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(generated from captions) Cannot believe it.

That's harder work than pumping petrol at the BP down at Cranbourne for a m th, I ckon. for a month, I reckon. Wife says I've been reading books all my life and I've never done anything about it. Now something's happened for all that reading. Thank God I've got something. All that reading. All the times she's given you the foot in the back, said, "Ron, turn the light off and go to sleep!" She can get a new car. Do what she likes. New car. You can go for a trip around Australia too. Enjoy it. Do what you like. It's your money. Spend it and enjoy it! I will, Eddie. Thanks very much. Ronnie Phillips. Well done, mate. He's just won $50,000. See you next time in the Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia

Medical crews have also been mobilised which is particularly worrying Customs officers could be seen apparently searching the ship, Two kilometres from the burning rig sits the West Triton platform. Shocking. And shocking is exactly what punters will be saying Organisers are expecting a huge crowd tomorrow

It's Cup time and it doesn't get any better than this.

I go to all these race meetings, I study the form, Tapp's tips became a part of racing's folklore, As for dealing with bookies and betting agencies, remember this. In this corner, the heavyweight champ, the new Colgate 360 ActiFlex. Oh, yeah. Look at those moves! than just teeth. I hear he cleans more And since 80% of bacteria are not on teeth, his flexible head moves left, right, it really cleans around and in between teeth. And gums too!

Then he goes with a cheek and tongue cleaner, knocking out more bacteria with a one-two punch. The whole mouth is clean! Bacteria down for the count. Colgate 360 ActiFlex. Teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums for a whole mouth clean. What it is to be meticulous we don't find at all ridiculous. What if? At GIO, we get that fact. It's our thing too to be exact. Insurance, nitty-gritty, we step through together and consider your questions about whatever. What if? What if? No 'what ifs', that's for sure. You're certain what you're covered for. With GIO, you'll know where you stand right down to that last detail at hand. GIO. We cover details. that would tell future generations 25 years later, there's just one problem -

It has 13.7% of the audience - up almost 0.5%

VOICEOVER: Kleenex Cottonelle Hypo-Allergenic. Lab tested for sensitive types. Viewed and Alcopop continue to battle it out The early leader, Lewis Hamilton, retired with brake issues. Australian champion Kurt Fearnley and South Africa's Krige Schabort z Coming up on WIN News... z Coming up on WIN News... New

Minister Joy Burch under fire

already, Race-goers warned to be on their best behaviour, And, all the their best behaviour, And, all the

local Melbourne Cup day action

planned for the Capital. Join me planned for the Capital. Join me for

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later on with areas of Tonight ...

The push on to take advantage The push on to take advantage of the swine flu vaccine before the virus swine flu vaccine before the virus

returns. The U-C education

partnership aimed at boosting

teaching and learning outcomes, teaching and learning outcomes, And,

the Opposition' s plan to thwart

vandalism at the old Flynn Primary.

Good evening, I' m Jessica

Good.A-C-T Health has conceded it' Good.A-C-T Health has conceded it' s

only a matter of time before the

potentially deadly Swine Flu virus potentially deadly Swine Flu virus

returns to the Territory. The virus

remains active in the northern