: and the Indian website that carried it is called: Which in its About Us section helpfully tells us:

We contacted Faking News, where a reporter called Rahul Roushan, told us that he had invented the deodorant story: Perhaps there aren't many Hindi speakers in the newsroom of Glasgow's Daily Record. But the point is,

Mr Roushan had no intention of fooling the media. In fact, when his amusing bit of satire started popping up all over the world as a true story, Faking News wrote to Unilever in India and put out this press release: Good advice - that professional journalists shouldn't need to be given. Fairfax Digital's head honcho told Media Watch: We got no response from News Ltd. But it's they, more than anyone, who should be looking at their hoax-proof fence. After all, arguably the two biggest journalistic blunders of the year, one of which cost them a heap of money - And the other, the fury of the Prime Minister - were both the work of hoaxers. And in both, News Ltd let its hunger for the big story affect the quality of its editorial judgment, and its reporting. The same could well be said for this effort by Sydney's Daily Telegraph

last May: That story, by the Tele's

was about Christopher Wayne Hudson, the Hell's Angel who shot and killed one person and wounded two others in the Melbourne CBD in June 2007. According to Kent, whose story ran big in the Melbourne Herald Sun as well as the Tele, Hudson's Hells Angels tattoo was removed, reported Kent, in the most brutal fashion. As we said at the time,

that's the kind of gruesome detail that sells papers. Problem was, the Victoria Police told us it was nonsense. But Tele editor Garry Linnell responded tartly: Well Garry, here's something spun out of Barwon Jail near Geelong, where Christopher Wayne Hudson is serving 35 years. A photograph sent to Media Watch by his stepmother, clearly showing the Hell's Angels tattoo on Hudson's arm. She tells us the photo was taken a couple of months ago.

And she adds: Which means that Garry Linnell, and Paul Kent, and their first rate sources,

to use a word beloved of the computer-gamers, have been well and truly pwned. That's P-W-N-E-D. And I didn't know the word either, until I started using Twitter. I rather like it. If you want to know what it means,

visit our website. That's it for this week, and this year. Thanks to my hard-working team. Thanks to all of you who've tipped us off to the media's stuff-ups, beat-ups and barneys. Media Watch, and I, will be back in February. Until then, enjoy the summer. Goodnight.

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Good evening, Good evening, the Foreign

Minister Stephen Smith has held

top-level talks in Sri Lanka in

a bid to stem the flow a bid to stem the flow of

asylum seekers, Mr Smith told asylum seekers, Mr Smith told

the country's President the country's President and

Foreign Minister that people

smuggling can only be stopped

with international cooperation, coinciding with two opinion

polls showing voters here are

divided on policies in regards

to asylum seekers. Police

investigate the deaths of two

people in Sydney's eastern

suburbs, the bodies of a man

and his daughter found in Randwick. An Randwick. An injured 3-year-old

girl was found nearby. Security

has been ramped up in Germany

amid celebrations commemorating

the fall of the Berlin Wall,

it's been 20 years since the

barrier came down. World

leaders gathered in Berlin to

join the festivities. One of

the AFL's best-known names is

to spearhead the push

to spearhead the push into

Rugby League territory.

Essendon's 4-time Premiership

coach Kevin Sheedy will lead

the Sydney Western team to be

fielded in 2012 and he

confident of boosting the

sport's profile in NSW. More

news in Lateline at 10:30.

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